Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kaydence - Our big Four Year Old

Kaydence turned four years old on November 9th!
I still can't believe what a gorgeous big girl she is, I am so proud of her. She is such a special girl and I cannot believe how blessed I am to have her, I am so grateful to be her mother. She just seems to get sweeter ad sweeter every day. Kaydence although always super sweet and sensitive was also born with a strong will, an independent nature, and tends to be high spirited. She is getting older and seems to have grown out of that stage, or rather she has learned to control herself better. She has such a huge heart and is always expressing her love and gratitude for each of us on a daily (if not hourly) basis.  I think her sensitivity and sincerity are two of the qualities that she has that just makes my heart melt. I thought I would give a few examples of her sweet and fun personality.
Every night before bed Kaydence has to tell me how much she loves me (and daddy) and it is rather long winded at times so we have had to cut her short in the past. She will always start with saying she loves me SOOOOOO much, then following, "I love you more than infinity after!!! I love you more than stars in the night sky, I love you more than snowflakes in winter, more than ice cream, chocolate, popcorn, .... my dresses, my toys, the curtains, the pillow, etc. etc." Now she usually just says the first three things but she is so loving and makes sure that we know how much she loves us.
She is also so affectionate. She is ALWAYS giving me hugs and kisses and telling me how much she loves me throughout the whole day, not a bad way to spend every day.
I think one of her favorite parts of the day is when I put Marley down for her afternoon nap and Kaydence and I cuddle while watching one of her shows. She lays her head on my lap and will just look up at me and cup my cheek throughout the show, give me kisses, and just smiling at me. While of course saying, "I love you's". This is definitely one of the times I look forward to most in my day as well, I feel so spoiled getting to spend every day with my girls.
In her prayers she will always say, "thanks that mom's so sweet, and that dad's so sweet, and that Marley's so sweet" and she always looks up at each of us with a cute little smile while she say's it. Her prayers are always said with a "thanks" before everything, for the food, for our family, for Marley being nice today, for the snow, etc.
The biggest thing she is scared of is strangers taking her away. We had a family Home Evening lesson on Strange Danger and how to be safe (about a year ago) and it really stuck with her. So she is much better about not leaving my side while we are out of the house. We were at a restaurant the other week and there was a guy (he looked a little shaggy) and he was on his lap top and she put her finger up to her face to point to the guy and said, "Mommy he's a stranger" and he looked up to her pointing and starring at him. She also told me last week, "Mom, I will never let a stranger take you from me" (that's what I tell her to comfort her, that I will do all humanly possible to make sure that no one takes her from me). She has had a couple nightmares about strangers too, I don't want her to be scared, I just want her to be safe so that made me feel so bad. And seriously that lesson was last year, she's wanted to watch all these Youtube video's on stranger danger and how to be safe and will still ask to see more sometimes.
Kaydence is also a bit of a perfectionist especially when it comes to her clothes and hair. She has to have everything just so. Also if someone messes up something she just set up, like her baby's bed, or a tent over her bed, or a picture or craft she is doing, or messes up her hair, she gets really flustered.
She loves to match Marley. So she will find something to wear that goes in some way with what I put Marley in, for example another shirt with poka-dots, stripes, flowers or hearts, or one that is the same color, or one that buttons up in front, or skirts, shorts, capri's, etc.
She loves her baby dolls. She loves to make them beds (with like 10 blankets) and then she will get out the hymn book and act like she is reading it while she sings them to sleep. She also disciplines her babies, which is always funny to listen to because I hear how she perceives me to be when I discipline her. She loves to be a little mommy.
Some mornings she tells me about the dreams she had. The next morning after we went to Chuck-E-Cheese she said she had a GREAT dream! She dreamt that she was at Chuck-E-Cheese with me, daddy, Marley, and all her cousins and that she went up to Chuck-e-cheese to give him a big hug :) She has the cutest dreams.
Kaydence also picks up a lot of things I do or say. One thing that made me laugh is when I heard Kaydence tell Travis in the other room, "Daddy Marley's killing mommy!"  When Marley is being difficult I'll tell Marley, "You're killing me Smalls" (off Sandlot). I tried to explain to Kaydence that this is just an expression but she didn't quite get what I meant and will still tell Marley sometimes, "you're killing mommy". So I've been trying not to say that anymore.
Once when Marley woke up during the night I went in, quietly, and tried to sooth Marley (tucking her in, rubbing her legs, and tickling her face).  Kaydence didn't know I was in there and she was trying to get Marley to quiet down by saying things like, "Marley I'm tired, I need my sleep so you need to go bed.... go back to bed the suns not up.... Marley are you not going to go back to bed because your waking me up and I'm sooo tired?" It was so cute because when Kaydence gets up during the night I will tell her similar things, like how we both need our sleep and the suns not up yet. When we are away from home and we put the girls down to bed in the same room Kaydence will sing Marley to sleep sometimes and it is so sweet.
Kaydence and Marley are always giving each other hugs and when they sit down together to read or watch a show Marley will sit in Kaydence's lap. Kaydence also tends to talk for Marley and tell me exactly what it is that Marley wants. 
Kaydence is also into asking "Why" all the time
Anytime I have to leave Kaydence somewhere, like Primary, the gym nursery, or to have someone watch the girls she is always so excited to report the moment she see's me coming in the door: "Mommy! I was SO GOOD in primary(or wherever we left her)!" She loves to make us proud.
At night Kaydence still tries to come and sleep in our room. We have let her sleep on the floor for a while when she would wake up during the night but now we want her to sleep in her own bed. So a couple nights ago Kaydence came in very emotional and told us that she "needed" to come and sleep in our bed with us. She told us that she prayed and Heavenly Father told her that if she didn't sleep with us she would die! She was saying so much more and it was so funny, even at two in the morning, but I can't remember it all. I just thought it was so funny that she came prepared with a long list of reasons why she "needed" to sleep in our bed.
Kaydence still LOVES clothes, dresses, shoes, her toes painted, hair things, accessories of any kind, lip stick (chap stick), and every other girly thing. For Christmas she told me she wants me to make her a dress and hair things. I love that she loves that stuff so much because I love to make it and it makes it so much funner that she gets so excited about it. That is just another thing I absolutely love about Kaydence, that she gets so excited and is so enthusiastic over so many things. It doesn't matter if it's going out to eat together or me making her yet another bow or head wrap she is grateful and excited and her enthusiasm is so contagious.
Kaydence is still as expressive and dramatic as ever. She is such a girly girl through and through and I could not love her more! I love getting to spend all day with her and hear how her mind works and see and hear all the funny and sweet things she does all the time. We love you more than "INFINITY AFTER" Kaydence!

Most Recent Pictures
This one say's it all, "Girl -through and through!"
Her face while we sang to her.

Loves to dress up!

Kaydence loves to sing and here she let me record her singing a hymn we sang in church. Such a little performer! The other part is her four year old interview!

The face paint was her favorite part of the costume, she felt  like a big girl wearing make up

Kaydence was so excited the entire time we were at Chuck-E-Cheese. She makes things SOOO fun!

Kaydence still LOVES to get all dressed up every Sunday

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blackfoot Trip

The school Travis teaches at had Fall break the other week so we decided it would be a good time to go up and see our family in Blackfoot. The girls were really excited but didn't love the road trip, my girls struggle with car rides that are longer than a half hour. We have DVD players in both our vehicles, I always bring fun treats and drinks, books, and let them choose a couple toys each, but they still can't stand sitting for that long. Especially Marley, Kaydence was just as restless when she was Marley's age but now although Kaydence doesn't love long car trips we can explain why we have to stay in the car. Once we got there the girls wanted to play in the leaves, they were such a big help raking them all up ;)
Kim was just getting home from work and brought home our favorite pizza... EVER! Mr. Pizza's fully loaded pizza (I don't actually know what kind of pizza we always get I just know it's the best and has everything on it). Then the girls went outside to play again. I LOVE that about Idaho, how the kids have so much room to just let loose, run, and play.

Marley and her crazy hair

I love these pictures

Travis just loves his baby sister! Even though Kassidy will be eighteen, a legal adult this next month. She will always be the baby :)

The girls playing on the tractor

This tractor took up a lot of Montel and Travis's time the next day. It has been having some problems, don't ask me what had to be fixed or what exactly they did but all I know is that they ended up pulling the entire engine completely apart. The Tractor was completely hollow where the engine once was.
Monte has some major skills in this mechanical department

My hot goofball of a husband

Such a pretty smile (he just couldn't be serious to save his life)

The girls love acting like they can drive... already! I actually remember playing in the car and pretending like I was driving and had my baby in the backseat. Now my girls are doing the same thing, crazy!

Later that afternoon we stopped by to see my mom at school. My mom was on recess duty when we got there and Kaydence ran out across the playground up to my mom and gave her a big hug. My mom was so surprised, she wasn't expecting us. So we got to meet my mom's class and Kaydence got to color and cut out pumpkins. Marley didn't get to use the scissors but she is sure good at coloring.

My mom is so gorgeous!
We always love visits to my mom!

My girls wake up pretty early and Monte is often an early riser too. So as soon as Monte came out of his room the girls went right up to him to sit on his lap, bundle together, and have him rock them while watching cartoons. They love their grandpa :)

That afternoon Travis took me shooting. Last Christmas Travis got a handgun and I still haven't shot it. So he took me out to the field and set up a target and showed me how it's done.

We didn't set up the target too far away because we didn't want to take the risk of hitting anything (there are houses all along the fields, and horses close by)

That tiny gun holds more kick than I would have originally thought.
I enjoy going out and shooting with Travis, especially when we do clay pigeons. 
While we were in Blackfoot both Kim and Kassidy were hesitant to mention it but they could both see my baby bump. They didn't say anything until Travis said something like, "Check out Nicole's baby bump!" Yeah, there is absolutely no hiding it, I can't believe I'm already showing! I'm in that stage where I think everyone is scared to mention or ask but I have a definite bump. I'll show pics later. 

Then we had a little girls day out. They guys worked all day on that darn tractor while Kim, Kaydence, Marley, me, and Kassidy joined us after she finished her ACT's. We went to see Grandma Green first. She is so sweet, it's so sad but the other week she fell forward in her chair and bruised her forehead and around her eye. It seems like Kim tries to see Grandma every day during the week and wanting to spend time with her and worries about her. Grandma Green is one incredibly loved woman by all who know her, probably because she loves everyone around her so much and always shows it.
She isn't very responsive right now. Some days she is more so and others she is just so tired she sleeps a lot. We are so blessed to have her!

Then we went and got Kass and hit the stores to go shopping for Kaydence's birthday. Ross is where it's at!
Kaydence LOVES getting to shop and choose her own presents, she feels like such a big girl!

Kim was finding way too many cute outfits, she ended up getting quite a bit of the girls Christmas shopping done as well!

Marley wanted pretty much everything in sight as well.

Kassidy found these little girl pajamas (totally in the little girls section) and had to try it on!
"Dancing makes girls Happy"... so Kass!

Marley found one thing she wanted more than others.... don't ask me why!
We had to try and avoid the bra sections of the store because both my girls would try to get them and Marley started crying at one point! That purchase will be a LONG ways off!
Kaydence tries to get into my dresser sometimes and put my bra on over her clothes. We have some silly girls!

Then we went out to eat! Kaydence got to choose and she chose McDonalds. So we made a quick stop by Cafe Rio and Kim got herself, Kass, and myself something there for lunch and we took our food over to McDonalds (there is just no comparison between Cafe Rio and McDonalds!)
Kaydence and Marley love finger dipping foods, probably why they love McDonalds. That and the fun play center they have.

They love when grandma takes them out!

Once we got back home we had a little party for the birthday girl!
Grandma got her cute hot cocoa jammies and a cute PINK shirt!

To keep Marley entertained we wrapped a few things for her as well. She loves unwrapping her presents!

We got Kaydence quite a bit of clothes, she is growing so fast! I love that she LOVES getting clothes as presents!

We also got her one of those big wooden painted cribs to rock her babies in.

Her favorite gift was this one from grandma though! This baby has a little crib, giggles, cries, moves her arms, and has all the baby accessories she would ever want. She named her Ella. Speaking of which, Kaydence has already told us that if we have a girl we need to name her "Olivia" and if it's a boy "Jack"... I don't think so but I think it's cute she's taking such an interest in this baby. She asked me to pray for another girl. But she changes her mind about wanting a brother or another sister.
I love how Marley is giving grandma great big hugs in the background :)

Blowing out the candles!
Kim made those yummy rise crispy treats with Nutella, we demolished them!

That night Kaydence got to stay up later than usual. Grandpa had never seen Tangled and has been waiting to have Kaydence over to snuggle with so they could watch it together.

We went on a couple walks in the brisk autumn air.

When we got back to their road Kaydence liked to push the stroller back to the house with her baby in it.

We went to church with Travis's family and had a great roast dinner afterwords. Then we went to my parents house four hours later for another great meal, a steak dinner and Johnny and Jess were there too!
The girls love to get in all the dress up dresses my mom has for the grand daughters. So they got in their princess dresses and went out to pet the horses first chance they got.
Our little Cinderella

I love her dramatic princess pose, our little sleeping beauty.

Kaydence got MORE presents from grandma and grandpa! She was feeling pretty spoiled!
This was her face while we were singing her happy birthday.

She got to go shopping with grandma a month or two ago with her cousins to pick out her birthday presents and she has been so excited to get this kitty. It acts like a live one making noises and walking and everything. 

Hopefully it will pacify her from wanting a real dog or kitty for a few years :) 
This was for sure her other favorite gift! 

Marley was in love with the fuzzy doggy backpack!

Giving great BIG HUGS!!!

It was my moms birthday just the previous week. It's hard to put words to how special my mom is to me, words are so inadequate. I could not have been blessed with a better mom and someone that I feel closer to. She is my hero and every day I am so grateful for her and for the huge influence she continues to be in my life for good. I am so grateful for my mom, I love her so deeply. I think that is one of the greatest things I've learned from my mom, how to love. She loves her kids so fiercely and deeply, I hope my kids will feel as loved as I did growing up. I love you so much mom!!!

Johnny and Jess - we absolutely LOVE any time we get to spend with them!

My cute little sister... who isn't so little anymore!

Dane the stud! 

I could go off on all the amazing attributes of each of our family members, we love them all so much! We are so blessed! Every time we make any trip to see our families I always come away feeling full to the brim with gratitude and knowing how blessed I am to have each and every member of our families. There isn't anything greater than family, and I feel like I've been blessed with the absolute BEST families in the WORLD!!! I know, I'm completely biased :)))
(The Next post will be solely dedicated to our special little four year old girl)