Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Swappin Sitters and Playdates

I have been a little tired lately and haven't had much time to post. I am finishing up with my last week of school, then I will be officially done with my bachelors degree. I am now 36 weeks along in the pregnancy. Our little family is loving this holiday season and gave talks in sacrament meeting, mine was on the Thanksgiving topic while Travis talked about focusing on the Savior during this holiday season. I love preparing talks, this one was one of my favorites to prepare.
These last couple of months we started this nice little system with some friends in our ward where every week we watch their little boy and they watch Kaydence on another day, that way Travis and I get a date night every week. I LOVE IT! I look forward to our date night every week. Anyway these are some of the pictures of the kids playing when it was our time to watch them. I am surprised at how well they play and how its almost easier having them over because Kaydence has a friend to play with (she looks forward to our date night just as much as we do)!

We switch with Heather and Brian every week and this is their little boy Trenton, he is such a cutie pie!

They set up a table to make an indoor slide for the kids, Kaydence loved it!

I love when she makes her funny face!

This is Katie (we have a picture of her at Halloween as Minnie Mouse). They are so stinkin cute together, I came up with excuses to get them to hug because it was so cute and I wanted to get a picture!

Using the chairs as a jungle gym. They were having so much fun talking to each other through the chairs.

Tanner, Chan, and Parker got all moved up here last week so we were able to play with them over the weekend. We went to IKEA and the kids had a blast playing in the kid area (both at the food court area and in the model area).

Even though we had lunch there we had to get an ice cream cone when we were through with the whole IKEA tour. Kaydence was lovin it and lovin her daddy for giving her one!

Parker was giving his mommy kisses too! Nothing deserves a kiss more than ice cream!

We also had a power outage on Sunday night. It was kind of exciting! We were having fun lighting candles, making shadow puppets, singing and playing music.

Kaydence was wanting to just run around the house with her little flash light the whole time... or get into the candles.

It's great when all the distractions of life are taken away and you can just enjoy doing silly things together!
So that is just a quick little update on us. We hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving weekend!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Kaydence just turned TWO YEARS OLD on Monday, November 9th! I can't believe how big she is getting, it seems like everyday she is doing something new and showing even more personality. I feel like we couldn't be more blessed, she really brings us so much joy!

  • She loves to talk. It seems like I am the only one who understand her sometimes though because she usually only says the first one or two syllables in the word she is saying. She loves to be given options, so when I ask her what she wants (whither it be food, clothes, show, etc.) she ALWAYS says a long, UMMMMM..... and ponders the decision before choosing. She loves to try and sing, I really need to get in on video!
  • She is so expressive, she shows so much emotion on her face. Very expressive with her eyebrows especially. I think part of the reason is because she loves to look at herself in the mirror. When I do her hair in the mornings she will just talk and talk to her reflection and when she is being naughty I send her to her room and when she has calmed down and I go in to get her she is starring at herself in her mirror making the saddest faces and practicing her different facial expressions. If she is trying to tell you what she wants and you guess it right she gets the most excited face on and yells, "YEAH"! She is so dramatic and shows her emotions in her face.
  • She is the most social child I have ever seen. The girl LOVES people! She also LOVES attention, I know most children do but Kaydence will put on a show or do whatever it takes to get everyone's attention. So needless to say she is very distracting at church in Sacrament meeting.
  • She is very affectionate, she loves to give kisses and hugs.
  • She is very receptive to the way others are feeling, especially if they are sad. If we watch a movie and I start to tear up she will come and cuddle up to me, rub my back, and keeps giving me kisses while making the saddest face because she feels bad that I am crying. She also gets really upset if she sees any kind of violence or anger, whether it be in a movie or if someone is kidding around telling a story or wrestling, it really upsets her. She tries to protect the person that is being wrestled or buries her face in my shoulders if someone is acting angry or even if there is dramatic music going on in the movie.
  • She is such a FLIRT! I can tell when she thinks a boy is cute, she will take attention from a cute boy over a girl any day. She is already boy crazy, I think Travis is banking on her getting it all out of her system now.
  • Kaydence LOVES shoes, clothes (the more girly the outfit the better), having her fingers and toe nails painted, and lip gloss. She is 100% GIRL! She also loves to dance, it is so fun to watch her try and imitate moves and dance with her.
  • Her favorite shows are Blues Clues (ultimate favorite) and Little Einsteins (she especially loves the ballerina in it and doing all the moves with them). We actually don't have any TV channels but I get videos from the library with her every week.
  • Her favorite foods are breakfast foods, like pancakes (Swedish or regular), cereal, toast, eggs, etc. She also really likes foods with sour cream in them, so she really likes Mexican foods. Her very favorite treats are chocolate or an orange Julius, she will do anything for one of those.
  • She is so gentle. She is so soft with animals and pets. She LOVES dogs and babies.
  • Kaydence is very sensitive, if she even bumps her head she needs to have it kissed all better. She also needs to show you exactly what got her head or her foot and points directly to the perpetrator, then after I completely understand what happened she has to have a big hug (her lower lip puckered out in a full blown frown the whole time, she really plays it up). She does this quite a bit every day, she loves to give and receive sympathy. She needs to toughen up a little though because she is so sensitive when other kids accidentally run into her or touch her wrong, she runs to me crying and needs me to kiss her all better. So she doesn't play as well with boys who like to rough house.

That's our precious little two year old in a nutshell!

Travis's family came down for Kaydence's birthday this last weekend. It was quite the sacrifice, they got stuck in this construction zone for quite a while on the way here and also got to enjoy the heavy traffic Salt Lake has to offer. We are so grateful that they came down, we had a blast!
We were all able to go to the Salt Lake Temple together, which was really special. We also went shopping to one of our favorite places, Plato's Closet. Kaitlin got some major hot outfits. We hit some other places too but mainly stayed at our place and played. I had to take a few shots of the family just playing around and capturing those tender moments.

On Sunday Kaydence had her first performance with the primary singing in the sacrament meeting program. I didn't know that they were going to have the kids from nursery in the program so I was so excited to see our tiny little girl in front acting like she knew what she was doing. Monte even had to come up and get a closer look to watch her up there. The primary programs are my favorite, hearing their sweet little angelic voices just brings the spirit and touches my heart.

Kaydence got spoiled again! She has really got the hang of opening presents, she was tearing into all of them and wouldn't slow down for anything. She got some of the most adorable outfits, some pairs of little girl high heels, finger nail polish, and coloring type stuff (her favorite things).
Her shoe collection! She is such a shoe girl, I have to avoid the shoe sections whenever I go to the store because she will go crazy trying them all on and putting them in our cart.


Travis has been a little obsessed with trying to catch the gophers in our yard. Travis has done quite a bit of work trying to get the lawn looking nice then those darn rodents dig everything up and make holes throughout the lawn. So Trav got some traps and strategically planted bait (peanut butter) to see if he could lour the critters up. Sure enough he got one!

He was pretty proud of himself. There is still at least one more but he is a smart one, he keeps on burying the trap under the ground and making it go off. Travis is on a mission, he has assured me that he will come out the victor, HE'S GOING DOWN!

Jarvis also got into checking the traps and trying to get the critter too, they were so funny, they would get each other all pumped up about checking the traps, laying them, setting it up, and everything. It must be a guy thing, I really didn't even want to get close to the thing (no matter how gross the creature is it's always a little sad to me to see something die, so I prefer not to even look at them). But the guys were showing it to everyone like it was a trophy

Okay I am one of those crazy people who gets out the tree as soon as Halloween is over. I know how some people really get upset about this, in some of Travis's classes some of the students have requested to sing some of the Christmas hymns and he said one kid in the class got really upset about it. Well the first time it snowed here, a couple weeks ago, I played Christmas music the whole day and I have been doing it ever since I set up the tree. There is just something so magical about all the lights, music, and trees around Christmas time, and one month is not enough for me. Anyway this is the first year I have been able to do a full blown tree and I have been so excited!
(WARNING: mushy memory, not necessary to read, one for the book)
My favorite flowers are calla lilies and poinsettia's. I never use to think much of the poinsettia's until I had a young women's activity where they set up this program to celebrate all the young women in our ward. The mothers were all suppose to choose a flower that best described their daughters and to come and talk about why they chose that flower. Most mothers seemed to choose sun flowers or roses, with a few other flowers thrown in there. Then my mom got up there with a big poinsettia in her arms, I remember thinking, "Oh no, my mom thinks I am most like a bush". I don't have the paper that she wrote up for the program but it was the sweetest thing and something I will never forget. The main things I remember her saying are that the Poinsettia is the Christmas flower and that I have always been the child who makes sure we read Christmas stories every night (even as a teenager) and how that time of year is all about the spirit of Christ and how I was one who really shared in that spirit or had the spirit of Christ with me. At the end she talked about how when you first look at the flower you think the red parts are the petals and the pretty parts of the flower but those are actually just the leaves. The things that look like seeds inside of it were the real petals or fruit that blossom (something like that). She said that I was the same way, that I am so beautiful on the outside but when you take a closer look the truly amazing part was what was inside and how that was by far the most beautiful part about me. Ever since then that has become my favorite flower and a reminder of how much I am loved, thank you mom.
Anyway, my sister Kathleen always decorates her tree differently each year and one year she did a Poinsettia tree (all her trees are so gorgeous). I fell in love with that tree and knew that I would have to do one myself one day. So the day finally came this month, this is my tree!

I love it, I have been having so much fun decorating the rest of the house with Christmas stuff. I'm still working on it, it is soooooo much fun! I love having enough room to go nuts on this stuff!

Ending on a funny note, this is a little video of Kaydence playing in the covers with everyone, you can tell she is really loved!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Full House For Halloween

The weather was great on Halloween day, luckily, but on Tuesday we had the first snow of the season. When I showed Kaydence the snow that morning she was so excited she wanted to get out and play in it right away. So after breakfast we went outside, still in her pajamas. I just had to catch a picture of her after the first snow.

We had such a great Halloween this year, my family came down to spend the weekend with us.
On Friday night Dane and Mickell watched Kaydence while the rest of us went to a symposium in Provo. My Uncle Ron, Aunt Marilyn, Troy, and his friend Jessica invited us to the event and it was awesome!

Great messages and great company!
Afterword we went out to eat at this place that was really good but I can't remember the name of it (it was really close to where we were on campus and we walked there).

Anyway it seems like we can just visit forever with the Tenney's, it is pure entertainment when your with them! We stayed up till about one in the morning!

That is so late for Travis and I, we go to bed around nine thirty every night and on the weekends ten thirty-ish, which we consider splurging! We are such old farts!
But the fun didn't stop there! The next morning we had a big breakfast then went to the Family Rec Center by our house.

We played raquetball, basketball, did some rock climbing, and swimming. Well... everyone else did those things, I'm a slow pregnant lady so I just played with Kaydence and Mickell in the kiddy pool.

Kaydence was so excited when she saw the pool and she ran in the water and was loving it!

They had a big slide for adults and a small slide for little ones. This is a really short clip of Kaydence going down the slide, which she did about a hundred times.
At one point she kept on trying to get up the slide the wrong way and I had to keep on stopping her but I wasn't fast enough. She fell and hit her cheek on the side and now has a bruise on her right cheek, its so sad.
Then we had to go out trunk or treating that evening! I had a hard time getting Boo a costume this year. My mom brought all these costumes for Kaydence to try on the other week but she absolutely would not try them on. She did not want to wear a costume. So I tried to think of something that might not look too much like a costume. Last year Kelli Moulton and I made our little girls costumes and she made Haddyn a Lamb. I thought that might work for Kaydence this year so I tried it, I only did the shirt and made a little hat. To my utter surprise it worked! She actually wore it the whole night, I don't know if it is partially due to the fact that every other kid was dressed up but I was just so glad she kept it on.

Travis getting her all ready

Check out that excited expression

Her trick or treating bag was as big as she is!
Little Bo Peep's mom asked me if she could take a picture with our little lamb.
Little Bo Peep found her sheep (or at least one).

This is another little girl in our ward that Kaydence loves to play with, Katie (or Minnie Mouse).

Kaydence was so much fun to take trick or treating, she didn't know what was going on last year but this year she would say "tick- teat" and went around to everyone passing out candy. She was pretty quiet when she said it and sometimes she would just say "thank you" instead of trick or treat. I tried to get it on video but couldn't, it was pretty loud and chaotic with so many kids everywhere.

Enjoying the fruits of her labor, you can see her little bruise in this picture :(
Trunk or treating completely tuckered her out!


We also got to see the Tenneys a little more, they came up to be with us that night and we felt spoiled to have them over. We had caramel apples, candy, big gulps :) watched youtube videos and chatted the whole night away. SOOOO fun!

We had another surprise visitor that night... TANNER! Travis's brother flew in at the last minute and partied with us! He didn't actually come just to play he wanted to get some things ready for his little family to move up here this month.
Tanner has the sweet iphone and he was letting Kaydence play all the little games on it and watch cartoons before church. Technology is CRAZY!

It was my amazing brothers birthday on Sunday and we got to have him over on his special day!

He is always such a great example to me and we are so grateful that he took time off work to come down with the family! Love ya Bro!
We also celebrated Kaydences birthday early while my family was here.

Both of them blowing out their candles!

Kaydence got spoiled from grandma and grandpa. Her favorite gift was this little puppy that had a hurt foot and she had doctor supplies to make him feel better. She is such an empathetic little thing, every time it would whimper she would make the sweetest noises of being concerned for the puppy.

She tried to kiss him better right away

Kissing his hurt foot

Her using her medical supplies to fix him

She STILL has not put that puppy down.
Thank you so much for everything mom, dad, and the whole family! You're the best!
This is a little video of Kaydence in her lamb outfit (its short but I thought grandma Kimmi Kae would like to see her) and of Kaydence opening her presents and playing with her puppy.

We sure love our sweet girl!