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This post on Dane is given from Travis and I's experiences and point of views (some significant some not so much but things we just wanted in our blog book). I wrote the first part and Travis wrote the second. My mom is making a book with everyone's experiences and memories of Dane with ALL his pictures, this post is just from us though.

My brother Dane is such an amazing person I find it so hard to find words to describe just how uniquely wonderful he really is. From the moment he was born our whole family has been so crazy about him, watching family videos is pretty comical, seeing his four older sibling, mom, and dad all over him cooing at him, holding him, and just enthralled by his every move. Dane has always been 100 percent BOY! Holy cow, I have never seen such a tough boy! Even though he was eight years younger than Jonathan and twelve years younger than Taylor  nothing seemed to stop him from trying to keep up with them. They both have so many funny and great stories to share. This post will be from me though, it's hard to think of these momentous memories I've shared with Dane. I have so many memories with Dane but the biggest thing has always been how through everything my little brother has been THERE. I always see him there. Him there playing all the fun ridiculous games we would play together, the guys shooting each other around the house or doing something else ridiculous, the name game, "what's yours like", name on the forehead game (the last name he had on his forehead was Columbus that I put on him), gestures, cranium, Imaginiff, Mofia, card games, Wii sports, monopoly (in the last game we played Dane was totally winning the whole time but in the end I came to claim the title because of the trade of properties we did), pool, ping pong, and more. We always get so into the games when we play them and it is always so fun!
(Picture of us playing Cranium, it was boys against girls and they had to work together to spell something backwards)
 All the outdoor games we would play which he was always so awesome at : ultimate frisbee, dodge ball, football, volleyball, kickball, swimming, the guys always wrestling and rough housing every single time (Jonathan and Dane put a HUGE hole in the wall wrestling this last summer), jumping on the tramp, going on walks, camping, family trips, bomb fires out back, shopping, and everything in between.  Dane has always been so active, he is always so fun to play with no matter what you're doing.

(Swimming in the Tenney's pool after playing ultimate frisbee late into the night)

Hot tubing on our Midway trip

Jumping with the bungy chords at Snowbird

Us in Midway after playing Ultimate Frisbee and Ultimate Football

 I will always recall the countless times centered around the kitchen eating everything in sight and having so many great conversations with Dane and the whole family. The foods Dane always gobbled up was french bread, monkey bread, and the jello my mom made, I swear he would inhale those things. The great conversations we would all have sitting around in the living room (or wherever really) talking about everything and nothing long into the night are the memories I will always treasure. These are the things I will miss more than anything in the world, just getting to be with Dane and the whole family together. It's not the same without Dane and I don't think it will ever be until we are all reunited again. It really is the closest thing to heaven, being able to share everything together as a family. I feel like everyone in our family is so incredibly special and contributes so much to every experience we share together and Dane is DEFINITELY no exception to this. He has the most tender sweet heart, so unselfish, so easy going, funny, uplifting, optimistic, and so many other things. Dane is incredible and it seems like he was just born that way. As I reflect on the past seventeen and half years I'm so blessed to have so many memories with Dane and to know that my memories with Dane will continue in the next life. I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have of my Savior and the testimony I have that has lifted me through this, I know I will get to be with my brother again. I can't imagine Heaven any other way than with Dane and my whole family. The gospel is the greatest blessing.
These are some younger pictures of Dane that I love  

One funny memory I have of Dane is of how he was the first person to give me a bloody nose (I have only had one other bloody nose in my whole life). Dane was about three years old and like usual he was running around, jumping off stairs while making sound effects. Dane LOVED Toy Story at this age and had every figure from the movie, his favorite was his Woody doll. He was swinging it around as he was running and I was sitting on the coach watching TV and all the sudden our dog jumped on my lap (to escape the little toddler) and he went to swing at the dog with his doll and missed, instead swapping me right across the face, giving me my first bloody nose. He felt pretty bad, I think it worried him more than it did me.

Dane learned how to talk at a young age and one of my favorite memories of him was when he was little and how every night at the dinner table we would be talking and he was in his high chair and he would just start gabbing baby talk like he was part of the conversation (I don't remember how old he was just that he was so tiny and was just learning how to make noises and mimic us). He became very articulate in no time at all.

Once he started talking there was no stopping him, he would tell stories and stories on end. He would talk about everything he was interested in and seemed to have such a plethora of knowledge that none of us seemed to even know where it came from. We use to take the long15 hour drive in our big gray van (equipped with a big boxy television set in the middle) to Arizona to see our family at least once or twice a year and my dad would drive through the night a lot of the times. One such time I remember waking up at like three in the morning and looking up to see my dad looking tired at wheel while Dane was sitting up in the passenger seat talking so animatedly without seeming to pause for a breath all the while my dad looking hypnotically at the road. Dane was probably about five years old. It was so cute how much Dane adored my dad and how he would just love to ask my dad questions about everything and to tell stories and talk about everything.
As Dane got older he seemed to talk a lot less especially in casual conversations, I don't think people were privy to how much was going on in Dane's mind. Dane has always been a thinker, he has always been so intelligent. I think he tried to hide it when he got older because his best friend, Jake, didn't know Dane was super smart until he found out Dane's score on his SAT's and he was blown away. Dane did almost perfect on the science section (only missing one) and did great all around. He didn't even prepare or study and did amazing on it (I wish I could say the same for myself).  I think my whole family would agree that out of all of us academics came easiest to Dane, he has always been so bright. It seems like Dane's mind was always going, it's funny because I'll sometimes ask Travis what he's thinking when we are in the car and he is just staring straight ahead driving  and it's usually nothing (maybe how many miles we have left or something about the condition of the road). Dane was pretty different on that account, he was always thinking about something it seemed. Dane was planning on going to Idaho State University and getting into the Pharmacy program there, he was always interested in helping others and wanted to pursue something in the health field.

( Boating at Anderson Cove)

In the summer of 2007 we all went to Anderson Cove in Utah for a little family reunion with my dad's side of the family. We were camping and boating the whole time. My dad has this HUGE tent that sleeps 15 or more people so after staying up late playing games by the camp fire our family all went to our beds inside this tent together. We woke before the crack of dawn to the loud unpleasant sound of Dane rolling around moaning and making all these loud irritated "EHH!" noises.  I think we were all just waiting for him to STOP so we could go back to sleep when all the sudden in the middle of one of his moans I heard a thud. Taylor threw his pillow right at Dane's head and told him, "Dane! Be quiet!" Taylor woke the lion. Then Dane just made louder noises and was even more ornery. Travis and I started quietly laughing as we saw the steam blowing out of Taylor's ears  at Dane's refusal to submit. It got Taylor more fired up, he hit Dane with another pillow even harder and when that didn't work Taylor jumped on top of Dane from across the tent and they started wrestling around. Taylor felt the need to assert his big brother authority and would not stop  until he recieved Dane's  submission. It was so HILARIOUS even at six in the morning!!! Dane was not a morning person and verbalized his complaints in this manner for a couple years. Travis and Dane would go on fly fishing trips together with grandpa and grandma every summer and when Travis had to share a camper with Dane he always said he and Dane would get into it every morning. Thankfully Dane learned to quiet his complaints in the morning not long after, he seemed to go through this ornery waking up stage through his middle school years. It is so funny now and we would tease Dane a little about it from time to time, although his point of view was a little different (he mainly remembered Taylor tackling him when he wasn't even fully coherent, so he was probably in the half asleep half awake stage when he was waking us all up)

Dane is such a cool, laid back, easy going guy that everyone wanted to be around. He never sought out the spotlight. He was perfectly happy chillin on the side lines talking one on one with someone or in a group never needing to be center stage. Dane is a good listener who whenever you would talk with him he would always say such nice things to build you up or funny things to make you laugh. If someone felt left out of a conversation, our family is getting pretty big and can get so into our discussions, Dane would always just go up to them and start talking to them, making them laugh or just feel so good about themselves.  Dane loved to make people laugh. He could tell such a great story or say something that would just get you cracking up. In half of the pictures I have of Dane he is making a funny face, I love his sense of humor and the way he was always so uplifting.
(Johnny and Jess's wedding, and Dane sporting a lovely flower behind his ear)

(I love Dane's smile!)

Dane never seemed to be in a hurry, never seemed to get stressed, I think he just knew that there really is no use in hurrying through everything and getting worked up over the little things. He kept a good perspective of things and he always seemed to know what was important in life so he didn't sweat the small stuff. Although overall Dane could be seen as a man of few words or of little emotions (it took a lot to get a rise out of Dane, we would joke about Dane winning the lottery and his reaction would be simply ".... cool...". It was fun though how the second you got him talking about something he loved or was passionate about he would get more animated, gesturing with his arms, getting into the conversation, and you could just see the excitement all over his face. I picture him in these types of conversations a lot.

I told Dane to look surprised as he opened his present on Christmas Eve, he would always ham it up for me :)

(Dane tearing it up on the hill)

The latest thing that seemed to get Dane excited was skiing. Dane was such an avid skier he LOVED it, it was his passion. Every year for the past few years Dane got skiing stuff for Christmas every year. EVERY year he got new gloves, and I have the pictures to prove it! He also got season passes at a different ski resort every year, this season it was to SnowBasin here in Utah. Dane seemed to be in Heaven when he was skiing. Skiing seemed to be the only thing that could ever take precedence over hanging out with family, nothing else did. He had just gotten a camera that hooked onto his helmet that videos all the sweet tricks and runs he and his friends would do. Dane was so excited about it and he would also show us his new long T's and stuff that he would wear or use skiing

This is just a little thing and probably silly to even put in here but most of our family is incredibly frugal and Dane wasn't so much that way :)
Dane was getting more and more into "high quality" things, totally like my older brother Taylor (lives by the motto - you get what you pay for... so the more you pay for it the better it must be ;). Like this new razor to shave with that had it's own cleaning devices and gadgets with it that Dane has just got. He loved the new speakers he got in his car that he would blast up to show you how loud it could go. This nice hair gel he had Travis try to give you a sweet look. His new high tech cell phone, with the internet and all these gadgets (the new i-phone). He also had such great taste, he was such a good dresser and just had good style and great hair. His hair was always just so perfect, this summer in Midway (where we spent the week together in some Condo's my parents had as part of their time share) we asked Dane how he gets his hair to look so perfect all the time. He showed us one morning: after her got out of the shower he just shook his head to dry it and V-walla, perfect hair. No fair!

A picture I took of Dane when he was in 6th grade

Singing to Camryn on her third birthday, (I just love how Dane looks here too)

Dane has always been one that is easy to please. Some of his friends said that he showed them a picture he took on his phone of these towering cups of Cup of Noodles from the house that my mom had just gotten. Dane was so excited he had to take a quick snap shot of the noodles. He LOVED ramon noodles, pretty much any white bread type of food, which my parents don't usually get so when they would get white bread products it would be specifically for Dane. My dad said the fresh french loaves of bread that you get at the grocery stores was his favorite. He would eat through a whole loaf by himself.

Dane has such a great smile that is so contagious. He seemed to make everyone happy with his constant optimistic attitude, kind words, and easy smile. Something that Dane would say was, "If you think positive, positive things will happen."

Dane and I this last Thanksgiving, he usually had the longer hair but just had my mom cut it some time in November, he looks like such a studly missionary with it cut
Dane was not one to shy away from affection. We are a very affectionate family and I know that when guys are going through their teenage years they don't seem to want to hug their sisters or mom as much or they use to. That wasn't Dane, while he still maintained his cool manner he would ALWAYS give me a hug when he saw me or before I ever left. I LOVED to hug Dane and always told him I loved him every time I saw him and he always told me he loved me too. Sometimes I would just give him an additional big squeeze around his stomach, he was getting so tall he was just so perfect to squeeze and hold close around his middle. I really miss being able to hug him.

Kaydence didn't like guys to hold her when she was really little but she always made an exception when it came to her Uncle Dane. Seriously, she loved him from the get-go!

Dane held Kendra on his shoulders as they went through all the different parts of the park at Yellowstone.

Dane holding Kaydence at the Cabin in Wolverine that we would go to every summer. 

Travis was giving me a foot massage and Kaydence wanted one too, so Dane was giving her one here

One of the greatest, if not the absolute greatest, attributes of Danes (in my perspective) is his patience with others. He showed it every day in so many ways but the biggest way I saw him exercise so much patience is with my daughters and his other nieces. From the moment each of them were born they each seemed to gravitate to Dane. Camryn was his first niece and I remember Dane just sitting on the floor playing with her for the longest time. He was like that with all the girls even as he got to be an older teenager. Every time we would go to my families house the girls would clamor to Dane, and he would let them climb all over him, give them horsy back rides, chase them, do the airplane with them, cuddle while watching a movie, walk with them in the backyard, jump on the tramp, hold them on his shoulders and go wherever they wanted, patiently talk and listen to them, etc. I can't tell you how many times I would get caught up in a conversation and I would look around to find Kaydence and I would look out the backdoor window to see Dane playing with her outside. When it was too windy or cold and I REALLY didn't want to go outside to jump on the tramp with Kaydence she would always ask Dane and he would always take her. I don't think I ever heard him tell turn them down when they asked him to play or do something with them. He would never even rush Kaydence, no matter how boring or cold it might be outside he would stay out with her as long as she wanted and just entertain her the whole time.  When Kaydence was about two and a half she wanted to have her first big girl "sleep over" at grandma's house. She wanted to sleep on the bean bag while watching a movie. She must have gotten a little scared because she went and found Dane to have him lay by her on the bean bag until she fell asleep and Dane slept on the coach right next to her. Dane just took the time for his nieces and to me nothing shows love as much as time does. Dane loves his nieces and he showed it every time he saw them. Kathleen and I are both pregnant with boys right now, the first grandsons! We found out that Dane was excited to get some nephews, he told Jake (his friend) and mom about how he was getting two nephews. He told them that while my mom was asleep he was going to go into the pink room (the princess room is what the girls call it) and paint it BLUE! Dane loved his nieces and future nephews and they knew it!

Dane playing with Marley at the park while the rest of us were shopping at Park City

Dane keeping Kaydence from being scared on her first "sleep over" and watching a Disney movie with her.

She asked if he would sleep next to her on the bean bag until she fell asleep, after the movie was over. So of course he did.

Dane has the most pure heart. In all the years of growing up with Dane I never heard him say a bad thing about anyone. He always saw the best in everyone. He was always building everyone up. He always gave me compliments and made me feel so good about myself. Probably on a daily basis he would tell my mom that she was beautiful and that he loved her. He would confide in my mom the most and it was easy to see that he was so crazy about her. He never ever complained, my mom mentioned how they had always gotten pineapple on their pizza's and it was just a couple months ago that Dane told her, "Mom, I don't really like pineapple on my pizza". He seriously never complained and if he ever had something to say about not liking anything he always said it in the sweetest way. The same thing with when my mom would cut his hair, if it wasn't even he was say it so delicately and sweetly so as not to make her feel bad. He was so without guile. He mentioned how much he disliked hearing people at school talk bad about others and he was known to defend his little sister Mickell when anyone would make fun of her or say something mean. He wasn't one to say anything bad about anyone. If you turned the tables on Dane though and gave him compliments he would never believe them. He saw the best in everyone but seemed to have a hard time seeing it in himself, even though it was so obvious to everyone around him.

Government Caves a couple years ago, it was so fun hiking through the different rooms down there with the whole family and as you can tell Dane makes it a party!

Dane was such a family guy. I have so many memories of us all sitting around and laughing and talking, that happened every time we got together. Dane was always there, that's what is so hard to accept. Dane is such a peacemaker and one that would add so much to the atmosphere through his fun sense of humor and easy going personality. Dane is so exceptionally amazing and as hard as I try I can't find the words to explain how awesome he really is. It seems like in any conversation I had with Dane he would say something sweet to me, he was always building me up and he was one that I always gravitated towards. It was way too easy to love Dane and want to be with him. I always loved how he made spending time with us such a priority, our family was so important to him even through the teenage years where it seems like a lot of teenagers put friends above family. Dane is so special and he always has been, he will always be in my heart and such a huge part of my life. I'm so grateful for my brother Dane and no matter how long our separation may be nothing can weaken the strong love I have for him and now the deep desire I have to do better and be a better person. I know that is what Dane is doing on the other side and I'm determined to be with him again. I can't wait for that reunion.

Here is my short "talk" I gave at Dane's funeral, each of us (his siblings) and my mom shared memories of Dane. We had to keep it short, it was hard, I mean how do you put a person into a few words, especially one you love so deeply and fully! Each of us covered different things on Dane, mine seemed to be the "small things", here is what I said:

While trying to figure out what I wanted to say I was getting a little discouraged because words are just not enough to describe Dane. Dane has so many qualities that I want to talk about but I'll just limit it to three (for time's sake). How he is so loving, selfless, and able to live in the moment. I'm going to give examples that may seem small but these are just examples of Dane on a daily basis, him 24/7. I feel like what makes us who we are are the little things we do every day. The things that Dane did that he considered little are the things that spoke volumes of his caring, tender, and pure heart.
First his loving nature. Dane has such an intense love for his family and others. He demonstrated this every time I'd see him so I thought I'd just use the example from the last time I saw him a couple weeks ago. We were up from Utah just for the day and Dane didn't know I was going to be here. I was driving up Worthlin road and I came up to him driving the opposite direction on the road. As I drove past him I saw his face turn to look at me, light up, and in my rear view mirror I saw him flip a quick "U" turn. When I came into my parents drive way he came up to me and I gave him a great big hug. He asked me why I was here and how long I was going to be here at the house. He was on his way to work when he saw me and I was thinking he had to hurry to get to work but I didn't want to ask about having to leave for work I was just grateful to get to hang out with him. He came back into the house with me and just sat by me on the coach until I had to leave. I always felt so loved from him and loved all the time I got to spend with him which he so freely gave.
The next quality I wanted to list is how selfless he is. And again I have a million examples of how selfless he is because he showed it every day but I'll share one. Travis, our girls, and I come up to visit the family A TON and every time Dane would give us his room while he slept on the couch. My mom never asked him to do this he was always just so willing to give up his bed for us.  Even though his nieces would sometimes jump on him and wake him up at six in the morning, he never complained. It got to the point where nothing even needed to be said, I would go downstairs to ask Dane if we could take over his room again and he was already crashed out on the couch.
Dane was also one that never rushed through life, he took his time and was always living in the moment. When he was with family, he was with family, never rushing through the events of life but enjoying them in his easy going manner. He would always just take the time to just sit and chill with me. He enjoyed the journey, the view; he wasn't so caught up in just getting to the destination or next stop. Example was just at this last Thanksgiving. It was in the evening, after we had all stuffed our faces and sacked out on the couch. We were all just standing around talking. Dane got a text and was invited to go hot tubing with his friends. He asked me what our plans were for the night. We didn't have any, just hanging out. I remember wishing, "Oh Man! I wish we had fun plans!" He didn't even say a word about not going, he just stayed with us. It just shows that when he was with his family he wasn't wishing he was somewhere else with his friends or just waiting till he could get the "all clear" from my parents so he could leave. He enjoyed being where he was, living in the moment and enjoying life for what it was. He just never took the little things for granted. Dane's life was the epitome of this passage given in General Conference October 2008 from President Monson where he is quoting out of the play the Music Man, "You pile up enough tomorrows, and you'll find you've collected a lot of empty yesterdays." So getting too caught up in tomorrow to forget to enjoy the journey, Dane never did that. He always seemed to find the joy in the journey and his journey definitely will not stop here.
We could all talk all day about Dane and all the qualities he possess and still not touch the tip of the iceberg on Dane. This is the legacy he has left behind. Dane has made me such a better person through his example. I am so honored to be his sister and I cannot express how blessed I feel to have gotten to share the last seventeen years with him and I look so forward to spending the rest of eternity with him.


Travis and Dane made this bridge board and would ride it next to the Groveland Rapids. 

Travis and Dane wrestling and rough housing... before Dane got to be six foot.

Travis taught Dane how to do a back flip on the tramp when we were first married and Dane got to be really awesome at doing all sorts of tricks on the tramp (trying out different tricks he could do skiing)

I remember how excited I was to have a younger brother and to be able to do boy things since I grew up with two little sisters. Dane was eleven when Nicole and I got married. Dane and I spent a lot of time together throughout the years. Some of the great memories I have with Dane consist of fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, bridge boarding, floating down the canal, paint balling, playing catch, listening to Dane embellish his stories, jumping on the tramp, shooting, long car trips, camping, riding motorcycles, long talks, and family vacations together. I always loved being with Dane from the get-go

Dane taking Kaydence around on his shoulders

Dane with Camryn on her fist birthday
 I remember seeing Dane from the very beginning taking care of Camryn and Kendra and spending a lot of time with them. As the years passed on and Kaydence joined the pack it seemed like it was the girls who toted Dane around. He was always willing to spend as much time with them as they wanted and do whatever they wanted. Taking them outside, carrying them on his back, jumping on the tramp, playing in the yard when it was irrigated. If a person was judged by how they treat children and knowing how Heavenly Father feels about His children, Dane is incredibly Christ like. Dane seemed to see our little girls in a similar lense that the Savior sees them. I can just see the Savior and Dane kneeling down to play with the children together right now. I've never seen such a perfect example of how you should treat a child. I can imagine Dane being surrounded by so many children in the spirit world.

On our first two years of being married I spent nearly every weekend those winters traveling to Macky Idaho to ice fish with Chad and Dane. I recall the thousands of questions Dane would ask Chad on the ride up and the ride back trying to understand everything about everything. He was always so curious to know and understand everything. Dane ALWAYS ended up catching the biggest fish. A couple different times when we would forget something in the truck Dane would be the one who would walk all the way back to the truck to get it for us. One time when Dane was going back he fell through one of the holes we had drilled into the lake and it was at the beginning of the trip. Dane must have been freezing, his pants were frozen solid, but he just stuck it out and didn't complain much just finished the day out fishing with us. He was tough.

Dane and I drove to Utah together and on our drive as we were driving through Pocatello there was road construction and the speed limit changed to 65 mph but I remained going 80 mph with my radar detector. I proceeded to brag to Dane about how cool this detector was and how I had never gotten pulled over or gotten a ticket with it, I was about to eat my words. About a half hour after boasting about it we got pulled over and I got a nice hefty speeding ticket. Dane and I have laughed many times in our recent history about that day.
Dane wrapped in toilet paper when he was toilet papering our car at our wedding reception.

Dane and I took a trip with Grandpa and Grandma Peterson up in the Uintahs for a week and we went fly fishing every day. Dane and I spent hours and hours and hours talking. It was so much fun and we were loving every minute of it... except the mornings. Dane went through a pretty annoying morning routine on this trip. We would sleep on the bunk together and he would kick me throughout the night. When it came time to wake up he would grunt and growl, such great sounds to wake up to.  I had to pounce on him a time or two to get him to stop, I got my pouncing technique from Taylor :) I remember Dane and I taking this really long hike down into a beautiful meadow to fish, that was one of the prettiest places I have ever been in my life and it was neat to get to share that with Dane.
As we were driving home we had to stop and fill up with gas and Dane asked if I could buy him some goldfish because Dane was addicted to those. He told me he was good for it and that he would pay me back for them, I smiled and got them for him. We had to stop again in Camas with grandma and grandpa and Dane had forgotten his sunglasses. Dane looked at me and in the same tone of voice said, could you get me these sunglasses I'm good for it. So I got those for him too. (As a side story I went on to buy Dane five or six more things and Dane would always tell me how he was good for it). Finally I did get him to pay me back and ever since when we've been together and he's wanted something I would always joke and say, "I know, I know, your good for it".

I remember the very first time I met Dane at Nicole's house. I had come over for Family Home Evening. I remember Marsha asking a question to the whole family and Dane was really quick to answer the question and I remember being very astonished at how young he was but how well he could understand spiritual things.
The following summer we had a family reunion at Chad and Marsha's time share in McCall and I remember Dane and I taking a walk with the family and I spent almost an hour talking to Dane to see how deep his understanding of the gospel really was. I remember asking him difficult gospel related question that he might be confronted with as a missionary and he answered them as a seminary graduate would instead of being the thirteen year old that he was at that time. I was just so amazed at how deep his understanding was, so much more than I expected from the little blonde haired blued boy.
On this same trip to McCall, Dane has always been so playful and was always wanting to go do something adventuresome. Our room was about a block away from the pool and Dane and Mickell would go to the pool all the time but before he left he ALWAYS asked me if I wanted to go with him. Sometimes I would go but I couldn't keep up with him and how active he was, this was about the time I starting feeling like a boring old man. He was always one that was hard to keep up with.
Dane would ALWAYS ask me question I couldn't answer, I got use to saying "I don't know" a lot. Dane is very inquisitive and he always knew really random things, things that would make you wonder how in the world did he come up with that?

I remember when Dane got his helmet camera for skiing just a few months ago. He had spent a lot of time researching the best camera for the price and after he purchased the camera he spent an hour and a half or two just showing me it, how it works, and all it does. Dane didn't have an aggressive personality at all, he has been one that just sits back in a crowd and just chills but when he had a personal interest in something or when you gave him the opportunity to share what he knew or loved he could go on forever. But he never freely just shared everything until you would ask him about it or inquire.

With Dane there was never just one topic of conversation we covered it was always different. We talked about girls, technology, skiing, religion, family, school, politics, fishing, the topic of conversation was always different. Dane was someone you could always talk to about life. I wouldn't consider Dane an opinionated person, he never got heated in discussing any certain topic but a couple different times he told me how he had defended the church's stand point on certain things at school. Dane wasn't one to fade into the background when it came to making a stance on defending what he knew to be right.

(Dane on the swing at the Cabin in Wolverine)

Paintballing in Wolverine 

Dane was really daring! He was willing to try anything. For example the swing at the cabin (you had to climb up the mountain to get to it and the swing went all the way down), he was the first one willing to go off it to make sure it was safe. If the water was cold he would be the first to jump in. Once when we went paint balling up at the Cabin Dane was not on my team. I was cornered behind a tree and he shot me right in the back of the neck. Dane was suppose to be the LITTLE brother, the one that got cornered and pummeled not ME! Dane was always great to have on your team, whatever you were playing.

Dane and Travis getting ready to go out and  have a paint ball war!

Paint balling at the cabin in Wolverine

A favorite paint balling memory I have is with Dane and Jonathan and we were at Rose Pond. We joined a group of 15 guys that were already paint balling. We started a game with them of three on each team. Dane , Jonathan, and I were all on a team together. We had to watch each others back, try out all these different strategies, and pull together. Dane was one that always had your back, you could count on him to defend you at every angle. We were probably the least experienced team there but the three of us stuck together and beat every single team there without even one of us getting out! It was so sweet, we were all so excited with how well we performed together and we were ready to do it again and again!

On a regular basis when the weather was good Dane would ask me to play catch outside with him. With a football, baseball, or most recently with the frisbee. I really loved playing catch with Dane because of how much endurance he had. He could run and run and run. And even this last Thanksgiving (2011), the sun was up but there were 30 mph winds outside and Dane looked at me with his serious face and said, "Do you want to go outside and play catch" and I looked at him and said, "You're crazy".

This is a very vague memory but I remember when Kathleen was going through struggles in her marriage with Jeff. I remember Dane expressing deep concern for her (and he was only about thirteen at the time). Since then I have also heard him voice his concern for so many others. He was always one to think others first and put them before himself. It just shows how tender Dane's heart is, it was especially tender when it came to his family. He really cared about the well being of everyone in the family and their happiness was important to him. Their successes are important to him and the choices they make are important to him.

I remember after Camryn, Kendra, and Corrine, were blessed this last year (August 2011) I had a conversation with Dane where he expressed how spiritual and neat it was to see those girls blessed and to see how happy Kathleen was and being really grateful for Kent. When we were on this same trip we were helping out working on Kent and Kathleen's house and Dane and I paired off.  It was really cool just getting to work with Dane hauling stuff out, running to Lowes, pulling out nails, and doing all that fun crappy stuff but it made it so much better having Dane by my side the whole time. Makes me miss him a lot.

Just a funny random little thing- This last Thanksgiving break (2011) we were at Kmart on Black Friday and Dane had to go to the bathroom. So we were talking and went inside the restroom together. Dane was getting ready to go to the bathroom when in the middle of our conversation a girl just walked right out of the stall in front of us. it was silent for a second and we just looked at each other then she said, "ummmm... am I in the boys bathroom". Before answering we both looked at each other and said, "ummm, I think so". She said, "wow, that's so embarrassing" and walked out. Dane and I looked at each other, laughed and had to run out to check and make sure we had walked into the right room (there wasn't a urinal so we couldn't be sure without double checking).
Jonathan and Travis with their loaded  Nerf guns 

Dane running to get away from all his brothers unloading on him so he could load his gun

Kent and Jonathan cornering Dane in the bathroom downstairs

Nicole had to stop Dane  to get a picture of him before  letting the chaos resume

I had the bright idea of having a dart gun war over Christmas break with the whole family. I thought, what says family togetherness more than each of us being armed with dart guns and unloading on each other while chasing each other around the house. Perfect! So during Black Friday we found a stellar deal on Nerf guns at Walgreen, Chad ended up buying twelve dart guns so everyone could have one with added amo. When we brought them home we (the guys) couldn't wait so we opened up four of them. So Dane, Jonathan, Kent, and myself started the party early. The shot heard around the world was the start of the Revolution. It was kind of a free for all for a while until Jonathan, Kent, and myself decided to team up against Dane. We probably shot each other for an hour running all through the house and trying to corner each other. At one point we had Dane cornered in the bathroom. We felt like pretty tough stuff. We all have realized since that the reason we ganged up on Dane and not someone else is because Dane is the only one that could handle it. No one of us is as good of a sport as Dane is. Even after the Nerf gun war was over we sat upstairs on the couch shooting the light switches trying to turn them on. This probably lasted another hour, which is typical of getting together. We could get together and do really monotonous things forever and still have fun just enjoying being together.
Dane and Travis playing the arcades this last summer (2011)

In Closing:
We both have so many memories that we will treasure forever and that we are eternally grateful for and we know that those memories with Dane will not cease here. I  know that we will be with Dane again, to see his smile, hear him laugh, embrace him in a big hug, and share so many more special moments together. Dane has always been such a blessing in my life and he continues to bless my life now. Through his example of selflessness, patience, love, acceptance, enjoying the small things in life, giving so much of himself to others, and being such a positive influence to me and all those around him. Dane has always been a huge part in my life and he will continue to be, I know that there won't be a day that I won't think about him and long to be with him again. While loosing Dane is the hardest and most painful thing I've ever gone through it has also been a blessing to me in many ways. This has helped me feel the power of the Saviors atonement and love so strong and real that I had never felt in this way before or this powerfully before. This has strengthened my resolve to be a better person.  I know that is what is my Savior wants and what Dane wants for me.  For this trial to make me stronger, not weaker. Dane would never want to be the cause of anyone feeling bad, he spent so much effort in his life into helping others feel good about themselves.  He has always been so sensitive to others and their feelings so I know the best thing I can do for him now is to do what he would do, put a positive spin on it and have this make me a better person.  I cannot express how grateful I am to be sealed together as a family for eternity so that I can be with Dane and my whole family again. I love you so much Dane, my words come so short in describing how amazing you are and the powerful influence you have on me and so many others. Thank you for your example and for the love you always shared through your actions and the way you lived every day. Thank you Dane, I am forever grateful for you and to be your sister.