Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

We went up to Idaho to go see our family over Memorial Day Weekend... we had ulterior motives as well we recruited Monte's services to change the timing belt on our van. So Travis and Monte were working a lot of the time we were there and Travis told me he learned so much this time because they pretty much took apart the whole engine in front and had to reassemble it when they finished changing all the belts. We are so blessed to have such amazing dad's that know how to fix EVERYTHING, and Travis is just learning from their expertise.
We got to Blackfoot in pretty good time and were able to help decorate for Kaitlin birthday party!!!
It was just a fun little party with the fam to celebrate the birth of the amazing woman that just turned TWENTY YEARS OLD!!! Love her to death!!!
Way cute picture of Kass and little Jo
Grandma Green was also able to come and celebrate with us! She is so amazing and we're blessed to get any time we can with her, this is a picture I had to get with the girls MY FAVORITE!

FOUR GENERATIONS right here!!!
Marley wasn't exactly cooperating

For dinner Monte made his specialty and an all time family favorite, Swedish pancakes (or crepes) with strawberry filling.

"Where did mine go?"
The guys didn't waste any time, as soon as we arrived the guys took a look at the engine and made preparations but had to come in so Monte could make the cakes.
I love these studly men!

Birthday girl blowin out her candles
Well I actually missed her blowing them out (if you'll notice there are not candles) so I asked her to reenact the whole scene for the camera, she's a natural

Kaitlin got some sweet presents!

Her favorite ice cream, Chocolate Malt swirl from Swanns.

Monte serenading grandma Green with some oldies songs

Little love birds feeding each other

Kaydence stuffing her own face

I'm so glad we were able to be there to celebrate her special day together and just spend time together!

The next morning me and the girls went over to my families house to play!
My dad, Kathleen, and Kent were out sand bagging out in Riverton because it has been raining so much the fields have been flooding.
So we spent the morning with my mom and chillin with their cousins!
Marly and Corinne are so cute together they are so funny to watch play together now that they're getting older. Marley was eating on of the amazing pancakes my mom made that morning and Corinne was wanting to play, they were just jabbering to each other SO CUTE!

Whats mine is yours
I just started cracking up, they are destined to be BFF's

Then that afternoon my parents took us all out to the Tauphaus Park Zoo, it was so fun! I don't even know how old I was the last time I'd been there but it was a whole new experience with the girls!
My parents rented a wagon for the girls and they were going nuts in the back while my dad pulled them.
Kaydence just loves to strike a pose

Camryn and Kendra are such good big sisters to little Corinne

I love Corinne's face in this picture, she is so excited! She has been making the cutest little facial expressions that are SOOO CUTE!

The littlest one's were the funnest to watch, they were having such a blast and I was having a blast watching their reactions to all the animals.

Marley is just a little more dramatic in how she expresses her excitement. She got everyone's attention that was within a fifty foot radius (maybe larger). At EVERY SINGLE new animal we came across she would squeal with excitement while pointing to the animals. No matter who was around her she would get their attention and point like crazy at the animal (as if the person couldn't see it). You would think her excitement would wear off at least half way through but she kept that same level of excitement the WHOLE TIME! I had to get a little video of her. The second half of the video is her at the petting zoo. Its hilarious because she Marley LOVES animals, if were at the park and someone has a dog or she sees a bird she yells and points while running toward the dog or bird but as soon as she gets close enough she is too scared to touch it or come any closer. Same thing with the goats at the petting zoo.

For some reason I couldn't move the video once I uploaded it so it is at the bottom of this post

Marley's all time favorite animals at the zoo were the monkeys and the birds, I think because they moved the most.

I think the otters were EVERYONE'S all time favorite though, this is the one part of the zoo I did remember from when I was young.

The petting zoo

I was wanting a picture of us on this tiger but once again Marley wasn't really cooperating

These three were all about it though

Gorgeous girls

We had a barbecue dinner, best hamburgers EVER they tasted more like steak than they did burgers. The boys were throwing the ball around outside.

We went on a drive to see all the hard work they put into sandbagging that morning, there shouldn't be any water in these fields its CRAZY!
They hauled all those huge heavy bags around that pasture!

That night we ate some dutch oven desserts my dad made, yummy!

The boys will always wrestle and sometimes do some arm wrestling
I wanted to give it a try so I wrestled Mickell and Kathleen. I have some strong sisters especially Kathleen, she has such good arms I always admire them. Out of sheer stubbornness I wouldn't give up when we were wrestling even though my arms were burning like crazy, Kathleen totally had me then she finally just gave up a little to let me win. It made me feel good regardless :)
super blurry
I felt like I had just won the Olympian Gold Medal.

Sunday and Monday were just super relaxing, we didn't do much on either day just spent time with family.
We played, "What is yours like" with everyone Sunday night. Johnny and Jess had played it before and told us how to play, it was funny! There were a list of different random things on a card (like TV, Dreams, eyes, spare time, etc) and whoever was it didn't get to see the card and had to try to guess what was on it according to everyone's answers.
On Monday we played Hearts with Travis's family. We hadn't ever played it before so Monte explained how the game is played and it WAS SO FUN! It's just one of those games where it got the wheels turning upstairs and everyone is just waiting for the climatic part where the Queen of Spades is played. The last round Kassidy won the whole thing on accident, neither of us heard the rule of if you get all the hearts and the Q of S everyone else gets 26 points and she gets zero. After the round she said, "well that was the most HORRIBLE round EVER!" And she won!

Kaydence was giving grandpa a massage after working so hard this weekend on our van

I made a magnet board for Kim for Mothers Day/her birthday that say's "Life's Little Moments" and Kaydence wanted to paint grandma a picture card to put on it

We always have to break out the guitar. Monte was teaching Kass and apparently Kaydence how to play a few chords.

It is always so great getting to see our families, we are so grateful for them it just doesn't get any better than this!