Monday, November 29, 2010

My new hobby

I have always wanted to be a "crafty" person but pretty much gave up on that idea when I realized I don't have the creative eye or skills needed to make these amazing things some women make. I kind of gave up before I even really gave it a try, largely because I didn't even know where to start and I felt like I needed someone to show me how (I always do better with the hands-on method). Well I have started to do little crafts here and there, mainly over the summer with my family in Arizona. Now we have started our little craft night and it has been so awesome. Before I start a craft on my own I feel like I need a second opinion on it before I can do it but Kate has been a huge help to me. When I am asking her if this color or this project would look good and I'm looking for that reassurance that I need before I do anything she is always basically telling me to just trust myself because I have good taste, so I have been trying to and I have really been enjoying it! I just LOVE making these fun things and it makes me feel like such a little homemaker (even though these projects are super easy)!
Here are a few of the projects I have done lately:
This first one is a side table. I have been wanting one for our upstairs family room but I didn't want to spend a ton of money for one. I found this table at the DI for $8 and I really like the shape of it and wanted to sand it down and do an ebony stain.

It so funny because when I saw it I liked it but I still wanted a second opinion and Kaydence wasn't about to offer her opinion :) So I asked one of the employees there. He totally gave me a blank look like "how in the world should I know". Yeah I'm a dork but I'm getting better at just trusting my own judgment with these types of things and giving it a try.

It was a lot of fun because I was able to listen to a book on my ipod while I was doing the whole thing. I had to sand it down a ton (could not have done it without Travis's sanding machine thing). Then I did two layers of the ebony stain and this is how it turned out.

I was pleased with my first attempt at sanding and painting.

I have been wanting to add color to my girls room and their bedding is pink and green but I didn't want to paint all the walls in their room. If we ever did have a baby boy he would have to be in this room at one point (it is right next to our room) and I don't want to have to repaint it all and I don't want a boy to have to stay in a pink and green room - he may have some gender confusion as a result ;) I haven't completely canceled out the idea of painting the walls, Kate has told me that she would help me do something cute but we'll see. For now I just got a few pieces to paint to add some color in their room.


This white shelf

This light brown colored quilt rack (I forgot to take a before picture so I took the picture after I already started painting).

I forgot to take a before picture of this shelf too but it is in the background of a picture I took previously. It was a big three foot Pottery Barn shelf I found at the DI for $5, brand new in the packaging and everything. It was brown but we needed black to go in this room (obviously it completely clashes with everything else)


I got some sample paints of this green and pink at Lowes to paint this shelf and the quilt rack and barely used any of it (maybe an eighth of the little containers):

quilt rack

The three foot shelf

I would still have just under a half a container of the ebony stain left if I didn't spill in out on our drive when I was painting the end table, now I only have a little left. I've just been surprised at how little of the paint you need to do these things.

I also tried my hand at some fondant cupcakes for Rachel's birthday. They didn't turn out very good, mainly because I had the stuff all rolled out for a few hours and it got all dry and hard to work with by the time I got to it (Marley was really fussy because she is teething so I couldn't really work on it like I would have liked to but oh well I'm going to definitely try it again).

This was another DI find $2 (not counting to cost of everything else I added to it - ended up being more like $12-$15)

I have been wanting to make an advent calendar for Christmas because Kaydence loved the Halloween one so much and when I first saw this I was going to make something else out of it but Travis was the one who told me I could make it into an advent calendar because the center was magnetic.
I first painted it black and got some cute paper at Heartland Paper (best paper place EVER) to modgepodge on it.

Then I painted all the little match boxes black and glued magnets on the back. Then I got some little pieces to glue on the tops with numbers I modgepoded on.
I have also wanted to put Christmas cards somewhere else other than on the fridge because they always fall down and it just looks a little messy to me when they are all scattered on my fridge. So I watered down the red paint and painted the little clothes pins that came with the board then brushed the sides of it with a red stamp pad (I also used the stamp pad around the letters and the boxes to give it a more vintage type look).

(sample "Christmas cards")

I want to add a few little embellishments to the tree to make it stand out (some ribbon for the garland and some fun tiny ornaments). Then all I will need is some fun Christmas candy to fill inside the boxes to count down the days to Christmas, better hurry the count down will begin on wednesday!

One of the projects we've done on our craft night is this "Home" decoration were there are twelve different "o"s for every month of the year.

September is an acorn, October is a witches hat, November is a turkey, December is a present, January will be a snowflake, and so on. We are going to do four months at a time to decorate, there is this place that carves all these wood pieces and you can just buy it at a great price from their shop, such a fun craft!

This last craft was really easy and so cute! All we needed were blocks of wood and we printed out these antiqued pictures of the temple with the saying "I'm going there someday". This website that printed these pretty antiqued pictures of the temples has all the different temples on it so of course we did the Idaho Falls temple. I painted the block of wood black, trimmed the photo picture to my liking, then modgepodged the photo on top.

Then I added a little ribbon to tie around the side of it to add a little flare, I love it!

Anyway these are a few of the different crafts I've been doing and I have others in the making especially now that I got a new SEWING MACHINE!!! I am so excited I cannot tell you how excited I am! It is my Christmas present but I got to open my present early, for a few reasons the first being that it would take up too much room in the car to open in Idaho on Christmas morning and the other reason is because I want to make the girls a few things with my sewing machine for Christmas. It is so crazy because I've found the whole sewing machine thing kind of intimidating before but I'm finding that everything doesn't have to be perfect and that I can just make things the way that I want to make them and it will be great (sometimes it may be a disaster but that's a risk I'm willing to make)! I'm so excited about all this so I thought I would do a post to share.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I will do a post on what we did over the break next!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The official PARTY

The best part of this party for Kaydence came on Friday evening!

Kaydence is so crazy about her cousins, that was the greatest gift for her. Getting to play with them for the whole weekend and every night the girls would get so excited when they knew they were going to have a sleepover AGAIN (Friday night and Saturday night - Kendra was trying her best to convince her parents to go for three saying that it was too dark outside when they were starting to leave so she said I guess well just have to stay the night again :)

(the girls enjoying their salads - cafe rio style, I love this recipe)!
They were not the only girls who were happy to see each other!

Marley was laughing and crawling toward Corrine and they were just babbling and playing in the hall together it was so stinkin cute!

We are a very affectionate family and Marley is not exception:

Marley went right up to Corrine and layed a wet one on her! (I can't believe I captured it!)

We tried to get Corrine to smile but I think she was just too tired and ready for bed. She is probably one of the most easy going babies ever, just a dream!

Travis read to all the girls before bed, four peas in a pod!

I'm so excited because Kaydence seems to understand more and more when I read with her (at first it was hard to see a point in reading the scriptures to her, I was literally trying to act out the parts so it would be entertaining enough for her to pay attention - trust me I was a sight to see - luckily I don't have to do that as much anymore)

Just before bed Kaydence asked if she could hold Corrine, she LOVES Corrine!

and Camryn and Kendra love holding their little cousin too! (not the best picture of Camryn, sorry)

Marley has started doing this clapping thing all the time and I LOVE it, she gets soooo excited so easily and is just the happiest little thing EVER!

The next day was the BIG party!

Kaydence loved getting to deliver her invitations (two in person and the other three through the mail - she REALLY wanted to take it personally to her cousins but I told her that driving three hours there and three hours back to deliver it just wasn't very cost or time effective :)

I recruited my sisters expertise in this area, she is basically like the Mormon version of Martha Stewart! I asked her for help making the cake... and just to let you know when I say I need "help" it is really code for "I need you to do the whole thing while I watch you work". My sister must have been informed in my ways because she was just plugging away at the cake and taught me how to use the fondant (we have left over stuff for the fondant and I want to practice on cupcakes this week).

This was a complete experiment for Kathleen and she just kept on saying how amateur it was but I thought it was way too cute to eat! Kaydence came up and confessed to Kathleen that she ate one of the flowers off the cake while no one was looking, obviously she didn't think it was too cute to eat.
So while Kathleen and I were busy getting the party ready Travis and Kent took the older girls to our Rec center to play. They got some pictures on Travis's phone when they were on the rock wall.

I think they had a lot of fun! The only way the guys could get them to come home was by telling them that the party was waiting for them and that they could put on their dress-up dresses. (I think that is what I'm going to get Kaydence for Christmas - a chest of dress up stuff).

While I was finishing up on the last minute touches I hear Kaydence begging Uncle Kent to "HOG TIE" her! What in the world! He was playing with Camryn and tied her up and Kaydence wanted the same treatment:

She is such a silly girl, she wants to do whatever her cousins are doing (even if it is going in time out or being tied to the floor :)

I made tutu's and capes for all the kids, so they could all be princesses or princes.

We started the activities off with a little walk about on pictures of the Disney princesses

Adorable little Corrine in her tutu!

Our bundle of joy sportin her tutu!

Then we were off to ACCESSORIZE!!!

I had each of the kids make bracelets, decorate their crowns with jewels, and got little lipstick rings (and my sister got them all cute little purses to put their accessories in) .

Gorgeous princesses!

I had the little guys make bracelets for their mommies (Cooper looks a little lost at first of what is expected of him with this jewelry activity)!

Such a handsome little prince!

No shocker here! Kaydence was loving the lipstick rings, I think she put the entire contents of lipstick on her lips within minutes!

Then we went up to the table to decorate their cones to put on the cake - add their own little personal touches to the masterpiece.

Kaydence and Kendra were huge fans of the sprinkles, they just kept on exchanging the sprinkles between each other.

Camryn was a real professional, she decorated so many cones she was basically telling me to keep em comin! She had it down!

I LOVE this picture of Kendra!

Coopers beautiful cone!

The essential ingredient covering these babies - SUGAR!

Heather and Trenton's cones!

This was the last citing of their work, Trenton consumed it minutes after!
... and now...
Align Center

We each got our fill of cake and ice cream
Then it was present time
When Kaydence first saw her presents she used her expressive tone and face to tell Uncle Kent "DON'T OPEN PRESENTS, YOU'LL GET IN BIG TROUBLE FROM MOMMY!"
The story behind this - So earlier that week Kaydence found her presents all wrapped up under the bed and she snuck them out and opened them all! When I saw her in a heap of torn wrapping paper trying to take the toys out of their boxes I told her she was in trouble and that you don't open ANY present until mommy says its okay! I was bummed that she ruined the surprise but she was still excited as ever to open them again!

We got her a lot of cute clothes, don't worry we also got her toys but seriously the girl LOVES clothes!

She is so hilarious, when she tries on her new clothes she comes out of her room literally striking a pose and batting her eyes, walking down the catwalk (aka our hallway).
She thought the stickers were big girl panties when she opened it and yelled "PANTIES" like it was the greatest surprise and got so excited, she was still super excited about the stickers but it was so funny that she would get that excited about underwear

She got so many great gifts I don't know if she needs anything for Christmas!

Her cousins got her this big Aurora doll complete with dresses and accessories for her and when she opened it she yelled "SLEEPING BEAUTY"!

She LOVED it!

The cute bystanders to the whole event!

The true queens of the party!

My sister is AMAZING! She brought all of this stuff to help me with the party and was making sure all the kids were taken care of the whole time (helping them make bracelets, crowns, go around the walk about, the cake, etc. while I was trying to find my darn glue gun - I tell ya I didn't have too many brain cells to begin with but now after having kids I'm convinced they are almost obsolete). Anyway Thank you so much Kathleen!!!!!

After the party we were pooped! But we weren't completely running on empty yet so we headed out to play and do some Christmas shopping. The girls were asking to take a bath together ever since Kaydence opened these fairy mermaids (I know they are a complete contradiction - fins and wings but whatever) that you play with in the water so the moment we got home they jumped in the tub.

They are too cute!!!

Then we had pizza and bread-sticks, the girls just look so cute fresh out of the tub chowin on pizza.

For the last slumber party we set up a bed in front of the television so they could watch part of the movie until they fell asleep (Kendra is always out like a light almost instantly but Kaydence and Camryn could stay up forever watching movies).
They came to church with us the next day and our ward just loved them, telling my sister and Kent that they should move in and that they have already requested their records over here. I WISH! After the Sunday meal they were off (but our church goes until 4 so they ended up leaving pretty late). It was so awesome to have them over the whole time, it would not have been a party without them!!! Thanks to everyone who made it so special for Kaydence!