Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am still in denial a little bit, I cannot believe our little Marley Jo is already a year old!!!

Seriously it feels like we just brought her home from the hospital. She has gotten so big, I've just started making our blog book and did the pages where she was a new born and she was so teeny tiny I can't believe it! She has changed so much in that time, these are a few of the fun things about Marley at her year mark:
  • She is the happiest, smiliest little thing EVER! She has the biggest smile, when she smiles her whole face lights up
  • She is such a cuddle bug. She loves to press her face against mine while giving me a big hug or nuzzle her face in my shoulder. If you EVER lay down on the ground she will go after you and come and nuzzle you with her face and lay on you EVERY TIME.
  • She has always been an amazing sleeper (except for when we're away from home more than a couple nights, then it's a nightmare)
  • She loves to climb, especially the stairs! She thinks it is the funnest game ever to go up the stairs as fast as she can so she can get up before mommy runs to get her down (we have a baby gate at the top but we've found we need to get another one at the bottom).
  • She is pretty dramatic, there is no guessing how she's feeling (just like her big sister).
  • She LOVES music, it doesn't matter what kind of music she hears she will just start bouncing on her bum and clapping to the music.
  • She loves to imitate others. Examples: She is always trying to do whatever her big sister is doing and no one can make that girl laugh like Kaydence, they are so fun to watch play together. She is always pretending to talk on the phone putting the phone against her ear and shoulder and jabbering. If you start laughing she will start laughing like she understands what's so funny.
  • She loves to clap. If anyone starts cheering or anything she just starts clapping.
  • She is super strong. Kaydence has always been very sensitive and delicate (if she bumps her arm she cries like she just broke it in three places) but Marley won't even make a peep if she bumps her head or anything. Right after I gave birth to her they put her on the scale to get her weight and look at her and she grabbed the nurses scrubs and was pulling herself up! It was crazy! She is still super strong.
Since her birthday is right after Christmas there wasn't anything that I could even think of that she could want or need so we're going to do a "half birthday" for her this year and celebrate her birthday with presents in July. Give us all something to look forward to.
Her birthday was on a Thursday so we had a little tea party with mini cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles and some punch (Kaydence's idea of what we should do for Marley on her b-day).
The girls just love helping mommy cook

I love all the faces she makes, such a ham!

Kaydence loves adding the sprinkles

Marley loved the final product

That Saturday we had a fun day with Tanner, Chan, and Parker for Marley's birthday. We all went over to our Rec center to play! The kids love playing in the fun center.

My amazing sis-in-law with the birthday girl

Kaydence loves the huge play thingy that you climb, crawl, jump, slide, and do just about everything in.

If there are stairs or anything to climb even remotely near Marley she will find them.

I've made all these fun bows for Marley but she will not keep them in her hair for anything!

Climbing up mommy's leg

My adorable little nephew Parker playing the Nintendo games, he is such a boy (I don't think Kaydence even noticed they were here before)

Playing in the grocery section

While the kiddos were playing Chan and I were tearin it up on the Dance Dance Revolution Machine! The guys were getting a little work out in while the kids were playing too! Then we all went to the pool

Marley loves the water! She is fearless, she just wants to go everywhere and splash!

Parker was loving the slide, he was trying all sorts of moves going down!

Travis tried to take Kaydence down the big swirly slide but she is still too little (you have to go alone too and she would NOT have liked that)

We also took turns getting in the hot tub
Parker was showing us how he can float on his back, he is such a little fish!

Then Tanner and Chan took us out to eat at the Olive Garden (we drew names for Christmas so we thought it would be fun just to do some dates together so the next trip is our treat).
By the time we got to the restaurant I think Parker was beat! He had been playing so hard and fell asleep in the car... and on the table :)

It was packed and Marley was a little crazy just wanting to grab everything in sight so we got a few looks but oh well (on our next date I'm getting a babysitter but we were celebrating her birthday after all so it would be a little weird not to bring the birthday girl this time).

Then we came home for a little cake and ice cream!

(I just used the leftover frosting from the cupcakes and I should have made more so it would be smooth but I was simply too lazy).

Kaydence LOVES Parker, she gets SOOO excited to see him! They are so cute together!

Marley was trying to get the cake before we even set her down so when I set it infront of her she wasn't sure what to do... for about a half a second

(trying to eat it all in one bite)

The girl was in desperate need of a bath after that!
After her bath she opened presents from her Aunt Chan, Uncle Tanner, and cousin Parker

She thought the decorative block was a phone :)
Thank you so much Tanner and Chan for making her birthday so awesome, we love getting to spend time with you guys!!!

This is just a picture of his two girls cuddling with him, they get so excited when he gets home from work they basically attack the man! The girls LOVE to cuddle and luckily their dad loves it just as much!

On Saturday's we try to let dad sleep in a little bit (as in... around seven in the morning) and Kaydence loves when I say she can go wake dad up so she can jump into bed with him.

We went sledding the other week on a day where it was a little warmer (between the 40's and 50's). The first time Kaydence went down the hill she went with her dad but after that she just loved going down by herself.

Her face as she went down was pretty comical, she looked terrified one minute then the next had an expression of absolute elation. I think it was a little bit of a rush for her because she just kept on wanting to do it again and again.

She was so cute watching her pull the sled all the way up the hill by herself, she is such a big girl!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Break Part 2

We spent the second half of our Christmas break at my parents place. Our whole family was there and it totaled to be 17 people under one roof the whole time (and 19 on New Years Eve)! It was one packed house and we were all making the most of every day we had to spend together! These pictures are all compiled from four different camera's (hence the enormous overload of pictures in this post), mine, Taylor and Amanda's new camera, Kents and Kathleens new camera, and my parents new camera. I am the biggest picture taker in my family, well probably the biggest picture taker on this side of the Mississippi, so I think I'm going to invest in a sweet camera next year (either that or a Cricut... only I would anticipate what to get for next years Christmas when the Christmas break for this year wasn't even over - I kind of have it figured out for the next 3 years :)

(Taylor testing the wide lens, or something like that)
The first night we had a little Christmas Eve type party where we all opened our presents and had a great dinner (the first of many amazing meals)!

The presents we opened were the sibling gifts we got each other (we draw names every year).
Jonathan got us (we draw as a couple) and Jessica took the time and effort to make us something, I think that makes it so much more special (what a good wife). I wish I would have done that for her (we drew Jess's name)! Next year I'm totally going to!

She made us these adorable picture blocks, I LOVE THEM! And also got Travis some more shells for his new hand gun, exactly what Travis wanted (plenty of ammo to unload on)!

So cute, it will go perfect on the new shelf I'm working on!

Jessica drew Kathleen and made them these adorable blocks as well (but obviously with her family members on them - not mine :)

Kathleen got Amanda these cute boots so when we went out shopping later in the week she bought her first pair of skinny jeans

We surprised my parents with this amazing new camera (which I am so envious of)!

My mom isn't the best at remembering to take pictures (yeah, I didn't inherit my pathological-picture-taking ways from her) but I think she will whip it out more often now! Especially since they take so many amazing trips around the world, they NEED a good camera! We also got my dad a gift certificate to Sportsman's (had to throw something in there for him too :)

We all opened presents from my parents too (Travis and I opened ours a few weeks early - the gun and sewing machine, so did Taylor and Amanda - their new camera. Less and less surprises as we get old and boring and know exactly what we want :)

Kent's new pride and joy (he is going to get into hunting this year)

Fun pictures of everyone

Mickell with her best friend Mariaha

We can't have a true family get-together without the guys wrestling each other. Taylor and Jonathan got dad pinned down pretty quickly, they love to group up on him. I'm surprised none of my brothers wrestled in high school, what with how much they seem to enjoy it.

These two aren't as evenly matched up as they were at one point. Taylor is a muscle machine and has a good 20 pounds on Jonathan but that never stops either of them from duke-ing it out.

When we were first married Travis would join in and rough house but he has learned what a huge disadvantage 30 and 50 pounds make when you wrestle.

The next morning when all the girls were up they opened all their presents from grandma and grandpa! They are so fun to watch because they get so excited!!!

Kaydence has been wanting Littlest Pet Shops, grandma is the best!

Grandma got the girls these gorgeous dresses (Kathleen and I made pretty satin bows later in the week to go with them)

Marley completely had the hang of opening presents and would have opened everyone's presents if they would have let her

This is just a cute video of her and everyone (my favorite part is Marley's surprised look when she sees what the present is - TOO CUTE)!!!

We all got these gorgeous clocks from my grandparents too!

Here are just a ton of pictures taken over the break:

Dad making his famous biscuits and gravy

Kaydence was excited to see Aunt-Manda again

It is a 24/7 amusement park at my parents house when we all get together

I wonder where the girls learned their wrestling moves :)

Love this picture!

We played lots of games, here the guys are playing the extreme version of Chess

We also just love to veg out and watch movies, the girls were enjoying the popcorn and getting to stay up later than usual.

Taylor and Amanda brought their three dogs, this is their newest addition - Zoe (I am in love with her)

Marley was trying to feed Corinne (she was also being a little stinker and hiding things behind her back when Corinne started going for something she wanted). Marley already thinks she is so much older than Corinne, she better not bully her ;)

Cute cruisin crawler

Cutie pies!

The only downer to the trip was that Marley was all out of sorts the whole time and just wanted her momma. She was out of her routine and away from home for a total of 10 days and she was done after about 5 days, I forgot about how much these little ones like routines. Kaydence was the same way, but the moment we got home Marley slept great and was the non-stop smiling happy girl we all know. Well have to take shorter trips from now on.

Playing the Wii, Camryn was loving Mario Kart. We had a little Wheel of Fortune competition, with guys against girls... honestly, who do you think won?

The guys messing around, started with two...

... then grew to three (A Travis sandwich)...

... it just builds from there, you get the idea

My favorite picture!

We also went to the gym at the church to play. We played basketball, dodge-ball, and kick ball. Then the guys started making up their own game, it's called throw-the-balls-as-hard-as-you-can-when-the-other-guy-is-shooting-to-try-and-make-him-miss game.

We had a little girls day out one day! We did some shopping, where Amanda got her first pair of skinny jeans (which she looks so hot in). Then my mom took us all out to the Olive Garden.

We just love their salad and bread sticks, these two little ladies fit right in

The guys also had a day out and my dad treated everyone out to the new 3-D movie Tron, they would have gone out to eat afterwords if they didn't completely fill up on buttery popcorn and soda (Travis seems to do that every time).

We were going to get our family pictures taken over the break but the day we had scheduled to take the pictures they had a big snow storm (at least in Idaho Falls, which is where we were going to take them and we wanted them outside). Blackfoot on the other hand was pretty clear and since we don't all get everyone together too often we decided to try and take some family pictures on our own with my moms new camera.
My sister had the genius idea of putting rags in the girls hair the night before we took pictures so they would have gorgeous curls. I had never done this before but the curls were amazing and stayed in Kaydences hair forever! I'm definitely going to do this again, except not start putting them in when it was already two hours after her bedtime.

My grumpy tired girl

I think the pictures turned turned out really good! Kathleen just set the timer and there you go - our family pictures!

The girls

(I feel so out of place, I was suppose to be in between mom and Mickell but Mickell was so far forward I ended up facing totally side wards and having the deer in the head lights look on my face... oh well)

The Fellas

This was everyone's favorite picture, it is just so us:

A perfect family picture :)

The girls were not particularly wanting to go out in the snow and smile for pictures, especially Kaydence. So we told them they would get ice cream if they were good!
Them enjoying their much deserved treat

This is a cute picture Amanda took with me and Jo girl, we match (even if the pajamas draped over my shoulder don't match)

A cute picture with Corinne and her daddy

Our trip would not be complete without our craft day!

We all went to a local store that sells beads and they had a lot of other things that were extremely cute and gave us ideas for other things we could make! This place had so many cute ideas for little girls hair bows, hair accessories, and cute home decor ideas. We are going to do the home decor projects some other time, I am excited to do those too!
These are some of the little girl hair bows, ear rings, watch bands, and hair accessorize we made:

This was a way cute head wrap idea Kathleen took from the craft store (I made one just like it and a red one, and more to come I'm sure)!

It is so much fun to make them yourself because you can use whichever colors you want, choose the size you want, where you want things placed, it is soooo much cheaper, and it is just so fun to make them (especially with my favorite ladies)!!! We could have spent so much more time making things if we had the time, it just flies by way too fast!

New Years Eve was so much fun too!

My grandparents came up for the day and my mom made another amazing dinner, delicious ribs (we all love ribs and ate a lot of it but there was still so much left over, she must have anticipated our never ending tummy capacity... then doubled it). Being New Years Eve and all we still had to make a ton of yummy treats. We first made a game plan of all the treats we wanted and got our supplies and got cracking!
Jessica made this amazing Cookie Dough Cheese Ball, at first I was a little unsure but WOW it was addicting.

Finger... I mean bowl licking good

You could not just have one wafer, we all kept passing it around because we didn't want it to stay right in front of us for too long because you would just keep eating more and more! Amanda made her famous spinach and Artichoke dip, we all asked her to make it because it an absolute favorite in the Petersen house! Amanda also made the muddy buddies and I made the white chocolate corn pops, my dad made his delicious homemade pies (six of them), and my grandparents brought all the stuff to make candy canes that night.

Making homemade candy canes is a tradition my dad grew up doing and one that we have adapted as well! It is quite the fun process and takes a crowd to make.
We made two flavors this time, Root-beer and lime.

The guys would do the pulling/hooking

Once that part is done everyone has to gather round to hurry and shape the candy

It is so crazy once they cut it up you had to hurry and shape it before it cools and starts cracking

The girls did so good, they loved the root beer flavored candy canes!

My candy canes ended up having no real shape at all (a lumpy-twisty-looking thing) but for the pictures sake well just pretend I made this one

Then we broke out the snacks, played the newly wed game (where we each made up the questions), played the wii a little, and watched our favorite comedian Bryan Regan.

The girls didn't quite make it to midnight :)

Toasting in the new year with a little Martinelles!

Goodbye 2010 it was an amazing year! Hello 2011 I can't wait to see what is in store for this year!

The next morning my dad made breakfast

nothing like biscuits and gravy with a little candy cane on the side

Even though we were away for ten days (half with Trav's side and the other with mine) it all flew by so fast, we have the best families EVER and we just can't get enough of them! Thank you everyone for making this holiday break such a blast and so special we love you all so much and can't wait for the next family get togethers!!!