Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Petersen Midway Family Get-Away

While preparing for our week long trip together as a family I kept on getting mixed up when my family would refer to this fun get away as a family reunion because I'm use to reunions being held with my extended family, Richardson Reunions. Now that we are all older and have families of our own it is rare when we can all be together so now we will have our own family reunions and if our future reunions follow suit with this first one in Midway it is going to be something we will all REALLY look forward to every summer (I'm hoping we'll have one every year).
Taylor and Amanda flew in from Washington on Friday evening so we got to have them all to ourselves for the first night, you know catch up on everything and veg out.
The next morning we got ready and went up to see my grandma and grandpa Petersen in Layton. Kent, Kathleen and the girls were on their way down too so they came just minutes after we arrived. Taylor and Amanda haven't seen our grandparents forever and it is always fun when we go visit, the downstairs kitchen is a kids dream (ice cream parlor, candy machines, popcorn machine, etc.)
Here the girls are making their very own soda with the soda machine, they made root beer. My grandpa loves spoiling everyone with treats.

The girls were acting like waitresses and had us come down so they could take our orders.
They took our orders but we ended up scooping up their ice cream cones and our own. Kaydence had the playdough ice cream smeared all over her face, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Marley got jealous when Amanda picked up Corinne, so Amanda had her hands full with both of them. I think she would be a natural with twins ;)

Isn't Corinne so precious?

They just put her down for a nap in this room and she found this tiny pillow and placed her head on it and just fell asleep like that.

My grandma loves to host and she is such a spectacular hostess, she is such a great cook and no matter how often you offer to help she does it all herself (who wants to mess with perfection).
Amanda, Nicole, Kathleen, Grandma, and in front Camryn and Corinne.

Tay, Kent, and Travis.

Jade, Jamie (my uncle and his wife) and their kiddos came up later that evening too.
Jade, Tay, Kent

Jamie and Grandma

Cute little Amanda, I don't think her feet touched the floor in this chair (even when it wasn't reclined)

I played Sardines with the girls out in the yard (SOOO fun) and we all went on walks, ran to the store, and lounged about visiting.

The next morning at o-2600 hours we all made the drive over to Midway to start our sweet reunion. My parents got a couple condo's and we each had our own rooms, it was awesome! Midway was BEAUTIFUL, I have never been there before. There were mountains surrounding us on every side and it was so green. Our porch over looked the golf coarse, it seemed to torture Travis at times, a constant reminder that he wanted to be out there golfing (he didn't bring his clubs).
Dane out on the porch

We broke in the grill right away, the guys grilling hamburgers and hot dogs (I think Travis gets sick of posing "normal" and every once and again he gets creative... not such a good idea).

Camryn was lovin the tots, I love her face in this one!!!

They had an arcade downstairs

Dane actually got kicked out our first night there because he wasn't eighteen yet and it was past 8 o'clock (lame)

The next morning Travis and I made waffles, Camryn looks so enthused (she really was so excited and happy but she wasn't loving the camera).

That afternoon we took the kiddos swimming.
At first poor little Corinne was not loving the water, she has the cutest little pouty face!

Camera is a little fish, she is taking swim lessons right now

Showing me her jumps, she already looks like such an athlete to me.

Kendra is taking swim lessons right now too, she has her reserves about jumping straight into the deep end though. She told me she chose this scuba diving kitty water bottle to remind herself to learn to swim so that she won't drown. I just thought it was cute how she told me that so matter-of-factly.

Marley loved to walk around the pool, making me follow her.

This is MY FAVORITE PICTURE!!! I just love her smile in it, I don't feel like I have too many cute pictures with me and my girls but I really liked this one with Jo girl.

Once Corinne got used to the water, she LOVED it! She was splashing and playing like crazy! Kathleen holding both the splashing babies!

Building a human tower

For some reason they couldn't hold up a four man tower for more than a second

Check out Trav's farmers tan, sweet!

Kaydence must get sick of making "normal" poses as well ;)

Camryn is the cannonball flying through the air

Dane doing a backflip off Travis

Camryn swimming with her dad

Marley LOVES her grandma, they were waving to me while I was just walking around randomly taking pictures of everyone.

Jess and Kendra were swimming on their backs together a lot, it was cute.

Kaydence playing with her daddy

Johnny's face cracks me up in this one

My man coming to pull me in the water

The next day was 7-11, so we went and got free slurpee's at Seven Eleven.
I love the contrast between Kendra's face and Camryn's face in pictures.

We went on hikes up the hills and pulled the kids on our first hike. It. was. hard. Kathleen ended up pulling them most of the way up, it was getting so steep. Kaydence fell asleep in my arms on the way back. It was a good workout. The views from the mountain side are gorgeous.

We all went to the park to play our favorite game - ULTIMATE FRISBEE!!! It was such a blast! It's one of those games where everyone can be on different levels of how good they play but everyone still plays and it is the BEST! The guys tend to sacrifice their bodies more to make a point, you know: jumping, rolling, tackling, or diving to catch the frisbee. They got skills.
After we finished playing

Bustin out our muscles

Taylor is a man of many faces

I couldn't get Marley in the baby swing but apparently Amanda could. Marley was just smiling and laughing.

Jess and Kendra swinging

My amazing mom watched the kids while we played ultimate. She also had this book that she was really enjoying while we were there. Books can be addicting, I love it!

The lighting was so great with it being overcast that I just started taking pictures (even though each of us were grouse and sweaty from playing ultimate for two hours).
These pictures are so great, I love Tay!!!

Travis and I

Johnny and Jess

Taylor and Amanda

Eating popcorn, other snacks, and playing cards and monopoly late into the night.

The next morning I had to get my girls into the tub and before I knew it there was a party going on in the bath tub!

Packed like Sardines (I love their messy bed heads and messy breakfast faces)

The guys went into the city to get some things so we had a little girl time while they were out. We made caramel and peanut butter dips for apples while we watched "Beastly", it was cute how they followed the whole story of Beauty and the Beast in present day.

This next night we waited to play ultimate until the kids were asleep, less work for my mom and Kent and Kathleen were able to play this time too (Kent was right in the middle of summer school during this vacation so he had homework to do the previous night).
We switched it up a bit and the second half we played with a football instead of a frisbee, it was way fun!

Then we came back and cooled off in the pool

We were making funny faces in this one and every time I look at Kathleen's face in it I pretty much pee my pants laughing

The next morning after a big breakfast my mom stayed at the condo watching ALL FIVE GIRLS while we went to Snowbird. My mom is the most selfless sweet person in the universe, I could tell that she really wanted to go but she insisted that we all go together while she stayed. Thank you so much mom, it means so much.
Snowbird ended up being on the other side of the mountain but it was well worth the trip.
We first went to ride down the ziplines and we got up to them on the ski lifts.

Gorgeous Views

I'm afraid of heights, more so than I realized. I was getting nervous to take this picture while we were in line for the zip line so this lady in front of us took it (everyone thought I was pretty comical).

The zip line was sweet! One of the guys at the top of the zip line told us to call his fellow employee a monkey when he came up past us. It was really funny but I was a little worried he was going to "accidentally" let me loose down the line before I was all buckled in.
Travis made it down without incident, and much faster than me

Amanda wasn't so lucky, one of the guys kept on letting the metal door loose like she was going to fly through before she was all strapped in.

Taylor is really about a foot taller than Amanda but he likes to tease Amanda by getting down on her level

Kathleen and Kent (Kathleen is my favorite)

Kent didn't think this zip line was half as cool as the one in Costa Rica, I guess the ones there are pretty intense.

Johnny and Jess swinging down

We had some lunch at the pizza place there

Group pictures with everyone is my favorite

Took the picture a little too late (it was so yummy and cheesy)

My awesome little bro, Dane

Such a cute picture of these two (Tay isn't making a funny face)

Then we went on the tram to let our lunch settle. The view was incredible... and HIGH!

This was a lot higher than you can appreciate, holy cow heights make me nervous! (I'm playing it cool here though even though we are like a million feet high)

I couldn't go to this edge, it just dropped off. Sweet picture though, huh?

Kent's expression is one of sure elation

It was a little chilly at the top. Instead of only having a heater in the bathroom (like at the baseball game we went to this last spring break) they had a "warming hut", I'm sure they made this specifically with us in mind.

Kathleen took this picture, SUCH a great picture!

My gorgeous sister

Studly Dane, I liked how these turned out

Then we went back down the tram, squishing in tight

Riding the lifts back up to go down the alpine slides

The slide was so fun, you could go as fast as you wanted but if you went to fast you could fly off.


Look at the way Taylor has to hold on. His legs are too long and his shoulder are too broad so he had to hold on under his legs and it threw off his balance.

His battle scar from sliding off

We had to go down another time

We all played on the trampolines with bungy chords and it was so fun!

Dane went first, tearin it up attempting doubles and triples.

It doesn't take Dane long to get the ladies attention, these two girls were totally hitting on Dane (we had to sneak a picture). He is so funny because no matter how blatant girls are he doesn't seem to get the hint that they're into him.

Travis is so good at flips, he was totally landing doubles and crazy stuff.

The bungy chords just make you invincible, everyone was whipping out all their stunts.


This video is HILARIOUS! I posted all our first attempts (in chronological order), our firsts were definitely the funniest. I learned the second time around to not fight the bull but to move with the bull. If you fight it, you won't last but it makes a comical show for everyone when you do.
You have to vote on which of us is your favorite rider!
Needless to say, WE. HAD. A. BLAST. The pictures seem to do our trip so much more justice than me trying to describe it, with my vast vocabulary and all.

We couldn't be that close to Park City and not hit up the outlet stores.
The girls weren't so into seeing what all the stores had to offer so they played in the playground.
Dane is so good with the girls.

Park City is one of my favorite places to shop, I love it!
All in all it was a very successful trip!

Each of us made a different dinner and each of them were so delicious, we had so much food it was ridiculous.
Taylor and Amanda marinaded chicken and grilled it with spinach and fetta inside and asparagus on the side.

Kathleen made the Cafe Rio Pork Salad, it tasted better than I even remembered it tasting there. Jonathan and Jess made Taco salads that were delicious, my mom made this peanut butter chicken that I've already tried to replicate (just not as well). Good Eatin! We played a lot of games and one night when we played Monopoly Dane had amazing luck and pretty much got everything and I just had one monopoly and ended up winning the whole game, it was sweet! I just had to let the record show ;)

The guys at the golfing range on yet another fun day, I've lost track of which days we did different things.

Another swimming trip.
Marley had her arms wrapped so tight around Amanda on our way to the pool, it was cute!

Soaking in the hot tub, it felt good on our sore muscles from playing Ultimate.

The girls were loving these balls that they were throwing to each other

Perfect way to kick off our family reunions, it was so much fun, I have the coolest family on the planet. All our reunions are guaranteed to be a blast with our group, I just hope that scout camp and girls camp doesn't interfere with our next trip. My dad is the scout leader and scout camp was this week and Mickell was a youth leader this year so neither of them were able to make it. They were just about the only thing that could have made it any better. Thank you so much everyone for making it such a memorable trip and a special thanks to my mom for setting the whole thing up and spoiling us, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Right before we took Taylor and Amanda to the airport we grabbed lunch at Five Guys. It's Taylor's favorite burger joint and it was the first time I'd tried it.
Great burgers and great fries, I mean they had to be the best because their fries are from South East Idaho :)

The girls were in their PJ's and they were being too cute hugging I had to get a picture.
Every night it's the same thing, they get in this hugging friendzie and just roll around hugging each other. It just warms my heart.

I already miss everyone so much! Until Next Time!!!