Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Things We Come Up With To Entertain Ourselves...

The other weekend my brother Jonathan and his beautiful wife Jessica were able to come and stay with us! We don't get to see these two very often because they are so busy so we were thrilled to have them stay at our place for the night!
So what else are we going to do for entertainment besides shoot shots of whip cream into each others faces

Jess introduced us to this new extracurricular activity...

... they could go pro with their skills!
The messier the BETTER!

You might not think that this is all that fun but oh my goodness it was AWESOME! I had a side ache from laughing so hard by the time the can of whip cream was empty.

I think my face was starting to turn purple in this picture.

Tanner was sticking his stomach out considering goin all dirty on us having a whip cream rub down ;)

I was not such a professional at getting the stuff in my mouth but it was a blast trying

Feel free to click on this picture and zoom up to see our ridiculous faces, Jonathan's makes me laugh so hard in it!!!

Here is a video of everyone catapulting whip cream shots down the drive, it you want to see how its done
I know you wanted to see my mad skills at catching whip cream shots in my mouth but the can went all runny before I could.
This was so much fun, I highly suggest this activity if you are ever just sitting around wondering what to do on a Saturday night.

These were just some cute pictures I took on an Easter Egg hunt our friends the Allens (Alex, Michelle, and their four kids) threw the weekend before Easter.

Kenzie and Kaydence

Kenzie is just the cutest little thing, she is such a talker and says the funniest things all the time! Her and Kaydence are obsessed with anything and EVERYTHING girlie and Kaydence will tell me that Kenzie is her best friend (next to her cousins, she always has to make that distinction though)

On the hunt

If you couldn't tell I let Kaydence choose her outfit for the occasion (striped tights, snow boots and all). I'm hoping her fashion sense will improve over the years

Such a happy girl, give her two eggs and she couldn't be happier!

Kaydence also won an Easter bad mitten set too! She loves Easter!

We are actually having our own Easter Egg hunt this next weekend because we were gone on Easter, but I'm pretty sure the girls won't be opposed to more candy and coloring eggs by then.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GOING PRIVATE... for real this time

We were going to go private a while back and I wanted to make sure that everyone I knew could get on, so put everyone with an email address that I had on the list, all my extended family (most of which don't even know I have a blog), all my fellow bloggers, and anyone else I could think of. Well when your going private it only allows 100 followers so when I had more than that I told Travis, "Oh, I guess we can't go private" so matter-of-factly. I haven't really wanted to go private and I've been dragging my feet about it when Travis tells me that we need to so I have to quit stalling and do it now. The reason I haven't wanted to go private before is because I feel like it is so much harder to follow people who they go private because it doesn't show me when they update so I have to remember exactly who is private and go through the exasperating energy of clicking on their link to see if they have updated... yeah its rough. If you ever check up on our blog and would like to continue checking it out please leave your email address in the comments OR email me at heydarlyn@hotmail.com OR you can send your email address through facebook. I still have the addresses saved from last time too... I just won't use the addresses of people who might not even know what a blog is :p

My parents had their spring break a couple weeks ago and went down to Arizona to see family, hike the Grand Canyon, and wouldn't you know it - stopped to visit us before going down!!! So I got a couple pictures while they were here
My parents treated us to this amazing steak dinner where the pieces of stake were pretty much as big as my head and it seemed like they were almost two inches thick (at least Travis's was)!

My dad is a master on the grill, they were so amazing!
(don't you think my parents look great!)
After I took a picture of my parents Kaydence asked me to take one of her

Then Marley started using her little "huh, huh" indicating that she would also like a picture

We have some little hams!
My mom reading to Kaydence before bed

My mom and dad came to church with us the next morning and stayed for dinner then they were off to Arizona to enjoy the rest of their spring break.

I hope I will end up looking as amazing as my mom as I get older! My neighbor thought she was my sister, my good looking older sister (he was embarrassed when I told him that this hot lady is my mother :)))
We had two other gorgeous ladies come stay with us the next weekend!!! Kim and Kassidy!
Kim always comes bearing gifts of goodies for all of us!

Travis's favorite cookies shaped into I love you.

We went shopping on Friday and stopped by the Seminary to visit Travis teaching. It was fun because we didn't tell him we were going to come and he was just telling his class that his family was here and that it was Aprils Fools and it was 5 years ago to the day that he proposed to me. So when we walked in they all asked me for the story, the REAL story. The students always enjoy meeting Kaydence and Marley, Kaydence gets all shy in front of them though (probably the only time she is EVER shy). It was fun.
Then we had to spend the rest of the day shopping... of course! Travis met up with us after work and after an hour or two he had enough and took our girls home, they were done too

Travis actually doesn't mind shopping if there's something there he's specifically shopping for to buy. He has really good taste, he has helped me pick out almost every decoration for our house and a lot of my favorite shoes or clothes. Just browsing through the racks for hours on end is NOT his thing though!
We enjoyed watching Saturday's sessions of conference with Kim and Kassidy, Kass went to the Saturday afternoon session with a few friends

Then they left back for B-town.

We also had the awesome Moultons over one weekend, well more like one night but it was SWEET! They are seriously so fun to be around and SOOO HILARIOUS, even after we went to bed around midnight I was laughing to myself as I was getting ready for bed and laying there trying to fall asleep. I WISH they lived closer, I am in love with their two kids and Haddyn has inherited their hilarious genes (she is the most entertaining little thing I've ever met) and Kaydence and her play so well together I could just watch them and be fully entertained forever!

This last weekend Travis was able to go see his family and spend some time seeing Grandma Green. These last few weeks have been really hard on the family because Grandma Greens health is fading and we're not sure how much time we will have with her. So Tanner and Travis decided to go meet up with Kassidy and Kim in Roy to see Kass dance then go up to see Grandma Green and just spend some quiet time with the family just enjoying every members presence. I told Travis to make sure he took some pictures and he started to take some video then the batteries went out so I got these pictures from Page of the Grandma Green blog.

This one is for sure my favorite!

We sure love Grandma Green, she is just one of those rare people who would really do ANYTHING for you, no matter the great inconvenience to herself. Even now she wants to make everyone comfortable and make sure they're taken care of, she is such a sweet and loving person and we are so blessed to be part of her family!

After leaving Grandma's they just pretty much talked and talked some more (do you like how I tell the events like I was there). Travis told me it was a special trip and he was grateful he was able to make it up. These were some pictures of them that next afternoon after the Sunday Roast.

Travis loves to bug and tickle his mom, he said it was so nice getting to spend so much time with his mom. Her heart is just as sweet and tender as Grandma Greens, like mother like daughter!

The double duo! It was so great for them to drive up and back together, they don't get much brotherly bonding time now that they each have their own families.

Tanner was showing Travis all the different settings on my awesome new camera and was practicing on Trav as they were driving home.

Oh yeah, he's tough stuff until...

... His little girls get a hold of him! It was so cute I had to run and grab the camera. Travis was going to read to Kaydence before bed but she told him he HAD to wear a crown too! Since he is such a sucker for his girls he conceded and put it on while he read to her! I love it!!!!
Travis showed me some of the settings Tanner showed him so yesterday I tried it out on our beautiful little specimens:
Fresh out of the tub!

Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks, or what?!?!

I know I've said it before but I just love how affectionate these two are! They both just love to hug, kiss, and snuggle... especially each other!

They are DEFINITELY best friends!

I have a hard time getting Kaydence to make a "normal face" for the camera. She loves to make funny faces and when I tell her to just smile she squints and closes her eyes and sucks her upper lip in, oh well she is still super cute no matter what!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! (probably because I took it while she was talking instead of while she was "posing" for the camera). She is such a big girl!

I made her an apron while we were listening to conference, it was so fun! I made it pretty big, I think it will end up fitting her perfectly in two years :)

Kaydence LOVES peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and is always asking me to sing the song while I make them so she was SOOOO excited when I made her a PB & J apron!
I figured I might as well post the curtains and the pillow I made for her too

She loves the pillow, she wanted to take a picture with it (she's pretending to be asleep)

Marley's face when she whines, it cracks me up every time!

I also made this to help me map out what to cook for the week

I have had fun making crafts while listening to books on audio while Travis is at class (LESS THAN THREE MONTHS LEFT UNTIL HE FINISHES HIS MASTERS)!!!!

The weather was good enough to go to the park yesterday too but the girls were too excited to sit still for a picture so I was practicing the settings on the camera on myself and random other things.

Then I got lucky enough to snag a picture of each of the girls while they were playing

I'm a little camera happy, its true. But it's been a while since I just went crazy taking pictures of the girls for no particular reason.
I wanted to save these pictures for last because they were my favorite close ups that completely captured the girls personalities (at least one part of their personalities):

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