Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkins, Snow, Play date

We got together with our good friends Colby and Melanie to carve pumpkins the other week. Last year we painted our pumpkins because knives scare me and the thought of Kaydence being any where near them scared me more but this year we came prepared with the pumpkin carving kit. It could still do some damage if you had an accident and cut yourself but Kaydence is old enough to know not to touch anything sharp and to leave that to mommy and daddy.

Luckily Kaydence wasn't interested in carving her pumpkin anyway, she was a little preoccupied...

She LOVED cleaning her little pumpkin out and she proceeded to do pull stuff out of her pumpkin for over an hour. It is so cute because she is so proud of her pumpkin, she will show people her pumpkin and take the lid off so they can see how well she cleaned it out with this satisfied smile on her face!

The adults each chose the patterns to carve into our pumpkins and got to work
Travis carving a scary face (I think this is his attempt at replicating the face ;)

Gorgeous Melanie carving her "owl in a tree"

Colby carving his scary face pumpkin

I myself went for a little bit of a challenge - a three star intermediate level haunted house to be exact, Go Big or Go Home (that's my motto)

Well don't worry about my head getting too big with my artistic carving abilities. The one that is concaving in and just looks like a mess - that's mine

Kaydence was still going strong on pulling out those seeds

Love this face

Marley sitting in her bumbo keeping herself entertained eating grapes

One of the cutest couples ever!

We are such an odd bunch, what with Kaydences expression and my pose

It's always fun having these two over, it's cute because sometimes out of the blue Kaydence will ask to see them and one time she was really insistent so I let her leave a message on Melanie's phone. Silly girl!

I don't know if you noticed that adorable head-wrap I was wearing but I LOVE IT! My sister, Kathleen, made one for herself and I saw it and fell in love so she sent me one with a few other head-wraps and flowers in the mail! My amazing sister, is so talented and sweet I wish that we lived minutes instead of hours away! Someday we will, mark my words I will make it happen!
I wanted to take a picture just to show you this cute accessory:

We also had some other great friends come to visit for a little bit and they brought the whole clan down with them

Mike and Kaci have the cutest boxer, Roxi, who had a litter of NINE puppies. They only had three puppies left when they came and I just wanted to play with them the whole day! We wanted one so bad but thought we shouldn't right now as we have our hands full with two little girls. The girls were lovin the puppies but I don't know if anyone was loving them more than me! You can see good pictures of all of them on their blog

The past couple weeks I have been watching our friends two boys, Nathaniel and Caleb. It has been fun and one morning we woke up to a yard full of SNOW! So of course the first thing they did was put on all their snow gear so they could go out in the snow.

My pink marshmallow girl!

She LOVED it!

After they were all tuckered out they came in and we had some hot cocoa.

They wanted to take a "funny" picture too

This is Marley's messy morning hair.

She's not into the snow yet but she was wanted some hot chocolate too (she can just sense the good stuff, the other day when we went grocery shopping she would not let go of the bag of dark chocolate chips, I think my kids have this sixth sense where they can find chocolate - even though Marley hasn't tried any yet she knows she is missing out)

We had a fun play date with my awesome sister-in-law Chan and my favorite nephew Parker. We went to Wheeler farm and the kids got so excited when we got out of the car and they saw two chickens on the grass

Little did they know that there were tons of ducks and geese right around the corner. I brought a loaf of bread for the kids to throw to them but soon we were completely surrounded and overtaken by the birds.

They would come right up to you and try to take the bread from your hands. So Parker would just throw the whole piece of bread hoping to ward them off.
Kaydence would do the same thing then want more and more bread to throw (it lasts a lot longer if you tear the bread apart and throw pieces instead of a big slice).

They started to follow us as we were leaving to other parts of the farm!

Parker and Kaydence found some treasures the ducks left behind, FEATHERS!

They could have picked up worse things that the ducks left behind, so Chan and I decided to let it be.

Marley is such a good baby, she is just so content and sweet.

I can't just take one picture of my smily girl!

I LOVE this huge cheesy smile!!!

She already loves baby dolls (isn't it crazy how girls just seem to come that way - wanting to be little mommies). Marley also started crawling earlier this week! It is a slow crawl (thankfully) and she gets a little frustrated sometimes and just ends up rolling to where she wants to go. She stays so entertained just watching Kaydence or other kids play and one day I just set her down to play and came back a few minutes later and I COULDN'T SEE HER! For a second I about had a heart attack then heard her giggling under Boo's bed (she rolled herself right under the bed).

I brought a tutu, a crown, and a wand to the farm for Kaydence to wear, she was in heaven! She LOVES to dress up! I was wanted to snatch a few cute pictures to send out for her 3rd birthday, there aren't many more scenic days left to take them.

This is Travis's favorite picture, she is trying so hard to pose for me!


Her saying "cheese" over and over again

I tried to get some cute pictures of these two together.

I brought a big old bag of snacks for the kids but all Parker wanted was Cheetos so he has a Cheetos Face in all the pictures (Chan tried to clean him up but eventually gave up that battle)

They loved seeing all the animals

and playing on the tractors

Parker is too cute, he is so handsome I just can't believe it! It is so funny to see how much he is like his daddy and Uncle Travis when they were little.

Throwing rocks and playing by the water (or rather squishing through the mud)

They had some fun Halloween decor


Oh wait that's just Parker (see the paparazzi sneaking pictures in the background)
It was great getting to be outside and enjoy the decent weather until it gets too cold, we hope we can get together with Chan and Parker more often we always have so much fun!!!

I'm so excited to dress the girls up for Halloween tomorrow!!! We are all going to be bugs! Happy Halloween Weekend Everyone!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10/10/10 = SPECIAL DAY

October 10th, 2010 was Travis's 26th birthday! I thought that this was a special birthday, where the day, month, and year all match up so I wanted to try to do something fun in tens. His birthday was on a Sunday and I wanted everything out and ready when Travis got home from his meetings. I also wanted dinner out and ready simultaneously, a more difficult feat than I would have originally imagined (thank goodness we have a later church time, 1-4 pm). The girls sang daddy happy birthday and had a piece of cake but then I just wanted some peace and quiet and some alone time with my man to eat dinner and just talk (something I feel like I might have taken for granted before having two demanding little ones) so a friend watched our girls for a couple of hours. It was SOOO nice!
This was the layout:


I recorded Kaydence singing her daddy happy birthday (she wanted to do it all by herself, of course).
She kept on singing it throughout the day. Kaydence helped me make daddy's birthday poster and she kept on wanting to show it to him but I told her it was suppose to be a surprise (I was sure that she was going to spill the beans but luckily she didn't). So when daddy came home she was excited to sing to him for real (she just kept on singing "happy birthday to you" over and over so I caught her the last time, she wouldn't wait till the camera was out). We are crazy about our man of the house!

Weekend Fun

We went to Bingham’s homecoming game one Friday night and I was a little hesitant because I didn’t know how the girls would do. Kaydence was so excited when we told her we were going to daddy’s work to eat pizza then see a football game. She doesn’t know what football is but when you say “game” she knows it will be fun. So we grabbed a $5 pizza on our way to the school and ate it in the classroom Travis teaches in, she was literally bouncing in the desk the whole time (she LOVES pizza and I think she was just excited to be eating in a desk at daddy’s work). I’m bummed I didn’t bring the camera but I got a couple photos from our phones at the game.

Then we went to the game! Bingham is nationally ranked, it is rated the third best high school football team in the U.S. We were excited to see their stuff! They weren’t playing near their potential the first half and everyone in the stands were getting frustrated (parents put the kids through a lot to get to this point so they were dying) but Bingham picked it up and wasted the other team in the next half (58 to 21). We were actually sitting behind one such set of parents, it is crazy how close you can come to the people sitting around you at a football game when you have little girls. The parents in front of us had two sons in the game. This couple took the girls right under their wings and the dad had Kaydence sitting in his lap eating popcorn and teaching her all the rules of the football game and yelling things to the team things like, “Go Bingham” “Pick it up” “Go Defense”, etc. It was pretty cute, Kaydence would even yell the things that he yelled when he was frustrated, not meaning for her to imitate him (nothing bad it was just funny)! The other couples to the side of us and behind us were also really awesome, we all talked about our kids or grandkids. I think it is cool how much fun you can have with people who were complete strangers only hours ago.

These were a couple fuzzy pictures taken on Trav’s phone

Kaydence made herself a little bed on the bleachers toward the end (pretending to be asleep)

This last weekend was a lot of fun, our good friends the Moulton’s came down from Burley to go to a mission reunion and stay with us! Kaydence and Haddyn had such a blast! They love the same things and were playing kitchen and things and watched Backyardigans together that morning (they were both singing the songs together and telling us all their names, seeing who could say them faster). Then after Marley and Stetson had their naps we went out to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkins. I got the girls ready and in their Halloween shirts (Kaydence has asked to wear her pumpkin shirt just about every day this last week) and we were off.

Travis pushed Kaydence and Haddyn in the wheel barrel while the girls chose their pumpkins.

I told Kaydence to give Haddyn hugs, Haddyn wasn't so into it :)

Stetson and little Jo rode together in the stroller.

The little pumpkins

The huge pumpkins, they charged around $50 for these babies.

These were "break your back" big!

They had all these fun places to take pictures too.

The good looking Moulton Family (Haddyn just loves the camera)

It was an impossible feat to get all the kids looking at the camera much less smiling for a picture!

Travis thought that it might end up being cheaper to get your pumpkins at a pumpkin patch but I assured him it wasn’t because it is all about the experience. Sure enough our three little pumpkins costs $10. We are totally going to go in on a business venture like this someday (get some land, plant the seeds, and reap the rewards ;)

Then we went out to eat at the Sky Box! It was delicious and we were able to watch part of the BYU game.

Haddyn is so funny, as soon as you pull out the camera there is zero eye contact from this one, so Scott is improvising!

It is always interesting taking the kids to a restaurant, we are always the loudest table there (even with yelling sports fans).

They also had arcades

I have to take her off guard to get a picture with her looking

Then we had to try the Red Mango, it is a MUST for the Moulton’s when they come down and we hadn’t tried it before!

Let’s just say I am completely addicted! Everything is so fresh and full of flavor and surprisingly it is super healthy (fresh fruit, no added sugar, all these good cultures inside, and other great stuff but it is the flavor that I am so hooked on).

We also did some bargain shopping at DI and got a few great finds (I love finding great deals).

It was so fun getting to see the Moultons again! We were neighbors for about two years and Kelli and I were pregnant together (Haddyn was born only three weeks before Kaydence). I wish we were still neighbors! Thanks for staying with us you guys!!!!

Later we went to a fun play for a date night with our friends Jana and Jeff from the ward.

I was unsure about the play at first (what with the name and all) but it was either this or Little Women and Travis didn't seem too enthused about the latter. It was really fun, there was one dancing scene that was a little too sensual (with Lola the home wrecker). It had a lot of great humor and the message was good, that no sort of accomplishment or success (even being a pro ball player) can make you as happy as having your wife. Good message for every husband ;)

I love this time of year, the weather, the leaves changing, layering clothes, the decorations, the different activities and things, and the excitement for Halloween! I'm going to have to do a Halloween post next!