Thursday, August 26, 2010


(I would be very surprised if anyone makes it through this whole novel of a post)

After the beautiful reception we were off on our way to the Tenney's cabins in Forest Lakes, Arizona! We actually left late that night to drive back here to our house in Utah and all stayed the night (with Taylor and the Parkinson family). We did this to give ourselves a little bit of a head start on our drive to Arizona and also to split the drive up for the girls at least a little. Kaydence doesn't do too well in the car for any extended amount of time, even with the dvd player she starts getting restless after about three hours and just wants out of the car. So Travis and I were a little worried about how our Boo would handle it but with the help of Kent and Kathleen we came up with a plan. We would all ride together, the boys (Kent, Travis, and Taylor) would take their van with the three older girls (Camryn, Kendra, and Kaydence). While Kathleen and I would take the car with our two baby girls (Corrine and Marley). We would take as many breaks as we needed and let the girls play and stretch their legs. As it turn out Kaydence did awesome on the trip! She loves her cousins so much and tries to be just like them and since they travel so well so did she! They just watched movies the whole time and besides the stops to fill up on gas we only stopped once for lunch.

(Kent got them to smile in this picture by bribing them with suckers for whoever had the biggest smile, he did of course end up giving them each one. He loves to spoil the girls)
I was impressed with how well the drive went, although the stop we made for lunch was pretty eventful. We stopped at Subway to eat and it was SOOO PACKED! I could not believe the line but there were few other options for lunch so we waited. Kathleen took the girls to the bathroom while Kent and I waited in line holding the babies, one man came up to us and said, "Fraternal or identical?" I was a little confused, was he really referring to Corrine and Marley as being TWINS? Kent was like "Neither, they're cousins". That was weird because they are completely different sizes (2 months makes a big difference when they're so young and my daughter is more chunky anyways). Anyway that isn't the eventful part but it was just funny. After we all got our meals we went to sit down and eat in the middle of the crowded store (the line of people were surrounding us). While we were eating Kaydence spilled a big cup of ice water everywhere! Everyone was diving to save their sandwiches and not get soaked, then a nice biker lady came to help clean up, the staff was extremely busy but soon one of the employees came to help and as the mess was just about cleaned up in the middle of the chaos Travis spilled his big cup of water over the second table sending another stream of water over everyone's food and laps. I started laughing telling Travis that I know where Kaydence gets it from.
Kaydence trying to clean up the mess

Travis was LOVIN it!

Just a cute picture of Kendra tickling Marley at Subway.

There were unfortunately other incidents that happened on our drive down. We went a different route than usual (shorter) but it was through Indian Reservations. It was so weird, they had all sorts of animals along the highway.
Here are sheep that we had to stop for and wait for them to move

We also saw horses and cows just walking besides the road and through their towns too. Weird.
The worst part of the drive was definitely the restrooms! When we stopped and went to the bathroom I told the girls "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING" and we had them wash their hands thoroughly. At one especially grotesque place their was this sign outside the restroom (Trav took a picture on his cell phone because it was so ridiculous) but on it they claimed to have the cleanest restrooms and how much pride they took in it and a cleaning chart that they checked off every half hour. It stated that it was cleaned minutes prior but there was a dried layer of urine that covered everything, the boys couldn't even use it (and that's saying something).
THEN at one point we were worried that the van might not make it because it started making funny noises. Kent found out that it was a belt that needed replaced but that it should hold till we got to the cabin. Luckily it did and we didn't have any other incidents, we got to the cabin late that night.

The cabin is so gorgeous! And at the moment they have two of them, almost identical. They are planning on selling the first one they had built but it worked out perfectly to have them both while we were all up there! It had a guest house out back for the bachelors (or men that didn't come with their wives, aka Taylor) and a big room on the side of the deck that housed most of the girls and all the fun play stuff.
The next morning Travis and I took out the babies and went on a walk, it is so gorgeous there and the weather is so perfect (seventies and eighties).

Most everyone got there that afternoon (Uncle Ron, Aunt Marilyn, Trevor, Brandon, Rhett, Sandy, and their three children). My parents and brother and sister got there later that night.
My Aunt Marilyn holding both Marley and Corrine.

Kaydence swinging on the tire swing in the front yard.

We got to do a lot of 4-wheeling while we were there, it was so much fun. Kaydence seemed to really like it, although she was kind of in a catatonic state by the time their trip was over. She was just staring out into the great abyss and when I told her to wave she didn't move her eyes or head she just lifted her hand.

We went on a ride with Kent and Kathleen and we tried all these fun new trails and saw some wild life too.

We had too much fun and lost track of time and got back to the cabin as it was getting dark. Maybe because of the lack of light toward the end we didn't notice that our faces were covered in dirt, or rather Kent and Kathleen's were caked with a layer of dirt (they were riding behind us most of the time).

This picture doesn't depict how much dirt they really had on their faces, it was great!

That night we started our new found addiction... making jewelry, bows, and fabric flowers! We were completely hooked!

I think we could have done it well into the morning but we forced ourselves to stop around midnight.
The next morning it was so cute because all the kids came out of their room and just sat in front of the television and watched Charlotte's Web.

This is my cousin Rhett's and Sandee's little boy Sam, isn't he the cutest! He is only about two months older than Kaydence

He was cleaning off in the sink in the laundry room, he had an accident.
(Sandee, Sam, and Marilyn)

We got going on the little hair bows for our girls that morning. The boys were riding the 4 wheelers most the time while the ladies were busy being crafty.

My dad holding his two baby grand-daughters.

At one point my hilarious cousin, Brandon, came out on the deck with us, bringing some music. We started jamming out to some tunes then when you hear songs like "Jitter bug" you just got to get up and start dancing. Brandon was throwing out some killer moves and I had to bust a few of my own then Sandee came out and started dancing, then my sister and before you know it we had a party going on on the deck! That is my kind of fun, We were all dancing, singing, and laughing! I wish we would have gotten it on video because it was so funny!
We may not have captured that but one morning Angela broke out one of her workout videos and we all got in on the workout. It was like a Tiebo/dance workout and Travis recorded a little bit of it
luckily I was on the other side of where he was recording : p
I love how we can have fun doing anything, even working out!
Kaydence doing a workout of her own

Unfortunately there were down sides to our trip as well. Late that afternoon I started feeling nauseous then weak and Kaydence told me her tummy hurt too. She was just cuddling with me on the couch then she just threw up (first time she has ever thrown up). I was already nauseous so it wasn't a good combination. When Travis got back from his 4-wheeler ride and saw us in such bad shape he started taking care of both of us, he was so sweet and good the whole time. Kaydence ended throwing up more than nine times! Then as we started getting better Kathleen and Travis started getting sick and the dominoes effect was put into full force. Just about everyone got sick one at a time, I felt so horrible! I don't know what happened but I'm pretty sure we picked something up when we stopped at those reservations to use the restrooms. Anyway the only good thing was that it seemed to last for less than 24 hours and a lot of people got a real minor case (like Camryn who was only feeling nauseous for about 2 hours). Poopy stuff!
As everyone was getting over it Gary, Angela, their little guy Dillon,Troy, and grandpa got to the Cabin.
Angela, Gary, Dillon. They are such a cute family, I wish we got to see them more!

They didn't go unscathed though, both Gary and Angela got sick. Troy also got sick the day he left.

Some random pictures taken throughout the week:
dad, Trevor, Rhett, Brandon, Sam.
Behind: Camryn, Sandee, and a neighbor.

They had fun hammocks that the kids would play in or adults would read or relax in.

Yeah, not a good picture but oh well.

It was cute seeing Kathleen and my mom feed Corrine in the high chair, my mom holding up Corrine's head and Kathleen feeding her.

Corrine can't quite sit up yet but she loves being on her tummy and will probably start crawling long before Marley (if she's anything like Kaydence Jo won't start crawling until she is around ten months old!)
My little trend setter

Angela holding Sam. This is Sam's comfort blanky.

Sam and Kaydence hugging, how sweet are they?!?!

We brought the Wii and had some tournaments going on through the week

I wanted a little more feeling in the picture so Angela placated me.

Almost every night we played MOFIA!
Taylor, Gary, Angela, Trevor, and Sandee

I LOVE this picture

The narrator, Brandon (at least on one round). He is such a ham, I swear he would be an amazing stand up comedian.

Mickell,Brandon, Travis, Troy, and Trevor (on another night).

It is so entertaining because people get pretty into the game, emotions can rise and things can get pretty intense. In the midst of one such moment my Uncle Ron was accused of being a mofia member and he wasn't having much success in proving to his fellow citizens of his innocence. So in a last plea to keep him in the game he said something to the effect of, "Okay, if you vote me off I'm taking grandpa with me and going into the woods". Silence followed, grandpa was just sitting there looking a little confused, then everyone started busting up laughing. "Your taking grandpa into the woods?" someone asked "and all that implies" someone else answered. Poor Grandpa, and innocent bystander of the game.
I don't know why it was so hilarious but none of us could stop laughing forever, maybe partially because of the late hour. If ever Ron seemed guilty it was then, seeming to take the game too seriously and threatening to "take grandpa into the woods". What he really meant was that if we voted him out, he was going to leave to go to bed to the other cabin and take grandpa and our moms with him. Fortunately no one was hurt that night, despite the threats ;)

It's not called Forest Lakes for nothing, we made a couple trips to the lake too
Angela, Sandee, Kathleen, Mom, Travis, Gary, Dillon, Dane, Taylor

The first time we went up most of us just waded in the water and hung out on the shore.

Marley loved playing in the grass

Dillon loved playing in the mud!

Some people swam

The island

Trevor, Rhett, and Troy swam some of the girls to the island on their backs.

Cute picture!

When we got back we threw all the girls in the big jacuzzi tub to wash off.
Josie, Sophie, Camryn, Kendra, Kaydence

Funny faces

Pretty faces (Boo wouldn't cooperate)

Kaydence was missing her aunt Amanda. When she first saw Taylor (at our house when he flew in from Washington) the first thing she said was, "Where's Aunt Manda?"
Then at the cabin when Angela first got there, Kaydence only saw her from behind and yelled, "Aunt Manda!" running to her. We all missed Amanda so much, we wish she could have come but I guess that's what happens sometimes when we grow up and get real jobs we can't always make every trip.

Craft Stuff
Here are some pictures of some of the fabric flowers we made (before we added the fun embellishments).

Here are the ear rings we made (at least most of them, we had one more night of making more)
The ear rings I made:

The ear rings Kathleen made (can you guess which pair Kent made all by himself?)

Here are most of the hair bows I made:

Bows Kathleen made (she is so good at the bows!)

The Fabric flowers I made:

Kathleens flowers:

Sandee made a ton and so did Angela, Mickell, and my mom but I didn't get pictures of theirs. Aunt Marilyn made ear rings but not for herself, just everyone else. We had so much fun!!!

Last Lake Trip
The next trip up to the Lake most of us got in the water

Troy, Trevor and Travis went around the whole lake then swam across (lengthwise, which you can't see in this picture)

After being around Sam and Dillon for the week, Kathleen and I decided that we both would love to have a boy. Before neither of us really had a huge desire for a boy but now we totally do! They are both so stinkin cute and so sweet!

My amazing parents with Boo

I love it, Sandee is in this picture too

There were these cool birds that were coming right up to me where I dropped a piece of cantaloupe.

The chipmunks would come right up to you too! We first noticed it when cute little Dillon was sitting in the grass eating something and just dropped a piece and the chipmunk came and ate it, basically touching Dillon.
It ate out of my moms hand (yeah, I know this wouldn't be cool to Amanda)

Gorgeous girls!

While we were on the island Brandon has a brilliant idea to take some shots for a new (not invented) Calvin Klein cologne called "Sophistication" here is what we came up with (yeah were dorks, we know):

Where's the weight room

I remember when we were younger these Tenney boys would get completely covered in mud playing outside (there is a picture of Trevor where the mud is so thickly covering him that all you could see that wasn't brown was his bright blue eyes). So for old times sake...

Gotta love the pine needle sticking up out of Trevor's head

The Warrior (Troy)

The aborigine (Travis)

The Neanderthal (Trevor)

Photo shoot:
Give me "Sensual"





kABLAM! (need I say more)

Here is a great clip, can you guess which movie its from?

Then we took a few pictures of the girls:
Mickell, Angela, Mom, me, Marilyn, Sandee

Sandee is my favorite in this picture!

This was one of the best trips ever, thank you so much everyone who came and especially Uncle Ron and Aunt Marilyn who set it all up and spoiled us with the gorgeous cabins, delicious meals, fun crafts, and especially the awesome company!!!

After almost a week in Forest Lakes we packed up and headed down to the valley. I can't remember the last time we went down to the valley in Arizona during the summer. We usually will go in November, December, or during spring break. Now I know why, IT IS TOO HOT!!! When we got down there it was 113 degrees and the air conditioning in our car started failing us in that time of desperation! Air conditioning is an absolute necessity! Anyway when we got there we all wanted to cool down in their pool (it was pretty warm water though, we considered buying ice to throw in the pool).

Kendra in her cute goggles

Kaydence was having fun playing with her uncles

Camryn the professional diver

Marley is so content whenever we're outside

They found a scorpion in the pool (those have always scared me). It was dead when they found it

That evening we had a miniature Richardson reunion with as many family members that were in the area that could make it. We had an awesome meal and just got to visit with everyone.

I didn't get pictures of most of the people but I got a couple. Sorry the picture is so fuzzy.
Grandpa, David, Ron, Libby, Brandon, Danielle, and Jesse (he is so adorable and tiny)

Marilyn, Dillon, Geneen, Taylor, and Catherine.

Some people were playing Mexican Horseshoes (I believe that's what it's called)

Some of the guys also started to play ultimate Frisbee or just started throwing the Frisbee but it's kind of hard to get very active because you can't cool off (its still super hot at night).

We stayed at Spencer and Jamie's house the next couple nights, they are so awesome! Kaydence LOVED this arrangement because they have a daughter, Grace, who is the same age. Kaydence was starting to act tired until we got to their house then she got her second wind and Gracie and her started playing.

This is just two random little clips I got of them playing, they are so cute! Every time I got out the camera Grace would ask to see it.
These two played so well together the whole time!

They stayed up late playing dress up and dancing to the Disney Princess songs.

They had the cutest little dog and I think he liked Marley, he kept on trying to cuddle with her

Made a fun stop at the coolest service station QT where the options for drinks are endless and the service is great too.
Travis, Taylor, Gary, Spencer, Jamie

Stayed up late just talking and watching movies

The girls were so excited to have a sleep over together

yep, they slept in their dresses

The next morning Jamie and Spencer spoiled us with the best biscuits and gravy ever then we got ready and went to church, it was Brandon's farewell. He did such an amazing job on his talk, I'm so glad we were able to be there for it!

Brandon is in the MTC at this very moment, then he is going to Florida to preach the word! I have a feeling that his mission will never be the same after him. We are so proud of him!

Later that night my amazingly talented cousin, Catherine, took our family pictures (along with Kathleen's family). Click here to see her work. I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out

The next day Grace was sick (yeah we spread the disease to her apparently) but Jamie still took us to greatest store, SAS! We were getting our craft on!

It is the most random store ever, there are odds and ends of everything you can imagine for awesome deals!

Crazy shoppers on the loose (So this is our overly enthusiastic face, me: I look like I just escaped the insane asylum, Angela: just looks cute)

We brought all our treasures home and got to work while all the boys went out and saw the movie, Inception.
It was kind of a mad house with all our stuff strewn out in different piles (according to color and fun embellishments) and with all the kids wanting our attention. We would pry ourselves away from our projects just to placate them for a time so we could put our creative juices back to work.
At one point I noticed Kaydence give Corrine little embellishments of her own. The little princess

These were some of the things we made:

These were Jamie's

I wanted to steal this one from Kathleen

These were some that I made:

Then we went out to eat at this great pizza place, it wasn't like a pizza place I had been to before (a lot of the pizzas were vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free). They tasted so fresh and yummy!

I love this girls smile!!!

Kaydence was ready for her nap, but I love how I got Kendra chowin down in the picture

Our last picture before we made the long drive back home.

We got home the next morning around 5 am but the girls just slept through the night so it actually went pretty smooth.
So that was our fun last trip of the summer and school just started up again today for Travis but what an awesome note to end the summer on!!!