Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009 in the PetersEn Home

We got over to my families house that Christmas Eve night and got all settled for the night. Travis has been doing the twelve days of Christmas for me so I have been enjoying these awesome massages every day and that night was no exception.

Can it get any better than this?!?!

Apparently Boo thought it could, she was trying to help daddy massage my feet and legs. She is such a good little helper! She tried to massage Dane's feet too and she ended up getting a little foot massage too!

Kent Kathleen and the girls got there late that night and Kaydence was so excited to see her cousins.

Kendra and Kaydence just started hugging and it just melted my heart. They haven't seen each other since September so they had to make up for lost time (and trust me... they did).
My mom has this whole little nativity scene that the girls are able to play with on Christmas Eve, I think my mom was trying to tell them the nativity story but Boo just wanted to play with the little figurines the whole time.

Kathleen made each of her girls two sets of the cutest pajamas for Christmas, you can tell they were ready to cuddle up for bed.
We ended the night reading Christmas stories, like always. This year Taylor and Amanda weren't able to come up for Christmas, we are going to get to see them in January and can't wait!!! It definitely wasn't the same without them, we all kept on saying there was something missing without them there. Life gets crazy when you grow up and you can't just up and leave whenever you want. Just know that you two were very missed!!! Love you!
The next morning we ended up having to wait for Kaydence to wake up! Everyone was up and ready to rip into their gifts but we were waiting on our little sleepy head.
The whole morning she was so out of it. She loved her stocking, which had Pez in it. She just walked around pulling the candy out of it the whole time in a trance-like mode.


Watching the little ones open their gifts is one of my favorite parts. I love their excitement!

I found out Camryn loves Transformers! Yeah the girl loves action movies, she cracks me up! She says that Optimus Prime is her "sweet love" (him and Iron Man, she is a little torn on who she will decide to marry one day).

Kendra is always following in her big sissy's footsteps. Her "sweet love" is Bumble Bee. It cracked me up how excited they got about getting Transformers!

These two are sooo cute!!!

Travis opening his gift that I've slaved over for the past month (a calendar with love notes, memories, and all the things I love about him, one for every day)

Then we had our traditional Christmas breakfast, biscuits and gravy. My dad is a professional when it comes to making biscuits and gravy.

The toys that were in high demand in the Petersen home were the dress up dresses and the karaoke CD player that Kendra and Camryn got from their parents.

The girls were having way too much fun dressing up and singing songs the whole afternoon.

Kaydence was following her cousins everywhere and wanted to do whatever they were doing.
The three amigos... soon to be the five amigos (I still can't believe we are going to have FIVE grand girls right around the same ages, party at grandma's house!) My mom is decking out one of the bedroom upstairs for the grand girls, with bunk beds and all that fun girly stuff!

The dress that Kaydence wore was a little too big and little risque on her but it was so cute, she just wanted to be a big girl like her cousins. I couldn't get her to wear normal clothes the whole time we were there!
I have a few videos of the girls singing but I'm guessing Kathleen will post a few of her girls, they were our entertainment for the rest of the day.
Kaydence kept on putting her mouth on the microphone and getting it all slobbery so I was trying to keep her from pressing it against her mouth in this video.
We might have to get her one of these some time, you gotta admit the girls got some sweet vocal chords (she gets that from me).
Yep, she's a performer!

For my parents this year we got them a gift certificate to Johnny Carinos to open that morning for $30... yeah with six kids who all go in on one gift if you do the math that is a pretty lame gift. That's what we wanted our parents to think, it was driving me crazy the whole morning having them think that was all we got them this year. At one point my mom was thanking me for the gift and I couldn't even look in her eyes because of the shame I felt. I wanted to say, "yes mom you do mean more to me than spending five dollars on a gift certificate this year for Christmas". But I was actually able to keep my mouth closed and it was my job to get them out of the house so the guys could set up their main present.
We got them shutters for the house, which look soooo good! I took my parents to Kim and Monte's house to show them the project we did in their front room for Christmas while the guys set up the shutters. Can you imagine how bad I felt taking my parents to my in-laws to show them what we did for them for Christmas with my parents thinking we got them a measly gift certificate. Anyway when we got back neither of my parents noticed the shutters right away so we just kept on going through the day waiting to see when they would notice. My mom was in the middle of making the Christmas dinner while my dad and the guys were setting up my dads new grill when Jonathan said something on the phone about shutters (accidentally but it worked out perfectly). My moms hands were covered in dough but all of the sudden she ran to clean off her hands grabbed her coat and ran outside. We were all wondering what was going on but she heard the word shutters and bolted out of there. It was so funny!!! The reaction was great and we were all laughing about it for a while. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the shutters but we are still waiting on one last set of shutters.I will have to post pictures of it later.

After the guys finished putting the grill together Travis noticed Kaydence wasn't with her cousins and went looking for her. He looked at the grill and saw part of her dress sticking out the bottom of the door and said, "Where did Kaydence go?" Then she quickly pulled the rest of her dress into the door so he wouldn't see her. Travis kept on acting like he couldn't find her then she surprised him by pushing the door open and shouting "HEY!"

It was pretty cute!
That night Kathleen gave the girls a bath and read them a story before bed.

Kaydence wanted to sleep with her cousins, when she gets older that will be so fun for them!

Kaydence loves her aunt Kathleen, she will just stare at her sometimes.
After our big Christmas dinner Kathleen and I got a belly shot together.

My sister is a little delusional sometimes, she thinks that she is just as big as me where it is abundantly clear that my belly eclipses hers by a mile. She is in her third trimester and still looks amazing! It is so fun being pregnant with my sister and it makes me so excited to know that these two girls will be so close together! Love it!
The next day we went shopping for a little bit but us girls spent a lot of the day making those cute bracelet watches. My mom made us each some for Christmas and got us a ton of beads and the rest of the things you need to make them so we could make more if we wanted (in the colors and styles we wanted). So I ended up getting FIVE watches that I just love, you know you have to have one of every color ;)
While we were doing that my mom had the little ones making gingerbread houses (while trying to help Kathleen and I make our watches, she was running in circles).

The gingerbread houses didn't last long, before even starting their projects Camryn asked my mom how long she would have to wait until she could eat her house.

The answer: Dig in!
My mom suggested waiting a little while to eat the house so we could see the work of art but it didn't last two seconds. Kaydence didn't even make it to putting the candy on the house she was eating all the frosting off the graham crackers while my mom was trying to set the house up.
The end result - Three little girls on a sugar high!
The girls were literally running in circles laughing and screaming.

Since mom, Kathleen, and I were busy practicing our artistic creative abilities making the watches the guys got the girls to bed (not an easy feat considering how they were bouncing off the walls).
Kent read to the girls

While Kent and Travis were getting the girls down for the night Camryn gave Travis detailed instructions on which rooms he could enter and which he could not. Travis said, "Well okay... but Camryn what if I need to take Kaydence to her bed after your done reading your stories?"
After a short pause she looked at him and said, "Well... then you come talk to me."
Camryn has always made me laugh with the things she says! They are sheer entertainment!
Anyway we had such a special Christmas with my family too, it really does go by way too fast. I'm sure that is just how life goes. I am so grateful for our amazing families and the time we get to spend together, that is what life is all about right there!
We hope everyone else had amazing Christmas's also and that you all have an awesome new year too!!!

Christmas 2009 in the PetersOn Home

Christmas was a little hard to plan for this year with the little one being expected to come any day. On the morning of the seventeenth I had a little pregnancy scare where I was up with contractions but they stopped around four in the morning. With Kaydence I never had one contraction until I went into labor with her so I didn't know what to expect with baby number two. Well I still haven't had a real contraction since that night/morning, and I feel so great that it doesn't seem like the end is in sight. We'll see, I guess she will just come when she wants to come. My doctor checked me the day before we left for Idaho and nothing was happening so we decided it would be safe to take the drive up for Christmas. I have my favorite doctor in the world up there who had things set up for me if I did happen to go into labor but it was a no go.
We really missed Tanner, Chan, and Parker but they have been traveling like crazy the last couple weeks and decided it was time to start some traditions of their own and have Christmas in the comfort of their own home for a change, we missed you guys!
Anyway we got to Pocatello Wednesday night and met up with Kaitlin and Travis to get everything ready for that night and the big Christmas surprise we had set up for Kim and Monte.

When we got to the Peterson home Kim had some delicious homemade clam chowder and rolls out ready for us to devour.

Kaydence had a little dinner then found the chocolate and lounged out on grandma to eat her treat. Her little heaven on Earth (chocolate and grandma).
We celebrated Christmas and Christmas Eve a day early with the family so we could have two Christmas's and get to spend it with both families.
So then we did our little Christmas Eve thing that night where we opened a gift.
Christmas Jammies Baby!

(can you tell where Kaitlin works, she gets us the hook up!)

and the cutest slippers for Kim

Travis was cracking me up! Don't you love the triple chin!

Then we sent Kim and Monte to bed without further adieu. We are so sneaky! I'm sure they didn't see anything coming or suspect that we were up to anything what with the blow dryers going all night and us laughing so loud until the wee hours of the morning.
Anyway we got to work on the front room right away. We had to do three layers of paint on the molding because it was a really dark green color before so Kass and I were going crazy with those blow dryers in between cotes.

I wore a mask because your not really suppose to be around too many paint fumes when your pregnant. I felt like I was ready to go in and perform a surgery... on the living room that is, har har

Now you can't say that I don't have some major huge belly going on in there!!!

Travis was doing such a meticulous job painting over Kim's beautiful stencil work. His family are professional painters and set us up with everything we needed. That and Travis's expertise and we knew we would end up with one beautiful work of art.

Taping the windows and edges.

Kaitlin and I had to take a midnight run (literally) to Pocatello to pick up some supplies we left down there. We felt so spontaneous getting in the car at midnight and just going for a drive. It is so much fun talking to Kaitlin, her excitement has always been contagious and I could just talk to the girl forever! Fun times!
The men painted the top half while the ladies moved the drop clothes and watched for runs and other little jobs like that.

My sexy man!

We were getting so tired and delirious as the hours ticked by. Everything and anything put us into a laughing attack. I don't even remember one thing that was actually funny that we were laughing at but we were busting a gut laughing anyway.

We were pooped by the end!

I'm pretty sure Kassidy fell asleep in every position and every room upstairs. She wanted to be part of the action though, even if it was just through osmosis.

Finally we called it quits and wrapped the room up.

We finished after four in the morning, by the time I crawled into bed it was almost five! You would think we loved Monte and Kim or something ;)
The next morning we weren't in a hurry to wake up. We got out of bed around ten and had a great breakfast of Monte's special waffles and the works.
Monte had to help us with the finishing touches on the room, installing the light fixture.

Boo was a big help... as usual.

Then the grand finale, the moment we had all been waiting for...
That whole morning Kim was so excited and couldn't wait to see the room. Everyone was teasing her about making her wait longer, like ten o'clock in the morning wasn't long enough!

You don't get cuter than that, Kim was so excited and appreciative that it made every lost minute of sleep more than worth it! It is WAY too easy to love these two to pieces!!!
Kim is looking for some black leather furniture to put in the room and she got some gorgeous black framed decorations for Christmas that will look so amazing when it is all done! More pictures to come.
After their present was opened we each tore into our gifts.

Monte must not have been a very good boy this year, he got a big lump of coal in his stocking. How appropriate ;)
Kaydence got stickers in her stocking which she proceeded to put all over her body. She loves stickers!

Kim made the absolute cutest bow holder for our girls, with all these adorable bows to go with it! I LOVE bows!
Kaydence got so many cute clothes from Grandma and Grandpa which she proceeded try on for the rest of the afternoon.

Not always successfully
Matching shirts ;)

Couples just don't come any cuter!

Kaitlin surprised Travis with a gorgeous new set of scriptures and a new case for them to go in.
We all had such an AMAZING Christmas together and feel so spoiled to have each other!
Later that evening Kim made an amazing Christmas dinner which she was slaving over while the rest of us were napping the day away.

After dinner we had so much fun reminiscing about the good old days when Kim and Monte were dating and newlyweds.

We had fun laughing at some of the pictures and hearing the fun stories they had and things they had done together. Adventurous couple!

This is the studly hat that Monte wore the first time he went to visit Kim's family when they were dating. Such a ladies man!
Leave it to Kass to make an old hat look something off the run way, the little super model!

At one point Kassidy asked Monte and Kim if it all ends once you have kids or something, it made me laugh. Having kids really does change a lot but if you ask me, they are still one crazy fun adventuresome family!
Then Montel got out the ukulele and started playing while we all messed around dancing and playing. I love moments like that!
It was such a special Christmas, it all seemed to end way too fast but we made some memories we won't forget.