Thursday, December 16, 2010

DATES of every kind

... and of course some Christmas and random stuff added in here as well
This happens to me ALL THE TIME but I always intend to do a somewhat shorter sized post and I start uploading pictures and meaning to come back to it and then I add more pictures (again and again) and by the time I sit down to write everything it is INSANELY long. So I'm going to attempt not to write as much this time, because everyone knows pictures are the best part!
This post is basically just fun dates that Trav and I have been on together lately, some fun family dates, play dates, mother-daughter dates, etc.

The first of which was a huge group date we went on with Trav's faculty. In the seminary building Travis works in there are 11 teachers, and four in the junior high so it is a big crowd when they're all together.

We first went out to eat at Famous Daves and it was the perfect atmosphere for this crazy bunch, everyone had these HUGE platters of food in front of them and was dipping and experimenting and trying everything. I really enjoy big group dates with this crowd they are so fun and entertaining!
Then we all went out to the play "Brigadoon" and it was very well done. It was so funny because all the seminary teachers and their wives started sitting down by each other and ended up basically closing in around this boy and girl that were on a date together and both of them were in seminary. The boy was like "what did I do wrong, to need all the seminary teachers looking over my shoulder?!?!" I think it safe to assume that he didn't even make an attempt to hold her hand :)

DATE NIGHT (with just the two of us)
We went to another play ("Annie") earlier in the week, we got free tickets from a guy in Travis's masters program who was the executive producer for the whole thing. It was put on at the Cottonwood High School and I guess they are very proud of theie theater program, now I know why - it was AWESOME! I was incredibly impressed!

Here are some cute pictures I've taken of the girls over the weeks
This was Marley helping daddy with the tools

she is so curious about everything right now

These were just some fun picture I took of the girls together. I needed a few pictures to put in some frames in their room. (I just ended uploading all of them, I have the hardest time picking my favorites)

Overall this was my favorite of the bunch though!

Travis and I were painting upstairs and Marley was wanting me and by time I got a break to go get her she was passed out at the bottom of the stairs.

Both my girls are crazy sleepers but Marley sleeps face down on her tummy at night. It use to scare me because I was afraid she couldn't breathe but she loves her face smothered and no matter how many times I've tried to turn her over she goes right back to putting her face down into the blanket.

We had a family home evening on good behavior and for part of it we were putting gloves, hats, and boots on parts where they didn't belong and Kaydence thought it was hilarious so the next day when I told her to put her shoes and coat on so we could play outside she put the gloves on her feet

Such a silly girl!

Kaydence got a special surprise in the mail from her good friend Haddyn and was so excited (as is evident on her face)!

A princess tea set, she could not love it more!

We went on a fun double date with Kate and Mike the other week, we trade watching each others kids every week for date nights but this time we actually hired a babysitter! We went to an awesome sushi restaurant, Fuji Sushi.
Travis does not like sushi but he was a good sport about it and decided to give this place a try.
We were partially going out to celebrate Mike taking his last accounting test (I forgot what they are called but he got his masters and they are the hard core test you take after you graduate and everything).
Anyway they were both as happy as a walruses to be done (pardon my cheesiness)

When we started off with salads and soup, Travis was like "What... is... this?"

Everyone had to try the salad to guess what was inside it. We had so much fun sampling and trying so many delicious things.

Travis and I shared this big platter that had food for "novice" sushi eaters (teriyaki chicken and other things I can't pronounce... much less spell)

Kate and Mike love to try new things and are basically connoisseurs of all the fine foods out there. If I ever want to know a good place to eat they are the ones I go to.

Eating sushi is more of an experience for me than eating to get full. I love the sushi rolls especially the ones with shrimp and crab, yummmm!

Kate and Mike's advanced platter

Travis and I don't really know how to use chop sticks but decided to give it a try. I ended up just stabbing everything with them to get it in my mouth and I think the waitress must have noticed my lack of skill in this department because she brought Travis and I forks.

Kate and Mike usually get something new to try when they go out and they tried sea urchin this time (the lovely huge orange thing)

First Mike gave it a try.

He said it was one of those things that you couldn't even put words to, just that it is one of those foods that has a hard bite and totally bites back after a second. Kind of like wasabi but not at all, we all came to the conclusion that it is just plain unexplainable.

Kate was flat out NOT a fan of the food after one bite

Travis doesn't like sushi period but he still gave into peer pressure and had a bite

If you could tell by his expression he wasn't lovin it
Me trying the sea urchin

yeah it is gross from the second it touched my tongue but it was the craziest thing maybe five second after putting it in my mouth it has this kick to it that made me want to spit it back up.
Everything else was delicious though and what was even better was the company, we just love those two!

We went out for a little family date and ended the night off by watching the trees blink to all the fun Christmas music

Don't ask me what she's doing

Us getting our energy out

We were going to see Santa that day but the weekend lines were CRAZY, and we're not ones for standing in line forever so I just brought the girls back on Monday and wouldn't ya know - NO LINE. It was wonderful. Every time you ask Kaydence what she wants for Christmas she says "candy". After convincing her that she should ask for something else too she said, "A Hippopotamus". She loves the song and the book that goes with it. When she told Santa she wanted a hippopotamus he gave me a look like "What?" I just nodded my head. The Santa was really good, they offer to take this great pictures with Santa but I wasn't about to blow 20 bucks on that so I got one of them eating their candy canes as we left.

We met up with Chandra and Parker for a fun play date at Gardner Village. Chan lets out all the stops this time of year, she has something Christmasy planned every day this month! She is hard core! I'm glad we were able to check this one off the list with her! Gardner Village is not as decked out during this season as it is during Halloween but it was still a lot of fun and I mean you add Parker into the mix and that is all Kaydence needs to be ecstatic!

These two could be entertained FOREVER just running around and playing the whole time

Parker and his Cheetos :)

Cute shots of the kids

She is so into pulling these funny faces lately

I love my little nephew, he is too stinkin cute and handsome!

Kaydence eating a sugar cookie from the bakery (It was Parkers but he preferred his Cheetos over the cookie, I think sugar will trump anything else in Kaydence's book though)

Helping the elves string the lights

Me with my girls

Gardner Village is just filled with all these fun places to take pictures, so since I'm a pathological picture taker I was just snappin away.

Marley loved grabbing the elf and discovering what it was but she was done with it after a few seconds

As you can tell it is hard to capture a good picture of the three of them together

My poor baby!

I seriously kiss those cheeks ALL DAY, even when she cries she is so irresistible!

Thanks for the fun play date you guys!!! I'm hoping there will be lots more in the future :)

We had our fun ward Christmas party this last weekend and they had a rustic theme to it, it was very cute and clever. I know I have said this before but WE LOVE OUR WARD! It was a lot of fun and the girls always have a blast playing with all the kids their age.
This is Kenzie, Morgan, and Kaydence

Kaydence and Kenzie are ALWAYS together at church and during nursery. They will both be sunbeams in January and so this month they go to primary for sharing time to get use to being in the more structured setting. I guess these two just sit and talk about their pretty dresses while sharing time is going on.
Well I am counting down the months till this little one is nursery (it is hard to get much out of the meetings when I am out in the hall 75% of the time). Good thing she is so stinkin cute!!!

She is so playful, she loves to play with other little kids (this is cute little Shelby) and is always laughing. It is so funny how kids just come out with such special and different spirits, Marley is just the happiest little thing! She is constantly smiling and brightening up my days with her laughter.
I just snatched a quick shot of Travis playing around with Jake. Jake gave travis this thing to go around his wrists (plastic brass knuckles) and said he can be "straight Edge" too. They are so funny, Travis really enjoys the young men in the ward they are so funny to watch tease each other and mess around.

We were in line to see Santa and while I was a little distracted watching these guys Kaydence tried to sneak pass everyone to get a glimpse of Santa (she could not wait to see him).

She ran right up to him and gave him a hug

It was hilarious! Kaydence was one of the last ones to get to see Santa and by the time we got there you could tell part of his beard was starting to come off (especially the mustache part and you could see the adhesive stuff all above his upper lip). She was almost staring at him in disgust, she told him she did not like his beard and was just staring at him like he had a big booger in his nose or something.

You'll never guess what she asked him for.... of course Candy (first and foremost) and a hippopotamus. I'm so glad she is set on these things because I got her the cutest soft and fluffy hippopotamus to give to her from Santa!

So cute!

We also went to see the Christmas lights at temple square and went with Jeff and Jana and her boys and we were also able to meet up with Tanner, Chan, and Parker too!

It was such a nice night to see the lights, it was actually warm (well warmer). Apparently everyone else had the same idea because it was packed.
Kaydence was liking the nativities and was always pointing out "baby Jesus" in all of them

I think the kids got tired of walking because they all wanted to sit in the stroller towards the end (where at first none of them wanted to ride in it)

(We put the girls in their jammies so we could put them directly in bed when we got home)

While we watched the nativity where they tell the story Marley was being held by Uncle Tanner

So cute!

This was a cool shot Tanner took with us in front of the temple

I was so excited for Kaydence and I's first mommy daughter date! The ward put on a "Tea" (really cocoa) Party for all the mom's and their daughters. Kaydence was so cute, she was so excited to bring her tea set she got from Haddyn. She was telling me to lift my pinky and ask her for "a spot of tea" (she used a lot of the lines from the newest Tinkerbell movie).

They had five varieties of hot cocoa and all this cute little finger food. It was very well done and Kaydence has basically been talking about it non stop ever since.

It was so much fun!!!! I want to do this kind of a thing more often.
Travis is going to take her on a daddy daughter date next, they are both so excited!
I have been meaning to finish this post for a while, it seems like it takes me forever to get to it. I wrote more than I intended (no surprise here).
Anyway we have really been enjoying this Christmas time of year and all the fun things we're able to do together. We are so blessed!