Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn Activities

These are just a bunch of random pictures taken over the past couple months. I haven't been taking pictures like crazy as I usually do, I got a little burned out for a while. Especially since I was finally finishing up last years blog book, I was waiting for blurb to do a sweet deal and I ended up getting 25% off my whole order I was excited :) It ended up being exactly 320 pages! I got it last week and it is my favorite book yet, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Best investment ever! Since my book was entirely way to long this year and it progressively has gotten longer each year I have decided to cut back on my blog posts a bit though. 
We have been doing a lot of fun play dates lately but most of the time I haven't brought my camera, like an addict trying to avoid the temptation of clicking like crazy and having my children pose non-stop. My kids still aren't fortunate enough to completely escape the camera though, here are some tid-bits of things we have been doing. 
This is a picture I have to have documented. Travis didn't wear a wet suit in Cozumel, it was so warm in the water, but he did wear a long sleeve rash guard. While it protected his arms from the corral his calves were bare and when we did some of the swim through in the caves the corral got him. It only stings a little (I touched some with my fingers to stop at one point) but Travis got some rashes from it, this is what his legs looked like for about a week or two!
Crazy, huh?

We have gone to the Jungle Jim a couple times with a friend of mine and with Travis when he got off work (it is so nice because some days he will be home as soon as 2:00-2:30, he does early morning seminary every other day). 
 These are some pics from one of the outings to the Jungle Jim. This was the girls favorite arcade type game.
 We would be on teams (me with Marley and Trav with Kaydence) and you would try to pounce on the balls as soon as they lit up. They went nuts!
The cheese ball climbing in the little jungle gym.

Kaydence posing with Lexie in their bumber car.

 Marley wanted to ride the bumper cars too but we found it doesn't really work well with Marley and Kaydence trying to drive. Hopefully their skills in driving improve as they get older.

But Marley's FAVORITE ride was hands down the carousel and it was one of Kaydence's favorites too. I think they rode it at least five times!

 I rode with Marley on this one once to show her how to go up and down on the ship (there wasn't much leg room)

 Trenton and Kaydence getting ready to get on the swings. They would just stand in front of a ride and someone who worked there would come to let them on the next ride (NO LINES, that was MY favorite part).

This one spun around and I had to have the guy working the ride slow it for Marley, she had a very worried expression as it got faster and faster.
 She loved it as long as it didn't go too fast. I loved watching Marley's reactions because she just didn't know what to think of the rides half the time.

 Lexie and Kaydence getting off their jeep after their ride.

 Travis riding with Marley, she just wanted to hold his hand the whole time, so cute!

 I have been trying to capture video of Kaydence when she sings at night but whenever I try to sneak in with the camera she stops immediately and just wants to pose for a picture. Here she is posing as a chicken

On a Saturday afternoon Kaydence and Marley wanted to lay down and watch a movie. Kaydence always wants Marley to sit on her lap. I LOVE Marley's expression in this picture!
 When I came back down to check on the girls I found Marley fast asleep across Kaydence's lap. It was so sweet!

I love this picture of my little angels!
 The Friday before conference we went to Travis's mission reunion. The girls  LOVED it because they got to stay up later than usual and just eat grapes, chips, cookies, and went around every table to play with any little baby they could find.

 President and Sister Edwards with the former Elder Peterson. They are the sweetest couple, they made us feel like family.

My parents, Dane and Mickell came down one weekend to see us and we went to the Hoogle Zoo! My grandparents, Jamie and her kids (Alyssa, Megan, and Gavin) all came too, it was a lot of fun!

Marley was more interested in the random little birds that were flying around the zoo. She would chase them and enthusiastically point at them to make sure I saw them.

Riding the train: Gavin, Megan, and Kaydence

Marley riding on grandpa's lap

(back to front):me, dad, Marley, Dane, Alyssa, Gavin, Megan, Kaydence.
 My grandpa loves to spoil the kids. He got all this yummy kettle popcorn and later got everyone ice cream cones. Marley was stuffing her face with popcorn the whole time (she is definitely a Peterson).
 My beautiful mom

The monkey were wanting popcorn too. If you lifted the cup up to them they would look inside and try to grab some.

Our big animal lover was in heaven

At one point Kaydence and Megan sat down next to the monkey and were having a little picnic.

Marley's "deer in the headlights" look

Cute mamma monkey with her baby

The mom was nursing her little one, I thought it was so sweet

 They all rode the carousel multiple times (I lost count). Kids just love these things!

I went on some of the rides with the girls and watched other times. Once I was watching Kaydence as she was going around on the carousal and she was looking at something so intently and just moving like crazy. Then I noticed what she was starring at... her own reflection. She was making all these poses and faces in the mirror the entire time while she was going around in circles on the carousal!!!  Kaydence definitely doesn't struggle with low self esteem!

This was the face Marley made every time the carousel stopped

This was the face she made the whole time the carousel was going

When grandpa got everyone ice cream cones the kids went to play in the little sand area.
Yes, Kaydence covered her hair in chocolate ice cream, it seems like my girls end up wearing more of their food than they end up getting in their little tummies! 

Cute little Gavin

Kaydence and Megan were inseparable the whole time

Grandma, Alyssa, and Mickell

Jamie, grandma, Alyssa, and Mickell

Another mother nursing her baby.

There were some people all dressed up for Halloween that were working at the zoo and they gave the girls some candy and some wax vampire teeth. Scary!
We also had an awesome surprise! We were finishing up looking at everything at the zoo when all the sudden I saw Tanner, my awesome brother-in-law, walking by the elephants! Of all people to run into! I love Tanner, Chan, and Parker, they are ALWAYS out and about and doing something fun it was just that much COOLER that we got to run into them when they were out and about at the zoo!
My favorite blue eyed handsome nephew, Parker, with Kaydence! I just LOVE Parker and we are SOOO excited to have him over this next month for a FULL WEEK!!! I just can't get enough of this big grown up boy and I know my girls are going to be having a BLAST with him here and probably won't let him go home to his parents when they get back from HAWAII (seriously I'm so jealous)!!!

My parents always spoil us when they come down and take us out to eat and play. Buffets are the best route to take with these girls and I was loving all the different shrimp dishes, so yummy!
Then my mom took us girls out shopping and got us some fun things while the boys went to the priesthood session of conference. I always love it when my family comes up, I always have so much fun with them no matter what we are doing!
Here are just some random pictures taken this past month or two. Marley loves to put as many bows in her hair as she can and she wanted me to take a picture, my favorite part of the picture is Kaydence picking her nose in the background!!!

My girls have interesting taste, Marley loves ten bows in her hair at one time and Kaydence wears sweat bands on her ankles. They are going to be little trend setters some day ;)

I was cleaning the kitchen one afternoon and the girls wanted to play in the backyard. So I opened all the windows and told them to stay on the patio so I could keep an eye on them. I got a little caught up in my cleaning and when I took a peek at them this is what I saw!
It had rained the previous night and they found the mud!
I had to spray them down with the hose, they were running around screaming and laughing while I was chasing them getting them wet... I don't think that ended up being a good deterrent for them not to do have a mud bath again.

The other weekend we had a little Halloween Movie Night at the Lee's house! And let me just tell ya, if the Lee's invite you over for food, you should NEVER turn it down! Mike is the most amazing cook and Kate is the best baker, put them together and you have yourself one happy tummy!
The kids enjoyed their night as well, Kate got them treats to enjoy while they watched their own movie upstairs! 
 Gummy pumpkins and gummy worms!!!

 Seriously Cooper always pulls the funniest and cutest faces!!!

 If you have a sweet tooth that is needing some chocolate this is the perfect way to curb that craving! Kate makes this almost once a week, she loves chocolate just as much as I do (we are kindred hearts :)

Marley decided it our movie and treats were better so she decided to stay downstairs with us.

We watched Arachnophobia, made about twenty years ago. I can't handle scary movies but I did okay with this one. I HATE spiders, they just freak me out I remembered seeing this movie when I was really young and I would check my covers for spiders every night before bed for like a year but this time it wasn't so bad. Probably because the company was so great and the movie is really pretty cheesy.
Travis and me snuggling on the couch

The masters of the meal!
These were the DELICIOUS stuffed jalapenos, you can just see them dripping in greasy cheesy goodness!

I brought chips and spinach artichoke dip, we LOVE this stuff! I got the recipe from Chan's friend Mona Kay, so YUMMY!!!
We decided to just pow-wow on the floor and have all the food out there so we could all help ourselves to as much as we wanted when five minutes into the movie Marley ran directly into the spinach artichoke dip with one food and the other nailed the plate of mud pie!!! How did she get her feet so precisely into everything and in the blink of an eye... she is THE master of messes.
We put all the food up after that, it is always eventful with our girls we can't complain about things ever being dull!
 Before going to bed Kaydence wanted us to make a silly Halloween face, so there it is!
I love this time of year! I love all the holidays and events that go on during these next few months, how the leaves change, how it gets cooler and how you get to layer your clothes and change up your clothes, and how we seem to make more reasons to go out and do fun things! I'm excited to have my girls all dressed up for Halloween, I'm probably more excited than they are!