Friday, March 19, 2010

Marley's Blessing and Sleepovers

Last week my sister had her gorgeous little girl, Corinne. Corinne had to stay in the hospital for six days and Kent had a surgery the same week. So I was able to go up and help out for a few days, although I have to admit I think I was more than compensated being fully entertained by girls together. They had me laughing from the moment I entered the door. As soon as I came in Camryn told me, "Nicole you look pretty.... (tilted her head to the side and said so matter of factly) I like your hair short.... I really do (like she was surprised that I actually looked okay)". Camryn and Kendra are such sweet girls, they are always saying the sweetest things, they are so considerate and polite. The next couple days were filled with dancing, coloring, sleepover parties, and playing in the bath tub. Kendra wanted to take three baths every day to play in the water.

The girls would laugh the entire time they were in the tub.

One morning Camryn informed me that they were going to be ballerina princesses that day. They chose their outfits and I did their hair how they specified and this is what we came up with:

Our little dancers

Later that day they decided they wanted to play in the tub (big surprise). I didn't bring a swim suit for Kaydence so she just wore the leotard we brought.

synchronized swimmers:

The girls did a great job coloring, they even colored a few pages for me but told me that it needed to stay on their fridge.

We had pajama sleepovers and the girls were having fun!
Ever since our visit Kaydence has been asking for "jama party with cousins!" You can see why:

Earlier this month we went to Blackfoot to see Kass perform on Broncadette Night and celebrate my dad's birthday.

My grandparents were up for his birthday too so they got to finally meet Marley for the first time.

Grandma Greene was also able to come see Marley for the first time too!!!

Such sweet pictures!
Kaydence is Dane's biggest fan and so when she found out I was going to let her sleep on the LoveSac next to Dane who slept on the couch she was the happiest girl in the world!

She talked Dane into sitting by her until she fell asleep.

My camera battery was charging and I left it at the house so I didn't catch any picture with Kass tearin it up on the gym floor, totally bummed! She did so amazing, I absolutely love watching that girl dance!

Marley was blessed this last Sunday, it really was so special and I'm so grateful that so much of the family came down to see it.

Both our moms and my grandma were so amazing cleaning everything and bringing parts of the meal, thank you so much!!!

Great Grandpa Petersen was chasing Kaydence around and playing with her. Kaydence is always trying to get into Marley's carseat and grandpa was swinging her in.

Monte brought his guitar and sang the song about "two little shoes on the stairs". It is such a sweet song about enjoying the time you get with your little ones.

Kaydence was twirling around and dancing to the song while her grandpa played the song.

Marley is so much fun to talk to, these are some of the faces she makes:

Her "intently listening" face

The face I'm sure she's going to use a lot, the "You are so strange mom" face.

The happy faces that make my heart melt.

Her yawning

It is kind of crazy how different the pictures look with and without a flash, just thought I would add a picture with the flash.

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Haircut and Sickness

I have been wanting a haircut for a couple months now and this last weekend I took the plunge and got it cut. I was so excited for a change and I found the haircut that I wanted and I was so ready to just cut if off... or so I thought. The cut that I found was a medium style haircut and barely touched the shoulders:

Well my hair is at least three inches off my shoulders and I have a lot more bangs that are quite a bit shorter (not brave enough to post a picture of me yet). Even if I use ten bobby pins I can't put my hair back, its less than an inch long in back and doesn't reach my chin in front (two inches short of reaching the bottom of my chin). I didn't think that my hair would mean so much to me but apparently it does. I've found that when I saw a mirror I got really grumpy and I let it bother me a lot more than I should. I mean I know its just hair but I feel like it affected the way I look a lot. I know it will grow back but part of me just wants to just hibernate in my house until then. It seems like everyone has to go through an experience where they get a haircut they don't like, that is why I have always had my hair long and have been scared to take risks with my hair. Travis is so sweet and encourages me to try new things and he loved my hair when I had it cut in a long A line and he was excited for me to get it cut this time. He says that he still thinks I'm hot but I think that love has made the man blind (which I am extremely grateful for right now). It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't keep on running into people I know and how my hair is the first topic of conversation everywhere I go. It's kind of funny because Travis was trying to make me feel better and telling me how I haven't tried to do my hair in different ways yet, like having it curly or three barreling it. Well I have tried it all ways and I asked him which one he liked the best and he liked it the first way I had it, straight. I look like a five year old with it curly and I look like Einstein or a crazed poodle when it is three barreled. Anyway I can't wait for my hair to grow three inches, I'm literally tugging on it every day in hopes that it will make it grow faster, but until then I am trying to get use to seeing that stranger in the mirror every day and knowing that it will be much better in a couple months. I know I could look worse and I am very lucky to have everything that I have and this experience has made me grateful for the blessing I've had of being able to have hair at all. It really is only hair. So hopefully when I do run into you it won't be such a shock and I will have gotten over myself and it won't bother me at all.

More Important Matters:
As you know Kaydence has been sick this last week but is better now. The bad news is that Marley got sick. I tried so hard to keep the girls apart while Kaydence was sick but I could only do so much. It is so scary to have my tiny little Marley sick because I just feel like she isn't very resilient yet. The other night (Saturday night) she was really struggling to breathe and I was up with her the whole night (I got less than an hour of sleep). We took her into the doctor earlier that day and her oxygen levels weren't too low so they told us to come in immediately if she got worse. She did have a sore throat and ear infections also so she is on antibiotics along with Kaydence right now. I do not like this time of year, from now on Travis and I decided to plan on having our little ones in the spring or summer time when RSV season isn't as dangerous. It is soooo crazy how much having little ones will make you worry, I have never been so stressed and worried as I was these last couple days. I just can't believe how much I love my two little girls and how hard it is to see them hurting and the thought of ever loosing them is too much for me to bare. I am so very ecstatic to report that Marley seems to be doing so much better, she isn't completely all better but she is definitely on the mend, she slept really well last night. I am so grateful for our girls and for their returning health. Having sick little ones is no fun!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Cottage

This last weekend we went up to The Cottage in Sundance and Chan set everything up for the whole family. The man of the hour was Tanner because it was his birthday! Everyone else got up there Friday but we weren't able to come until Saturday morning. It was so much fun getting to spend time with the family at this cottage, it is such an amazing place (I've never seen anything like it).
We took some family pictures up there. Kaitlin asked if she could do my hair and I was all about that, she is awesome at doing hair.

I felt like I should be going to prom and not just chillin at the Cottage.

Kaydence was so excited to see everyone especially Parker, those two played together the entire time! It is so great having cousins the same ages so they can just keep themselve preoccupied although sometimes they tend to become partners in crime.

I could NEVER get both of them to look at me in a picture!

I was so impressed with what a good sharer Parker was and how well they played together, Kaydence had two ear infections so she wasn't exactly a picnic toward the end of our stay, when we took her to the doctor on Tuesday she ended up having two bad ear infections and pneumonia :(

It is always a party with the Peterson, the guys always get out the guitar and play and Tanner and Monte started wrestling in the kitchen (no matter how old they get they will always be little boys at heart).


The Cottage has this huge tub and a sauna that everyone really enjoyed. At one point they tried to fit four people in the sauna!

(I'm not a sauna person, being sweaty, hot, and bothered isn't my deal). They were being so funny in there and they got the temperature up to about 200 degrees.
We also went sledding, at first I thought we were doing it for the little ones but Boo was taking a nap and Travis and Nelson were having way too much fun goofing around, making jumps, and doing tricks down the hill.

Tanner got some mad air on one of the jumps

Staying warm by the heater

A beautiful place to take walks

When we came back from one of our walks Marley was holding her grandpas finger. Monte said that she started to get a little fussy but he just held out his finger and she held onto him and fell back asleep. She has always liked holding hands.

It was such a fun weekend, thank you for putting it all together Chan and thank you for being born twenty-eight years ago Tanner!