Monday, February 28, 2011

February Fun

Valentines Day
We didn't do much but wear pink and make pink popcorn balls. The previous night Travis and I made a batch of popcorn right as we were putting the girls to bed and Kaydence really wanted some so I told her we could make some tomorrow and to make it more of a sweet Valentines Day treat I added raspberry flavored jello mix to make it pink and chocolate chips (because chocolate makes everything taste better :)

The girls LOVED them, but then again they love anything with sugar (I still have to hide the sugar bowl because Kaydence will eat it straight up if I don't)

Then we heard the door bell ring and the mail man delivered us a special package from grammy and pappa!!!

Kaydence trying to decipher what the card says

She kept on saying "grammy got me for my BIRTHDAY!" I kept on telling her it wasn't her birthday it was for Valentines day, she would say "Oh yeah, Valentines Day". Then tell anyone who would listen to her next that all the things she got was for her birthday again, she associates any present or cake with birthdays.

I just got a quick video of them after they opened everything.
The girls were spoiled, thank you grammy!!!

Kate and Cooper came bearing yummy Valentines Treats too (cute cupcakes and cards)!!!

Marley is incredibly partial to Kate!

Travis and I told each other we weren't going to do anything for each other this Valentines Day (since we were going on a date the next night) but he did end up writing me the sweetest letter which he folded into a heart. I love that he had to learn some origami to make the heart, by watching a youtube tutorial on it.

Presidents Day Weekend
We have been meaning to make it up to see my sister and brother in law (Kathleen and Kent) and their three girls FOREVER and we were finally able to make a special trip up to see them over Presidents Day weekend. Kent is the hardest worker ever (maybe with the exception of my dad, I swear my dad is a work-aholic), and Kent has COMPLETELY transformed their house it is amazing! I am so in love with their bathrooms and kitchen, especially the cabinets in the kitchen.
Kathleen and Kent are doing this 12 week challenge at Gold's Gym and they are just at the half way point and they already look amazing! They have MUCH healthier eating habits than Travis and I but they didn't make us live up to their standards of eating, they supplies us with plenty of chocolate - Ghirardelli's dark chocolate with toffee and almonds to be precise among other good stuff. Kathleen is really good at making delicious healthy meals that have very few calories and have a ton of flavor, my problem is usually portion control especially when it tastes so good. We also went to the gym on Saturday and Monday with them. WOW, they are hard core! I was so sore after working out my legs and butt that I was limping like an old lady for like three days, and I thought I was in decent shape before that. It is fun having someone to push you when you work out, I seem to need that or I end up just doing the same work outs over and over again. I have decided it would be the absolute coolest thing ever if we all (as in my siblings and their spouses) ended up moving right by each other so we could work out together, Amanda and Kathleen would totally whip me into the best shape of my life! It would be awesome! I'm going to hold onto that dream (not hold my breathe though)
The girls are always sure to have non stop fun when they are together

Marley was trying to play with the big girls

I don't think I have ever seen Camryn so overjoyed!

We went out to subway and my little monkey was wanting to climb on everything, it is pretty hard to take her places now adays.

Sorry for cutting Kendra off, I wasn't looking at the screen when I took it I was just wanting them all to look at the camera at the same time (was harder than it sounds)

Then we went and played at Hop2It, It. Was. FUN! I'm a fan!

Our good friends the Moulton's were able to come and meet us there too!

Playing with the little ones in the toddler area

Marley was in heaven, getting to climb and bounce on everything!

The guys were in heaven too, they could barely contain their excitement

Kendra making a grand slam

Travis teaching Kaydence how its done in the major leagues

Haddyn hitting her home run

Camryn was a natural

Seriously doesn't Kathleen look great!

Haddyn and Kaydence are so cute together, two peas in a pod!

This is my favorite picture

It cracks me up, when Kaydence says Haddyn's name it sounds like "Aladdin". So when she says she wants to play with "Aladdin" I have come to find out that she is not talking about the movie but her friend Haddyn.


Camryn makes friends wherever she goes

The guys hashing it out

That was so much fun, honestly I don't know who had more fun the kids or our husbands they were like six year old's let loose at Disney World ;p
Honestly I could have played with the kids there all day, it was so much fun!

That night Kent and Kathleen got a babysitter and we went out on a double date. We went out to eat at Chili's

Then went out to see a movie, it was great just getting to spend some fun adult time together

We came home to the girls who completely crashed on the couches

We got to go to church with them the next day and the girls were coloring and Kaydence just fell asleep, standing and everything!!!

She was completely worn out from playing with her cousins non stop

So I thought we should make sure to get the kids to bed on time that night.
Reading to the kids before bed.

Uncle Kent LOVES to spoil the girls with treats, I think Kaydence has to come to expect that from him. When I told her if she was really good someone might give her a treat she shouted, "Uncle Kent give me a treat!!!" She has him figured out.
These are their boxes of chocolates that they were devouring

Their treats kept them busy while Kathleen and I were busy making all sorts of fun crafts. They turned out so amazing, I'm excited!!!

We were using Kathleen's Cricut for these crafts and I have decided that I want one!!! Maybe next Christmas, especially since they have updated my camera so I won't need to ask for that next year (they got a brand new one and donated their previous one to me, I think they figured if anyone could get the most out of their old camera I could... since I'm obsessed with taking pictures). Thank you for donating to this cause you guys :))))
AWESOME WEEKEND, Thanks for spoiling us you guys!!!!
We got another large purchase for our growing family (and "no" that is not code for we are pregnant). We have now officially joined the minivan club. Travis was wanting an SUV a little more at first but I was wanting something with better gas mileage so we ended up getting a Honda Odyssey. So far I love it! It just seems like the perfect vehicle for our family

Travis's family came down this last weekend to surprise Tanner for his birthday. They got to our house on Saturday to help put down the carpet (our basement flooded last weekend, NOT so fun), and fix the breaks on our car, shampoo and clean out the Odyssey real good, and help watch Parker while Chan was taking Tanner out for his birthday. What an AMAZING family we have!!!

So the next morning after church we went down to surprise Tanner (he had NO idea we were all there). We hid all hid in Parkers room until he came in, we got him good!!!

It was a fun party!
The special birthday boy!!!

The masterminds behind the whole thing

The good looking couple

Can you tell Marley likes her Uncle Tanner?!?!

We had a great roast dinner, cake, and the whole family there (with the exception of one, who was sorely missed), but the perfect way to celebrate!!!

Goodbye February!!!