Monday, January 25, 2010

The Whole Gang Gets Together!

It seems like we have been out of our normal routine since Christmas time and that we have been on vacation the whole time. Everything has slowed down and we are getting back to normal, no more celebrations for a while.
We have been spoiled with visitors since Marley has gotten here. It has been so great having everyone come see us.

Taylor and Amanda moved to Washington this last year and weren't able to make it down for Christmas but they were able to come a couple weeks later in January! We were sooooo excited to see them! For a while there I was worried Marley still wouldn't be here by the time they got here but she seemed to come just in time.

So Tay and Amanda came to our place Tuesday night to see our new little addition. It was so much fun getting to hang out with them, I was still on the mend because it hadn't quite been a week since I delivered so we didn't really go out much. I am kind of a home body, a lot of the times I just prefer to stay home and chill and that is pretty much what we use to do when we got together with Taylor and Amanda. Amanda is going to be the sweetest mother, when they stayed with us she always had Marley in her arms and didn't put her down for anything (except me, she kept making sure it was okay with me that she held her so much). The next afternoon Taylor and Amanda took Kaydence out to play while I stayed at home and napped with Marley, apparently Boo had a blast because after that all she wanted to do was play with "Tay Tay" and "Man-da".

That night Kent, Kathleen and the girls came down to stay with us too! They got there pretty late but the girls were still awake and excited to see Marley.

They are so excited for their new little sister to come in just over a month! Kaydence absolutely LOVES her cousins! The whole time the three of them did everything together. This is them the next morning watching cartoons together.

My sister couldn't hold Marley enough either, Taylor and Amanda left for Blackfoot so it was Kathleen's turn to monopolize the time holding her ;) When Travis came home from work he was attacked by three excited little girls. Travis was the new toy!

We were so grateful that Kent and Kathleen were able to come spend time with us and we look forward to going to see them in early March (If Corinne can wait that long to come out).

(Don't mind the huge mess in the background we were chowing down the whole time)
The next morning Kent, Kathleen, and the girls had to head home and were going to meet us and everyone else in Blackfoot that night but the girls had to be dropped off and didn't come with us to Blackfoot, we were sooooo glad that we got to be with them earlier in the week though! So after Travis got home we headed up to B-town.

It was so great to have the entire family all together! We played games that night and played an awful game of the "name game". It was so much fun when we played the last time but everyone put all these ridiculous names in the bucket that NO ONE had ever heard about! I don't know if I will attempt to play with my dad and Kent again ;)

The rest of the time we basically just hung out. A large portion of the time the guys played Call of Duty, pool, wrestled and did all that manly stuff.

I seriously love how the guys will do great poses for me when I get the camera out!

My mom isn't too hip on the guys wrestling anymore, the last time the guys wrestled they put a hole in my moms wall (no joke). Even though Jonathan was one of the culprits that put that hole there she still got right in the middle of a little wrestling match between Taylor and Jonathan to save Johnny. I'm kind of glad I have all girls for now ;)

While the men were downstairs the women were upstairs doing our crafty things. We were at it again making watch bands. Amanda didn't get to make them with us over Christmas so she got to make some and while I probably should have just watched I ended up making myself a couple more also (seven and counting).

Then later that night my family surprised me with Mud Pie and presents for my graduation. I graduated in November but my whole family wasn't able to be together till this weekend so it was awesome that we got to celebrate it all together!
I've said it before and I'll say it again, it doesn't get any better than being with family (especially when the entire family is able to be there). I'm so grateful that everyone was able to make it that weekend especially Taylor and Amanda taking the hundred hour drive to get here!!!
We were also able to stay with the other PetersOn family for a while! We decided to give the name game another try with the family. It was MUCH more successful, no obscure and ridiculous names. The first time Travis and I schooled everyone and the second time Kaitlin and Travis were the victors. The game is so funny because someone will always do something hilarious trying to get their partner to guess or the partner will be the one to say something that cracks everyone up. My dad still has the award for the funniest response "POMEGRANATE"... "JOHN CHERRY!"
Marley was kind of reminding me of Renesme off Breaking Dawn because I don't think she has been put down for longer than a couple minutes since she was born. It is funny because she seems to have this affect on everyone:

I have always had a hard time taking naps, I can't get my brain to turn off I will just sit there and think about all the things I could be getting done (even when there's really nothing I need to do). But Marley is such a peaceful little thing even I can fall asleep while holding her, she is the best cuddler.

This was the first time Kaitlin and Travis were able to see her

It sounds like it will be a while before they have their own little one but when they do they will be such great parents.
Kassidy turned sixteen just over a month ago and that girls date card is ALWAYS full! I remember thinking dating was so over rated when I turned sixteen, I usually just hung out in groups and went to the dances at school but that was pretty much it in high school. Not Kassidy she literally has two to three dates a week with different guys and more scheduled in advance.

This is Travis trying to give our little "dating machine" a foot massage and Kassidy going wild laughing because she was so ticklish!
We love being able to visit family. We are so tight with our families that when we first found out we were moving to Utah I was a little worried because I was afraid we wouldn't get to see everyone very much but I can't believe how much we've been able to see our families. They seem to take trips down to Utah quite often and we have made trips up to Idaho every couple months to see everyone. Gotta love trips up to Idaho!

Kaydence sure loves Marley. She is always telling everyone about "Mar-nee Jo" and her favorite thing to do is nuzzle her hair. These were two pictures I took while we were watching a movie one night. Kaydence was brushing her fingers through Marleys hair and giving her head a kiss every so often. Kaydence is really gentle but I always have to be watching her. So far having two hasn't been much of an adjustment at all but I'm sure only time will tell if that statement holds true.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Labor Experience!

I am kind of a nut, I can never get myself to put Marley down she is so precious. I can't even explain the special feelings I have when I'm holding her, like there is a special reverence or peace I feel with her like she is really a little piece of heaven here in my arms. I remember having the same feelings with Kaydence and realizing how fast the time flew by and before I knew it she was a big girl (compared to Marley, Boo seems so big). I know that a lot of people aren't too into the whole newborn stage because they don't do too much but I am all about this stage. I want to soak up all the time I can. The other night I was changing Marley's diaper and I could tell that she was getting bigger and it almost brought me to tears and Travis was kind of laughing at me telling me, "Nicole, she is only four days old". I know I'm weird but I feel like this stage flies by way to fast, don't get me wrong I absolutely love every stage so far I don't think there is a more entertaining stage than the one Kaydence is in right now, she has me constantly laughing every day (it makes it hard to discipline her when I'm trying to hold back my laughter). I think I might be more prone to want to get past this newborn stage if Marley wasn't such an amazing baby. She never seems to cry, even when she's hungry she just will start to fidget and make little noises when she needs changed or fed. She sleeps so good too, she will get up one to two times a night (depending on how early I hit the sac). Anyway life is amazing!

DETAILED ACCOUNT OF MY EXPERIENCES - I really don't want to scare anyone from getting an epidural because I've heard they work amazing 99% of the time, my experience just wasn't a positive one
I will start out by explaining my first experience of child birth... it basically scared me enough that I questioned ever going through with it again... at least directly after giving birth. I remember the thought of ever having to go through with it again was extremely depressing. After a while I slowly forgot how bad it hurt but I do remember the thoughts I had. Anyway to make a long story short with that labor I thought that I would be as fast as my mom and sister were (under 2 hours) but it took me six hours of labor to get her out, which I know isn't way long but there were complications. When I was about a six I decided I wanted an epidural and I guess my epidural spot is really small and shallow and the anesthesiologist didn't think I even had a spot because she passed right through it and went in too deep. So they decided to try and do a spinal tap but she didn't have the things she needed to put it in so they had to go upstairs and get it and during this time I was having really hard contractions and they told me, whatever you do try not to move. So Travis was holding me so tight and I was praying that I wouldn't end up paralyzed. They ended up trying to get the tap in and a part was missing so I didn't even end up getting the spinal tap. Everyone in the medical field tells me that what happened to me (spinal drip) is the most rare thing to ever happen, a crazy statistic that basically means that it never happens... except it happened to me. So the end result was that I didn't have anything for the pain and I was leaking spinal fluid for a few weeks. The weeks that followed were the worst because for nine months all I wanted to do was hold my baby and take care of her but I had to lie flat on my back or I would get crazy spinal headaches. They tried to do a blood patch, that's when they found out I do have a spot to put the epidural but it is hard to find, the patch didn't stick and they didn't want to try another blood patch for a while and they told me that I could have these spinal headaches leaking fluid for up to three months. It only ended up lasting two weeks and I had an amazing healing experience which really strengthened my testimony and helped me see the Lords hand. So my first experience didn't go as smoothly as we'd hoped but at least Kaydence was healthy as ever.

My first experience made me really nervous to go through labor again so during this whole nine month period I was praying for strength and help to go through with it again, I was pretty scared. It's funny because I use to think I had a high pain tolerance but I learned quickly that I don't and that I really don't enjoy pain. Anyway this next experience was completely different! She came a lot later than I thought she would so we tried EVERYTHING to get her here. I tried jogging seven miles one day, eating a burrito with six packets of fire sauce loaded with jalapenos (amazingly I still didn't get heartburn), bounced on my yoga ball, did the whole massage pressure point thing, and even drank catrol oil. I think those things can work for some people but it didn't for me, Travis and I decided my body is impenetrable. I will put up the video of me drinking the castrol oil on New Years, yee haw I know how to party!
I think her coming late helped my labor experience because I just wanted her to come so bad I was more than willing to go through with child birth again. So I had a one other night where I had contractions regularly for two hours but they stopped, and I never went in because I know they get SO much worse. So the morning she was born I woke up to some contractions but they didn't really hurt, Travis got nervous and wanted to go to the hospital but I wanted to wait and do things to get my mind off it. Travis likes to play things on the safe side so he talked me into going in to the hospital but I told him these contractions aren't anything and that I knew how active labor feels. So I took my time getting ready and eating, trying to keep him off a little longer but I couldn't keep him from staying home long so I called my mom to tell her to drive down (I wanted her to see the labor this time) and we got the Galligers to come over and watch Kaydence while we went in to the hospital. Once we got into the car to leave my contractions STOPPED! I started crying because my mom was already half way here and the Galligers stopped everything to help us. I called my mom to tell her my contractions stopped but that we were still going to get checked into the hospital but I felt like my labor stopped again. So she headed back home to Blackfoot so she could still make it to work on time. We decided to get all the paper work filled out at the hospital so we would be ready when we do go into labor. They sent us to the wrong part of the hospital and by the time we got to where we should have been it was too late for Travis to get to work on time so he had to find a substitute. While he went down the whole list of subs to call I was determined to go into labor. I ran non stop around the parking lot for like an hour, when the contractions started again I just ran through them and just wanted them to get harder so she would come out! I know everyone that saw me thought I was this crazy pregnant woman. Travis finally got a sub (the last person on the whole list he called) so we went to get checked in. I got dressed down, which I kind of didn't want to do because I thought it was pointless (because I wasn't in active labor) I just wanted them to check me to see if I've progressed at all because just the previous after noon I was only dilated to a one. The doctor checked me and told me that I was a seven and almost completely softened! I about died of shock, so I asked her, "Wait! Does that mean I'm staying?" She made a face like "of course" and asked if I wanted an epidural. I immediately said "no" and that I was going all natural. She said "well that's good because you don't seem like your in much pain". The amazing thing is that I actually wasn't in much pain at all, I couldn't believe it! Last time I felt like I was climbing up the wall in pain but these contractions were very bearable. The contractions seemed to be perfectly spaced, I had a lot of time in between contractions to relax and get my energy back! We called my mom but it was too late she was just about to Blackfoot and I was a SEVEN! It was 7 am when I first got to the hospital and an hour later my doctor came and checked me and said I was a nine plus! I was so excited! My water still hadn't broke so the doctor did it then and I started to have some major intense contractions but I know I had help. I asked them if the baby was posterior and the doctor checked her and said that she was so he had to turn her. This was the worse part because my doctor reached his whole hand in to turn the baby while pushing on my stomach with his other hand and told me to push as hard as I could (this was the peak of my pain but I did it). As soon as she was turned she came right out, I though I was still pushing to turn her when she came out. AMAZING!
The labor went so much better than I ever thought it could have gone! It was such a huge blessing! Because I didn't take anything for the pain I didn't have to wear those annoying IV's and I felt I recovered so fast, I wasn't out of it and I was walking around the whole time. Don't get me wrong, I was still super sore but I felt good and started feeling like myself within a few days! I still have to make sure I don't push myself too hard because then I start getting sore again but basically I couldn't be happier with the way everything went and the best part it... Marly came out healthy, strong, and PERFECT and I'm able to enjoy every second I have with my girls!
Here are some more pictures of our little Marley Jo!
Tanner, Chan, and Parker surprised us on Sunday with a little visit and they took some cute pictures of our little girl (they took these first two beautiful pictures)

Can't kiss her enough!

You can't tell how small she is in pictures so Amanda held her fingers against MJ's little chicken legs to show how skinny she is (that phase won't last long while I'm nursing, she will chunk up FAST)

I feel like this picture shows what Marley looks like the most, just chillin in her jammies looking wide eyed at everything.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Marley Jo Peterson

Marley Jo Peterson was born on January 6th, 2010 at 9:06 am weighing 7 lbs and 1 oz.
Giving birth this second time was a completely different experience for me which I will post in detail later (I love reading other peoples labor experiences).

Anyway this is me just before we got in the car to go to the hospital, just as we were getting on the road my contractions all but stopped and when we got to the hospital I was sure they would send me right back home but Travis and I thought we might as well get me checked just in case.

I was completely set on being sent home but when the doctor checked me I was a seven and within two hours Marley Jo was born.

I love her beautiful soft skin

This is Travis giving Marley her first bath

It is a long story, which I will go into further detail when I post how the labor went, but my parents ran into some troubles trying to get here to see the baby. I'm so glad they made it and got to spend so much time with us!

The hospital doesn't allow anyone under 14 inside so Kaydence wasn't able to come see her new baby sister right away. We were able to leave the hospital by 9:30 the next morning and we were excited for the girls to meet.

Kaydence calls Marley "Mar-nee" and "my baby". She seems to be adjusting well to having a sister so far, she just seems to love the baby too much at times (she always nuzzles her face in Marley's hair and gives her kisses). She is so gentle with her sister.

Monte and Kim were able to come up and see us Friday.

Kaydence still gets plenty of attention from her grandparents.
She wanted to take a picture and when I told her to smile this is what I got.

Kaydence was starting to have a hard time because I'm not suppose to pick her up for a few days and she was feeling a little abandoned so one night she was crying a lot but eventually passed out on the kitchen floor waiting for daddy to make her an orange julius.


My mom stayed with us through the weekend and just left today, I already miss her! She was helping us with the girls and helped get Marley on the right sleeping schedule. Last night Marley slept from midnight to 6:30 the next morning without even making a peep (she might have even slept longer if her big sister didn't go wake her up), awsome! I'm so excited, she has been the best little baby. Kaydence has always had a hard time sleeping, even now, but it looks like Marley will have no trouble at all sleeping through the nights (I'm keeping my fingers crossed).

My dad and Mickell came up for the night and got to spend more time with us too!

I have tried to get a picture with her beautiful eyes open but it is so hard because the flash blinds her. She has the biggest pretty eyes but I can't capture them in a picture.

We are so blessed to finally have Marley Jo here!