Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reminiscing Pictures and Videos

I have been working on finishing my blog book and putting all our family videos onto DVD so I have been going through our pictures and videos the last couple weeks. Kaydence and I had so much fun watching a lot of the videos, at first Kaydence kept on pointing to her baby videos and saying "Marley", and I kept on correcting her saying "no, that's baby Boo or baby Kaydence". So sometimes she will tell me it's baby Marley or Baby Boo, so basically half of the time she is right. It's funny the things I forgot even though its only been a couple years since the videos have been taken. I forgot how Travis was always trying to get Kaydence to smile as a little baby but she would only smile in her sleep. Marley is really easy to catch on camera smiling because she does it all the time. My favorite is when I'm feeding her and she will pause and turn her head to give me the biggest smiles. Marley seems to be chunking up at about the same rate as Kaydence.
These are pictures of both of them at the age, almost exactly (Marley is three days older in this picture than Kaydence is in her picture).


I couldn't have gotten a better shot of those chunky cheeks


As we were going through the videos a few of them just had me laughing this is one of them I wanted to share. Kaydence is probably about four or five months old and she was starting to sit up by herself but those cheeks were a lot of weight to pull. So when she would try to get up she would use her lips to help pull herself up more.
Her face has been very expressive from the beginning.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentines Day Weekend and On...

For Valentines Day Kaydence made her daddy a card. At first I was trying to help her but her favorite thing to say now is "Boo's self". She wants to do EVERYTHING by herself. So I cut out the hearts and wrote "Happy Valentines Day Daddy" but that was the extent of the help I was able to render. So I went and started doing my own thing (watching Marley and cleaning up) when I came back I noticed that she proceeded from painting the card to painting her face.

She loves to put things on her lips, chapstick will keep her amused for hours on end.

She was so proud of the card she made for daddy, it is now hanging on our fridge. Dad loves it!

We had the best Valentines Day weekend with my family! My moms family switches who they have for Christmas each year and this year my Uncle Ron and Aunt Marilyn had my parents and my mom said that she wanted them to come here for the three day weekend. They wanted to do some fun things here in Salt Lake and lucky for us we live here so we got spoiled with their company as well! Everyone stayed at our house and it was a blast!
My aunt Marilyn and mom are twins and they are so close, even though they live a couple states apart they are always calling each other and going on fun vacations together all the time! I hope I get to be that way with my siblings even when were as them ;) ... mom that was an inside joke in reference to Travis's comment on how "old" you two are.

We went out to this amazing play Saturday night it was "Liken's Jonah and the Great Fish". It played in Orem and it exceeded everyones expectations. Troy (my cousin) met us all down there and went to the show with us too. We weren't able to all sit together and everyone was literally fighting for the "loner" seat. Aunt Marilyn was determined to sit there the second half of the play but because they are twins my mom was just as determined. By the end of this battle (I feel bad for the poor couple sitting between it) my mom was using her authoritative voice telling Marilyn to give her the seat, my aunt Marilyn was about in tears from laughing so hard, and my uncle Ron ended up getting the seat. Travis and I had front row tickets to the whole thing. We weren't expecting a show during the intermission.

(Look at how tall the "great fish" is, over 6'5" at least!)
Anyway the dancing, the singing, the acting, and the dialogue were excellent. My mom said that she kept on looking back to see my reaction to the play and said I had the biggest smile on my face every time she looked, I was having a blast it was so cool! The play starred David Osmond, who was on American Idol and has been on television and traveled around the world performing, he was awesome!

It also starred Katherine Nelson, who was Emma in the Work and the Glory movies and the movie Emma. She also sings in the EFY cd's and she wrote and sang one of my all time favorite songs "He lets it Rain". It's funny because I still remember when I first heard the song. I was in Seminary and Kara Mckinlay played the song for her devotional and I loved it so much I had to go and get that CD (Women of Destiny). It was the first church CD I had bought myself, I listened to the EFY CD's but they were Taylor's. Anyway I just thought that was so cool to hear her in person!

The captain was hilarious, he was making them laugh just before I took the picture.
We had fun going out to eat, we went out to eat at this great buffet and Uncle Ron went to get dessert and got an ice cream.

It was frozen solid! It was hilarious watching him eat it by tearing the container to shreds.
We had so much fun talking and visiting. My Uncle Ron is seriously the best conversationalist I have ever met. He brings up the greatest topics and questions that keep the conversations so interesting and captivating that we could stay up all night talking (which we did a couple times).
It was so great having everyone over, I'm thinking that we should make this a tradition - Come to our place and party for a weekend every year :)

Me and my cousin Troy (he just finished playing five games of racquetball at our Rec Center here). Troy was always the cousin that I hung out with because we were closest in age, and when we were really young people thought we were twins when we would go out. Since our moms are twin I remember us saying that we must pretty much be twins or at least siblings, so we would pretend. It was usually me, Troy, Jonathan, and Trevor when we went to visit family in Arizona. Good times!

We've had other visitors as well. Our friends, the Moultons, stopped by for a little bit! We use to be neighbors and Kelli and I were pregnant at the same time, Haddyn was born three weeks before Kaydence. We always went on walks and hung out when we lived in Pocatello. I'm so glad we still stay in touch!
These are pictures of the girls playing

Kaydence looks deep in thought, I think she is trying to look thoughtful because she wants to keep up with Haddyn and her super brain.

Kim and Kassidy stopped by for a little bit, they were going shopping for Kassidy's trip to Hawaii over spring break.

Kaydence was wanting Kassidy to swaddle her like a baby.

We get to see our good friends Colby and Melani every once in a while and they came over this last weekend. We love these two! I had to take a picture because Melani made the most amazing dessert that is making my mouth water at the memory.

It's like the molten chocolate cake at Chili's but better than I remembered it tasting at Chili's. The center oozes out with this amazing gooey chocolate, its a good thing it is portioned out because I think I could have eaten ten of them!

We got to see Tanner, Chandra, and Parker this last weekend. We met up at Thanksgiving Point and toured the dinosaur museum. We had never been before and it was really cool!

They had all these fun little activities. Here the boys are shooting hoops with these spectacles that are suppose to alter your vision until your eyes adjust.

Kaydence loved the big fans that blew stuff up into the air.

She was loving it, who knew fans could be so entertaining!

This is the handsome little Parker sharing his pretzels with Kaydence. He is such a sweet little guy!

Kaydence looks like an insect next to the dinosaurs leg.

Here she is on the heel of another dinosaur leg

Kaydence kept on wanting her Aunt Chan

So did Parker... not enough Chan to go around!

The men

Parker and Kaydence got to act like Paleontologist in the sand box finding dinosaur bones.

Gotta love COUSINS!!!

Marley found the whole experience at the museum riveting!

She just slept the whole time like a little angel!


Travis is still finishing up the ceiling in our basement, he says that he needs to keep it up so Kent doesn't make him look bad. Kent is the hardest worker he is always working on a huge project in their home.
Travis just loves these home projects

This is Travis defeated, you win Kent! He said he can't even begin to compete with you (we are convinced that Kent is half human half machine)

Travis is a hard worker, its just that when he comes home I just want him all to myself and I talk him out of working on anything (I'm a bad influence where our home is concerned).

We just got Marley a Bumbo, she looks so cute sitting in it!

She doesn't like to be in it too long right now, I think because her neck gets tired. But she loves looking around and being eye level with me when I'm doing dishes or the laundry so she loves it at first.

Kaydence in Uncle Ron's shades

Is there anything cuter than a naked baby?

I love little bath time pictures!

I could take a million pictures of my girls

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My birthday, Baby Shower, and Pictures

It was my birthday on the third of this month and because we now have two little girls it is hard to leave them for very long (I still can't get myself to leave Marley for any amount of time so she came with Travis and I). So we did a little at a time, on Tuesday we went out to the movies and got full off all the popcorn and root beer (Marley just stayed covered up in her car seat and never made a peep). Then on Wednesday we went out to eat at Macaroni Grill, one of my all time favorite places to eat. It is an awesome place to go for my birthday, they sang Happy Birthday to me in Italian, gave me this delicious rich chocolate cake, and even gave me a flower (it looks like an Orchid/Calla Lilly). It was great!
Travis giving me some "sugar"

I've had Travis programmed into my phone as "sugar lips" from the beginning, can't get enough!

After our date we went to pick up Kaydence and she couldn't wait to kiss her daddy either! She had to reach up and kiss him as soon as she saw him roll down the window!

Align Right

It was so cute seeing her try to reach Travis to give him kisses that I had to take a picture (or three).

On Friday we celebrated together as a family doing what we do best, lounging around and relaxing. Travis made his first attempt at baking when he made me my birthday cake. It was absolutely amazing! This type of cake has many names but the name that one of Travis's students used for it was the "Better than Seminary Cake". I may just have to ask Travis to bake more often! I have basically eaten the whole pan of cake by myself (Travis isn't a dessert person but m e on the other hand I'M ADDICTED).
The down side to this last week was that Marley started getting sick on Thursday and I hope it wasn't from taking her with us on our dates (we kept her covered up the whole time and she just slept). She is such a sweet little baby and it completely broke my heart when she would try to cry and hardly any noise came out because of her sore throat, I think I cried more than she did. She seems to feel fine during the day but gets all congested and coughs at night. Because Marley hasn't been feeling well she gets a little fussy at night and all she wants is cuddles, she loves to nestle her little body around mine (both of us sleeping on our sides) when she's in this position she is content as can be, I am too :)

I know her hair is standing straight up and crazy but I love it all messy.

On Saturday my sister, Kathleen, had a baby shower put on by Joy (new mother-in-law). Joy went all out for the shower, all the decorations looked great! All the little girls especially enjoyed the decorations, they were going nuts jumping up and down with the balloons.

Kaydence loved playing with all the girls, it is so funny seeing her trying to act like such a big girl.

Corinne is due to come any day now, WE CAN'T WAIT!
While we were at the shower Kent drove down to our house to help Travis with some household projects. In our basement we had one guest bedroom that still had the lower paneled ceilings and Travis has been wanting the rip that stuff out and raise the ceiling, so the boys installed some lights and did the sheet-rocking in the room. I cannot believe what a huge difference it made! Now Travis is wanting to get all the clay and texturizing done this week.
We got to have my mom, Mickell, Kent, Kathleen, and the girls over for a while. Kendra is going to be such a good big sister, she is such a motherly little thing already.

I love Kendra's big smile!
I wanted to post a picture of all the watch bands that I've made (or been given) over the last couple months, it can get so addicting. It is fun wearing a watch as an accessory, I love them!


These are just some pictures I took this week, I feel like there is no such thing as too many pictures!!!
The loves of my life cuddling Sunday afternoon

Travis fell asleep on the recliner and Kaydence put her blanket around him, tucking him in for his nap.


Marley loves when I just sit and talk to her, she gets so excited and starts to make all these noises and smiles so big!