Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little update on us

This has been a crazy busy time and I haven't had a moment to blog. Oh and I have been having some technical difficulties with making our blog private and I don't know if it is worth it, maybe I'll give it one more go. Anyway we found out where we will be moving!!! Okay well not exactly but we know the area and it is between two high schools. We are moving down to the South Salt Lake area, we are going to be looking at houses in Sandy, South Jordan, Herriman, Draper, and everywhere in between. That is a little overwhelming right now, but so exciting at the same time, I feel like I haven't had a moment to take all this in with our trip down to Salt Lake this week where we got an overload of information (but was the funnest trip ever), school, Kaydence, lenders, homes, and wrapping our minds around all these new changes. We knew all this would happen but it still seems surreal at times. Anyway to the rest of the my post.
I always look forward to seeing Kassidy dance in showcase every year. It was such a blast, the dancers and choreographers are so amazingly talented. This video really doesn't do them any justice because it so cool to see it live and you can't see whats going on throughout all the dances on this little screen. Especially with the lyrical because there were so many groups doing different things. I followed Kass in the video, its hard to see which one is her in the first video, she is in the blue in the lyrical, she is in the green in the bench dance. I was so bummed because my SD card was full and so I didn't get to finish recording the bench dance, which is my favorite! I didn't get the opening number either which was really fun or the last dance that they performed (because of my SD card), it was inspired by the blueman group and I didn't get to record any of it, it was an extremely fast paced dance and they did some sweet moves so sorry about that! I know Chan and Tanner wanted to be there cheering for Kass and we missed you but this way you can get a taste of what Kass has been up to, she is such an amazing dancer!!!
(sorry the video quality is so bad but it is still so fun to watch)
This is Kassidy doing her solo dance that she completely choreographed herself!

This was the opening number, I circled Kassidy

The girls got into the stands during their routine

The dancing girls after their last dance (blueman dance). Kassidy, Hannah, and Morgan.

Kassidy with her proud parents who were cheering for her in the stands!

It was Kims birthday this last week! Here she is with her birthday stash. Kim is hard to buy for because she is always giving everything she has her time, money, efforts, and love and wants nothing in return. We are so grateful for her and all she does!

throwing out the "I love you" sign!
Kassidy striking the match to light the ice cream birthday cake. Yeah... she kind of blew out more of the candles than she lit, but she couldn't look cuter doing it!

Then everyone opened the gifts Tanner and Chan sent for various occasions (Trav's graduation, mothers day, Kassidy's dance, Kaitlins high school graduation).

Trav's showing his big guns with the new O'neil shirt he got.

Kim loves her new necklace!

Kassidy loved the new swim shorts.

Thanks Tanner and Chan, you are the best, it felt like Christmas!!!

When the weather starting getting nice Monte went out to make preparations for the grilling season and found a nest of baby birds in there! It has become Kaydences favorite thing to go out there and watch them.
So that's it for now, we'll keep you posted!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Travis has officially graduated!
He graduated with his bachelors in Human Resources. He has done so amazing and we are so proud of him!

The ceremony was really long (three and a half hours) and we were sitting in the nose bleed section but it was so neat to see Travis go through it all. He is going to take this next year off from school then he's going to start working on his masters degree (during the summers and part time during the year), he's not quite sure what he wants to get it in yet but he has a few ideas of what he wants to pursue his masters in.
Well since Kaydence is a year and a half old, sitting through the whole ceremony was not an option. Grandpa took her out and she was so content sitting in the front seat of his car jamming out to music. Then he took her to play in the playground right by the car.

This is everyone who came to support Travis. It really meant a lot that everyone came!

Picture time!
Kaydence was being a stinker and just wanted her grandmas and Amanda. When I took her she wasn't very happy (as you can see in the picture).Kaydence has gotten into this clingy stage where she doesn't let other people hold her... that is with the exception of a select few. I couldn't believe she was so upset when I took her, I will have to explain to her some day that I was the one who went through child labor for her and therefore should be favored above all ;)

We are so grateful for how much our families have been there for us and made all of this possible

Me and my big college graduate man!

The stole/sash represents those who have helped you through this process and is suppose to give them honor during the graduation.
Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and have done so much for us, we love you!

We are so proud of you babe!

Let the party begin!
We had a little Luncheon with the family, it was a lot of fun!

Okay I know it looks like Halloween decorations, those are the Bengal colors (I didn't realize that white is also one of the colors... oops). Oh well, at least it looks festive!
Travis really graduated for the sole purpose of receiving gifts, don't let him fool you ;)

A special thanks to our amazing parents who have done so much for us!
This has all been really exciting and we are so grateful for everything!!!
We still don't know where we're going but we will find out by the nineteenth at the latest. It's killing me!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

International Babysitters R'US

We were able to watch my beautiful little nieces and the amazing Simpson kids this last week and a half... I know we should start a business or something ;)
The weekend with the girls
Kathleen (my sister) got married this last week in Costa Rica so we got to watch her girls. I could tell Kaydence felt like such a big girl hanging out with Camryn and Kendra. Camryn and Kendra would play "mommy" with Kaydence, especially Kendra. If Kaydence started getting into something she shouldn't she would say "No Boo" and come and tell me.

The girls were watching Monte and Travis fly the model airplanes all afternoon!

At the dinner table the first night Camryn didn't want to eat more than two bites and Travis was trying to get her to eat more by telling her, "Oh, your too little to eat the whole thing". Camryn is a "big" girl so she didn't like that so for the next few days when she ate everything on her plate she always told me to tell Travis that she ate the whole thing like a big girl, it was so funny. After that first dinner when I was getting the girls to bed, Kendra looked at me with this serious face and said, "Travis said she was little", like she was telling on Travis for saying something so horrible. I tried not laugh and told her that we all know Camryn is a big girl and he was just kidding. Oh, I love those girls!!!

Mickell was such a big help too, it was no sweat!

That Saturday Taylor, Amanda, Jonathan, and Sarah came over to party. It a ton of fun! Of course the guys had to start the night off wrestling, it cracks me up watching them flip each other around. Jonathan and Travis are trying to get Taylor down in the pictures. Then we watched Bride Wars and by the end it was so late everything was making us laugh. Taylor and Travis were playing with these things that some tribe in Africa or something use instead of pillows. You can tell it was late!

Spending time with the Simpsons
Then after coming back to our apartment we left the next day to watch the Simpsons (three girls and two boys). They are such an amazing family, seriously you won't meet a more outstanding family anywhere! We hope that we can raise kids half as well as they did some day, they are all rock solid! I basically didn't have to do anything the whole time! I would say we were more chauffeur than babysitters.
This is a video of Simon, Drew, and Kaydence playing "Dance, Dance, Revolution".
They kept us fully entertained the entire time, who needs a TV or anything for that matter when
you have them around. Kaydence followed Drew around the whole time we were there... he didn't seem to mind too much.

We know the Simpsons will do great things and do so good in Indiana, we will miss you guys and appreciate all you've done for us!


Beware, if you keep a pair of shoes out in the open she will wear them around the house (especially high heels).

This is just a cute video of Kaydence doing some of her signs. You can really tell that she is distracted and out of it and she's not normally so sloppy at doing each of the signs but it's still pretty cute none the less. She does a lot more signs but she likes to do the signs to communicate and doesn't see the need to show me everything, if I bribed her with sugar I'm sure it would help.
She gets in these moods where she just wants me to teach her new things and it has been so much fun seeing her learn. A lot of times she tries to say a few of the words she is signing too, this is a crazy fun stage.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Travis and I have been married three years ago today! In a way I can't believe it has been that long and in another way I feel like we have been together forever because I can't picture my life without him. These last three years have honestly been the best years of my life and it just seems to be getting better and better! Lately I've been thinking that I can't take any day for granted, every day my little girl is getting bigger and I won't get this time back and every day I get to be with my hubby I can't take for granted.
I am so grateful for my marriage and for the fullness of the gospel being restored so that we can be sealed for eternity. I can think of no greater blessing in all the world!
I feel like Travis and I have been blessed to enjoy life to the fullest and I am so grateful for all the time we get to spend together.
These are some of the pictures of us taken over the last three and half years. It has been an amazing ride so far and I look forward to many more!
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