Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Island Park

We got to take a trip to Island Park with Kaitlin and Jarvis at their family Cabin (the Nelson Cabin). I have never really been to Island Park except in the winter, one winter we went with Brandon and Dani Falter to their family condo up their and did a little snowmobiling trip that was so much fun. So I was excited to see the place in the summer. We have been wanting to go with Jarvis and Kaitlin so we were ready to have some fun!

We left Thursday afternoon, taking a pit stop in Blackfoot to pick up a few things.
Kaitlin and Travis just got the cutest little puppy chocolate lab which they named "Cal". Kaydence was sooo excited to play with Cal and Marley was just wide eyed starring at him the whole time like "What is this?!?!"

We got up to the cabin that evening and basically just got all settled in and talked the whole night. The cabin is such a nice retreat, one that Jarvis and Kaitlin have taken A LOT this summer (this is where you can always find them on the weekends). It has two big bedrooms and our bedroom had a queen sized bunk bed and a mattress to put on the floor for Kaydence to sleep in, we had plenty of room, it was great! They even have a TV with surround sound there, not really roughin it in the great outdoors. We brought all these movies but didn't even end up watching any of them because we stayed busy playing the whole time... well actually we did watch Go Diego Go about fifty times, Kaydence LOVES to watch Diego and Dora so I brought those videos to keep her busy when we were busy doing things.
In the morning this was what we woke up to:

It is so gorgeous with the quakin Aspen trees and the weather was PERFECT! It has been so hot in Utah but the whole time we were in Island Park it was in the seventies and eighties!

Kaydence and Marley were usually always the first up in the mornings.
Every day we ate a huge breakfast and got up and ready for the days adventures.

Kaydence in her daddy's arms as we were driving to a nice place for the guys to go fly fishing.

While the guys were fishing, Kaitlin and I sat a blanket down to relax and read our books.

We both love to read and it is always nice to read outside with a nice view laying out in front of you.

My girls were really good but Kaydence got bored after a while and wanted to go out and fish with her dad so I spent the rest of the time chasing her down.
Kaydence was all tired out by the time we started heading back to the cabin. She came to sit on my lap, put her arms around me, and when I went to look down at her face she was fast asleep. She is such a little angel.

My other little angel

Marley was so good, she would just sit on the floor and play with her little toys most of the time. She LOVES being outside the most though, if I propped her up outside she would be content forever.

We got ourselves a dutch oven and had to try it out. We had to try the great dutch oven potatoes but the knives they had there were extremely dull and after many of our attempts to cut the bacon with every knife, Kaitlin whipped out her machete and started dicing it all up!

I know it's not really a machete but it was so big it cracked me up and I had to snatch a picture. It is a knife from Australia that Jarvis got while he was on his mission there.
We were so stocked up on food, yet again, that we were eating the whole time and never really even needed dinner (although of course we still made it every night). Travis and I have been eating so bad lately on these trips that we both decided that we need to be better and take a breather once in a while instead of eating like there's no tomorrow!
It was so gorgeous up there and I wanted to get a few pictures of everyone on the deck.

Perfect picture of them but our little family on the other hand are never so lucky. I have found it an impossible feat to get a good picture of all four of us together. Every time I see a family picture where everyone looks perfect (including the kids) I can't help but think that they MUST have done some major photo cropping to crop out unsmiling faces with smiling ones or faces that are looking away for a face from a previous photo with them looking at the camera or something. If that is not the case I want to know the secret to a perfect family photo! Forget that, I'd settle for one with us all looking at the camera with our eyes open.
Case and point:

Yeah, the classic eyes closed and blinking right when the picture is taken

Marley isn't looking at the camera (it is hard to get her to look) and both Kaydence and Trav are pulling cheesers.

I thought we may have gotten a decent one but upon closer observance I realized Marley was all fuzzy because I was bouncing her trying to get her to smile and look at the camera! Boo isn't smiling either and I'm afraid this is as good as it's going to get for our family.

Oh well, if you look at them collectively all of us look okay in at least one of them ;)

They had a nice camp fire pit that we used a couple nights that had benches around it but one of the nights we had a campfire indoors.

S'mores are just as good made by these flames as they are by the outdoor flames. In fact in college my roommates and I would roast marshmallows on the stove and make s'mores all the time. They are great no matter how you get the mallows nice and golden brown.

One of the days we went down to West Yellowstone to see "The Foreigner" at the Playmill. I have never been to the Playmill before so I was excited to see it. It exceeded my expectations! It wasn't a musical but they had about twenty to thirty minutes where they did musical skits before the show (and of course the whole thing where they sing as people fill in too).

I LOVE all the energy and fun that they have there! It has been a long time since I have laughed so hard for so long, it was a hilarious play as it was but then something else happened to make it even more hilarious. About a quarter of the way through the show the main character went to sit on the chair (he was a bigger guy) and the entire chair completely collapsed (shattered may be a better description) leaving him sprawling backwards, legs flailing and all. I don't know why it is so funny when someone falls and they don't expect it (the look on their face) but the audience was laughing so hard and the three character on stage at the time were trying so hard not to laugh and play it out like it was suppose to happen but then one of the guys had to leave the stage because he couldn't hold back his laughter any longer. Throughout the rest of the show they kept on including that pun of breaking the chair throughout it and I was laughing so hard I was crying and my stomach hurt. I can't believe how witty and quick the cast was in implementing what happened throughout the show to make it absolutely HILARIOUS! The other main character was so hilarious he had me laughing from the get go anyway, I wish I could do an impression of some of his lines because he was SOOO FUNNY! I can't believe I hadn't seen the Playmill until now, it is an absolute MUST if you are in the area!
This is a picture with the "Foreigner", the guy who rolled backward in the chair (in the middle), and the other guy that was my favorite character ever (to the right).

Good times!
While we were at the show the guys were sweet enough to watch the girls at the park. They had this free carnival going on where they all got free cotton candy and snow cones! They also had more of those blow up toys and rides for the kids to ride! (Didn't get any pictures because I had the camera with me).
Afterward we met back up at the park and had a picnic.

The guys said that Marley Josephine was so good the whole time, just sitting there smiling and she didn't require any attention. They were in the shade but some light was hitting her right on the cheek and she got a little burn on her right cheek.

While we were up there we got Kaitlin and Jarvis into The Hunger Games, they were listening to it on audio and were loving it. It is a great series, it totally captures you, it is pretty violent but I still love the series. The last book is coming out next month! For a while there it was hard to make Kaitlin take a break from listening but eventually she got control of herself and did. Jarvis and Kaitlin had to listen to it together making sure one of them didn't listen without the other and it was pretty funny.
I was going through two books during our trip, reading a mystery book and listening to Mistborn on audio when we went on our little jogs through the trees.

Kaydence gives the best hugs EVER!

I'm sure Marley will come to love them too, especially when Kaydence doesn't send her tipping over when Kaydence does hug her.

Cal is such a sweet puppy I fell in love with the little guy, he would let you hold him like a baby and was so good with the kids - he is a keeper!

We went out swimming at the Reservoir and had a blast! The water felt so good!
Jarvis teaching Cal to swim with left over pieces of steak from the other night

Kaydence wasn't sure at first

THEN she didn't want to get out!

Nice big wet hug
We had a little water fight going on, Jarvis surprised Kaitlin and pushed her off the dock and we all ended up in the water at once.

The rest of the time Kaitlin kept on trying to get back at her little hubby, but to no avail.

The girls stayed out in the water way longer then the men doggy paddling

Kaydence's float tube got a hole in it and it was slowly deflating

At one point we were all just sun bathing and eating sunflower seeds and Kaydence wanted to give them a try.

She basically just mashed the seeds up in her mouth and just spit whatever came out, yumm ;)

Jarvis and Kaitlin have some sweet motorbikes that we went riding on.

It was so much fun, there were a few moments where my life was flashing before my eyes but I'm still alive so no complaints here. Travis would go really fast and went through some rough trails and was going to go off a jump with me on back and that was where I drew the line and was like "NO!" I think he was just trying to scare me because he went up one of the jumps acting like he was going to hit the gas and go but he slowed just before he went over it so we didn't get any air, the little stinker trying to scare me.
I can't say that I came back completely unscathed. I was riding on back and there were no pegs to put my feet on so I had to hold them up the whole time so I didn't have anything to absorb the shock of all the bumps except for my bum (I felt like I was bouncing up and down a lot of the time). So the next morning I felt really saddle sore like I'd been riding a horse all day.

Jarvis and Travis went out a few times throughout the trip and had a blast on those bikes. Jarvis has done motocross competitions, he is a real dare devil that one! I told my Travis not to get carried away and hurt himself, luckily he came back every time in one piece.
I had to take a couple pictures before we left Monday afternoon.
Sibling love

This was such an awesome trip! I can't even say which part was my favorite! It was so great getting to spend time with Jarvis and Kaitlin and having so much fun doing whatever, thank you so much you guys!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cute pictures from Wheeler Farm

The weekend before last we basically just wanted to relax because we have been gone a lot lately but we did make a trip to Wheeler Farm. It was my beautiful soon-to-be sister-in-laws bridal shower but it would have been really hard to make it to Idaho because her shower was Saturday night and both Travis and I had to teach in Sunday school and Relief society in Utah the next morning and I didn't know if we could make it. So I decided that we are going to have one AWESOME girls night out with Kathleen, Amanda, Mickell, my mom, me and of course Jessica (Amanda and Kathleen couldn't make it either so I thought it would be perfect). We will have to make it a lot of fun, but it probably won't be until DECEMBER though because Amanda won't be able to make it to Idaho until then, good thing Jess is so amazingly sweet and patient (besides this way when she sees how crazy we are it will be too late for her to have second thoughts on what kind of a family she is REALLY marrying into ;) No, in truth she fits in perfectly with us ladies but we haven't gotten to spend much time with her because her and Johnny are so busy right now but I hope we can change that soon!
So on Saturday we went to Wheeler Farm and they were having a ton of stuff going on there and I guess they usually have a ton of people who come to it and its packed but there wasn't hardly anyone there this time so it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. So we walked around, got free candy, had a picnic lunch, fed the ducks, played on the blow up toys, walked by all the vendors, and saw all the animals.

Petting the baby cow

They have all these old tractors and buildings and things that make for cool pictures. There was a tiny adorable little girl that was getting her pictures taken there and I could tell the backgrounds looked so good, they had all these cute outfits they were changing her in for the different backgrounds they were using it made me REALLY want to get professional pictures of my girls. I am so cheap, I have a hard time spending money on things but you would think pictures would be one of those things I wouldn't be so frugal about because I love pictures so much but alas I am a cheap scake, (its in my blood, we have this Richardson story where my great great grandmother, after crossing the plains, needed to have her toe amputated but instead of paying to have a doctor cut it off she just did it herself to save the money, OUCH! I'm not that bad... mainly because I'm a baby when it comes to pain)!
Playing on the blow up toys


These two were playing on the grass while I was watching Kaydence going wild on the big toys. (the picture isn't very good of Marley but I just had to get a picture of them together it just warms my heart every time)

I am crossing my fingers that her eyes will stay blue, they are such a deep clear blue!

She loved the goats

Throwing rocks in the stream

Kaydence's favorite part was definitely feeding the ducks

We went through a whole package of hot dog buns and another half a loaf of our wheat bread, the ducks really liked us :) There were a few big white ducks that were just walking around the farm so we went to give them a few pieces of bread and they came right up to kaydence and snatched the whole piece out of her hand (they did it twice), so she had the tear the bread and throw it fast. She thought it was great fun, although it made her nervous when they came right up to her.
This has been my favorite part of being in Utah, there is ALWAYS something to do with kids! Wheeler Farm is completely free and so are a ton of the other things to do here (good thing for me ;) So much to see and do its GREAT!