Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Break

My family and I were wanting to go and do something really fun over spring break. At first my mom was looking for time shares we could stay at up in Washington so we could see Taylor in his weight lifting competition. There wasn't anything available and as we were looking we came upon the Windsor resort just north of San Francisco and it looked amazing. We started to do some research and find all these fun things to do while there but I kind of ruined all our plans. It wasn't going to be a kid friendly vacation and I'm kind of anal about who I leave my kids with, then there was the whole being so pregnant thing that worried me a little too. So.... because my family is so incredibly sweet they all said that we should stay at the house and play and they were all so sweet about it all. I still feel bad but I hope we'll be able to do something fun like we had planned again.
We came up earlier than planned, we were going to watch General Conference here at home, but Mickell was performing in a play and it was the last night of her show on that Friday. So we got up here as soon as we could so we could see her. She puts so much work into the plays she's in, she helps with the sets and everything and would be out late every night helping with the play preparations. This year the play was Beauty and the Beast! Kim wanted to come and see Mickell and the play too so it worked out perfectly!
I love this picture with Travis and his amazing mom

Travis and my pregnant self.

Once there we got together with Jonathan, Jess, and her family! Now it was an official party.

I hadn't gotten my camera back yet, we had to head straight out to the play in order to make it and so we weren't able to get my camera at my parents house until afterwords. So we were using Kassidy's camera and it is on the fritz. It only worked some of the time and as it so happens it completely stopped working after the play!!! I went back to get some pictures of my amazing performing sister, Mickell and it refused to work!!! I'm a little distraught about the whole thing. Mickell you did sooooo good, the play was really awesome. I was so impressed by the singing, the set, the costumes, the orchestra, and everything! It was LEGIT!

The next two days were filled with good old conference fun! Conference was so good as usual, it seems like there were so many messages directed specifically to me. So powerful! While watching it at the Peterson home we vegged out the whole time. Marley mooching grandpa's ice cream

Daddy doesn't look like he wants to share ;)

Kaydence trying on grandpa's wet suits, it looks more like a sumo suit on her!

We also got to go see Kass perform in Distinguished Young Woman, since she got second attendant the year before. She performed an awesome dance routine that knocked my socks off! Then she was hilarious in the "Forget me Nots"

I love these two gorgeous girls!

Travis and Monte were able to come see Kass perform too but they had to get back to the girls at home. And they aren't too into waiting around for another hour after the show :)

Marley and Kaydence asked Kaitlin to do their hair while we were watching conference. They ALWAYS ask her to do their hair!

I promise Marley was so happy when Kaitlin was doing her hair but the second I got out the camera this is the face she made for me.

Kaydence loved Kaitlin's shoes.

There was a fox in the neighbors field that made for interesting target practice (the fox was too far away... thank goodness)

Helping grandpa

It was windy but grandpa took Kaydence out for a ride on the motorcycle.

Then the girls and I were blowing the bubbles grandma just got them.

Kaydence took this picture of me and Marley.

Marley took this one of grandpa :)

I was blowing bubbles with Marley but Kaydence wanted to try and help her.

Kaydence and Marley started taking all of grandma's shoes out of her closet and lining them up. When I asked what she was doing she said she was putting on a fashion show.

Monday night we went to my parents house, before my parents and Taylor got there, and went to hang out at the park.

Mickell is so good with the girls, they just love her!!!

Johnny and Travis were throwing around the frisbee and football.

Travis has such finesse!

So cute!

Once my parents and Taylor got to Blackfoot it was party time!
We went out shopping and to the movies, HUNGER GAMES! We had been waiting to see it till we all got together.
Gotta love the theater popcorn and treats!

... Can you tell I was a little camera happy, that's what happens when I go without it for so long.
Me and my cute little sis, definitely not so little anymore. She will be a SENIOR next year!

After the movie my mom took us all out to eat at Costa Vida, is she not just the hottest thing ever!?!?

I told them to "show me the love"

Okay enough of showing Jess the love Johnny show the camera "the love".... sexy!

Mickell is ready to CHOW DOWN :)

I don't know what it is but I just love taking random pictures of my husband. I just want to smooch him all the time!

When we were shopping we went to Ross and were having fun looking around. We went to look at the hats and accessorize and my mom tried on this cute little number.
She couldn't stop laughing for me to take the picture. If she wore this in public she was sure to take people out with one swish of the head.
It was actually on backwards, this is it on right... still a bit too much for either of us to pull off.

Of course Taylor brought Zoe when he came and she is now the new "Horse Whisperer". When Taylor would go to take Zoe out back to go potty the horses would come up the fence and they would sniff each other, then they started licking each other!!!!
It was so FUNNY!!! This wasn't a one time occurrence either, EVERY time she went out the horses came running and so did Zoe. This horse in particular, I think because she thought Zoe could be a baby horse. Their coloring and everything is real similar. Even when we went on a walk to go see Dane's grave site all the horses we passed would come right up to the fence and they would sniff each other or just watch Zoe the whole time. I have never seen that before!

The girls always love to pet and feed the horses every time they see grandma.

Marley's new "camera face", when you tell her to smile for the camera. 

I like this one a lot, look how the horse is practically posing (she cooperated more than Marley for the pic)

The guys doing some demolition... not really but helping with a little addition onto the house.

Marley would try on this mask and she thought she was pretty hilarious every time she put it on.

We had a bomb fire out back, it was so fun! I don't know why but it just makes for such a good time when we're together, chatting, laughing, and playing around a fire.

Taylor was particular when it came to the hot dogs, they had to be the long ones. Come to think of it he was pretty particular on most things when it came to food. Food was a big part of this vacation, we ate GOOD!
Taylor was definitely on a binging spree, which obviously worked out awesome for the rest of us. He just finished his second body building competition (which he did AMAZING in) and he started a new diet the following week so this was his week to eat whatever and how much he wanted, and let me tell you what it was impressive how much this muscular ripped all star could eat! 

They were scrumptious hot dogs, I don't know what it is about camping and baseball games that make hot dogs taste so great!

SMORE'S are an absolute MUST!

My hard working dad doesn't take a break from working for much but once the sun goes down he can only get so much done outside so he joined in on the fun!

I love my family!

Jonathan is so amazing with the girls, he will get down and play with them all the time. He seems to have more energy and patience with them than anyone. Here he is teaching Kaydence pool, which she repeatedly wanted to play.

Striking her pose

Kaydence LOVES hair and she particularly seems to love Mickell's super long hair.
Kaydence was so proud of her handy work.

When the weather was nice we set up the volleyball net and played outside. We played badminton first.
... the equipment had much to be desired. It was pretty funny though because a lot of the times when you wound up and were ready to hit that birdy way over the net it would get stuck in the badminton and it would take you a second to realize where the birdy went.

Trash talkin

Such a funny girl, when I go to take a picture of her she gives me this whole reluctant, why-do-I-have-to-put-up-with-my-mom attitude.

Then we got out the huge volleyball. My mom's got some killer moves!

The guys also love to throw the frisbee and football around while us girls take the girls around the yard exploring.

By special request my mom made her FAMOUS cinnamon rolls, oh my goodness they are seriously one of my FAVORITES!

This was Marley telling me she wanted a cinnamon roll THIS BIG!

Our neighbors have bunch of baby pigs that will run around the horses area sometimes and it is so cute watching all of them flock together and run to and fro.
We went over to see the pigs but we weren't able to hold them, I guess they have teeth and they can bite. So we didn't want to take our chances.

My mom got these great sirloin steaks, with Taylor in mind of course, and my dad grilled them up to perfection. YUMMM, I told you food was a big part of our vacation :)

Late night carrot cake break. I told Taylor to placate me and pose, this is BLUE STEEL. Derek Zoolander, got nothing on this.

Taking a walk to Dane's grave site, Mackayla was able to come, she is such a sweetheart.

(I kept trying to turn this pic but it wouldn't work). Dane's gravestone should be finished any time now. 

This picture of Zoe cracks me up! Look at those cheeks!

Easter was the following Sunday so on one the days we got everything out to let them decorate their Easter eggs. Kaydence has been wanting to do this again ever since last year!
Drawing designs

Marley "accidently" cracked one of the eggs, so she had a snack while coloring the eggs.

Their favorite part is seeing them change colors in the dye

The did a beautiful job, I love their faces and how excited they get doing these fun simple things.

We had a fun group date planned that Friday (thank you Travis for planning it). We all got into our sweet ride and met up with Kim, Monte, Kassidy, and her date Tyson at the bowling alley.

My man and I

My mom dominated those pins.

Abercrombie and Fitch

My dad pulling the strikes

Montel makes the pins tremble

Kass and Tyson

I love this picture of my dad and hot husband!

This is my favorite picture of the group! They are such a BLAST!!!

The final scores. (Chad, Nicole, Marsha, Travis)

Jonathan and Taylor went head to head on another round.

Montel, Kassidy, Kim, and Tyson

I missed what happened but Kass was freaking out on her last frame

I felt like I had a bowling ball in my tummy
None of us are professional bowlers but we sure had a blast!

We all went to my parents house afterwords and had pizza

I just have to record this because it is a perfect representation of Taylor's stomach capacity. He had 3 to 4 pieces of the Cowboy pizza, 3 to 4 pieces of the Hawaiian, and 4 pieces of the 5-meat STUFFED pizza (each piece is like TWO). 

Then we played "What's Yours Like". It was pretty funny, but it was so much harder than I remembered. Tyson and Kass were the only teams to guess it right when it was their turn. Theirs was "Spouses".

Great Date Night!

When there were spare moments of relaxation the guys would get busy on the PS3, and of course every night was a late night with them playing. I got up out of bed to get something and heard them in the front room still playing. Taylor and Travis have this whole team tactical strategy down.

On Saturday we had an Easter Egg Hunt with the girls!

They are too cute!

It doesn't work to look into the sun for a picture.

Cutest bum crack

Giving grandma big hugs for completely SPOILING them!!!


We have heard so many great things about the new restaurant in Blackfoot called, Tommy Vaughns. Johnny and Jess told us how they have been there a few times and ordered something different each time and it has always been so delicious!
Taylor ordered us all this delicious seafood appetizer, it was so creamy and delish!

We had the chicken cordon bleu, and I've never been a huge fan of the stuff but I was SOOO impressed with it. I was definitely a fan of this chicken cordon bleu, wow!

Their french fries are a must, if you go you have to try their fries.

That night we did whip cream shots

I LOVE IT!!! Here this video captures the whole thing really well


We went to Grammy and Pappa's house for Easter Sunday. The girls got all dressed up in the Easter dresses my mom got them.

Cute family picture!

I liked how this picture of Kass and I turned out too!

After an amazing Eater meal the girls got ANOTHER Easter egg hunt!!!

Monte taking out his bike, Kaydence LOVED riding with grandpa this time. I could hear her laughing on the other side of the house.

Aunt Kass helping Marley find Easter Eggs

Showing me their candy, I love this picture!

This makes me laugh every time

When the girls see grandpa they are prepared to have him eat the honey on their necks.

Besides getting loaded on more candy and great treats grandma got the girls these adorable towels that wrap around them

Here is another video of the SECOND Easter Egg Hunt. 
It is a super long clip of their hunt but I can't figure out this new program to cut it down, sorry!