Sunday, March 20, 2011

Distinguished Young Woman

I tend to go in spurts of how I fill my "spare" time. It's not really spare time but its what I try to fit in when the house is clean (or somewhat in order) and the girls are staying entertained with each other (or when Marley is napping). I was really into the whole "crafting" spurt for a while and I've been off that kick for a while and have a lot of projects I need to catch up on (like this mail shelf, a calendar board, a cute plaque board for the girls room, the curtains that I started sewing for their room forever ago and never finished, and the list go on). I tend to go in spurts of being on the computer a lot too, like constantly checking out blogs and updating and things. But the spurt I am currently in is reading. I don't know of any relaxing entertainment I enjoy more, it is so fun to curl up to a good book and just get lost in the story and I have been reading some really fun ones! I have to exercise control though because I could spend SOOO much time just reading but I have learned to make myself put a book down and convince myself that if it is that good I should try to stretch it out instead of rushing through it to get to the end. I have spent too much time reading before and I've felt guilty because I could have been spending that time playing with my girls or getting things done that needed my attention. I know this is ridiculous but to make myself feel more productive I will try to read when I'm working out on the elliptical in the mornings (tells you how rigorous my work out is).
I'm hoping to get the desire to do these fun little projects and crafts I've got everything for but I'm just not feeling it yet.
Kaydence is going through this spurt or maybe more like a stage, ... well whatever it is I hope it's short lived. She keeps on trying to sneak out of bed and sleep in the most random places "hiding" under her blanket.

Her in the hallway
The other night Travis and I were just talking in the front room, for a least a half hour. When I noticed a the little heap on the floor had cute little toes sticking out from under the blanket! I can't believe we didn't notice her hiding in the corner sooner, she had been there before we sat down to talk!
She has also been trying to sneak into bed with us too, it is so sweet but we DO NOT want her to get in this habit so I have to convince her that she will be safe in her bed and that we will keep our door open and hers so that we are just right around the corner.
About six months ago Kaydence had her first nightmare and apparently the scariest thing she conjured up in her mind was someone trying to turn her into a giant. So right before bed she will tell me not to let anyone turn her into a giant and I tell her I will be right outside her door and I won't let anyone turn her into a giant. I can't believe it is still so vivid in her memory!!! And of all the things to be scared of?!?!? At one point she was kind of scared of shadows, I think she got that fear from watching "The Princess and the Frog" (I didn't like how scary they made the bad guy and his evil spirits in that movie) but I have no idea where this Giant business came from.

My girls are HUGE sugar addicts!!! I thought we had safe guarded the sugar by putting it in these tall containers that seal inside the cupboard but apparently not!

I had JUST gotten the girls bathed, dressed and their hair done. Then when I went to get ready for the day this is what I came out to see!!!

A couple weeks ago the girls got the sugar EVERYWHERE, there were piles of sugar in their hair, in their eyelashes, in every crack and crevice on their body! I didn't get a picture because I was in such a hurry to rush them into the tub but I had to get a picture this second time around. Kaydence just had sugar smeared across her face and in her fingers. It wasn't as bad as the first time they got the sugar everywhere but, jeez I can't turn my head for a second!!!

Kassidy performed in the Junior Miss Competition this last week, actually they call it the Distinguished Young Woman Competition now. It was kind of a crazy weekend for us to all make it, because Travis had a lot going on and couldn't come (meetings, a lesson, talk in Sacrament, and a Fireside). So I rode with Tanner, Chan, and Parker in our van as soon as they got off the plane from California (it was an insane weekend for them, Chan's sister just got married the day before)!

I got some pictures off Chan's blog, you can tell because the editing is pretty awesome in the ones I took from her. It made the trip so fun just talking to Chan the whole time, I just love her!
We got there just as Kass was getting ready for her interview. I told Kassidy that we wouldn't be able to make it (at first I thought we could make it work then it proved to be more difficult but we still ended up coming), so we were able to surprise her! It was so fun, I love how excited Kassidy was, she is the biggest sweetheart! Doesn't she look so gorgeous and professional in her cute dress suit for her interview!

She knocked em dead!

Grandpa with his three adorable grand-kids

Grandma Greene was even able to make it, along with some of our awesome cousins!!!

Marley is such a little snuggle bug!

After Kass left we basically only had time to eat and get ready, then I dropped my girls off at my parents house and we were off to The Distinguished YW Performance. It. was. AWESOME!!!
Kassidy did so great, here is her main cheering section (her biggest fans)!

Kaitlin and I were just talking the whole time about how awesome Kass was doing and just chatting about everything Jr. Missy. After Kassidy's ROCKIN dance number for her talent I asked Kaitlin to text Kassidy that her performance was "peeing your pants good"!!! Seriously, I was blown away!

When I was talking to Kass before we left the house she was saying that she knew she wouldn't win because of her grades, yeah she has about a 3.6-3.7 GPA but some of the other girls had straight 4.0's and that is quite a percentage of the competition. The competition was pretty intense (some amazing girls) but Kassidy was shining bright the whole night, I am so proud of her! And if you ask me she was definitely NUMBER ONE!

She ended up winning the prize for best written essay, for the fitness section, for the TALENT (I guess it is rare that dancers win talent the other winners did the piano, which were really awesome too), and she ended up winning the 2nd attendant overall!!!!! The girl did AMAZING!!!

Kassidy with one of her friends

Tanner got some of the sweetest pictures throughout the whole thing, I can't wait to see them all!!!

I didn't get home until just before eleven and this was too cute I had to get a picture!

It cracks me up, if you click on the picture to zoom it in you can see my dad's expression as the flash woke him up when I took this picture. He is such a sport to put up with me!

My mom and I talked WAY too late, my mom and I could talk non-stop and we usually do. So whenever we stay with my family Travis warns me not to stay up all night talking because I'll regret it in the morning. He wasn't there to warn me this time ;) The time change didn't help any either. Well worth the sleep deprivation though
After church my mom gave Kaydence a jewelry set that she got Kaydence for Easter and couldn't wait until then to give it to her.

Grandpa is so amazing with the girls!

It was such a beautiful day we just had to take advantage of the great weather!

Then we made one last stop to see the Peterson family before we left and to sing to Mariella for her birthday! I love that lime cake Kim makes!

Mariella is so sweet, we just love her!

This is a picture Chan took of Kassidy lost in all her flowers from the previous night, she had A TON! It was like a greenhouse in the kitchen!

Speaking of the kitchen, it looks so great!!! They redid the cabinets, the lighting, set the ceiling center higher and painted it red, did a gorgeous back-splash, and new counter tops that look amazing!!!

A shot of the family!

Such a fun trip, I'm so grateful we were able to come up! I really wish we could have stayed longer, but we will just have to make another trip there soon (especially when Travis can come, he wanted to come so bad!!!)

I just thought I would add a couple pictures from St. Patrick's Day. We didn't do much, just wore green, made fun treats, and had green crepes for dinner. The girls each ate so many of them, they love breakfast foods (probably because they are covered in sugar (syrup and whip cream).

I love watching these two play together! They are both always hugging and Kaydence loves to tickle Marley, Marley loves it just as much! They have also been into playing hide and seek together, Kaydence will hide and Marley tries to find her big sister. We have also been playing duck-duck-goose lately, it is Kaydence's new favorite game and it is so funny to watch Marley try to imitate Kaydence by tapping us on the head babbling incoherent words. They are so fun, they sure do keep us busy and constantly going!!!