Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life Lately

Travis and I have come to the conclusion that life is never going to slow down, it will just get busier and busier from here on out. Its so crazy how time just seems to be speeding up with every year that passes and our girls are growing way to fast for my comfort.
So there isn't a lot to report except for a few tidbits. The first of which is that my brother Taylor and Amanda stopped by for the night on Wednesday (as they were passing through)! They are taking a fun vacation in Vegas with some of their friends to see the Olympian Contest, do some shopping, see some shows, and all that jazz.
Kaydence was so excited to see Taylor and Amanda! She ran out to see them and never let Amanda go from the moment she walked up to our front steps.
When Amanda wanted to hold Marley for a second that is about all Boo would allow

Since they got here Wednesday night Travis ditched class (for the first time) so we could go on a little date night! Kaydence would only go play at Trenton's house on the promise that Amanda would be here when she got back.
It was Amanda's birthday this last week so we celebrated at one of her all time favorite restaurants, Johnny Carinos (one of my all time faves too)!

It was kind of crazy because while we were eating a guy came up to me and asked me if I ever worked at the Johnny Carinos in Twin Falls. I recognized him immediately, he worked with the back of the house as a manager of sorts while I was working there my first year and a half of college. Crazy small world! I enjoyed worked at Carinos but I much prefer to just sit back and enjoy the food instead of running around taking orders. I was a waitress at various places from the time I was 16 to 22. It is so weird but during those years I would constantly have nightmares about customers getting mad at me, or forgetting a table, or realizing I missed a table in my section that has been waiting there for over an hour. Each time I had one of those dreams I would wake up almost stressed out. Weird and ridiculous I know, but dealing with people who aren't very nice or very patient and who take it out on me is one thing I do NOT miss about serving. Overall I really did enjoy serving just not nearly as much as I enjoy getting to stay home with my girls every day (I still can't get over how lucky I am)!

Anyway (back on topic)... we spent the rest of the night talking, part of me didn't want to let them go to sleep so I could get all the time I could with them but we knew they had a long drive ahead of them the next day and we didn't want them to have to spend their vacation sleep deprived.

We still had time to get our sugar fix in though, Amanda and I indulged ourselves in a little caramel fudge cake.

Amanda was a little hesitant to dive right into sugar because her and Taylor have been on a strict diet for the past five weeks (It was a diet to make their muscles more cut and defined and let me tell you what... IT WORKED). Amanda has been a little sugar addict like myself so this was really hard for her, she said the first two weeks were horrible but now she doesn't crave chocolate or sugar like she did before! I'm positive if I did this diet I would have sugar withdrawals, more specifically chocolate withdrawals (I seem to HAVE to have my chocolate fix on a daily basis - chocolate chips aren't even safe in my house). Well Taylor and Amanda have always been in incredible shape but now I'm convinced they don't have an ounce of fat on their hot little bodies! Taylor NEVER lets me catch a picture of him and his muscles but I begged him this time, convincing him that one day he will want to see what rockin muscles he had in his prime and besides he has worked hard for it and has set goals and reached them so why not record this monumental success!
These were two quick snapshots I got (I wanted to get one of his monstrous arms, shoulders, and back but he started feeling self conscience and didn't want to feel vain or like he was showing off but seriously come on).

Amanda said she wants to do a post on their progress but Tay has never let her. She said that she is going to do it anyway writing the goals they set and how they did it, I hope so!

After hanging out with these fit machines Travis is more motivated to cut back and eat healthier. I don't know why but it had the opposite affect on me, when people talk about dieting I just want to dip my head in a bowl full of chocolate or stuff my face with eight whip cream covered waffles... which I did that morning (the waffle part not the chocolate part). I have never counted calories, carbs, sugars, or anything, I prefer to be ignorant on this type of stuff. I'm sure the day will come when I will count calories and be more self conscious of what is worth the calories and what is not, maybe when I hit the thirty hump or something, but I really lack the motivation right now. For now Travis and I have decided to try to be a little more conscientious of sugars and carbs and not overindulging ourselves. I have decided to refrain from having a dessert everyday and just have one every other day (and an orange julius does NOT count as a dessert). We also set goals: I want to lose five pounds and Travis wants to loose ten pounds. I was thinking of setting a higher goal but we're not doing anything drastic just trying to do a little better in our eating habits (and it seems like men lose weight so much faster than women so I am comfortable with my goal).

Taylor and Amanda just before they left us!

We enjoyed the nice weather out in the yard and Kaydence picked two of the pears off our tree, they are currently by our window sill hopefully getting more and more ripe until the day we can eat them.

Kaydence did NOT want to let Amanda go

I promised Kaydence she would get to see them in December, she can't wait!


Here are just a few pictures taken over the last couple weeks:

Marley has been doing this face a lot lately where she wrinkles her nose and presses her nose against mine and sniffles. It is so cute, she does it all the time when she's excited, she got it from Travis. Whenever he comes home he wrinkles up his face and sniffs to give her a kiss on the neck (hard to explain but its so cute). So now Travis has started calling her "wrinkles" because she does it every time he comes home and pretty much whenever she is super happy or excited.

Kaydence loves to get behind Marley and hold her in the stroller, she is so sweet and gentle with her little sister! Their favorite time is bath time together, they both look forward to it all day. Kaydence is always asking, "Can I get in the tub with Maw-ley yet?" We love our girls!!!

Kate and I get together throughout the week to have lunch or just let our kids play together while we talk. Sometimes we will even invite our husbands to our little get together parties. On one such night we had dessert with them (Mike is a master chef and makes everything from scratch and he made peach pie and I have to say I have honestly never tasted a more delicious pie in my life, or a prettier one for that matter). Afterwords Travis and Kate started playing around on their guitars.

Kate learned how to play a couple years ago and knows a couple songs and here she's showing Travis "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson.

Jo enjoying the tunes

We also went to a Fall Festival that the stake put on and I just got a few cute pictures.
Kaydence loved the blow up slide but I was afraid she was going to be trampled by the bigger kids

Caleb (Jana's son) was so sweet and took her under his wing, making sure she was okay and taking her with him.

Marley wasn't enjoying the festivities as much until I gave her cheerios to munch on (she loves them).

Face paintings
Ali drew a big red heart on Boo's cheek

Travis got a sweet one too!

Kaydence got all kinds of great treats, toys, and really enjoyed the different games they put on for the kids.

Later we went for a drive and saw the Great Salt Lake, I never realized how big it is! Then we just had a little picnic at the park.

This is just a random picture I took that made me laugh. Kaydence was being so good while we were running errands and going grocery shopping that I got her a little treat for the ride home. Apparently being good is tiring work!

These are just two fun videos I got of our girls. The first is of Kaydence singing "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas". I know it is September but she wanted to get this book and I think it is the cutest song so we got it, she LOVES it!

Marley loves to play with her toes, a lot of times she will just be sitting there and bend all the way over to put her toes in her mouth. When she is in the bumbo she can't reach them as well and can get a little frustrated, in this video you can tell she is a little tired but she just wants to hear her own voice.

Tuesday CRAFT nights
Here is a little catch up on our fun craft nights. The first night we did white stitching on our jeans to spruce them up, I was going to put a picture of them just laying on the floor but you just couldn't get the whole effect so I tried to take some pictures of them on (seriously try it some time, its not easy I felt like I was trying to be a contortionist taking the picture of the back).

The next week Rachel couldn't make it so Kate and I decided to just do some late night shopping and we got these sunglasses that were buy one get one free!

We workin our sunglasses

The next week we made these cute Halloween advent calendars (we just have to put the numbers on them numbering1 to 31 on the top corners).

They are SOOOO fun! Each of these little guys is attached to a little match box (that we hot glued a magnet to the back of) that we painted black so that as you count down the days to Halloween there is a Halloween treat in every day! LOVE IT! I'm actually putting two in every day because I need my treat as well... maybe I will give it to Travis every other day since I'm trying to be good.

Every night we have some great dark chocolate treat and these were our treats while we made the calendars.

WOW, amazing! I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan! Kate brought them, she first tried them in London on her mission and was hooked ever since (I am so hooked on these delicious morsels of heaven)
The next week we made little Rosette bracelets. We each made quite a few but we got a picture of the big one we each made that are basically identical, "Go Snackin Snippin Sisters"! Okay, I'm totally kidding we were going through names that we could use for our craft blog and I just threw that cheesy one out there. Hopefully we'll come up with something better!

The chocolate that I did not get a picture of this time was the 70% Lindor Truffle bar, a bag of Reisens, and skittles (it doesn't always HAVE to be chocolate to be worth eating).

So that pretty much covers "Life Lately"

Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day Weekend AND more family pics

We went up to Blackfoot for Labor Day Weekend to spend time with our family and celebrate Camryn's 6th birthday!
The cute girls just before bed, from the moment we enter my parents house Kaydence runs to play with her cousins and they are inseparable

Friday night we attempted to sleep them all on the LoveSac (that is what they wanted)

They were suppose to fall asleep while watching the movie. Camryn and Kendra were out almost immediately but Kaydence was so intently awake watching the Hunchback of Notre Dam, the sleeping arrangement didn't work too well, the girls were sprawled out half on the bean bag half half falling off with their feet in each others faces and then Kaydence started screaming during the night because she got scared.
The next night they slept on the coaches and the LoveSac but around three in the morning Kaydence silently came up to the room we were staying in and just cuddled up close to me and put my arms around her (if my arms started to slip she would grab them and put them back over her). It was so incredibly sweet, especially because Kaydence hasn't been much of a snuggle bug. She is so picky about none of the covers but her own blanky touching her and she sleeps like a crazy person and pushes everyone off the bed so it was a great moment even though it was so late/early.
Saturday we had waffles with fruit toppings (soooo good) and then went to the Blackfoot parade. Kent and Kathleen ran a half marathan (13.1 miles) together that morning while we were sitting on our duffs eating candy. They are such a powerhouse couple, I think it is so awesome that they did it together (holding hands as they crossed the finish line), I wonder if I could ever get Travis to do something like that with me? (he just laughed when I asked him)

My adorable little neice, Corrinne, lounging in the shade (she wasn't too interested in the parade).
The sun was so bright on us!

The girls were clapping to the music

Kassidy dancing in Downtown. She is going to Snake River this year, I hope it goes well for her! She is just adjusting to everything right now but I know things will be great for her! She's only been in school a few weeks and she gets every Friday off, sweet!

Grandpa was showing some of his buddies his newest little happy grand daughter

The girls ended up with big old stashes of candy (that was hands down their favorite part)! They also threw things out like gift certificates to Wingers (Asphalt pie here I come), trial memberships at different places (mainly gyms), and ties (crazy cool).
These were the ties that were thrown to the guys from the Missionary Mall Float

Gotta love the parade!

Later that day my mom, Kathleen, and I went to pick up Jessica in Shelley for a girls shopping trip in Idaho Falls! We got to see her and Jonathan's apartment and all their fun wedding pictures. Brittany, their photographer, even took family pictures of our little family (and anyone else who wanted some and seriously am I one to turns down pictures) and Kaydence is actually smiling in them! Jessica's bridal pictures are my favorite, she is such a gorgeous girl!
We hit up a lot of stores and I got some sweet accessories (accessories have been my favorite things lately, they can jazz up any outfit).
Then the guys came up and met us at Famous Daves. It was delicious. I love dipping and dunking my food in sauces and dips!

Kent tried getting Dane our waitresses number (without Dane's consent of course). Dane was like "hey I'm still a teenager", you could tell she was in college and in her twenties (I guess she was about to give him her number before he revealed his age).
You'll never guess who spilled a nice big ice cold glass of water... AGAIN!

I can't take him anywhere!

Apparently I'm not the only one who gets carried away with the delectable sauces

After filling our bellies we were going to go back to Blackfoot to do some "Skittles" bowling. Travis and I have done it a few times and it is so much fun. Well as it turns out both bowling alleys in good ole Blackfoot were closed... on a Saturday... on a three day weekend (LAME!)
So we went to my parents house and played Cranium (one of my favorite board games). We must be getting too smart or something though because everyone got everything pretty easily. We still had some awesome rounds though.

Marley was just jibber jabbing the whole time (I didn't get it in here but for the past couple weeks the one word she is always saying is "da da" or rather "da da da da da da...")
Marley found us pretty entertaining to watch, its funny watching full grown adults act so silly.

Travis took these two pictures of us girls and I couldn't decide which I like more because one shot shows my sisters more and the other shows my mom and new sis more.

This is for sure my favorite picture of the bunch though! The guys were spelling a word backwards (can't write it down or help each other) each would give one word at a time and I took this right as Jonathan gave the last letter.

Everyone's expression cracks me up!

We went to church with Trav's family and had a nice Sunday just relaxing

What handsome studs!!!

Travis truly has the magic touch with Marley. She is such a wiggle worm when she's trying to fall asleep that I have a hard time finding a position she likes but Travis gets her down every time.

It kind of looks like Travis is asleep too

My little chocolate buddy

The key to happiness

I LOVE this picture of Travis and his mom! Seriously they are so cute!

Then on Labor Day we celebrated Camryns birthday (its kind of funny because my sister went into labor with Camryn on Labor day 7 years ago)! I cannot believe my gorgeous little niece is SIX! She is so sweet, I love this girl to death! She is always saying things that make me laugh, she has such an inquisitive mind that the things she comes up with are so original and great. She has always loved music too, she loves to sing and can remember basically every song she hears (she has such a sweet voice)! She is kind of a little tom boy (she loves a lot of girly things too), she seems to love action movies and things like that and her recent love is horses.

So for her birthday her mom and dad surprised her with horses to ride! She was a natural!

The three girls were SO EXCITED to get on these horses


My gorgeous sister getting her birthday girl all ready to go

Kendra got a little scared when the horse started moving without us being ready but she got back on and had a blast.

I don't think Kaydence is aware that you have to be careful around horses, she was fearless with a permanent smile fixed on her face

Here is a video of her riding the horse. She kept on saying "Yeehaw!" Then she kept on trying to get Kendra to say it. The second clip of the video that I took is a little crazy because I was trying to lead the horse while getting a shot of Kaydence.


Kathleen led the horse for a while but Camryn just started riding the horse by herself no problem!

I got to ride with my cute little Kendra (Kaydence wasn't going to share her saddle with anyone).

Kendra also got to ride with Jessica while Mickell led.


The newly weds saddling up and taking a ride

Way random shot of us getting on Monte's motorcycle after riding horses. I have to record the fact that Monte and Kim went riding motorcycles out in the desert on Saturday and Kim is so hard core that she came back with some bruises and battle wounds and still went and did it again (but didn't have any mishaps the second time around, I guess it was incredibly windy the first time). Hopefully we will get to ride with them some time!

Then we went back to my parents house, where I arrived a little early to decorate the place with Dane and surprise the birthday girl. Then we had a barbecue with the works and celebrated her special day.

I would have gotten more pictures of this but my camera battery went dead and my spare was already dead too (you would think I must take a lot of pictures or something).
I love trips to see our families!
These are the pictures Brittany took of us at my brothers wedding (he just emailed them to me so I thought I would add them), I think they turned out awesome too. This is Brittney's photography blog, she was so awesome.

I love that we have one of her smiling! She is such an expressive happy girl most of the time it just happens that we tried to get pictures in Arizona on the one day she wouldn't smile (mainly because she was uncomfortable in the heat and was getting tired)