Monday, July 27, 2009

Wheeler Farm, Wedding, and Hangin Out

This is us at one of our playdates at Wheeler Farm. Kaydence has never liked riding in her stroller but she didn't want to get out of one the one day I don't bring ours. So she took Gregory's stroller and he pushed her around the whole time to see all the animals. Kaydence's favorite part was feeding the ducks. She was trying to throw bread and seeds to all of them. Then she took the liberty of trying some of the bread herself. She is such a silly little thing.

My friend, Annie, got married this weekend and I was in her line. When I was five years old her mom would watch me after kindergarten for a few hours and Annie and me had been friends ever since. It was such a beautiful wedding and a great celebration of their love. I really liked what her pastor said during the ceremony, he kept calling marriage a covenant and how it was such a sacred union between the two of them. I think a lot of times there are more similarities between religions than I realize at times. Annie looked so gorgeous and I felt honored that after all these years she wanted me in her special day. We had to order the bridesmaids dressed four months ago and I was kind of worried that mine wouldn't fit but I got it in a bigger size because I knew I would be showing but I have been showing faster than I originally anticipated but luckily all was well, I could breath in the dress and everything! (My mom also labored over making the adjustments to the dress I needed, the little jacket and places that needed a little more material, THANKS MOM)!

We got to spent the rest of the time with my family. My mom and I went shopping for material for curtains and we found some material that I thought was so gorgeous, I'm so excited to get them made and in the house. I also found some sweet deals at a garage sale, some cute little outfits that had barely been worn for Kaydence (you can't beat 50 cents).
The boys got a big group together and went paint balling, they cannot get enough of that shooting each other stuff. This is them cleaning the guns after playing.

Kaydence was having so much fun with grandma, I had to get some pictures.

My mom and dad watched her while I went to all the wedding stuff! I miss having the grandparents around to watch her all the time!
Kaydence was really enjoying the fudgcycle!

She was so funny, she was posing for the camera so much this weekend, she kept on blowing kisses to the camera.

She sure loves watching movies, I try to limit her to half an hour most days but when she's at grandma and grandpas she can do whatever she wants :) She gets GLUED to the TV

Johnny and Travis played most of the time but I messed around on the pool table with Johnny for a bit. I pretty much smoked my little bro... yeah right!

Taylor and Amanda were in Washington the whole weekend but we were able to see them for a bit on Sunday.We missed Kathleen, Kent, the girls, and Mickell but we will see you all next week! We have been so blessed with such awesome families! I love being able to take trips up to see our families, there isn't anything better than being able to just spend time with everyone.

Monday, July 20, 2009

An Update and Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Utah has been so great so far! As soon as we moved in we have had all of our neighbors come and greet us into the neighborhood. We have an awesome ward! It is a pretty young ward too, most of the couples seem to be in their late 20's or early 30's so there is a huge primary and a lot of new friends for Kaydence to play with. I already love the women in our ward, they know how to have fun. We had a water enrichment activity where we played kick ball with slip and slides and had a water fight, it was great (I'm totally going to have our family play it when we all get together). They have play dates scheduled every week where we go to parks, zoo's, farms, pools, etc. and they are a lot of fun (for both Kaydence and I). It has been easy to feel at home with so many great people around us. We have been settling in our new home really well also, it seems like there are always projects to do though (fun projects). We are getting the island in here in a few weeks and I can't wait to get some couches upstairs but all in good time.
I recall a post my sister did that she entitled something like, "When you turn your back for a second..." Well I have learned that it takes approximately .23 seconds for my little girl to get in trouble when my back is turned. One afternoon I was warming up some leftovers for our lunch, taco soup, and when I went to go get my bowl of soup I could hear Kaydence saying "hat, hat, hat". I turned the corner to find this.

She had poured the whole contents of the bowl onto her head and put the bowl on her head, patting the bowl saying "hat, hat". So I ran her into the tub (after clicking a quick photo) and got her all cleaned up. When I got her out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her and took her to get dressed she ended up peeing on the floor. She hadn't done that since her very first bath when she was like two weeks old. Needless to say she keeps me on my toes (or should I say on my knees scrubbing). Oh life would be so dull without her!
So that's pretty much the update on us.
We decided to take a break from doing projects on the house to go up camping this last weekend. Travis went up to the Uinta's two summers ago and has told me how gorgeous it is and has wanted to take me ever since so we decided to go on Friday. Travis got to work super early so he could come home really early and we left about one o'clock and got there around two thirty. It seems like a ton of people camp here in Utah because all the campgrounds were full so we found a secluded spot that was right by one of the lakes, Moosehorn Lake.

We got all set up then went to go look around and play in Mirror Lake. This is a video of Kaydence playing in the water, I took off her shoes so she could dip them in the lake and maybe splash a little. She was trying to pull daddy deeper into the water and before we knew it she jumped down into the water with all her clothes on. So I took off her shirt because that wasn't completely drenched and she was having so much fun. This is a little video Travis got.
More shots of us playing in the water and the pretty scenery.

Check out that belly... and no I'm not having twins (or triplets), it feels like I just popped out over night. This baby feels a little lower than my last pregnancy did.
So I have to admit one of my favorite parts of camping is the food. We brought so much good snack food, I think all I did the whole time was eat. Kaydence was loving it too. I had to make sure I brought those cheetos puffs because they are her favorite. The other night at a ward barbecue all the cheetos were gone so my daughter continued to eat them off the ground. I kept on trying to get her to stop and bribed her with every other food but she kept running off to find more crumbs people left behind, I was like "yes I don't feed my daughter real food we just feed her the scraps that fall on the floor".

Anyway I always look forward to smores they were super delicious this time, I got this good dark chocolate for the them. Yummm! Kaydence follows in her moms footsteps, she LOVES chocolate too!

We also had a little visitor that came into our tent that evening. Travis told me there was a rodent in our tent and I got scared but started yelling, don't kill it!

Travis didn't intend on killing it he just opened the doors and led it out, much less eventful than the experience at girls camp where my mom got the title "mouse hunter" or something like that. Funny times!

Speaking of my mom, this picture is for you mom. When Travis wears these glasses is always remind me of you. He got the glasses from Chase a long time ago, I don't know how he was able to part with them. Travis has been having problems with his vision so he uses them at night or when he needs to see things far away. The doctors are doing tests on him because they thought he had eyeritis but its spreading so they are thinking his vision is just a symptom of something else. They think when they find out what is wrong and correct it his vision will correct itself too, we hope so.

The next morning Travis woke up really early to fish. This is Moosehorn Lake. The pontoon in the center of the picture above is Travis.

Kaydence and I met up with Travis after breakfast. Kaydence wanted to go out with daddy on the lake.
Then I was going to go in the water with Kaydence but she got ahead of me and went under the water. It scared her pretty bad so she wasn't quite as anxious to get in the water after that.

This is me snuggling my poor little girl after the incident.
Travis hiked up to the mountain to this stream where he caught a ton of fish and had a blast while Kaydence and I walked around the sites and played in the water and with some peoples doggies. She LOVES dogs!
Here are some pictures of the mountains and the elevation.

I was also able to read and relax quite a bit. It seems like time just slows when your in the great outdoors, no distractions. The weather was absolutely perfect while we were up there too, it was just fun to get out and slow down for a while.

When we got home we all got cleaned up and sat down to a big bowl of popcorn and watched a movie. Kaydence loves this tradition.
Welp that's a pretty detailed account of what we have been up to. I can't believe the summer is already half over, or half of the summer is still left if your being optimistic ;)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July weekend... and ANOTHER announcement

I love the Fourth of July! We went up to Idaho Thursday afternoon, I was already missing everyone. I wasn't the only one though, when we got to Trav's families house Kaydence got so excited and gave everyone the biggest hugs and kisses, it kind of took grandpa by surprise because she was just snuggling with him. Well the weather was nice and hot so we set up the sprinklers and Kaydence was having so much fun playing in it. Kaydence absolutely loved her sunglasses that she gets to wear while she's swimming or playing in the water!

Then she gave everyone kisses, she is such an affectionate little thing!

Every little kid has this six sense where they can find dirt and anything messy if its within a mile radius. Kaydence is no exception to this rule, she found some nice muddy puddles and just sat right in the middle of them.

Look at that bum! I didn't have swimmer diapers so her diaper absorbed all that good mud too!
Here are a couple of pictures of the "baby bump".

Okay well I am in the awkward stage of pregnancy right now, where I just feel chubby and frumpy. I carry my babies really high so I don't get the cute little pouch on the lower part of the belly, I feel my skin stretch around my ribs right away, weird I know. I can't wait till my belly gets bigger so I can look pregnant and not just awkward and looking like I'm gaining weight.
Anyway, the next day Tanner, Chan, and Parker flew in and we were so excited to see them. Kaydence really wanted a friend, she tried escaping to the neighbors house who had a ton of older kids.

When Parker got there she was so excited and pretty much just stared at him and followed him around, he is so entertaining.

When I would put her to bed she would say "Paw-Kar, Paw-Kar". She was always wanting to play with him. No one got much sleep that night and then Kaydence woke up at five and Parker woke up at six (five o'clock their time). Parker was really tired and upset and didn't want to be consoled but Kaydence made him feel better. She gave him some of her banana and they both just started laughing. This a video of them playing early that morning.
Its so funny because Parker is just like Tanner was and Kaydence is just like Travis was when they were little. In Travis and Tanners family videos Tanner was always running around in circles and Travis was just standing there with his mouth half open staring at Tanner or the camera. You can see the comparison, except Kaydence is just staring at the television.

The boys went and flew airplanes a lot that day while the girls sat out and enjoyed the sun! Then we went out to see the fireworks show at Jensens Grove in Blackfoot. Monte and Kim watched Parker and Kaydence and put them to bed, way to take one for the team ;)
We met up with my family at Jensens grove and the boys were throwing the baseball around.

This is Travis and Jonathan striking their baseball poses, try not striking out with those intimidating men staring you down ;) They could barely keep a straight face long enough to take these snap shots. Then we played ulimate frisbee, we get so into that game. It was so funny we had cheers and team names and everything, we were "THE ANTEATERS"! Just to let you know The AntEaters were victorious!
Then we got settled in our spots to watch the show. What would a fireworks show be without Otter pops, we each had our own stash we brought.

There has been some GREAT NEWS that I haven't been able to report until now: my gorgeous little sister in law, KAITLIN, is getting married! Kaitlin and Travis Nelson (yes it is very confusing having two Travis's) are getting married on August 15th. They are such an adorable couple and are always so happy and lovey dovey together. We're so excited to see her so happy and you know we all can't help but love Travis too (I can't believe how well he gets along with my Travis, its good news when he approves because he is a protective older brother). They will do so great together. I mean come on, look how cute they are!
Then you got the old farts, us ;)

Hey, we still got it!

Then the cute couple Tanner and Chandra. We had too much fun with them!
Then the girls had a little photo shoot.

We were all striking poses and lovin the camera!
Then we went home and the boys made a sparkler bomb, don't ask I guess Travis Nelson makes them every year so this might become a new tradition for all of us.

This is what was left of the bottle they placed the bomb in.
It was such a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July and our countries independence, with the ones we love so much!