Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break 2010

(Super long post... I know ALL my posts are abnormally lengthy)
We made the long trip up to Washington on March 31st after Travis got off of work. The school he teaches at doesn't get a full week off for their Spring Break, they got Thursday, Friday, and Monday off so we had been planning on going to see Taylor and Amanda during this time.

A couple weeks before we left we found out that Kent, Kathleen, and their girls could make it up the same time so we had a big ole party at Tay and Amanda's! The drive took us about eleven hours and Travis and I are early birds when it comes to sleep, Travis usually likes to go to bed by nine and I'm usually there by ten. Well we got to their house about a quarter to three in the morning (a quarter to two their time). We were beat but once we got there Kent and Taylor were still up and Travis couldn't resist stayin up with them for another hour. I on the other hand couldn't resist holding Corinne, Kent got her and let me hold her.

I have seen pictures but that was the first time I was able to hold my beautiful new niece, she is so precious!
The next morning we laid Marley and Corinne on the floor to compare their size.

Marley is so big and heavy after holding Corinne, two months makes a big difference when they are so little.

In this picture they are wearing outfits that are the same size but it drowns Corinne and it's a little to tight on Marley. Marley has a lot of rolls on Corinne right now, we'll see if she catches up (although no one could compete with how chunky Kaydence got and Marley is chunking up at the same rate). Kathleen has little chunks too but I think mine are going to be the chunkiest, my mom still claims that Taylor was chunkier than both my girls (he gained a pound a week up until he started walking). We have pure cream with a little milk mixed in when we nurse, it is thick stuff. Amanda jokes about not feeding the girls milk but feeding them milk shakes every couple hours and when I eat chocolate she gets chocolate shakes (not a bad life eating seven milk shakes a day).
Marley and Corinne are going to be such great friends, cousins are the best!

Then Taylor and Amanda gave us a tour of Moses Lake, Amanda seems to think it is the armpit of Washington but I loved it!

The town is build around the five lakes so their aren't many streets that go straight through but there is always a pretty view of the lakes. Taylor and Amanda's house is gorgeous, I love the tall ceilings and didn't expect it to be so spacious and I love how they decorated the place. It is so stinkin nice, we were so spoiled while we stayed there!
The boys had to spend quality time together, which for them consists of sitting in front of the PS3 and shooting all the bad guys.

The three of them also went to the gym and got a good workout.

Taylor is good at pushing Travis, the next day I had Travis hold Marley while I was doing something and he just started laughing. He told me his arms were so sore he could barely hold Marley. It paid off though, look at those guns! Kent was sore the next day too but Taylor is impenetrable he wasn't sore at all.

The girls also got to spend quality time together, we went up to Spokane and went out to eat, got to see the city, and of course did some major shopping. Kathleen constructed a moby wrap for both of us to use on this shopping expedition. It worked so great! Marley loved being faced out and seeing all the shops and things, I haven't taken her out of her car seat in public before so there was a lot of things that grabbed her attention. Corinne stayed snuggled against her mom and slept the whole time in her moby.
I love this picture

So we ate A TON of great treats while we were there.

It was Kents birthday the previous week so I made the "Better Than Anything Cake".

(I think Kent got some of his spit in there for flavor too ;)
We had these amazing cinnamon rolls that Amanda made that seriously melted in your mouth and the frosting was this delicious cream cheese frosting that was to die for!
Kathleen made a ton of her famous peanut butter cookies with truffles kisses on top, I think I ate two dozen of them!
We ate three big bags of Kent's Starburst jelly beans, the basket of Easter chocolate Amanda got us, and just about everything good and sugary you can think of.
We had a lot of fun playing games, mainly the Newly Wed Game. The actual game is actually pretty dirty so I make up all the questions myself and kind of mix it with the type of questions that are in the Celestial Marriage Game. It was so much fun and I'd have to say the funniest question was the question that asked which animal does your spouse most physically resemble, it makes me laugh just remembering what we all put! We also played the Name Game but that didn't end up being as fun, we made it too hard the previous time we played and made it too easy the next time. Oh well.
We had fun relaxing and watching movies and eating popcorn, Taylor and Amanda have the best picture on their TV and blue ray. It was a little uncanny how clear the picture was, Travis said he felt like he was watching a soap opera and it made the people look not so perfect. I could see the pores in the actors skin, anyway it is a whole new experience. We have blue ray but not like that.
Taylor and Amanda are going to be such amazing parents. Amanda was always holding either Corinne or Marley, you can already see the motherly glow!

Taylor was so cute holding Marley, I guess he was just holding her on his lap and she fell asleep and not soon after that Tay took a little snooze.

Is that not the sweetest picture? Taylor is going to be such a sweet daddy!
We all went out to eat at a good Mexican Restaurant, I love Mexican food!

Marley was getting a little fussy so I took her out and held her on my lap, within seconds she was conked out and asleep.

I just took a quick snap shot of Tay and Travis, the way they are when they get together cracks me up!
I should have gotten one with Kent in there too, he is the jokster of joksters we are always in tears laughing when were all together.

Here he was playing with Camryn and Kendra and tickling them, they sure love their daddy!

We had an Easter Egg Hunt while we were in Washington too. The girls had fun coloring and painting their eggs.

The three three-barreled beauties (Camryn and Kendra wanted to have their hair done just like their mom).
I did one egg too, I asked Travis to find the one I did and he couldn't even pick it out (my art skills are at the same level as a three or five year olds, maybe lower).
The next day the Easter bunny hid the eggs and the girls had so much fun finding their eggs and treats.

The sun was right in Camryn's eyes when I took this.
The cute Parkinson Family!

Love this man

Amanda out did herself, like she always does. She made an amazing Easter meal, with Pork tenderloin marinaded with fresh herbs, lemon zest and the works. I wish I could cook like that woman!

We were able to listen to Sunday's conference meetings (we burned all the talks to a CD to listen to on our drive home), as you can tell the guys were anxiously engaged in the talks...

...just kidding they stayed awake the whole time but crashed right after the last session.
Taylor had to do some school work while we were there, here he is doing his homework.

He is so big and muscular he just looks like he is flexing all the time ;) Taylor has always made me laugh ever since I can remember.
It was such a fun trip, we had such a blast! I wish we lived closer but it makes it that much more special when we get together!

So you might have noticed there were zero pictures of Kaydence on our trip. As I mentioned before it was an ELEVEN HOUR DRIVE, that, my two year old, and a happy mom and dad, just do not mix. Three hours in the car is her max.
So we have the most amazing parents who met us on our way to and from Washington to pick up and drop off Kaydence and watched her while we were gone. Kaydence did not feel left out at all in not coming, when we skyped her she was having so much fun she barely gave us attention just enough to tell us about all the fun things she was doing with her grandmas, grandpas, Dane, Mickell, and Kassidy. When we came to pick her up she was excited to see us but did not want to leave. Every morning she has woken up asking to go see her grandma's and twice woke up asking for chocolate, it is pretty apparent that they spoiled her rotten while she was there and she loved every minute of it! She had an Easter Egg hunt while she was at her grandma's (and got a new pair of shoes that she has not taken off her feet since, I still have to take them off after she falls asleep) but we still had to celebrate Easter with her too, so she got the best of both worlds.

Kaydence had fun coloring all the eggs, but her favorite part was when we put them in the dye.

The finished product:

She was pretty proud of her colorful creations.
Marley is a little too young to participate but cute as ever just watching the process.

Our little girl that never stops smiling

Then the Easter bunny came by later and hid all the eggs Kaydence decorated and more eggs filled with all kinds of good stuff.

Her favorite egg, that had chap-stick, Rolo's (the treat she always wants when we go to the grocery store), and other fun treats.

Showing daddy the loot

I think Kaydence likes this holiday. I'm hoping that as she comes to better understand the meaning of this holiday that she will love it even more and come closer to our Savior.
It was an awesome Spring Break!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Everyone should do a blogbook!

We got our blog book in the mail this last week and I LOVE it! It took me a long time to make it but it was more than worth it. Scrapbooking takes too long for me and frankly I don't have the patience or the eye for it but even if I did scrap book I would still do a blog book. It is so easy and it's such a fun way to keep your memories. The best part of having a blog is that you get to share everything that's going on in your life with your family and friends and have a book to show for it too! Seriously even if your not an intense blogger, like myself, you should do a blog book.
The best place I've found is at blurb.com
First download blurb booksmart.
Put in your blog site and password
Select the size of the book you want (12x12 or 10x8, etc.)
Select all the posts you've done that you want to blog (just do all of them because you can take out and add pages as you go).
Then go at it!
My advice is to select a picture layout then customize or edit the page layout (I can't remember which it's called but its above the page your working on to the left of the center). Add images and text wherever you want. I'm all about the pictures so I make them as big as the page will allow. I put the pictures in the image boxes first then customize it because you can see how big the image box needs to be. When you use text layouts they don't let you edit and move the text around so that is why I just choose any picture layout then add text boxes and image boxes and save the layouts that I really end up liking. When you change a page layout it will warn you about removing the pictures but they are all on the left and you can add and take away pictures from the pictures in the box (you can use the same picture as many times as you would like also). No pictures are ever lost, sometimes they will move a picture to the top of your stack of pictures but they are always still there. The other great thing is that a warning sign comes up if the image is too big or you make the text boxes too close to the edges or overlapping each other so as long as you don't have a warning box come up anything goes, you can do a whole page of one picture or do twelve pictures on one page. I hope I'm not making this sound confusing, its really easy.
You seriously can't beat the price either, for my whole book of 2009 it was fifty bucks ( I did a 10x8 but I think I'll do a 12x12 next year). It was 160 pages and full of pictures, I made the text pretty small and I really could have made it a lot longer but I basically just want the pictures to be the main focus. I get emails about deals and things the site does too, so I got the shipping for free and it came really fast through FedEx after it was all printed out. I was really happy with it!
Anyway I'm not a genius on how it all works but seriously email me with any questions, try it out!
Here are some examples of the pages I've done:

The cover

Here are some pictures of my girls in their new headbands that Kate Lee made for them. Kate is a friend of mine in our ward who is so crafty and she just started a blog where she wants to start posting projects and crafts she's doing on it, she is giving me pointers and we are doing a little girls night every week or so where we make things. I'm kind of hopeless in some areas but I want to try and be more crafty, now that I don't have school I can pick up new projects, I'm excited!

The headband she did for Marley:

I can never just take one picture

When Kaydence saw the headband she had to put it on right away, if I let her she would wear one every day! She started blowing kisses at the camera when I told her I wanted a picture of her in it:

I thought I would put a picture of me with my haircut in here too, I can't bash it and not post a picture:

I'm so bad at taking pictures of myself but with a mirror on the other side even I could do this one :)
I kept on meaning to post a picture and I took this almost two weeks ago and since I first got my haircut it has grown over an inch. It actually looks okay in this picture but I have a hard time styling my hair with it short so I usually just wear a headband and put it in pig tails (on a daily basis I just like my hair out of my face). I'm hoping I can start to wear hats within the next month! So there she be.

We went to Washington last week so I'll post about our week and Easter soon