Sunday, August 14, 2011

PetersOn Reunion

Any time Chan and I get together there are bound to be TONS of pictures, she may even take more pictures than I do (maybe). It is so funny because it seems like when my family gets together lately no one else brings their camera because they know I'll take plenty of pictures for everyone. I love taking pictures but sometimes I wonder if it is just obnoxious for everyone else sometimes. I have been thinking lately about investing more into this hobby (or obsession) of mine, you know getting a good editing program and maybe some day getting a really nice camera (not professional necessarily but something really close). Chan has such a great editing program, it's not hard at all to tell which pictures are from her and which are mine.
Anyway this a post filled to the brim with pictures. We had a little PetersOn family reunion, at least that is what I decided to call our get together since it has become more and more rare for every member of the family to be there at get togethers. Travis and Kaitlin just moved to Twin Falls so they won't be right there anymore. Kassidy is always busy as ever with her crazy schedule. Tanner, Chan, and Parker are always off an a new adventure when they aren't staying plenty busy with their own little family and working so hard in school and work. So suffice it to say we don't get to be all together nearly as often as we would all like, hence this is the PetersOn Family Reunion :)
We carpooled with Tanner, Chan, and Parker up to Idaho. It was so much fun, it really does make the time just fly being able to have Chan to chat it up with the whole time. Chan is so fun to talk with, she is always so open, honest, funny, and entertaining to talk with I LOVE IT!
Well Parker was not enjoying the drive quite so much, WAY too much estrogen for his taste. My girls were SO LOUD the whole time! Marley was yelling "MOM" all the time and towards the end she just wanted OUT! Kaydence never stopped talking his poor little ear off either, it was so funny when we looked back this is what we saw.

Kim had this huge delicious meal ready when we got there (I totally stole her recipe for poppy seed chicken, it was so good). Then we all played ULTIMATE FRISBEE!!!

Kim was keeping her eyes on the kiddos while we played and so she took pictures of us playing!!! I love the in action shots

Love Chan's face on this one

I love that Monte was playing, he was awesome I was impressed. Sometimes he will complain about being old but he was totally keeping up with the rest of us...

... well most of the time ;)

Tanner didn't walk away unscathed either

I think he laid there for like an hour with a side ache
Chan trying to drag him over

Parker is a natural, Travis was showing him how the throw the Frisbee. Travis and his sisters were playing with him and he loved it! I was impressed with how well he catches and throws it and he's not even four yet (well now he is, but he wasn't quite yet here).

We were playing "hands up - hands down" or "hands up - stands up".

Travis walks on his hands so he would win every time.

Monte dragging Kass off the "field"

All the guys were doing tricks on the tramp, showing us what they could do (at one time) on ski's or a snowboard.

After we finished playing we took a few fun pictures.

Everyone's face in here cracks me up


I love these next three pictures, so precious!

Monte showing us his dental work

The gorgeous girls

Parker explaining what faces they each should make for their family shot

Family Shot

It wouldn't be a Peterson reunion without the Swedish Pancakes

My little model, I love how when she strikes a pose she really hits it

I love how Marley's hair is so long now I can do her hair in fun new ways

Marley really loves her grandma

The cuties

My girls got up bright and early, six in the morning. Parker on the other hand woke up just before TEN in the morning, no fair!

Look how much taller Parker is, granted Kaydence is bending over a little but still!!!

When we were out we saw this crazy accident. This car was driving on the interstate on flew all the way over into these peoples front yard, Kim knew them and we were talking to them for a while.

Luckily the guy didn't seem to have serious damage and left fully conscious, he flew through the windshield and rolled onto their drive way.

I'm just glad it wasn't worse than it could have been but can you imagine just being in your front yard and a flying in front of you?!?!

Later the next day we went to Rupes for lunch, the best old fashioned burger joint. When I worked there a lot of people who were passing through made a real point of stopping by, its delish

I love Parker's gorgeous big blue eyes

This picture is my favorite, it just shows how much Parker loves his Uncle Travy.

Marley was enjoying the tater tots and fry sauce a little too much

You can't leave Rupes without dessert

At one point Kass blew some water out of her straw at Travis blew some little ice chunks at Kass through his straw. Then Kass snuck up behind him and put ice all down his back, Travis told Kass she shouldn't have done that and she told him to "bring it" and declared that this is war. So as soon as Travis got home he made an attack

Travis carried and drug Kass to the shower

His attack came back without a counter attack. Kass was smart and decided to end it there.

Later they had this fun event for Pioneer Day where the kids painted and decorated these rocks.

Loaded up their wagons and pulled it across the "plains".

Made rag dolls, Kaydence loved hers.

They had this big dutch oven dinner there but the lines were so crazy long, we pretty much snacked on all the fresh Rainer Cherries and had dessert.

Me girls were incredibly tired so I took them home and put them down for bed and everyone else went out and flew planes.

So cute!

We also celebrated both Parker and Marley's birthdays. Parker's 4th birthday and Marley's 1 1/2 birthday. We didn't have a real party for Marley on her birthday when she turned a year because it was right after Christmas and she got so much and we were with the family the whole time on top of that so I didn't see a point in throwing a big party, I wanted to celebrate it in July.
I made all the fondant frosting and we got all these cookie cutters so the kids could decorate the cake how they wanted it. It was a messy grand old time!

They chose the colors of the fondant and cut out the pieces and put them on the cake, it was a masterpiece for sure!

I don't know what half of the shapes even are, but they loved it that's all that matters.

Chillin Peterson style

My amazing family made sure that they could come over to celebrate Marley's birthday with us, they are the BEST!
Then we had the party outside, it was such a gorgeous sunny day with a slight breeze.

Unfortunately the breeze was just enough to make it almost impossible to keep the birthday candles lit.
Hurry, blow!

Marley was so cute seeing her try to blow them out.

Present Time! Parker giving his Aunt Kass big hugs for his sweet airplane

Marley was having such a fun time just unwrapping all her presents

She got so spoiled!!!

Grandpa taking the kids out for a ride

Then later we had ourselves another fun game of ultimate with both our families. Johnny, Jess, Dane and Mickell came and tore it up with us!

"Mach-O Mach-O Man"

We were all pooped by the end! Mickell, Me and Trav, Johnny and Jess, Kass and Tanner, Dane, Travis and Kaitlin

After the sun went down we had a sweet bomb fire

Cute picture of Parker and Papa

Johnny, Jess, Monte, Trav

hot momma Chan with her sweet little Parker

Kaitlin and Travis snuggling next to each other by the fire

Kim and Monte made a delicious dutch oven dessert that we all savored. It was upside down cherry chocolate amazingness with whip cream on top.

It was great for breakfast as well :)

Don't ask me what Tanner is doing here

I'm not quite sure what he was doing here either, being a goofball I'm sure

The last day we walked the kids over to the Hurst's house to ride horses and hold their bunnies

Kaydence had to ride by herself, she has always been a very independent child and nothing has changed there.

She did so good!

Marley couldn't wait to get on the horse either!

My girls are so crazy about their grammy and its easy to see why. She is so amazing, love her to death!

Parker and Monte waiting for their chance to ride

I love horses, they are such special animals

Kaydence riding like a pro

This horse was wanting a picture with Chan, basically nuzzling her from behind

Parker and Papa riding

What good looking cowboys

I loved how this picture turned out, Chan is so good!

I Love these pictures

Marley was so eager to get on the horse, she loved it!

The cutest little family of three!

Marley is the most enthusiastic little person when it comes to animals, so you can imagine her excitement over getting to pet their fluffy bunnies

Such a fun long weekend!!!

The following weekend was awesome too because we got to go to Parker's birthday party. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Chan knows how to throw a party! We got their early because we had to leave earlier and that way we got to have Parker, Tan, and Chan, all to ourselves for a couple hours before the whole crowd got there :)
They rented a big blow up water slide, the kids had such a blast!!!

Parker was taking a nap when we got there but once he woke up he didn't waste any time testing out his big birthday party house!

Shooting everyone who came into his sights

lounging by the pool, she had her legs resting against the pool but put them down as soon as I got the camera out

Tan and Chan have so many great friends it is so fun talking to them all. All the kids were so enthralled with this adorable little new born, I forgot how to say his name but he is too precious. Look at all that hair!!!

Tons of water fun, friends, treats, the best pizza (Costco style), balloons, perfect weather, tunes, and birthday cake, what more could you ask for. HAPPY FOURTH BIRTHDAY PARKER WHO-HA!!! You are such a special boy, we love you so much!

Cutest big four year old boy ever!

I just had to post a little bit on Marley. She is in the cutest stage. We cannot believe all this personality she has. She is such a little ham, she loves to laugh and make others laugh as well. She loves to dance and move to the beat. When a song comes on the radio with a good beat she is the first to start shakin it. You can talk to her and she seems to understands everything, she has such a mind of her own already. When you ask her what she wants and give her options she will nod or shake her head so vigorously and she keeps on nodding until you give it to her. She has always loved Travis but it seems like she is even more partial to him than she is to me, which I haven't been use to because Kaydence has always been such a mommy's girl and it took her a while to really love to go to Travis too. Marley has also started full fledged TANTRUMS. At first Travis and I thought something was wrong with her, did she have another bad ear infection, stomach aches, teething, and then we remembered, Oh yeah this is the age where Kaydence started all her fun tantrums where no matter what you do they just don't want to be appeased they just want to scream and throw themselves on the floor. Where this is the cutest stage it is also the hardest in some ways.
Marley is always making all these sound affects and vibrating her lips all the time. She is also making the animal sounds and her all time favorite animal is the duck or any other kind of bird. She loves to say, "quack, quack, quack". She is a little rough when she plays and loves to throw balls and things and actually has a really good arm (so different than Kaydence). She is just so animated with her facial expressions and with the way she communicates, I will try to capture her fun personality more on video.
This is just a picture of Marley eating corn on the cob, I had a picture just like this of Kaydence at just about the same age

I came into the bathroom the other day to find this.

Marley took off her diaper and was sitting on the potty trying to go like her big sister

This is a video of Marley marching. She LOVES to do the "Ants Go Marching" and it never gets old to her, she is so cute how she squats while she marches. The other clip is of Marley playing with the duster, she was loving it. Before I got out the video she was shaking her head and vibrating her lips right into it and having it tickle her face and it made her laugh, it was cute.