Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Introducing the new Parkinson Family!

My older sister Kathleen and Kent had their wedding reception the weekend before last (I know I'm way behind on posts). The whole time everyone had the biggest smiles and it was such a happy and exciting time.

No one had bigger smiles than Kent and Kathleen though, they are so happy and make the cutest couple and family ever.

My Uncle Ron, Aunt Marilyn, cousin Brandon, and grandpa all flew up here from Arizona.

(My grandpa is sporting the ASU colors, forever a sun devils fan!)
It was so great getting to see them all and spend so much time with them. We wish we got to see them more often but are so grateful they made the long trip up. We sure put them to work setting up having Uncle Ron take the pictures and Aunt Marilyn serving the food and drinks. You don't get any better than them!

We had to have a little "catch up", they were showing us all these great pictures. There were such pictures of their cute little grandkids.
Our cousin Denise and Kevin Brown also showed up, what an awesome surprise!

Here are just a ton of fun pictures taken at the reception:

Look at those pouty lips

Love was in the air

Kendra sure loves her mommy

(Kendra was giving Travis kisses)

Kaydence could not love her cousins more. They were both holding hands and Kaydence was never far behind Kendra. Its so funny because Kaydence hates to get dressed every day but I learned the trick to getting her dressed! I just tell her the clothes are her cousins clothes (which is usually right because Kathleen has given me more than half of Kaydences wardrobe, I love being the younger sister) , she gets so excited to put them on, its great!

Brandon is pretty much the funniest person EVER! I was basically laughing the whole time he was around, he seriously makes me laugh so hard it hurts.

They switched jackets, Brandon is so JQ (I cannot believe how big he is now)!

The "setting up" crew for the reception in Blackfoot

Brandon is almost taller than Taylor!!!

They are having a stand off

The studly men!

Isn't my sister so gorgeous!

They are so happy all the time it is so great, we are so grateful that they found each other and that Kent is part of the family now.

It was such a beautiful and elegant reception!

Here are some more pictures of our baby girl
these were taken in January, Kathleen took them and they are so cute!

Here are some I just took here at my parents house.

Kaydence sure loves her Uncle Dane!

Kaydence is getting really hard to take pictures of. She never looks at the camera when I get it out but sometimes I get lucky

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trips to Utah

We have been making some trips down to Utah to get things ready for when we move. We spent this whole last week house hunting. We wanted to see every house in the area that was remotely in our price range. Well I underwent a little "sticker shock", you see the houses in these areas are a lot more expensive than than houses in Idaho. I have to admit I was getting a little discouraged when the first house we came to had cop cars outside strapping this guy down in hand cuffs, and I'm pretty sure he lived in the house we were going to see. Travis and I kind of came up with a conservative price range that wouldn't make us "house poor" or strap us down from doing all the things we love... like being able to eat on occasion ;) Well after seeing as many houses as we could squeeze in on the first day we saw OUR HOME!

We feel so amazingly blessed to have found it and we know that the Lords hand was in the whole thing. Basically it was a foreclosure that was COMPLETELY redone and in perfect condition, the bank didn't even list the home right I'm pretty sure they just wanted to get rid of it. The outside is a bit of an eye sore but seriously that is it! It is a gorgeous five bedroom, two bathroom, home with tons of room and my favorite is the kitchen... OHHHH I LOVE IT! We are going to put an island in the middle and more cupboards in the back part. The neighborhood works great for us (not ritziest or nicest neighborhood but we like it) and the neighbors said that they love living there and that it is a quieter area. We plan on putting up siding this next year, we are so excited to own our first home, Travis probably thinks I'm jumping the gun by posting all this because we haven't signed the papers and had all the closing things done but I was so excited I HAD to!
We have the absolute most amazing parents EVA!!!! They watched Kaydence while we were there and the week before our awesome friends Kevin, Natalie, and Easton watched Kaydence (When I say Kevin and Natalie watched her I mean Natalie watched her ;) You guys are the best we really appreciate it more than you know, we LOVE YA!

These are pictures of Easton. Isn't he the cutest!!! Look at those big baby blues! Natalie doesn't have a blog to brag about her cute little man so I get to! Easton is such a smart little guy and he was so polite, he would share and even let Kaydence have the toys he was right in the middle of playing with. I hope she learned a thing or two from him while she was there :)

Totally striking the "thoughtful pose"

Because we are spoiled with the sweetest parents in the universe we were able to spend the whole week in Utah, staying busy during the day and partying the rest of the time. It was more of a vacation than anything else, Travis and I need to do that more often (wink wink to our parents). We went to late night movies, new restaurants, swimming, hot tubing, shopping, and seeing some new sights around the city. We missed our little girl like crazy and had to skype everyday with her but it was such a piece of mind seeing how absolutely happy she is with her grandparents (I know it was harder for me than it was for her).

While we were playing we decided to check out our new surroundings, Utah really is gorgeous. We checked out some camping sites and places we could hike and have bonfires and stuff. We really are excited to start our new adventure in Utah!

Kaitlin also graduated this weekend, we got there just in time (went straight to the ceremony from Utah).

She also graduated from seminary and spoke in the program too. She did such an amazing job, she is really turning into an amazing young woman, we're so proud of her.
We also had a barbeque this weekend with my fam. The works: New York stakes, fresh fruit salds, potatoes, and pasta salad.

My dad was irrigating the yard so I got Kaydence in her swim suit (well half of it, isn't it so like me to miss the second half of the suit!). Kathleen warmed her up to the whole idea and she was splashing and running around before we knew it. I use to LOVE doing that when I was little. Birds were trying to find worms in the ground or something so there were a few in the yard and Kaydence was LOVING chasing them around saying "birdie, birdie," and doing the sign.

Before everyone else got there my mom was busy making the little girls dresses for my sisters reception and being the multi-tasker that she is, she was in the middle of dying her hair when we got there.

Travis was calling her "Muhammad" the whole time but don't worry my mom got even. While Travis was helping my dad with the stairs to the deck he got his khaki shorts stained and had to have them washed, so my mom lent him some of her working pants (my dads wouldn't stay on his waist). He was workin those pants (he wouldn't let me post the picture). We all had a nice laugh ;)