Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goodbye Summer

Last week was the last full week of freedom, so how do you spent those precious last moments? Shopping, what else? It was so awesome because Kim, Kassidy, Taylor, and Amanda came to stay with us! We love having family over and we have some advantages to living in Utah, great shopping. Amanda had graduation money to burn so went shopping in Park City, while the boys watched Kaydence and played Taylors PS3. Amanda is such a Banana Republic girl, their stuff fits her like a glove. I went a little crazy at Children's place, they had their great summer sale where I got all these adorable dresses for 2.99 each! Yeah, I was loving it! I got so many cute summer dresses and outfits for our next little girl for next summer and some pants and shirts for Boo. It's so much funner shopping for my girls than it is for me, everything is just so much cuter when its so little. Taylor and Amanda got our sweet little girl these adorable fuzzy little pajamas from Carters to wear when we take her home (since it will be in December, warm is very preferable). Anyway Kaydence just wanted to wear those tiny pajamas when she saw them, forget the pants and shirts I got her!

Friday night we went out to eat at Rodizo's, a Brazilian grill in Trolley Square.

It is Amanda's favorite restaurant, probably because she served her mission in Brazil. It's cool to hear her speak Portuguese and I brushed up on some Portuguese myself, I pretty much master the language (Amanda was laughing at all the attempts I made to speak the language but I think deep down she was just jealous because the language came so naturally to me ;) Seriously that is one crazy language.

Random picture of us messing around in the parking lot.

I could take lessons from Kassidy and Kim when it comes to shopping those women hit it hard! It seemed like they shopped from sun up to sun down on Friday and Saturday, Kassidy got the cutest clothes and accessories. We ate at Cafe Rio the next night and we all just stayed up late talking forever, we got a movie but didn't end up watching it, talking is just so much funner! Oh yeah and on the first night the boys played the PS3 until four in the morning! Crazy, I just don't get the lure of video games. Boo was asleep when Kim and Kass were leaving Sunday afternoon but she woke up as they were loading into the car and she had to give a goodbye hug and grandma had a hard time letting her go.

We were also able to go to the temple for the Oquirrah Mountain temple dedication, it was really neat to be inside those walls while hearing the brethren talk of the importance of the temple. We definitely have no excuse not to regularly visit these gorgeous temples, we are so blessed to live in this time and in this place.
Well besides December the other long anticipated time for me is November. I will finally graduate with my bachelors degree in social science that month! It has been such a long time coming, it will have taken me six and a half years to get a degree that should have only take four. Take my advice, if you can avoid it don't transfer to four different colleges. I have really enjoyed finishing my degree online because I'm able to stay home with Kaydence and because I like how the classes are scheduled and the discussion forums that are so interactive. I have loved my degree too, because I love sociology, history, psychology, and literature... Although I don't love all the eight to ten page research papers (its more like fifteen if you add the annotated bibliographies, yuck). It hasn't been too much though because I only take one class at a time and it ends up being about twelve credits a semester, which is manageable. November still can't come soon enough, then I will be able to just be at home with my two girls, oh I'm so excited! I'm also planning on starting my own preschool next fall which will be so great because I'll still be able to be with my girls 24/7 and I love teaching and working with little ones.
Travis started teaching at Bingham High on Wednesday and LOVED IT! He thinks the students are so awesome and today he meets his students that have him on their B schedule. Bingham has an awesome football team so we will be sure to make it to some of them! I'm totally going to make some scarves and hats out of their school colors!
Anyway I guess this is pretty much the last post of the summer and we hope that everyone else had great summers, ready or not here comes fall

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kaitlins Wedding

Kaitlin got married on Saturday morning in the Logan Temple to Travis Nelson. They are such a sweet couple and it was such a special weekend. It all started on Friday, we had a gorgeous luncheon in this pretty Victorian style reception hall that overlooked the Logan temple.

Travis and Kaitlin were so cute the whole time and his family is so incredibly sweet!
Travis and Kaitlin have become really close and so Travis had to take a moment from the beautiful bride-to-be to have a little one-on-one talk with his little sister.

It was neat because Tanner, Chandra, and Parker stayed with us Wednesday and Thursday night and the whole time Kaydence was following Parker around and saying his name (she almost says it like cracker, but Paw-cker). Parker is too cute and he has the cutest personality!

Parker and Kaydence were loving the little garden in back, my daughter is such a trouble maker look at that face!

It was so great having them over and getting to spend some extra time with them, although it wasn't much because they were busy visiting friends and getting some things set up for when they move up here to Utah.
Well that evening we all went through the temple with Kaitlin and it was so amazing to be there with the whole family, it just feels like you experience a piece of heaven on earth when your able to be there with your whole family.
Later that night we stayed in the hotel with Monte and Kim, right next door to all the girls (Kaitlin and her bridesmaids).

Kaydence didn't want to go to sleep she just wanted to play with grandma and grandpa.

The next morning it was raining but it cleared up in time for pictures and presented the perfect cover for pictures.

This is the beautiful couple right after they stepped out of the temple.
These are the gorgeous bridesmaids that watched Kaydence, they are so stinkin sweet!

The groom and his groomsmen, they were all so awesome!

The reception was at the Peterson home in the backyard, it was so pretty.

The cake was my favorite!

I thought it was really cold but not cold enough to keep everyone from partying, they had a DJ and dance floor and everyone was dancing like crazy it was great!

These were the girls dancing earlier that evening, Kaydence wanted to dance the whole time.
It was great getting to see so much family.

It was such a great celebration and we were so glad that we were able to be a part of it!

Visitors and the Hogle Zoo

It was so awesome because we were able to have Amanda over a couple nights too! She had to take her boards, just your standard 8 hour exam that you have to pass in order to get into your career. Even though Amanda was a little stressed Kaydence just wanted to monopolize all her time by playing hide and seek and reading stories.

Amanda has trained Kaydence to say "manda" when you ask her, "Whose your favorite?" Now she's got Kaydence saying "cool" when you ask why Amanda's her favorite, its so cute!
Jonathan and Sarah also stopped by that day to visit, Sarah lives right around here and she just got back from London so it was great to see her again she's so sweet! Well Jonathan had this little joke planned, actually it was my moms idea. Jonathan got Sarah some clothes and told her to act excited and act like she liked it either way. Then later they came up with the idea to get this hideous outfit and act like it was the outfit. Sarah is such a good sport!

This is the cool jacket Sarah got Jonathan from Scotland and some ties.

They are just so cute!

The next night after Amanda finished her boards we went out to celebrate at Chef Toms.

It was so fun having her over!
THEN a few days later my mom came to help me with my curtains and pillows, and when I say help I mean she did everything :)

I'm so excited to paint the walls and crown molding next!
THEN my mom watched Kaydence that night so Travis and I could have a date night, yeah seriously my mom is the best!
I could just talk to my mom forever, Travis always says how I'm just like her, which is such a huge compliment!
My mom is so sweet she took Kaydence and I out to the Hogle Zoo all day Tuesday. We had such a blast! Kaydence had never been to a zoo before and she was lovin it! When we first got there she started jumping saying "wat-ie" (water) when she saw the water fountain. Her excitement only built up from there.

She LOVED the monkeys.

The giraffes were one of my favorites. We got to see a baby giraffe that was just born about two weeks ago!

We also got to go on the train, it was so cool there was this buffalo that came right up to us (about a foot away I almost thought we were going to hit him).

This is the big elephant that sounded like it had bad gas

She would just start clapping with excitement throughout the whole park!
Kaydence also got to go on the carousal! She was clapping and laughing and loving it, she did not want to get off.

We went to the bird show and I really should have gotten video of Kaydence because she was cracking me up! She was jumping up and down in her seat, clapping her hands every time she saw another bird, and had the cutest reactions!

It was so much fun, I had no idea Kaydence would love it so much, she has the best grandma EVER!
It has been such a fun week getting to spend time with everyone!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great News!

So this took me longer to get to than I thought, sorry. Well we just found out the gender of our baby on Friday, I wanted to find out a week and a half earlier but the doctor scheduled it later, poo. Oh well I know now. Let me preface this with the experience we had last time with Kaydence. As soon as we found out we were pregnant Travis thought it was a girl and we had a name all picked out from the beginning. It's funny because I've noticed most men always want a boy but Travis wanted a sweet little girl from the beginning, although one of the biggest reasons he wanted a girl was because he didn't want a boy like him (he seems to think he had a big attitude in his teen years but I would be SO thrilled to have a little toe head like him some day). Now he's finding out that we could have a girl just like him too, and I really think Kaydence is just a girl version of him when it comes to their personalities. I love it!
Well this pregnancy Travis didn't have any feelings on what the gender was but I did. The pregnancy was so opposite to how it was with Kaydence that I was sure it was a boy. Well it turns out my instincts are not as correct as Travis's. When we went in to get the ultrasound the baby had the imbillical cord wrapped in between its legs but with a little prodding it kicked the cord out of the way. The ultrasound tech told me it was a girl and I was like, "Come again, a girl, really?" She showed us the little part and she told me with absolute certainty that it was a girl. I was taken back a little because I had just assumed it was a boy from the beginning. Its so funny!!! I have come to the conclusion that the reason this baby has made me so much more nausious is because this baby gave off more hormones, which made me sick, which means this one will be a super sensitive little girl, and maybe more like me (I have yet to meet someone more sensitive than myself, it doesn't take much to bring me to tears). So if this one acts more like me, it would be neat if she looked like Travis a little green-eyed toe head (I know my genes are pretty prevalent but it seems like Travis's are too). It's so fun to think and guess about all this stuff, but I know she will come out just the way she is suppose to. Well we could not be more excited to be having another sweet little girl, it was so precious to see her with her hands around her face (and we think she was sucking her thumb most of the time, uh - oh another indication that she might be like me). I think Travis is worried about having really cute girls when they get older, I think part of him secretly hopes that they become less attractive as they get older ;) he cracks me up! I am kind of a girly girl because I LOVE all the fun little girly stuff: the bows, bracelets, nail polish, clothes, and I am too excited to have another precious little baby girl to doll up and snuggle. I also love the fact that Kaydence will have a little sister and hopefully they will be the best of friends and they can share a room at some point. She loves attention so much that I know she won't like sharing attention but I know she will be the best big sister ever! I keep on watching the video of our baby and I am already so in love with her!
I couldn't get the DVD they gave us to work on this computer but we recorded part of it on our camera so I just put a little clip on here. (the screen is really small on here but hopefully you can see her perfect little hand).

Friday, August 7, 2009

Graduation, Shower, and Reunion

This has been such a fun eventful week. There are so many fun things happening in our families but the only down side to this week was that Travis could not get work off to come. There are only two weeks that Travis cannot get off and all of these events happened to occur right on one of those weeks. He really wanted to be to everything but sometimes duty calls.

It started on Friday, Amanda had her graduation ceremony that morning. We are so proud of Amanda and all the hard work she's done, she is a very inspiring person. She graduated from the PA program at ISU and it is a REALLY intense program but she excelled at everything. Love ya Amanda!

This is Amanda and her hubby, I don't think anyone could be more proud of Amanda than Taylor was.

They are such a good looking couple!
This is a picture of the ladies, Grandma Petersen, Denise Bloxham (Amanda's mom), the woman of the hour, my mom, Kathleen, and me.

A picture of Kathleen, Amanda, and me. We are pretty much the best of girlfriends!

Then we had a little party at the park to celebrate this momentous occasion.

We had some good weather, great food, and amazing company.

Kaydence loves to dip her food in everything. This is a picture of her covered in ranch, as Camryn says, it makes everything taste better!

Jonathan took the girls out to play, our little girls have the best uncles in the world!

The gorgeous graduate! I just love her and I'm so grateful I have her as such a good friend and that because she's in the family she is stuck with all of us.
The countdown to Kaitlin's wedding has begun, just over one week left until the big day! So she has been busy as ever getting things ready but we had to make her sit down for some crazy fun on Friday. Kassidy threw the bridal shower, she is the BEST maid of honor evah! It was so fun and we did one activity where we drew a picture of her man and this is the picture she chose to best depict Travis. Actually I'm going to call Travis (Kaitlins fiance) Cal from now on because it just gets too confusing, his middle name is Calvin so that's why we're going to give him that name from now on. Anyway you can't tell in this picture but someone drew Cal on a motorcycle with a mow hawk, he's bad to the bone!

Kaitlin chose this picture because it was so funny, Cal doesn't really have a mow hawk and a black leather jacket.
Then was my favorite part. I asked Cal a series of questions, nineteen to be exact, and I asked Kaitlin the same ones to see how much she really knows about her man. I guess at her other bridal shower with her friends from high school she got all the questions right but she wasn't so fortunate this time.

Well just say by the end of the questionnaire she had herself one huge wad of gum!

It was fun getting to see so much of the ladies in the family and getting to meet Cal's family, the families just fit together so well! It was so much fun and we are so excited for next weekend to come!

So I feel like I hit the jack pot BIG TIME when it comes to family, I am so proud to be a Richardson (that is my mom's side of the family). We have always had these huge family reunions ever since I can remember and I ALWAYS looked forward to them! It is so amazing to look around at everyone and know that we all came from my Bubby and Grandpa. My grandma (which we all called Bubby from the beginning) past away three and a half years ago on Christmas Eve, it was actually right before Travis and I met. I wish that Travis could have met her, I know that he would have loved her. My grandpa is someone that he holds at such a high esteem that at times he blames all my good traits I aquired on him and thinks that there is such a strong special spirit about my grandpa and the whole family. I feel the same way it is just so cool that he could feel it from the beginning.

The drive was longer than I thought it would be but Kaydence stayed preoccupied. She was wearing her shades, watching The Incredibles on the DVD, and had sugar to keep her happy. We had the reunion at Clear Creek Ranch at Zions National Park.

As we came to our destination we saw a big pack of buffalo on the side of the road. The family has been growing a lot over the years and we had to reschedule the reunion but there was still a great turn out. It was such a gorgeous place and the lodge we slept in was called "The Stables". It was so cool because they actually converted stables into bedrooms, it really was such a neat set up! Well once we got there Kaydence was so excited! There were twenty-five little ones under the age of three so she had enough friends to keep her company for the rest of her life! At one point the adults needed some down time so we put a movie on and a few of the little ones just stared in awe at the TV.

This is Kaydence, Grace, Josie, and Simeon. Kaydence has never really had a bottle but she saw Grace with one and decided that she wanted one too.

She got so tuckered out by playing so much that at lunch on Sunday she was falling asleep on Camryn's shoulder, it was so cute! The meals were so delicious the whole time!

It was so fun being able to talk to everyone again, this is the group of men that convened and when I took this picture I believe Jonathan was telling all the guys about the amazing girl, Sarah, that he is dating. (In the picture: Uncle Ron, Rhett, Trevor, Brandon, Troy, Jonathan, and Dane).

We also had firesides and fun little programs every night, this night Trevor gave a presentation on his mission that he just returned home from three weeks ago in South Africa (where Bubby and grandpa lived for three years).

There was also a little lake in the middle of all the lodges that we played in.

The boys were all trying to push each other out of their canoes and getting as many in the water as they could.

I think the incident were Kaydence fell in the water when we were camping scarred her or something because she did not want to get in the water the whole time, she liked riding in the canoes but that was the extent of it.
Kaydence LOVES shoes! There isn't anyone who loves them more, I am convinced. The whole time Kaydence would wear every pair of shoes she came across, her favorites are flip flops and high heels.

These are a pair she stole from some unsuspecting relative.

The girls were out picking flowers and I thought they were pretty pictures.

Camryn wanted to try and take a picture and this is the picture she took of Kaydence.

Then Josie wanted in on the camera action and took a picture of Camryn. Josie, along with Sophie, and Sam are my cousin Rhett and his wife Sandy's kids and they played with them the whole time.

This is a picture of Josie, Kaydence, and Camryn building a pretend fire. I can't believe how blond Kaydence is getting.

Zion is so gorgeous, the canyons and mountains are so gorgeous I got a little car sick from starring at all of them on the drive down to hike the narrows. About ten years ago I went on a trip with my friend Annie (Ancherie) and we did a lot of fun different things but hiking the narrows was my favorite and I wanted to go again ever since. So I was really excited to go again with my family.

This is my mom, me and my aunt Marilyn right before we started the hike. We had to wear our swim suits because at certain parts you are up to your chest in the water. The canyon goes up so high, it really is a gorgeous sight to see.

This is a picture of Mickell in the canyon, I love how trees and things grow all around the canyon.

This is most of the clan that went on this hike down to the narrows, we had a ton of fun!

This is Sandy, me, and Mickell after we finished the hike and were waiting for the bus to come pick us up.

The guys (Uncle Ron, Brandon, David, and Jonathan), you won't find cooler guys than these fellas.

On the last night of the reunion we had a program on my grandpas life and of course we had plenty of singing throughout the program. Bubby and grandpa passed down all these fun songs that we would sing on road trips and family get-together things. I sing some of them to Kaydence and I want to continue the tradition. These are some of the great grandchildren that went up to do a musical number.

It was so cute getting to see Camryn up there.

Our family actually has our own song that goes to the tune of "A - Your Adorable" these are the lyrics:
"We are the Richardsons"
We are the Richardsons, descended from special ones.
We know why we are on the Earth.
Saved for a special day, striving in every way;
Each has a mission of great worth.
We are the Richardsons, known for our crazy fun.
Bubby and Grandpa lead the pack.
Our fun is always clean; clever but never mean.
When we're together there's no lack.
Games, food, fun, crafts; memories for young and old
Stor - ies, Ta - lents; Traditions form the bonds that hold
College and missions great; we sometimes seperate
Distance cannot o'er come
A testimony true that I am seal'd to you
Eternally a Richardson
To end the night off we had a watermelon eating contest, watermelon has been my grandpa's favorite treat. We all had to sit on our hands and at first I thought I could totally down this peice in no time, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The peices were bigger than they look and the juice got everywhere, Kathleen and I were sitting by each other and she didn't have her hair back so juice was in her hair. My Uncle Gary was sitting across from me and he was cracking me up because he kept on coming in my area chasing that peice around the whole table, I was having a hard time not laughing the whole time. My grandpa participated in the eating contest too, he wasn't going to miss out on an opportunity to eat as much watermelon as our bellies could hold.

My family really knows how to have fun, I love it!
A special thanks to my grandpa, Aunt Jackie, and Aunt Geneen who put so much into our reunion this year, I have had some of my greatest childhood memories at these reunions and I am so grateful that these memories can continue to be made and how much they bring the whole family together. Thank you everyone, I love you all so much!
Travis was insanely jealous that he wasn't able to be to everything. He tried to stay really busy while Kaydence and I were gone, it is always really hard for us to ever be apart. We still talked everyday and were able to use skype too but he is going to come next time for sure! Travis did everything you can think of, he made shoe shelves, fixed the belt on our swamp cooler, got our files and organized all of our paper work, immaculately cleaned the whole house, taught in Sunday School even though I was suppose to also (oh yeah we got the callings we have always wanted, teaching the youth), got both guest bedrooms set up (with shelves, tv, decorations, bedding, etc.), yard work, went to work every day, and more! It was so great to come home to such a clean home and especially to come home to Travis. My family actually stayed with us Wednesday and we had a little barbecue that night and we just played the rest of the time until they left Thursday night. It was so great to have them over and hope that we will have visitors again soon (hint, hint).
Well that's all the happenings for now... and later tonight I plan on announcing some more news!