Thursday, May 27, 2010

I hate trying to come up with a catchy title

This last weekend we made a trip up to Idaho to see our families, it had almost been three months since we have been there and Kassidy's showcase was the perfect opportunity for us to make the trip. Kassidy is one AMAZING dancer, all year they do all these routines where they compete all over Utah and Idaho and at the end of their performing year they do all the dances for family and friends at "SHOWCASE". Travis and I have never missed it (except for the first time when we just got married and were over in North Carolina). I always look forward to it and it means so much to Kass to have us all there, she has her own little cheering crowd (we are her little fan club). I'm pretty sure I embarrass myself pretty good hooting and hollering so loud the whole time but I just love that girl (its funny before she left to perform I told her I would be cheering my socks off for her and she just laughed and said I know I'll hear you)!
We made it up to Idaho Friday evening and stayed with my family. My mom surprised me with all these necklaces I've been really wanting and I was SOOO excited (I LOVE jewelry and accessorizing). We spent the rest of the night trying on my new jewelry, looking at stuff for watchbands, and me showing her some fabric flowers I have been making. I have WAY too much fun with my mom, I get a little carried away and forget to get out the camera so I don't have many pictures at my parents house.

Kadence slept in the "Princess Room" that my mom set up specifically for her five grand daughters, it is decked out in pink with doll houses, castles, a tv with all the princess movies they can handle, and these great bunk beds that sleep four comfortably (I KNOW the girls will make some fun memories together at grandmas with their cousins).
When Kaydence woke up she pretty much tackled grandpa, she loves grandpa.

She is also Dane's biggest fan, he is so good with the girls that all his little nieces are just crazy about him. He is so patient and sweet with her and plays with her the whole time, he is going to make one amazing father some day.
Travis and my dad worked on our car to change the ball bearings or something like that and do other fix-it type stuff. My mom, Mickell, and I attempted to go on a walk at Jensens Grove the next day but after a few steps some hail started coming down and I was done (my mom said that Utah has made me soft). My mom was kidding but I know that she would have walked around the whole greenbelt if I wouldn't have been such a pansy. We then picked up Jonathan when the Salt Lake Express dropped him off in Blackfoot. I am so glad he took the trip down from Rexburg, he is one busy guy with full time school, planning a wedding, studying, working, and his calling.

Later that night we went to Showcase, Mickell and Jonathan came along with us (of course along with Travis's entire family, including some of his extended family, it is a big to do let me tell ya).
Jonathan and Travis have so much fun just goofing around and tackling each other its so funny. Here is a picture of them playing around as we were headed inside the gym, totally random but I just thought I would throw it in there.

Align Right
My sister Mickell is so awesome, she is always so optimistic and sweet, love her!

We got there a little late but I was still able to see friends that I hadn't seen in a while and chat before it started, like Jill Lucas who is expecting another little boy soon (she has the fun job of styling a lot of the girls hair for the show, I actually did Kassidy's hair - far from professional but from far away who can tell right?) It is so fun seeing people there that I haven't seen in a while.
You can get a taste of why it is so awesome to come see in these videos, although it is ten times better live!
Okay, so keep in mind I was trying to record and watch it at the same time along with finding Kass so it might make you dizzy.

My favorite of the night, I was wanting to stomp along the gym floor dancing too.



I had to leave during the intermission so Trav taped the last dance, Marley won't take a bottle and she was needing me. Jessica, Jonathan's fiance, came half way through the performances and afterwards they stopped by Rupes for some ice cream (made me so jealous but Travis gave me his when he got to the house). Then we stayed up WAY TOO late making watchbands and laughing (I think I made my favorite bands yet). Travis and Jonathan were wrestling while my mom was trying to protect the house from coming down and threatening them if they put another hole in the wall. I LOVED getting to talk to Jessica and hear more about her and their engagement and dating stories. Travis was telling stories that were making us all laugh, like the one about him pulling out the bee-bee gun outside our bedroom window at two in the morning to shoot our neighbors loud barking dog and our neighbor (who is also in our ward) was sitting on her porch staring at Travis with his gun out ready to shoot. Hilarious. I love hearing him tell our love story, it is so fun to hear it from his perspective. Jessica got a taste of what kind of family she is marrying into that night, luckily she didn't seem too scared. She is a very down to Earth, fun-loving, gorgeous girl and I'm excited to get to spend more time with her and Johnny (I cannot believe I didn't get a picture of them together).

We went to church with Trav's family and it was one packed chapel (a mission "farewell" and a mission homecoming), I got to see some other friends I haven't seen in a long while. It is so funny because our little Marley has got some major chunky legs. When Kim was holding Marley she stood up and had Marley's legs out and everyone was shocked to see how chunky her legs are, she seems to be just as chunky as Kaydence was at her age, our little rolly polley olley girls. I don't know if I wrote this on our blog already but when I had Kaydence we were in the University ward where there were little babies everywhere. You KNOW you have one chunky baby when you overhear someone saying, "Ohhh! you think our baby is chunky you haven't seen anything, wait till you see the Peterson's baby". Yeah, I think some people think I am promoting childhood obesity when they see my babies but I promise its just the milk, as soon as I start introducing foods they start to slowly slim down especially when they start crawling on top of that.

(I just took this picture and I would have done more of a close up on those legs but my battery went dead).
Anyway after church we had an amazing dinner and enjoyed the nice weather for a few hours before we had to head home.
Parker and Kaydence were so cute playing outside together, I had fun playing with them outside they are always making me laugh with funny things they say and do, they are at such a fun age.

Travis playing with the kiddos

Katie Lynn and Jarvis

Tanner bananer and Chandra banandra

I don't think Monte was ready for the shot... either that or he gets tired of all the cameras.

Our little cheese ball and cute little who-hah

Nothing like Otter pops on a nice day

Kaitlin will be turning 19 so we celebrated it together on Sunday too!

Kaitlin got some sweet riding boots to go with her new motor bike that Travis got her, she is so hard core. She also plans on getting her hunters permit and going hunting with her hubby!!! I told you hard core! She wants to be with her hubby as much as possible, they are so cute. I've considered going on Travis's hunting trips with him because I think it would be fun to go hiking and see wild life with him but I don't want to see anything die, I might ruin Travis's trip if right before he went to shoot a buck I ran out of the clearing yelling "RUN BAMBIE RUN!!!!"
By the time we were ready to leave Kaydence was out, she fell asleep in grandma and grandpa's bed.

I am probably one of the most absentminded people you will ever meet, usually I will blame it on pregnancy or hormones, but truly I've always been very forgetful. When we were trying to head home my mom told me I left some things at their house so I had to go over and pick them up before we left then as we were coming across Fort Hall Travis's mom called to tell us I left my purse and camera at their house, so we had to turn around again (I'm grateful that Travis is so patient with his scatter-brained wife who I swear is loosing it).
A couple hours later we were just cruising along the I-15 near Salt Lake where there were five or six lanes of traffic and we were going 80 mph and the truck right in front of us suddenly swerved to the left and by the time he swerved it was too late for us to swerve and we ran right into a queen sized mattress. We hit it dead on, the car was bumping up and down (I think we got some air) and I was sure that the car was going to roll at one point and then we started fish tailing but Travis got it under control and we pulled over to the side of the road. We were so LUCKY that there weren't cars next to us when the car was out of control and we are so blessed that my dad and Travis fixed the thing on the car (ball bearings or something that were in REALLY rough shape). I really felt like we were being protected and I am so thankful that none of us were hurt. It is crazy how you realize how fragile life is in those moments and it makes me never want to take one day for granted.
That about sums it up, Travis has now officially started his Masters and he is off working on a group project right now. I am hoping this whole school thing doesn't take too much of our time together away, but we'll see. It will be worth it either way I'm sure.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I figured I should do another post so I don't worry anyone ;)
This last time I almost took a month to do another post and my mom called me and the first thing she said was, "Is something wrong, is everything okay?" You know I am a crazy blogger when my family has cause to be worried when I go a few weeks without posting!
Well I am just lovin life and everything just seems to be even sweeter with this gorgeous weather we've had going on (in between the rain).
I have been AMAZED at how well Kaydence and little Jo sleep together! The first night I was so worried that Marley would wake up Kaydence and I would have a hard time getting them both back to sleep. That night Marley started to fuss and I woke up to Kaydence yelling "Mom,... Momma,... Marley's c-why-ing". Marley sleeps really well but she will wake up every once in a while and when I go in their room to get her Kaydence just say's "hi mommy" (without getting up or even opening her eyes) and goes back to sleep. Its so cute, I don't know why but I love looking at them when they are asleep together in the same room, it just warms my heart.
This last week Marley woke up twice during one night, which is unusual for her but I just nursed her for a minute and she went back down both times so I didn't think anything of it. Then in the morning when I went to get her I saw that her ear had been bleeding during the night! She had all this dried up blood in her ear and some drops on her pajamas. I was totally freaking out but she was just laying there smiling and giggling which made me calm down pretty fast. I checked her ear to make sure she didn't just get it scratched real good but it was from inside her ears. I got her to the doctors that morning and it turns out that the doctor thinks she had her ear drum rupture. She had a double ear infection and I had no idea. She had no symptoms of it and she is always just so happy and smiling and not irritable at all, that made me feel like such a bad mommy that my child had such a bad ear infection that eventually it just ruptured her ear drum! I guess it doesn't hurt their hearing, some people have them rupture quite a bit but one shouldn't affect her hearing. I wish I had a scope-y-thing-a-ma-bobber that I could look in her ears every week to make sure she is okay. I'm just grateful that she is okay, Travis is more of a worry wart than I am though, if our kids even begin to get really sick he wants to take them in to see the doctor (he can't stand seeing them in pain). Needless to say we have taken our girls to the doctors office numerous times, they all know us pretty well there.
I have been having a lot of fun taking the girls out to play during the days. We have gone to Story Time every week at the Library the last few months but it just got over until September. Kaydence is real good friends with Trenton so we have him over to play quite bit. I have a few pictures I've taken when we went to the Hogle Zoo and to the Children's Museum at the Gateway with Trenton and his mom Heather.

Kaydence LOVES the zoo!

Train ride!

The SWEET Museum

Kaydence loved these balls that flew up the tubes, she would have stayed at this stations the whole time

They had these awesome play houses that she was having so much fun in

They have all these neat different sections, like a grocery store, playhouses, playing in the water, farming, stables, a huge play house, construction zone, gas stations, mailboxes, discovery zone, music, plastic ball place, etc.
This is Kaydence playing in the stables

She wasn't too crazy about riding the horse (not real horse)

The helicopter was awesome!

It was out on the roof and when you sat in the front it had all these things that made noises like you were flying it, it was really cool.
Kaydence was flapping her arms to make the helicopter fly

These are some cute pictures of Marley I took today

She has got to be the happiest sweetest little thing ever!


This last weekend we got the car port up! Monte (Trav's dad) and Todd, a close family friend, came to help put it up. They were AMAZING!!! Todd and Monte were so funny they kept on calling each other Darrell the entire time, I guess its off of the Bob Newhart Show (past my time). Travis say's that growing up he never heard his dad call Todd by his name he always called him Darrell. They were making laugh seeing them together over the weekend.
Monte got out the guitar and started playing for us after they called it quits the first night and Kaydence wanted to play right along with him. Here she is singing and playing with grandpa.
It was so cute when Monte first got to our house Kaydence was waiting for him to come and when she saw him pull up she ran downstairs and outside with her arms outstretched yelling "grandpa". She ran into his arms and gave him a great big hug!
We sure put the Darrells to work, they worked sooo hard the whole time they were here, we are so grateful for them and all their help!



Tanner, Chandra, and Parker came by for a couple hours on Saturday too! Tanner came at just the right time and helped the men out. Kaydence LOVES Parker, they have so much fun together!

Kaydence is applying her lipstick (its actually chapstick but anything she can put on her lips she will call lipstick)
While the boys were doing all the hard work Chan and I took the kids to the park to play and visited the whole time, we worked up a sweat too ;)

holding hands and crossing the street to go to the park
That is all I got for now, I don't want to show a picture of the house yet. I want to wait until the siding is done so I can show a before picture with the after picture.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Just up to the same ole, same ole, here. I am loving being able to stay home with my girls every day and Travis is usually always home by three thirty or four every day so we get to spend a lot of time together. We are such little home bodies, we just love hanging out and playing together most days. We have a little routine throughout the week. We go to our Rec center on Mondays (I take the girls there during the days too to go swimming or play in their play centers). Travis is totally toning up and he only works out once a week when we do it together, we just want to be healthy and maintain the total use of our bodies as long as possible (so that when we get old I wont have to wheel my over to get his denchers, I can hopefully walk my over to pick them up for my toothless husband). We still do our date nights which I always look forward to but we don't spend too much time away. Kaydence is actually really good at home when we want to watch something or play a game together, so we can have fun without going out too. Tuesday's or Thursdays are often taken up by our calling with the single adults in our stake. Travis likes to stay busy with house projects, whither it be building something, fixing something, or cleaning something. Travis is into this whole deep cleaning thing and I've never really been into it much but I don't mind doing it at all as long as I have some music blasting in the background and have him by my side (don't get me wrong I clean at least a little every day but Trav can find something to clean that I would have never really thought of cleaning, like deep into all the window sills, light fixtures, reorganizing storage rooms, etc.). We like to spend our Fridays relaxing watching "Lost" or a movie with a big bowl of popcorn and orange Julius's. Saturday's have been busy working on the yard. Monte (Trav's dad) came up to help get the foundation ready for our car port that we will be putting up in these next couple weeks, they have also been working on the fence, sprinkler system, and we have all our siding and things to put up but that will have to be after the car port is done. I can't wait for the siding to be done, our house is this horrible peach and red color, it is truly a sight to see. Also Travis is starting school again in four weeks. He will be getting his masters degree and he will start on the last full week in May. He will have a lot of papers and research to do every week so I think that will end up taking up a lot of our evenings for the next year. If he keeps the load that he has scheduled he will finish his Masters in August of next year (2011).

So that is what we have been up to but here are some pictures I've been taking:

I've been straightening my hair more lately and Kaydence is always doing whatever mommy does so I came in to see her trying to straighten her hair one morning (not on or plugged in)

When I get ready in the mornings she loves to watch me, and later I find her trying to put on deodorant or putting toothpaste on her face thinking its lotion or cleanser. Funny girl!

On a Sunday, after church, we were eating our meal and Travis and I were talking when all of the sudden we started hearing snoring noises. We turned to see Kaydence with her face in her plate fast asleep.

Travis has a picture when he was about the same age of him asleep with his face in a plate of spaghetti.

This is another picture taken on a Sunday. Can you tell it truly is the day of rest in our home.

This other picture was taken on another Sunday after church. Kaydence hugging her baby sister.

These two just love each other so much already. Kaydence always goes up to Marley and starts cooing and smiling at her (mimicking me, I'm pretty sure). Marley usually smiles right back at her big sister.

When Monte came to help Travis with projects Kaitlin drove up with him because her husband was in Moab motorbiking with some buddies for a few days. Kaydence was sure loving her aunt Kate.

Kaitlin needed the hugs because she was having husband withdrawals.

When the weather WAS beautiful Travis and I took some pictures of the girls out in the yard (I was taking them for their grandmas). I think they turned out so cute

My little ham, you can't tell I'm trying to get her to pose can you? (you want this hand here and this hand her and smile and... Ahh Brain overload mommy)

This is one of my all time favorite pictures! I am crazy about my happy girls!

Our beautiful brown eyed beauty!

Always kissing her sister

Our little blue eyed beauty!

This weekend Chan turned 26 and had a birthday party we went to. Wow, I wasn't expecting it to be so packed! It was one serious par-tay! Of course Chan had the place decorated so cute with all these fresh flowered bouquets, a cute chocolate cupcake stand, balloons, and all these amazing treats.
The gorgeous birthday girl right after she blew out the candles to her cake!

Kaydence was so excited to see her cousin Parker! I told her that as soon as she took a nap she could see Parker, I have never seen her take a nap so fast!

There were a ton of kids there and they were all playing and having a blast downstairs. Travis was down there playing with the kiddos and keeping them entertained. He was having fun playing helicopter on the big bean bag with Parker.

Then Tyler and Amanda Tucker showed up! Tyler and Travis were mission buddies, they have some fun stories. We hung out with them quite a bit when Travis and I first started dating. Tyler and Amanda were the ones who helped Travis set everything up to propose to me on April 1st, we will have been married for four years on Thursday.

Amanda is so stinkin cute pregnant! Honestly, I left wanting to be pregnant again. Later that night Travis asked me, do you really want to get pregnant again so soon? I'm kind of weird, I have actually loved being pregnant and miss it but I'm going to hold out at least another year (at least I think so).

It was SOOO fun getting to talk again, we haven't been able to catch up for quite a while. We love those two!!!
Oh I mean three soon to be four. This is their adorable son Braxton, he is about to be a big brother and couldn't seem more excited at the prospect. He just loved our baby Marley, he kept on going up to her and trying to hug or kiss her. I think he is ready for baby Boston to come!

Braxton is so dang cute, just before I took the picture he said, "CHEESE"!!! Such a studly picture-taker!

Chan, me, and Amanda. I swear we could have talked the whole night away if we didn't all have little toddlers running around.

Kaydence really could have spent the whole night there playing. When I came over to check on her she had her face shoved into one of the chocolate cupcakes, no surprise here.

It was such a fun party, Chan you should have birthday parties more often!

So that is the update on us. After making my last blog book, I realized I had so many posts and it was so much work so I planned on posting less but I also planned on this post being really short, shows you what a good planner I am.
Okay, well tonight will be the first night that I'm putting both the girls in the same room. Wish me luck, I don't think it will be a very restful night.

I just threw this picture in there I took today because I thought it was cute, no other significance really.