Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weeks Happenings

This last weekend Travis and I had a date night and had our first official babysitter for Kaydence. We have always had our families watch her in the past and we have had friends watch her before too, but I call this the first official time because we actually had to pay her! We have been so blessed to have such amazing families and friends to mooch off of :) Her name is Ali, a girl in our ward, she is the sweetest little babysitter, she even came with a bag of activities for her and Kaydence to do. Kaydence had fun, even though she was kind of grumpy because she didn't take a good nap that day.
On Saturday Travis went fishing to Strawberry Reservoir with a few buddies. He got up at 4:45 in the morning, in order to fish and hunt you must have to love it to get up so early in the morning! He caught a ton of fish, which was really great because he hasn't been having the best luck with fish this year.
While he was out fishing Kaydence and I went over to temple square. I have never taken her there before but she really liked it. She would point to the temple and say "Temple" and when we went to see the Christis she pointed and tried to say Jesus. "S"'s are hard for her to say so it usually comes out as "Jee... ahs" or just "Jee". We had a little picnic on the grounds but her favorite parts were all the different water fountains. She kept on trying to get her feet in the water, she wanted to just jump in so bad.
This is her throwing coins into the fountain.

I asked her to pose for me and these are the two pictures I got.

I love this picture of her giving me a little wink!

Trying to get in the fountain.

Such a fun place to take pictures.

We had a fun family home evening barbecue with all the people Travis works with this last Monday. They are a riot! I can see why Travis loves the people he works with so much! I feel bad because I still don't know many of their names, there are seventeen teachers (I basically just remember a few of the wives names).
We were throwing the Frisbee around, these were some of the teachers kids that were playing.

Of course kaydence wanted to throw a Frisbee too, she actually has a pretty good arm just not so great at Frisbee throwing.

Okay, Chan this is for you! This is a picture of me at 27 weeks.

Next Monday I will be in my third trimester! Travis took this picture and I don't think it really captured how big I am. I never took pictures to mark how far along I was with Kaydence, I always thought you didn't want any record of the way you looked during that period in life.
Coupon Bragging... FINALLY!
So I have been wanting to get in on these amazing deals I hear about friends getting through going coupon shopping. I must be kind of slow because it is not an easy thing for me, probably because I'm not the most organized individual. Anyway I have saved quite a bit but nothing that I felt was brag worthy. Now I know people get better deals than this but I'm new and a little slow so this was exciting for me. Any tips would be much appreciated.

So I got ten boxes of cereal, a box of Cinnabons, and two packages of Keebler cookies (the mint fudge ones and the caramel fudge ones). All for $4
(if I actually did everything right I could have gotten all the cereal for a dollar or two).
This is why I am so bad a couponing, so you had to get ten items to get ten dollars off automatically then I had another ten dollar rebate thing that was a little bit different and to make a long story short I got confused when the store was out of two of the items I was planning on purchasing and I bought these Kellogg's bars for three bucks a piece, I didn't actually have to get them but with Kaydence literally running around it's easy for me to loose focus so in the end my total purchase was ten dollars.

So these little babies put a damper on my trip but I am still learning and I still hold firm to my previous claim of success by getting all that other stuff for $4.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Cabin Trip

We made our annual trip to the cabin up in Wolverine (Idaho) this last weekend, it is always a trip we look forward to. It doesn't have all the modern amenities so it seems like time stops and we are able to take advantage of the time we get to spend together. We usually make this trip earlier, right before the summer ends but it was a crazy summer and it turns out everyone was able to come this last week!!! ... except for Camryn and Kendra, whom we missed so much but we will hopefully see them next weekend.

Most of us got to the cabin Friday evening and we basically just got all set up and talked the whole night. The next morning Travis made breakfast, my favorite breakfast! We ate great the whole time!

The cute couple! We are so grateful that they were able to make the trip, I love how we see Kathleen more than ever now that she has Kent we have too much fun with them around, it is so awesome!!!

Kaydence is always wanting to play with Dane whenever he's around, she is always signing his name and following him!

We were all planning on going paintballing but the girls didn't end up going. At first I thought I would be fine to go while being pregnant but rethinking it a little bit I decided not to. I think something is wrong with my depth perception or balance because with this pregnancy I keep on tripping down the stairs or tripping in my shoes that have the slightest heel. Anyway an obstacle course of big logs, the stream, rocks, hills, and everyone armed with a gun didn't sound like my cup of tea right now. Oh well we will all have to go next year... well maybe someone ELSE will be pregnant by that time, you know who you are!
The guys... now you see them...

... now you don't, they know how to blend into their surroundings. Gotta love the booty shot Tay!

Travis and "Danger"

Kaydence wanted in on the action!

She also had to wear a hat, just like dad!

The boys played FOREVER, they don't have to stop for anything! Well while they were off inflicting pain on one another we had our own fun.
We did "GIRLS NIGHT", well it was planned for later but I couldn't wait to do it so it ended up being early afternoon :)

First I have a confession to make: So I neglected my amazing sister who does SOOO much for me, I didn't throw her a bridal shower and it was actually Travis that asked me about it one night and I hadn't even thought about it. I have been so excited for Kent and Kathleen I could barely stand it but I hadn't thought about throwing a shower. This is not a justifiable excuse but I'm not a wedding planner person. By that I mean I think they are beautiful but I'm not into details and all that stuff. For my own wedding I hadn't thought of a shower, my wedding colors, or even flowers, it wasn't until like a week or two before we were getting married that Kim asked me if I wanted flowers and I was like "yeah that would be great" and just had her pick everything out. I'm not into all that stuff for some weird reason, I am truly odd I know. That is no excuse because my sister is one who goes all out to make you feel special on those special events, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc. She is AMAZING!
Anyway with that confession out of the way, I have been looking for a day when all the girls could be together to throw a fun girl's party. I thought a fondue party with white and dark chocolate would be fun. Amanda made this truly delicious spinach artichoke dip with toasted baguette bread to go with it, my mouth is watering at the thought!

We all had to sport some "bling" on our fingers

Kaydence joined the party after her nap and was loving all the food too!

My favorite game is always the one where you see how much the "bride" knows about the "groom". Kathleen did such an awesome job even though Kent tried to throw her off by giving her false information, he is such a stinker. Even though she did so well, she still ended up with a mouth full of marshmallows!

Amanda and I got her some of the cutest lingerie, which we had too much fun shopping for!

I will always look up to Kathleen, she is the sweetest person in the world and I am so blessed to have her as my sister. Love you soooo much Kathleen!
Another fun event to celebrate was Amanda's birthday (her birthday is on the 15th). I couldn't ask for a better friend and sister.

It is so hard to imagine Taylor and Amanda not being here to visit all the time when they move to Washington this next week but it is the right move for them.

I tried not to cry but was unsuccessful, we will miss you guys so much and Washington will just have to become our new vacation spot!

Kaydence is some what of a pro when it comes to getting what she wants. She pulls the saddest pouty face! When Kaydence took Taylors water bottle and started drinking from it, he took it back to put it up but then she pulled the full force of her cuteness on him, she stuck those little lips out in a pouty face and said "pease, pease, Tay Tay". Amanda started laughing because he gave it right back to her, he couldn't resist!

Kaydence went to wake up Amanda the last morning, she loves playing in the covers.

Nothing like smores in the morning, or straight up chocolate!

We all took a hike up to the swing, we didn't have the right key to unlock it but still enjoyed the scenery.

Awesome picture
Toby and Bailey takin a break

When we got back my parents were being so cute singing all these songs to Kaydence.

We ALWAYS have to play mofia!
(sweet graphics, I know)
We could play that game forever, it so fun! Travis played me for a sap and I mean you would think I could tell when my own husband was lying but he played me hook line and sinker.

I just love being able to spend time with everyone, it doesn't get any better than this!

WE FINISHED THE ISLAND! Travis ordered the parts and got them a few weeks ago and put it together and did all the tile work and I LOVE IT! It just seems to transform the whole kitchen, I have so much more cupboard and counter-top space. He actually finished it a couple weeks ago but we didn't get the chairs until last week and I have been meaning to post it.

I seriously love it! Now the main other project will be doing siding outside. We are planning on doing it next spring. It is so funny because when we drive up to our house Travis calls it our "pueblo". The last people that lived here painted the house this peach and red color and it is something else!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend we went up to Idaho to see our families. It was the weekend of the parade and the Eastern Idaho Fair and I am always amazed at how many people come to these events, it gets crowded! One big reason we had to come up to Idaho was to see all the work Monte had done on the churches booth at the fair.

He put in a lot of hours to get it to look so good but the end result was worth it because it was gorgeous and they really created an atmosphere where you could feel the spirit.

We got backstage passes to see the booth before the fair opened and Kaydence was having fun coloring and eating the candy.
Saturday was the parade and it was so much fun! Kaydence sure loves her aunt Kathleen, she clings to her whenever she's around.

She definitely shows us that she is very partial to Kathleen.
Jack, a guy that Monte works with, let us watch from their front lawn and even brought out a pony to entertain the kids. Kaydence was not very interested in sitting on its back when we tried to put her on she got upset, hence the scared expression on her face.

The rest of the time Kaydence was loving it! I think that when Kaydence grows up she will be a professional parade entertainer. It was so funny because whenever a float or something passed that had music she had to get up off her chair and start dancing for us. Between that and the candy she was lovin it!
You know, I never thought they gave out much candy at parades but I guess when you have a kid that all changes, they never stop throwing you candy. Kaydence had such a huge stash of candy she was giving her piles to grandpa and mommy to hold, we made out like bandits (I say we because I actually ended up eating more of the candy than she did, better to pollute my body with sugar than hers I'm just looking out for her)

The girls eating their Popsicles and watching the show.

Kassidy is a busy girl, this year she is in student government, on the downtown dance team, and is a Broncadette for the schools dance team. This is her dancing with the other broncadettes (she is the blond that is furthest away in the picture).

The parade was so much fun!

Eastern Idaho State Fair
Amanda, Mickell, Kaydence, and I went to the fair later on that day and there are always so many people there that you feel like you are climbing over them to get anywhere (that is why Travis is not a fan of going). I love walking around and seeing the photography booths, seeing the shows, the food, and just walking around; it is so fun to people-watch there (always some interesting characters).
With Kaydence we had to hit the petting zoo first.

At first she was hesitant to pet the goats or anything then once she got comfortable she had to pet every goat there.

There was this goat that was so pregnant that I had to take a shot of me with her.

The two prego ladies (you can't tell how big she was but she was ready to pop, not looking forward to that stage)
Kaydence always loves the bunnies and puppies. They had so many adorable puppies that they let you hold, our favorite had to be this boxer puppy who had the absolute sweetest demeanor ever! Amanda wanted her so bad, I told her about how much I love the Watkins boxer, Roxy and how she is my favorite big dog. They have wanted a Boxer forever they were about to buy the puppy.
We also went to the hypnotist show and it was very entertaining. The hypnotist was cracking me up, I couldn't take him seriously. All of those who were hypnotized had their eyes closed but he kept up with his killer dance moves. All his moves made me think that he had to go through some intense interpretive dance classes to get those hot moves!
You can't get the full effect but we were finding it quite entertaining (I know I am such a dork)

The rest of the weekend we just played and relaxed.

The boys were out flying planes because the weather was gorgeous, Travis always wants to fly whenever we visit.

While the fellas flew the planes we were out having a little picnic outside just vegging out and visiting.

The next day we got busy doing corn and making jam.

Kim and I made the peach and raspberry jam, which I can never get enough of. We got two more boxes of peaches that I am excited to experiment with.
The boys were out picking the corn and when they got back we started the assembly line and started doing the corn.

While Travis was out shucking the corn a wasp stung him on the hand and it got so swollen! It is still really swollen where he can't fist up his right hand!

He is such a trooper he just kept on shucking. He has been stung a lot lately, we had a hornets nest out in our shed and he got stung quite a few times earlier in the summer.
The corn is so amazing delicious, once you try it you can't go back to canned or store bought frozen corn. We did twenty dozen ears of corn (two hundred and forty eight ears), last year we did more than double that!

It was such an awesome weekend, I am so glad Monte convinced us to make the trip up ;)
Other GREAT news, Travis's eyes are better! He has had to wear glasses the last three months because his vision got so bad but the last few days he hasn't needed them at all, he almost has his perfect vision back! He says that the blessed land of Idaho healed him :)