Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Perfect Spring Break

I should be doing about a million other things right now (I would relate the list of tasks that need my attention but I would much rather just ignore the list for now). I have wanted to blog this post about our trip to Washington for a while so I'm making time now. And to make matters worse I got quite a bit of this post done and then something happened and everything was erased, GRRRRR!!!
So here we go again...
This spring break we were spoiled on many levels. Our families watched our girls while we went up to Washington to have some fun adult time with Taylor and Amanda, oh my goodness it was such a BLAST!!! Travis's mom and sister, Kassidy, met us up in Burley to pick up the girls (saving us the trip of having to go up to B-town and back loosing 3 hours in our already long road trip)! Then they watched the girls the first couple days, from there my mom watched them the next few days. Then she drove up to Twin Falls to meet us on our way back and got to see Kent Kathleen and the girls too. So we pretty much had THE HOOK UP! I know both our moms were completely sleep deprived and weren't able to get anything else done while they watched our girls, we're so grateful for them and how much they went out of their way for us. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I just cannot say that enough!!!
Taylor and Amanda also COMPLETELY spoiled us while we were in Washington. Let me start from the beginning (everyone knows I'm long winded when it comes to my posts). So we ended up getting to their house around one in the morning. Then we woke up to the best pancakes of my life that Amanda made. They were called something like "whole grain, fruit and nut amazingness". I have to attempt this recipe. Then we got ready and headed out for our adventures in Seattle.

It was about a three hour drive so we had to have our treat stash.

Now these little babies were HEAVEN IN A BOX! Taylor and Amanda got them for us (or rather ME, because I'm the one who can fully appreciate them) at a specialty chocolate shop, they are nuts and fruit covered in varying degrees of dark chocolate and yogart (for the fruit). Yes, I'm spoiled!
So with my "heaven in a box" in my hands we made the drive to the big city. I was sampling the coconut dove chocolates and somehow I managed to sit on one and get it all over my bum and on the seat of their car, ahhh! I still feel so bad about that, I don't know how I manage to make a mess of myself but I always seem to do it at the most opportune times. So we stopped at a rest stop off the highway and Travis got some damp paper towels and was trying to scrub it off my pants while I was bending over. You can imagine what a lovely view that would be if anyone was behind us, well it just so happens that there was someone behind us in their car and when Travis looked behind himself he saw the dirty old man taking a picture of us. LOVELY! So I'm sure that glorious picture of us is floating somewhere on the web... Anytime I can be the "butt" of a joke (haha, I kill myself).

As we were getting into Seattle we stopped at a burger joint to grab lunch, the guys picked "Fat Burger" of all places. At least the place makes no pretenses about their products, if you continually eat there you will become fat.
So as any great blogger would do I had to get a picture. I took this right after they were done ordering (leaning down to get the angle and everything), and the cashier guy was like "So... you guys aren't from around here". Taylor told him we were from Utah and to that he replied "oh, there isn't anything out there" as if he finally understood. Yep we're just some hicks from the sticks!

The burgers were delish and lived up to their name.

The first thing I wanted to do after we unloaded our stuff at the hotel was discover the city. I LOVE to walk so it was so fun getting to walk through the whole city and see so much, I felt like there was so much to see and I was just trying to take it all in.
Seattle is really unique as it's surrounded by the Sound (water) and bridges. The city is build on all these little hills so some roads are super steep and the roads just go up and down, it gave us a good workout. Then the architecture of some of the sky scarpers and building were really cool because they are built on these hills and it didn't look like some of them were structurally sound but obviously it works. There were so many fun shops and stores that were fun to look into. The people there seem to have a distinct style too, wearing more earth toned and dark colors, layered their clothes, and almost everyone wore boots. Then there were some crazies, I think there must have been a big star wars convention or something because there were also a ton of people decked out in the oddest costumes with crazy hair and make up to match. I'm an avid "people watcher", can you tell? People are just so fascinating to me! The city had such a fun busy energy to it, I haven't been there before so it was an awesome experience.

The view from the boardwalk was beautiful!

The city just has such an awesome set up!

The boardwalk was held up by these, some of them were rocking and looked real unstable (good thing there are so many of them)

We had fun scoping out all the shops and doing the whole touristy thing

Nothing say's Seattle like a big stuffed penguin

I think this one is my favorite

They had this delicious homemade huckleberry ice cream right on the boardwalk that we had to try, HEAVENLY!

I was having problems taking the pictures, so I would have to hold the button down longer and by the time the picture was taken I usually got Taylor making the most ridiculous faces,
case and point:

Don't you DARE take that ice cream from him! He looks like a possum fending off others to protect his prized delicacy from anyone who might threaten to take it, hahaha!!!

As we were climbing all these stair to get to the famous PIKES MARKET, they had all these interesting statue guys climbing the buildings.

Another great shot


Pikes Market was AWESOME! There were so many different smells, colors, and sounds that hit me the instant we walked into the market.

It was filled to the brim with so many vibrant flowers and numberless colorful bouquets that were all arranged in different fashions. Especially tulips, I didn't know there were so many varieties of them they were gorgeous and you could smell them as you walked through the market.

Taylor has always been one that loves to just stop and smell the roses (or tulips)

An even stronger smell was of course the fresh fish. Everything was straight out of the ocean and HUGE!

The shrimp was more like the size of a chicken breast than it was of actual shrimp I've seen.

This guy was huge (and ugly, I have no idea what kind of fish but he was sportin some shades).

Trying the famous smoked salmon

This section was especially noisy, as these fishermen were constantly singing and yelling as they were bagging and throwing the fish to each other to pass to the customers. I had to get a little video!

A lot of locally grown fresh produce vendors

This was a cool vendor that had all these different flavored oils to dip bread in, they also had chocolate noodles which I tried (not really a fan but it was interesting)

There were so many fun things to taste, sample, and see. I was excited to experience this place and it did not disappoint!

We had to make a stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, that seems to have become a tradition of ours whenever we get together.
LOVE their carameled apples

although I'm pretty sure there is a lot more caramel, chocolate, and nuts on it then there is of the actual apple (just the way we like it)

Then we walked down to the SafeCo fields to watch the Mariners Game!!! You get anywhere in Seattle just as fast walking as you would driving, especially since the parking is absolutely horrendous there. It was a nice day the whole time but just as we were getting to the game it started to sprinkle outside a little, just in time to make it under shelter.

It was an impressive field and set up

Getting into the spirit of things

I have never been to a professional baseball game before so I was excited to go to one, and what else do you do at a game but stuff your face with hot dogs, brats, soda, garlic fries, pizza, hot chocolate, clams and fries. You may think I'm exaggerating but no, we ate all those things.
I always wanted to eat a "real" baseball hot dog
Meet the Mariner Dog

I had never had sauerkraut before either (man I loaded that thing up, it just seemed like it was the thing to do).

It was way fun having Travis tell me all about the game, the tactics some of the players use and stuff like that. Travis use to play baseball in high school and I've always wanted to watch him play, now I'm thinking we should start a league.

Amanda has zero percent body fat and needed to stay warm by holding in any body heat she could (including any emanating from her head), she looks so cute in that hat!

It got pretty cold for a while there so Travis was trying to keep my feet warm by wrapping them up in a sweater and rubbing them (he is always so sweet about trying to make me comfortable) and the guys got us hot chocolate but in the end we had to result to other methods. Amanda and I knew where to seek heat... the bathroom. The ONLY place there were heaters. So the heater mainly hit one area in the bathroom, one stall. So like any good friends would do we shared a bathroom stall and warmed ourselves by the heater, it could be considered awkward to some but when your close like us NOTHING is awkward!

The Mariners won, 1-0!!! Once again the people were fun to watch, sports just seem to get people so fired up! Then we were headed back to our hotel

It was dark when we walked back and we were just following the crowd. It seems like the city never sleeps, it was still hustling and bustling all night. At one point we were all talking and Amanda didn't notice homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk and almost tripped right over one of them, Taylor barely pulled her out of the way in time. Then we had a guy who was completely drunk off his butt come and try to get us to buy him another drink by flattering Taylor complementing his woman, who was actually his sister. Then there were all the crazy Star Wars convention people shouting stuff out their car windows trying to get reactions from us. Pretty much concluded that people in the city are crazy at night.
At our hotel we all just passed out and were dead asleep before our heads hit the pillow.

The next morning Amanda and I went to the Gold's Gym that the hotel offered. I loved it! Amanda showed me all these new ways to work out different muscles and how to get the best cardio workout in a quicker time frame, the most bang for your buck. I was sore for the next couple days but I like that, it tells me that I actually got in a good work out.

For breakfast we ate out at this restaurant above Pikes Market that had an amazing view of the Sound and the city.

This was my tasty breakfast, it was so colorful and aesthetically pleasing that I had to get a pic

Amanda's breakfast

We did some more site seeing and shopping.
Here you could watch them make their own fresh cheese, it was interesting

Everyone KNEW we were tourists, in a huge crowd of people watching they always called out to us to ask us where we were from. At first I was worried that I had what the world might recognize as "big Utah hair" or something, how where they always picking us out of the crowd. Then Taylor pointed to the huge camera I had strapped around my kneck and my knack for constantly snapping pictures, that must have been it. At least it wasn't the hair.
Before we left our hotel I wanted to get a few pictures. It was a cool hotel, really boutique-ish.

The chandeliers were all made of recycled bottles and things, the walls were all artsy fartsy, and the rooms were all decorated differently.

Waiting for the valet

On our way out we had to hit one of the greatest super market stores of all time to load up, CostCo. The next couple days were filled with the things that we miss most about not having Taylor and Amanda live right next to us. We use to live right by each other and we would always get together on Monday nights to watch 24 and watched the cheesiest season of The Bachelor ever. We would always alternate who made the meal and we would always make a sweet treat afterwords, usually these chocolate chip cookies that are seriously the best cookies EVER! Or we would make caramel popcorn, or the popcorn with almonds, M&M's, and marshmallows. We would do other desserts but we made those regularly. I loved that we could always just get together and walk the dogs around the park and pretty much just chill, never have to worry about saying something dumb its just so easy going. When we're around Tay and Amanda we feel absolutely no need to try to entertain or be out doing something, it is just so comfortable and effortless, we miss being able to do that. We haven't been able to live as close to anyone else in our family either so I'm hoping to, some day, live closer to the whole family. So we did the things we have missed doing the most, we relaxed, talked, watched some of favorite shows and some new movies (Harry Potter and Tangeld) complete with the best chocolate chip cookies ever and popcorn. Amanda and I took long walks just talking about everything, we out-walked the dogs (they were so done so we had to drop them off). The guys played the PS3 together while we walked. We went to the gym another morning and Taylor and Amanda whipped Travis and I's butt into shape. Amanda showed me all these things on pliometrics and when I tried one of the exercises for the first time I jumped over the bench and landed right on my bum, Amanda is sweet and tried to tell me that it happens to a lot of people... yeah, I still have yet to see anyone in the gym fall on their butt during an exercise. Taylor has become a master in the kitchen, like his wife. The grill is his area of expertise though. So we were able to enjoy his skills.
Taylor is like 6'3" and a pure muscle machine so you could imagine that he eats a lot but dang, even I was surprised with how much he can down. Tay grilled up these huge burgers and made his a double, it was Ginormous! (this is only one example I think he had two big bowls of cereal directly after)

The bottomless pit

We went around Moses Lake a little bit and spend one beautiful day out at the park.

Throwing the Frisbee around

Taylor has finesse

Zoe was cute watching trying to catch the Frisbee, she got her exercise in

Zoe is so fun to play with, Travis got this picture of us running together. I LOVE Zoe!

I wish I would have gotten pictures of my Sadie and Bentley!!! I love that they still remember me! I would adopt them someday if I could!

Soaking up the Vitamin D

I don't know if you can tell but my brother has a great sense of humor, he always makes me laugh


It was such a perfect trip, it was so nice having our mom's watch the kids and have all the R&R time, while also getting to experience Seattle and site see. A perfect combination in a vacation, R&R time is essential for us. We don't want to come home from a vacation feeling like we need a vacation from our vacation. So thank you so much to our amazing mom's for their selfless service and to Taylor and Amanda for making us so comfortable and having a blast with us, it was the perfect trip!