Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Football Game, Gardner Village, and Visitor!

We went to the homecoming football game at Bingham the other weekend. It is such a nice field (made of turf and outside), and on the scoreboard there is a big screen where they televise the game. So there was a helicopter that was hovering over us taking footage and Kaydence loved it, she kept on pointing up to it and saying "pane, pane". She also kept on pointing out all the moths that were flying under the big lights.

This was the best snap shot we were going to get, she's not into taking pictures these days. Kaydence knows no boundaries when it comes to people, she kept on going up to everyone, sitting by them talking to them, pointing out all the moths and the helicopter to them. There was this guys that was sitting in front of us and she kept on going to stand in between him and his wife, to get a better view. I kept on trying to keep her with Travis and I but to no avail. When she was standing by that stranger she softly reached her hand out and stroked his cheek, I about died. She had already grabbed at him if she thought she was loosing her balance but I couldn't believe she just touched his face. We were telling her to be soft, not wanting her to push them from their seats or bother them but apparently she thought we meant she needed to caress this strangers cheek. She seriously loves people and attention.
I also got to meet a lot of students that Travis teaches, they sure are great kids. It was funny because a lot of people didn't recognize him when he wasn't wearing his suit, one girl actually said, "Oh... Brother Peterson, your wearing clothes". Very observant. We also got to visit with other teachers he works with, it was a lot of fun.
Ben, one of the coolest kids you will ever meet, always plays with Kaydence and she just adores him. He is in our ward and in our Sunday school class and Kaydence always looks for him to play with her. He went to Disneyworld the other week and came back with all these souvenirs for Kaydence! So sweet!

Thank you Ben!
The weekend before last the weather was gorgeous and we went to Gardner Village. I have heard about it a lot and figured we should go check it out.

It was really fun but apparently everyone else had the same idea because it was so packed with people. We were wanting to see Gordon and Chelsea but didn't get to, we did run into a few of our friends though.

This is JC, Trav, and Craig. (and yes JC is sportin a stache). I don't know why but I didn't get a picture of Haley and Amy but I did get a couple with Craig and Amy's little girl Paige.

They are so cute!
I just started cracking up when I saw this witch, she is sitting on the pot in an outhouse and the sign says "Witchy Poo".

There were a lot of cute shops and treats there, a fun little novelty place.
My mom wanted to know what Travis wanted for his birthday and he said he wanted her to come down and visit us for the weekend so this last weekend so she did! It is our favorite when family comes down!

It was her Birthday last Monday so when we went to pick her up at the airport (she rode on Salt Lake Express with Jonathan driving) he was going to stand outside our sunroof and sing her happy birthday on his guitar. My mom came out the back way and Trav wanted to hurry and say "hi" to Jonathan and we missed the opportunity but he played for my mom later (not quite as cool as playing out the car at the airport but my mom loved it). When my mom was here we had to go shopping, OF COURSE! I can't shop with anyone else like I can with her, it is so much fun!

I had to take a picture of Kaydence putting on this mask, so cute, then when daddy put it on she went running.

I'm wondering how she is going to react to all the trick-or-treaters this year!
My mom brought some costumes for Kaydence to try on but she wasn't having any of it, she ended up putting the crown on my mom.

We met up with Jonathan that night at Leatherby's because he has an hour and half break on his driving shift.

Wow! If you have not tried their caramel and hot fudge you haven't LIVED!`

After Kaydence made a complete mess of herself she just started dancing through the place. She almost stops every time I get the camera out but it was so funny! You'll notice she has fudge on her sleeves and everywhere else in between, I tried to keep her clean but gave up that feat pretty quickly.
We LOVED having my mom over and we are so spoiled we get to have her and the rest of the family over next weekend! We're excited!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It is official Travis is an old fart!
I love my man, I can't believe how fast time flies. Travis has always said that life is like a roll of toilet paper, it goes faster and faster the closer to the end you get (or the older you get). It seems like time just seems to be speeding up, a lot of times I don't even know where the day went! Now here we are with a kid and another on the way, it is still so crazy to me!
I don't want to go into too much detail about how much my hubby means to me, but suffice it to say that I feel like I will never be able to give him as much as he has given me, greater happiness than I ever imagined. I mean, I did get him this studly watch for his birthday but I still don't think the scale is tipped toward him owing me :)
The longer you can stretch out your birthday the better, we celebrated Travis's birthday with his family the previous week and then made a whole weekend out of it this last weekend! On Friday Travis and I went out and had a night out on the town. The next morning Travis went fishing with a friend up in the Uintahs. The fish must have known it was his special day because he had some luck and at the very end of the trip he got his TROPHY FISH!

This is the big Tiger Trout he caught, he was pretty proud as I'm sure only another man can totally relate.The state record for this fish is 29 inches, they measured Travis's fish and it was a whopping 26 inches and 7.5 pounds. I think he wants to blow up this picture and mount it on the wall!
When he got home late that afternoon we spent the rest of the day celebrating as a little family.

Basically that consisted of us relaxing around the house, eating some treats I made, playing the guitar, watching a show, and just being lazy. That was what Travis wanted to do after hiking so far and long that morning.
The next night we had a little get together with some friends.

These are some of Trav's old high school buddies, it was great catching up and hearing them reminisce over funny stories (and boy do they have some!). I always thought Trav and his group of buddies were the coolest guys, they always seemed to have so much fun, were always such good guys, and always doing something crazy!
The fellas

(Clay, Colby, Travis, and Jared)
The Ladies

(Jen, Nicole, Joevannie, and Melanie)
Seriously the guys came out way ahead with the women they married! The guys are pretty darn amazing too, so that's really saying something! It was great getting to visit and hang out with them.
Kaydence was going around wearing everyone's purses and especially all of Joevannies things (she always had her purse, got her shoes, her necklace, etc.).

It was cute, Kaydence is also very partial to Colby, she just wanted him to hold her the whole time when they were over last and when it was time to leave she just wanted to hop in the car with Colby and Melanie.
Kaydence also got to play with Cade (Clay and Jens studly little man). When they first put him on the floor he started crawling towards her and she started freaking out. This adorable little guy, nine months old, who in all actuality can probably crawl faster than she can run, intimidated HER. She is such a silly girl! (I wish I would have gotten a picture of them together).
Thanks for making the trip you guys!

Kaydence and I sure lucked out when we got Travis, he is the best husband and father EVAH! LOVE YA BABE!

Side note:
Just thought I would throw in our little FHE activity this week. What would October be without pumpkin carving or in our case pumpkin painting. I have never felt very safe armed with a knife trying to carve a face out of the pumpkin, now that I have Kaydence I really don't like the whole carving thing. So we got out the paints, newspapers, and pumpkins and started trying out our artistic abilities.

Turns out I've got no skills in this department but Kaydence was promising. She kept on trying to paint over mommy and daddy's pumpkins to "fix" the damage we had done. Actually most of the time she was sliding on the newspapers and trying to paint everything but the pumpkins. With a little help from daddy she got the hang of things. We were all covered in paint by the end. We are proudly displaying our pumpkins in the front yard now. There is one for daddy, mommy, Kaydence, and the bun in the oven.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Conference Weekend and Fall Festivities!

This conference weekend we were able to have Travis's family over to our home. Monte got here early Friday morning so him and Travis could get to work.

Not before he hugged and held Kaydence for as long as he could.
Travis had a list of things he wanted his dads help on and first on the list was putting a light in, right above our island. WOW, I love it, lighting makes such a big difference. They stayed really busy the whole day while the rest of us went out to play. Travis Nelson and Kaitlin went to his mission reunion, which Travis and I could have gone to his again but he was busy with his dad (Tuckers will have to tell us how it went). Kim, Kassidy, Kaydence, and I went shopping.

Kassidy basically likes to wear anything that is bright, the brighter the colors the better (and "no" she didn't get that shirt she just grabbed it for the picture).
Kaydence is the biggest girly girl I know, she loves shopping (as long as I let her go wherever she wants and gets to try everything on).

She loves clothes but shoes and accessories are her favorite, she found herself some pink shoes and a pink purse and was modeling them out for us.

She didn't want to part with the shoes or the purse and it turns out grandma is a sucker for this little girl because she bought her the purse, spoiled girl!
The weekend didn't exactly play out as we planned. That night Kassidy got so sick and was bed ridden the rest of the weekend. Kaitlin was passing kidney stones and getting nauseated from the codeine. I felt so bad, they are such troopers because they still wanted to stay with us. So the rest of the weekend we just relaxed and lounged around the house. I love to bake and make treats so I made some sugary goodness stuff and Kim brought a ton of Travis's favorite cookies - banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I felt so stuffed the whole time, I don't think I ever stopped eating.

Kassidy is the one hiding under the blanket, they took her to the doctor and it turns out that they think she has swine flu! Thank goodness no one else has been coming down with symptoms, poor girl! Mariella also came for a visit, she is the sweetest person, she served a mission in Idaho and got really close to the whole family.
One reason Kim brought Travis's favorite cookies is because it is Travis's birthday next Saturday and we celebrated his birthday that Saturday.

We had cake and Kim took him shopping earlier that day during one of the conference breaks. They sure spoil us!

Kaitlin and Travis N. stayed up late with us one night and we just had fun talking and messing around (Doesn't Kaitlin look great considering she is in the middle of passing kidney stones). Kaydence loves to give and receive sympathy so if anyone is hurt she will kiss the spot where they hurt to make them feel better. Travis N. has this big scab on his knee from dirt biking and Kaydence was about to kiss it better but decided against it because you could tell she thought it looked gross.

It was so funny, I think she thought it looked dirty because one time when he was sitting up at the island she went and got a rag and tried to clean off his knee.
Kaitlin and Travis N. stayed with us quite a bit longer so we all played around on the guitar (I'm the only one who doesn't play). Kaydence still LOVES when her dad plays, she loves to dance to the songs and tries to sing the songs with her dad. I have a ton of video of them with the guitar but Travis had me promise not to blog it, some of my favorite moments are watching those two together with Travis singing to her and her dancing and laughing.

Anyway we also played the Wii, it was hilarious to watch Kaitlin and Travis N. play I didn't realize Kaitlin was so competitive. Even with a kidney stone she was determined to beat her husband. They are soooo much fun!
The weekend was great, we were just able to spend all the time with family visiting and enjoying all the sessions of conference. The hardest part is always saying goodbye.

It was so sweet neither Kim or Kaydence wanted to let go.
We were able to see my parents for a super short visit when we picked them up from the airport. They went on a scuba diving trip to Cozumel with my Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Ron. They sure go on amazing trips together, I get so jealous hearing about all their adventures! Kaydence sure loves her grandparents she didn't want them to leave either.

She has been blessed with the best grandparents ever and she has a hard time parting with them.

Fall Festivities

We went to this little fall festival put on by our Realtor's company, we had such an amazing Realtor - Naomi Pickle, it was great to see her again.

(I know, I couldn't look more awkward in this picture if I tried)

In this festival they had so many fun activities Kaydence was running around trying to do everything at once. She LOVES balloons so at first she was just running pointing out every balloon in the place.

She tried the bean bag toss but didn't really get the concept.

She was just picking up all the bean bags other people threw and giving them back to the lady and when she did throw them she was throwing them in the wrong direction.

Travis wanted me to take this picture out because he says he looks like a sissy but I think its cute.

Travis was teaching her how to hula hoop and she really loved this station.
I would say her favorite was the hay maze though, she was having so much fun running through it.

She went through it a few times just laughing and hitting every dead end in the maze.

I had been telling Kaydence about the festival and how she would get her very own pumpkin when we got there so she was having a fun time choosing which pumpkins she wanted. We have them in our front yard and everyday she gets so excited pointing out her pumpkin to me and saying "pun-kin pun-kin".

(my favorite picture :)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this festive time of year with all the holidays, decorations, and fun events that come with it. I love the turning weather and the seasons changing it's like there is something in the air that just excites me. I'm thinking about putting up the tree and starting the Christmas music as soon as November hits, I love Thanksgiving too and I don't feel like that would take away from the Thanksgiving holiday. Its great because this year we have enough room to do a full fledged tree! Anyway I still haven't figured out what I want to dress up Kaydence as for Halloween, my mom has these way cute wings and I think I might make her a butterfly or a fairy. I don't know what I would wear if I wanted to match her, I like all that silly dress up stuff. I hope everyone else is enjoying this season too!