Sunday, April 26, 2009

Going PRIVATE and Pictures Galore!

I have been putting this off for a long time but now that we will be in a more permanent situation we decided it was time. I haven't wanted to go private because I love when people tell me they have seen our blog and visit is every once in a while (people that wouldn't otherwise know what we have been up to) and I still want them to be able to visit our site and going private just seems to make it harder for visitors. I guess that's okay because we want to be able to post things that might be more personal without worrying about whither it is safe or not to mention - like where we live, our home, the school we will take Kaydence to etc. (I don't know if we will mention all that but I am an avid picture taker and if we're private we won't have to worry about it). So we are wanting to go private shortly and anyone who would like to stay in touch and see what we've been up to PLEASE leave a comment with your email address or you can just email me at
(Just to let you know: you don't have to have a blog to tune into our blog when it's private)
So there is no rhyme or reason to the pictures in this post I basically just love taking pictures of our little girl and these are some I have taken in the past couple weeks.

I let Kaydence feed herself and she usually does really well but every once in a while I turn my back for a couple minutes and turn to see this. When she is done eating she tends to play with her food and rub it all over herself. Mmmm... potatoes and corn never looked so good!

Kaydence playing with grandma. Grandma was making funny noises and Kaydence was getting such a kick out of it. When she would lift the beach ball she would groan like it was really heavy, its funny because she probably learned that from me and how I sound like an old woman with a bad back when I stretch down to get something with her in my arms.

This is Kaydence helping her dad work on the car and change the oil. Then she wanted to help daddy and grandpa clean the outside of the car.

Twirling around with grandpa! She never gets sick of it (and neither does grandpa he will play with her as long as she lets him... which means she likes to tire grandpa out).

Kaydence loves to go outside and pick up rocks. Then she comes in to show everyone the rocks she's found in the driveway. It's her favorite new pass time.
It is Dane's birthday on the 28th so we celebrated together on Sunday.

Dane is such a stud, he is always helping out and is the first to give someone a compliment

My dad just got the pool table "revamped" and the boys are trying it out. I think Travis gets tired of me pulling out the camera every five seconds so he has resigned himself to my obsession by laying it on thick when I take pictures.

Kaydence was applying sunscreen on grandpa and got a little carried away.

She has too much fun with her grandparents, I hope we stay somewhat close so we can visit often when we move. We will probably find out where we are moving within the next few weeks, we are hoping we'll find out this week. Most of the evidence points to Utah though, we will see!!!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Ahhh! We got the job!

(I didn't know how to write me screaming with excitement so I just went with ahhh)
Last night we found out that Travis was offered a position with the church as a full time seminary teacher!!! This has been a long anticipated phone call, Travis has been teaching for more than two years and it all boiled down to us finding out this week if we were hired or not. Well we couldn't have been more ecstatic, this has been a unique year for hiring in the church and we were told from the beginning that they have never had a year like this and that there will not be many hired at all. The economy has affected how many positions there were, along with other things I'm sure so we have been trying not to get our hearts to set on being hired (but for the most part we couldn't help it).
Let me just list the top three reasons why this is our dream job!
1. Travis absolutely LOVES this job. I mean come on you get to teach and share the gospel for a living! One of the greatest pieces of wisdom Travis has gotten from his dad is to make sure that you enjoy your job. Travis really loves the students he teaches and couldn't feel more blessed to be able to work with the youth of the church every day.
2. The next reason is how much this job has blessed our marriage. It is so important for Travis to have the spirit with him when he teaches and so to do that we can't have contention between us and so we both try to make sure that we don't let those things enter our marriage. We always go over the blocks of scripture he is teaching and study the block together, it has been awesome! I think that when you are focusing so much on the gospel it causes you to treat your spouse like a king or queen (that is their potential), Travis really does treat me like a queen :)
3. It keeps us on the straight and narrow (at least it should, if it doesn't you know we are REAL slackers). Travis is trying to get the youth passionate and excited about the gospel and gain testimonies of Christ and you cannot do that if you are not passionate about it yourself and sharing your testimony with them on a daily basis. It pushes me, just to make sure that I am keeping up with him.
...So basically we are REALLY EXCITED, I hope I didn't go off too much but this is pretty big for us!

This is Travis calling family to tell them the GREAT news!

Chan gave me this great recipe for a green monster shake/smoothie. I have really been wanting Kaydence to eat healthy and I asked Chan for some tips and she gave me this recipe:
This makes a ton so I would at least cut it in half next time
1 1/2 cups orange juice 1 ripe banana 1 cup ice fill up rest of blender with raw baby spinach (you can add strawberries, applesauce, or anything else you have around)

Kaydence really liked it! I feel like such a tricky mommy ;)

I thought it was pretty good too (don't get me wrong, its no orange Julius but it was good). Kaydence is so affectionate and she always gives us hugs, cuddles, and kisses. Here she is wanting to give mommy a great big kiss, how could I deny such an adorable face (even though it was covered in spinach).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

(Sorry all the pictures are so fuzzy, the lense was dirty)

This was the first year Kaydence could participate in some sort of an Easter Egg Hunt.
So for Easter my mom had all the hard boiled eggs and all the stuff to decorate them ready. Kaydence had so much fun seeing the eggs change colors.

She kept on doing to sign for "colors" when they changed. She still doesn't understand which colors are which but her favorite color to sign is "red", she thought every egg was red. My mom also got Kaydence the cutest counting book and I got her a few things she could enjoy this spring (like side walk chalk and bubbles).

This is the video of Kaydence on the "hunt"
Bubbles n'sidewalk chalk

She had so much fun drawing on the side walk with the chalk. She was just scribbling and getting herself covered in the different colors.
Then we started blowing bubbles and she thought it was the funniest thing, especially when they went right in front of her. She was trying to blow the bubbles but kind of put it in her mouth, she didn't like that!

We had an Easter Egg Hunt for the big people too! Last year Chan had this spark of genius where she put on this awesome Easter Egg Hunt for all of us, so we did it with my family this year. We each got fun little gifts that the adults would enjoy (Reeses, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, IBC cream soda, turtles, almond joys, movie tickets, etc.). So some of the eggs only had treats while others had numbers in them that were these bigger prizes. Then my mom hid all the eggs and we could not believe how well she hid them! We were looking EVERYWHERE running around and it took us about half an hour to find them! Anyway it was a lot of fun and a fun tradition I think we will continue (on both sides of the family), thanks for the awesome idea Chan!

We also stayed with Trav's family this last weekend. We basically just have fun chatting, snacking, having sleep overs with Kim and Monte while watching shows (at one point Travis made Kim fall right off the bed because he was teasing her by trying to touch her feet, it was so hilarious)! Kaydence is always wearing grandma's shoes and she actually was strutting around the house in grandpas cowboy boots (I wish my camera's battery didn't go out). We also got to go to church with them and Kim taught an amazing lesson, with this awesome DVD that Kaitlin made for seminary, and it had me bawling the whole time. Elder Hollands talk was so amazing in conference and there is actually a youtube video right now with this Easter Message. Well I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Country Dancin
This last week Travis and I went Country dancing!!! Kaitlin told us about it and how her and her roommates go there and have so much fun. It's at DELETA every Thursday night 9pm-12am, three bucks a pop! I got excited when she told me about it because Travis said he would go to a dancing class with me sometime if we were able to. Well the country dancing goes from 9pm to 12 am and that presents a problem for us because Travis usually has to work early the next morning and I didn't know who we could have stay at our place while Kaydence was asleep. Well as luck would have it Trav had Friday off this last week and Blackfoot was out of school the same day so Dane came down to watch Kaydence and we had some Chinese take-out together.

Then we went dancing. It was such a BLAST!!! Travis is such a good sport, it's the guy that has do everything and all I have to do is follow his lead. It was so much fun, that was one of my favorite dates we've been on.

We took these "close ups" right before we left when we were all good n'sweaty, country dancing sure gets your blood pumping! Yee haw!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend

So I'm afraid to even post this because the last time I posted on the gorgeous weather I jinxed us and we had two weeks of absolutely horrible weather! Well its a good thing I'm not a superstitious person because I am posting on the good weather, besides the weather channel reported that this next week is suppose to have great spring weather.
You really can't take those beautiful days for granted, the next day it could be snowing and blowing (literally). Spring is a very short season here and a lot of times it is wet, windy, and muddy but you just can't beat days like this. Our family did everything outside, we played our little "Friend" Newly Wed/ Celestial Marriage game (we made up the questions and everything though). We played volley ball, bad mitten, dodge ball, basketball, took walks, and just played around.

Here in Idaho we go through this long winter and over time I forget that when the sun is out and shining, we Idahoans can actually get sunburns! Every year I seem to forget this until I get a sunburn, my cheeks and nose are just a little burned but I couldn't be more thrilled (I guess you can't really tell in the picture)... I think the Vitamin D deprivation has got to me but I really hope spring is here to stay.
Conference was amazing, as usual, there were some really powerful talks . I can't wait for the conference ensign to come out, I want to try what Troy (my cousin) suggested doing with the conference talks. He put little clips of the talks (the phrases that stood out) on a CD with some music in the background and he just said how he still remembers those conference talks more than he has any other because of him doing that with his dad. I also love how he suggested writing down the things we were invited to do from our prophet and the general authorities of the church. Also I've found that when I am looking for guidance in the talks I feel that there were things said that were directly given to me, just like the scriptures (and of course the counsel the apostles give are scripture).

Kaydence has been pretty grumpy lately, she has been teething and her gum's have been bleeding, its so sad. So in one of the sessions she was throwing such a fit but once my sister popped her a bag of popcorn she was as happy as could be. There isn't anything popcorn can't cure, even if it is microwave.

This is my big college graduate man, we got some pictures of him in his cap and gown for some invitations. We are really excited, if you couldn't tell!
Another random shpill, so I am up after ten at night making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for Travis's seminary class that beat him at the scripture mastery challenge this last week. Well I made some last week for his classes but there wasn't enough for all the classes he teaches so I'm making more for the classes he hasn't fed yet. Well while I was baking the cookies last week I would "nibble" on some cookie dough and when some of the cookies came out misshapen I would eat them so as not to subject anyone to eating a misshapen cookie (presentation is everything), and I had to taste test my work as I went. Well when it was all said and done I only had about thirty-three cookies, Travis asked me how many I ate and I was like "I just shared a cookie with Kaydence ". Well the second time I attempted the cookies I brushed my teeth, so I didn't end up eating any of the dough or the unbecoming cookies. It turns out that this second time I have forty-seven cookies!!! Yuck! So basically I ate the dough and nibbled on some pieces so I wouldn't feel bad about eating a ton of cookies, because I thought I only ate a half of a cookie and I had no idea nibbling amounted to so much! That is kind of grouse but the moral of this story is, ignorance is bliss I was much happier before I realized that I really ate about fifteen cookies ... actually Travis ate a couple of the cookies the first time before I counted thirty-three and I made the cookies a little smaller the last time so there would be more for the students ... so technically I didn't eat a whole trough load ;) WOW