Sunday, March 22, 2009

Taking Time Out for FUN!

Not too much to report, we have been staying really busy lately but we have still found some time for fun too. I have been trying to think of what I could post on next and I just made sure to have the camera on hand whenever we went out, which wasn't very often but I had to find something to blog about!
Whenever we go to Grandma and Grandpa's house Kaydence gets so excited the moment we pull up the drive. This last visit Kaydence was playing with some balloons but they kept on getting away from her. Leave it to grandpa to think of tying the balloons to her shirt, genius!
She was running around the house balloons flailing behind her. (She had her dress on but I took it off so she could play with no restrictions)

The most eventful piece of news has been the weather, it has been GORGEOUS! Spring has finally graced us with its presence here in Idaho, it has been in the high 60's this week with no wind. I don't know what it is about beautiful weather that just energizes me and makes me so happy.

We had to take time out to enjoy this weather so we went to the park and played Frisbee.

Kaydence likes to bring her stroller and baby everywhere she was pushing that stroller all over the park. When we started throwing the Frisbee Kaydence started clapping and laughing it was so cute. When she got to the Frisbee she tried throwing it and catching it and we'll just say she has a lot of room for improvement ;)

I am convinced that Travis knows half of the worlds population, wherever we are he ends up seeing someone he knows (I can't take him anywhere without the trip taking us an extra half hour). This time we ran into one of Travis's awesome mission buddy's that Travis hasn't seen for almost five years, Kaci Oliver. Trav was so excited and we look forward to hanging out with him sometime.

We are a little anxious for the future right now, it is hard to make plans for the future when you know very little of what it will hold for you in terms of what jobs you will have, where we will live, and what kind of situation we will be in. Well Travis and I are excited to look at homes but Kaydence has already found the perfect home for her! She was playing in this play house at Costco with her Uncle Taylor, she looks like she is in her element. I know a house is out there calling our name ;)

Then we got together with Taylor, Amanda, and Kaitlin. We went out and bought Twilight (I know we're lame) and made a huge batch of this marshmallow, m&m, and almond popcorn it so sugary good!

You can just see the gooey goodness dangling off the popcorn.

Amanda, Kaitlin, and I were providing a complimentary commentary during the movie that the boys didn't appreciate. They don't understand that half the fun is talking the whole time, that is the beauty of owning it (I usually don't talk during movies but get us girls together and it is hard to refrain!)

Kaydence was loving the popcorn! She was basically just picking out all the M&M's (taking all the chocolate for herself) you can see the evidence all over her face!
Picasa is going to make my blog book so much easier! I will have my pages all mapped out and ready for printing!

My own little book club

I have wanted to read the book "Pride and Prejudice" for quite a while but I was wanting to wait until I was in a book club so I could talk about it and get everyone's different takes on it. So I decided not to wait and just to go to the library and get a copy to read. I have wanted to read it for about 5 years, ever since I talked to a roommate about the book and how much she loved it and how it was such a great representation of different people (everyone knows a Jane type, or a Mr. Collins type, etc). At first I have to admit I was a little put off when I started reading because I was wanting it to be told in the first person point of view and I didn't think I would get all the juicy details you get when it is in the third person.
Well I fell in love with the book and one of my favorite parts of the book is the language they use. After reading the book I have been saying things like: Mr. Peterson (Travis), could I acquiesce upon you to take the trouble of favoring me with your presence in the usual festivities of civility. Or try out a line like this, "It is the practice of amiable elegant females to take the trouble of amusing themselves with such employment as these". Basically jibber jabber that makes absolutely no sense. I could talk like this all day (using all the words in the wrong context), it's great Travis loves it! He thinks I am such a dork, which I am, and tells me that I just crack myself up. He'll be sorry when the effects of this book have worn off and my manner of speaking is left to simpleton word usage I used in the aforementioned time. I am just being a nerd but I really do love the language they use, it is so sophisticated and smooth. I loved when Elizabeth or her father were sarcastic and the people around them didn't get it. People were so polite even when they were insulting you. I had to look up a few words in the dictionary but I pretty much guessed the meaning of most of the words I wasn't sure about. It seems like we all get lazy with the way we speak and our vocabulary, I know I do. The worst has been when I've waitressed and the "back of the house" uses the same vulgarities to fill in the blanks when they talk, seriously I don't get it (why do so many people feel it necessary to have such potty mouths). Anyway, I was going off on a little tangent there.
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie and the book was great because it gave so much more detail into the characters, especially the guys in it. The characters that I came to REALLY dislike were: Mrs. Bennet (the mom), Lydia, and Mr. Wickam. I think overall the worst was the mother, she was just so horrible and superficial in my eyes. She never saw anything she did wrong and pointed the blame on others, never taking responsibility for ANYTHING. I just wanted to sit down and have a talk with her! I am a very non-confrontational person but when I'm reading I can pretend to be more bold. Anyway I could totally go off writng about the characters but that would be too long and boring for everyone. My main critique would be that I wanted more cute romantic scenes with Mr. Darci and Elizabeth (big surprise coming from me, I know). It was great I loved it.
It is so funny because these last couple weeks have been so busy for Travis and I but I have found time to read the whole book. Just goes to show me that I am able to make time if I am motivated enough, but in my defense it is a pretty short book and I would read when we were driving in the car or rocking Kaydence to sleep (at least that what I tell myself to justify it).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The way to her heart

... is SUGAR!

These are just some pictures of Kaydence eating sherbet with her dad. She loved it so much she was dancing and giving daddy the biggest hugs (on his arm) and kisses. Then I made brownies and the best part of making them is licking the bowl (and the spoon and the mixers...). I look like such a dork, anything for a picture

It was also my dads birthday this last week.My dad is an extremely hard worker and is always serving! He built our beautiful home and always has projects he is working on. He is a pretty amazing guy, from the first day with us he took us on as his own and I have never thought of calling him anything other than dad because he is such an amazing father to each of us.Love ya dad

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kaydence's newest Rant

The last few weeks Kaydence has been following this same pattern every day. She goes into her room and pulls out all these random articles of clothing. Five pairs of socks, a sandle with a church shoe, pants, dresses, coats, you name it! She wants me to put all of it on her. Sometimes I will placate her and put everything on. Then she stands by the door saying "Bye Bye" and pointing. She wants to go outside ALL THE TIME! Oh ya, this is at six in the morning and she will do this right before bed too when it is completely dark outside! Here she is throwing her usual fit, I do take her out sometimes but it is so cold I can't keep her out there all day! If it were up to her she would live outside! I can't wait for spring weather!
Marshmallow girl
I took this video a few weeks ago when we first got Kaydence these huge snowpants (the smallest pair I could find were 24 months). It is so cute because they are so big and she totally wobbles in them. She has snow boots but I couldn't find them that day.

This is just a cute picture I got of Trav and Kaitlin playing around. We have been having a lot of fun with Kaitlin this last month, having her over for sleep overs, shopping, Jamba stops, and mainly just talking and hanging out. Kaitlin is graduating on Thursday, I can't believe it! Then she is going to school to become a nurse, she just took the big test for her CNA!
Laundry day
There isn't anyone who can make Kaydence laugh like her dad. She goes into these cute fits of laughter that make her tumble over, I need to catch it on video!
Kaydence was giving daddy kisses through the hamper.

Good Movie
This last week we saw a good movie that was worth watching called, Fireproof. The acting wasn't very good but the message was so awesome. I have a testimony of marriage being a three way relationship with you, your spouse, and the Lord. I've found that when I start slacking in my scripture studying, temple attendance, or anything that brings me closer to the Lord that the little things will bother me more and I am not as happy as I could be. When I am doing all the things that the prophets and apostles tell us to do (or at least really trying to) that I come closer to my Savior and that my capacity to love is so much deeper and makes life so incredibly amazing and fulfilling. The gospel really is a message of happiness. The family is at the center of the gospel and being married is the greatest thing in the world. The movie doesn't indicate which church the characters are part of and it's not the LDS church but the message is so great.
Well that was kind of random but I love when people recommend good movies, there are less and less good ones out there.