Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Happenings

We have been having fun the last couple weeks. My mom came down to spend some time with us, I had been anticipating her arrival with excitement especially because Travis has been working like a mad man trying to get things ready and as much done as humanly possible before the week Monte would be coming down so they could finish up all the house projects. I use to always think it would be great to build our own home some day but now I have decided against that (siding and other projects are enough, I think if we built our own house I would literally never see Travis and I would forget what it was like to ever have a husband in the first place). Travis has also been really busy with school and the other week my mom came up to spend some time with me because Travis would be at work longer because he had in-service. Part of this inservice week Travis and the faculty he works with went up into the mountains hiking up to a cabin and stayed the night up there. He had a ton of fun, the people he works with are such a great bunch with so much personality. I asked him how late they stayed up that night and he wasn't sure but he told me it was WAY too late, they were like little kids having a slumber party. He has the funniest stories with this group he works with, they play some funny pranks on each other and like to keep things interesting. I have learned that Travis gets pretty goofy with them when he has a slurpy or anything else that is loaded is sugar. They are quite the bunch!
So I was so excited for my mom to come stay and so were the girls.

(You might have noticed that Kaydence loves to dress herself every day, at least three different times a day. Some times she gets her clothes on backwards and inside out, as shown)

One day we went out to the Aquarium in Sandy and it was so awesome!

It is so funny how so many offices and things that have aquariums have the fish off Finding Nemo. Kids just love Nemo and Kaydence is no exception! She was pointing to the fish yelling, "Nemo, Nemo"

Kaydence really loved the sea horses too. They are really neat to see up close.

There were different types of sharks also. This is a leopard shark, it kind of looks like a tiger shark. That is one of my greatest fears, seeing a Tiger shark when Scuba Diving. My mom has gone scuba diving with sharks, not the aggressive ones. I guess on one dive I did with Travis there was a little shark in the distance but he was smart enough not to point it out to me.

Being in the aquarium made me get the scuba diving bug, I want to go again so bad it has been a long time since I've been.
My favorite part of the aquarium was definitely the stingrays!

The rays tail got Kaydence

Grabbing grandma for dear life! There was one stingray that just loved to be touched he would go right for your hand and get his sides or head up out of the water!!!

Kaydence wasn't sure about them at first

They felt so soft, it was really awesome!

They had a bunch of penguins that were actively swimming and jumping into the water, they put on quite a show.

Making fish faces in the corral reef.

She had fun playing on this frog in the Utah part of the exhibit

Marley was amazing, she basically slept the whole time.

Making fish lips again

Gift shops are not my friend, my daughter wants every over priced stuffed animal they offer and they always place them conveniently in places where the kids have to walk through them so they can talk their parents into getting them something.

There was this little discovery center in the center of the aquarium where the workers answer questions and let you touch certain creatures and stuff. I didn't think Kaydence would be old enough to be interested but she just walked right up to the guy there and started talking like she understood everything and every animal that was being displayed. She was just talking so matter-of-factly, it was hilarious!

My mom holding a snake

It was definitely a place worth visiting in the valley, they also had other awesome creatures like an octopus, jelly fish, and numerous other fish!!!

While my mom was here we spent a day playing at the Rec Center and we went swimming. It was the first time I took Marley into the water and I was amazed at how much she loved it! Kaydence took a while to warm up to the idea of a swimming pool, she didn't like it till she was older. Marley was laughing, splashing, and smiling the whole time. There was this huge group of kids from a summer class that was in the pool at the same time, they were a little rowdy and were splashing so I was worried about them getting Marley but she didn't get upset at all when they doused her. I thought she would get tired of it but she never did, although she started to look really tired right before we left.

Kaydence was having so much fun as usual going down the slides and playing in the water.

The weather was so perfect the whole time. All our flowers are blooming and Kaydence loves smelling all of them. (in her dress up clothes)

It was so much fun having my mom over for a few days, I always look forward to her visits!

These were just a couple pictures I took on Fathers Day. Kaydence was so excited to give Travis the card we made him and the metal she made for him in Nursery.

I love seeing these three together :)

The next week Monte and Kim came down and it was so much fun... I mean it was so much fun for the girls, the guys were working from sun up to sun down every day. They would get up around six in the morning and stop working around eight or nine at night, they would barely stop to eat!

While they were making our house look great Kim and I went out to get pedicures.

Kim has never had one before and I thought it was about time she experienced one! Kim had intense surgery on her feet a couple years ago and is sensitive about having her feet messed with. When we went to go to our appointment Travis told his mom, "Mom, you know that they rub your feet don't you?" It cracks me up because Travis has tried to rub her feet before and she fell right onto the floor when he grabbed her feet to try it one time. Anyway Kim braved the pedicure process and ended up with some soft gorgeous feet and actually enjoyed herself too.

The men came inside for lunch and grandpa sat down for a minute to relax and Kaydence came to sit up on his lap. He asked her to sing for him and so she sang him a couple songs and fell asleep herself in the process.

I have the video of her singing to her grandpa but you can't hear her voice very well because she is singing very softly to help him fall asleep.

We took a visit down to Orem to visit Chan, Parker, and Tanner.

Chan was tickling Marley's face with her long hair, it was cute (My hair is definitely not long enough for that).

We played outside for a while, these two love to play together!!! Partners in Mischief!

I wasn't going to put this picture up but it was too funny I had to, sorry Kim.
Right when I went to take a picture of Kim and Marley, Marley gave grandma a hard pinch.

Marley sure likes to grab a handful of skin and squeeze, it can hurt! I have the marks on my arms to prove it!

Here are some pictures of the guys working

The guys taking a break to eat.

It has been so hot here and the guys were out working in the heat so we didn't want to warm up the house at all by cooking inside so we grilled for every meal. We had kabobs, burgers, grilled chicken salads, smoothies, sundaes, popcorn (of course) and ate out.

We are so blessed to have such amazing parents and family. I seriously could not love these two more, I never imagined I would be so close to my in-laws I can't get enough of them!

Here are some more pictures

Marley in her jumper, she doesn't like to be in it for any extended amount of time but she does love it in little increments. She is getting so much more mobile.

Her hair is coming in a little different because she rubs her head so much but I can still put her hair in pig tails like I did with Kaydence.

Marley has been bending over to look at the lights all the time lately and it is so funny.

Kaydence is such a great big sister, she just loves Marley. I am so smitten with my girls!

A side note that I meant to put in my Yellowstone post.
I have one strong willed little two year old and when she sets her mind to something it is hard to deter her and I don't know how to get her to do what I want her to do a lot of the times. Well Taylor found the solution - reverse psychology. Genius! When we were driving up to Yellowstone Kaydence was really grumpy and she NEEDED a nap but she would not close her eyes or let herself fall sleep. I tried singing to her and snuggling her up with her blanket but it didn't work then Taylor said, "Kaydence you cannot take a nap, you have to stay awake!" She turned and looked at me with her puppy dog eyes and puckered up her lip. I asked her if she wanted to take a nap, she nodded her head yes. I said, "Okay, well maybe if you ask Uncle Taylor if you can go to sleep he will let you." So she looked at Taylor and said, "Uncle Taylor I tired, I want to sweep". Taylor said, "no, you have to stay awake". She turned to me and an alligator tear rolled down her cheeks and she told me, "I tired, mommy". I said, "well okay Kaydence, maybe you can ask Uncle Taylor again real nicely and he will let you take a nap". So she asked him again and said "Please" so Taylor conceded and said "Well..... okay but you have to be a good girl", she said she would be good so he allowed her to close her eyes and go to sleep!!! No joke, it seriously worked I was in shock! I am trying not to overuse this new trick because I don't want her to catch on and I want it to work for as long as possible. So funny!