Monday, February 23, 2009


Tanner, Chandra, and Parker came up to Idaho on Thursday to go to Tanner's friends wedding. So we got to spend the weekend with them! Nothing like leaving the nice California weather to come up here and freeze!

So what do we do out here in Idaho... We pull out the snow gear, tractor, sleds, and guns ;)
We got all bundled up in our snow clothes and made Parker and Kaydence look like moving marshmallows!

Tanner and Chan just got back from the temple and these were the smokin socks she was wearing under her dress boots... they don't look as good with the snow boots. Does Chan know how to strike a pose or what?!?!

Monte got the tractor out and tied one of the sleds to it and pulled us behind it.

Kaydence didn't love it, she would wave but was so unsure of the whole thing. Parker sure seemed to enjoy it though!

Travis pulled me and Kassidy on the sled and was giving us a crazy ride. Kassidy was in front and I was holding onto her and I kept on slipping off and took her down with me. We tried switching it up but when Kass was in back her legs wouldn't reach around to so her legs were being pushed out into the splits. We didn't try that position again. We were having so much fun and laughing so hard my chipmunk cheeks were hurting!

Monte is always keeping his grand kids (and kids for that matter) fully entertained!
Then we went out shooting. We stopped by my families house and picked up my dad, he is always up for shooting. We all had a go at the clay pigeons, some of us were more successful than others.

If the pigeons aren't being ejected in a difficult angle I can get them pretty well.

Chan was hilarious. The first few pigeons she totally missed but then Tanner told her to aim and when she did she got the first one! (we'll brake her in yet)

Kassidy is so little, she could barely lift the gun up right.

The boys were totally tearing it up!
Trav got this crazy shot when the pigeon was ejected wrong and was just above the ground, he turned and nailed it right on!

For the most part Chan, Kassidy, and I just sat on the hood of the truck jamming out to the radio (making up our own lyrics).

The next morning Chan was totally ready for round 2. She had the ski mask on (bringing out her luminous eyes)! Chan cracked me up when she pulled the scissors on Travis and said, "give me all your crepes".

We sure love those two and had too much fun together! Oh and of course, it goes without saying, we absolutely love our Parker! Kaydence followed Parker around the whole time and they kept each other fully entertained! LOVE THE COUSINS!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eventful times... BIG NEWS

I will start off with the fabulous weekend Travis had planned for us for my birthday. Travis surprised me by taking Kaydence to his parents while I was getting pampered. We had an awesome weekend filled with walks (love walks), sleeping in, great breakfasts, lava hot springs (I have wanted to go since I became pregant with Kaydence), out to the movies, fun junk food, Red Lobster (seafood is my favorite), and jam packed fun with my hubby. I love dragging out my birthday for the whole week!

(just some random pics documenting the fun)
I finally finished my blog book!!! It is a long story but I have come across many problems in trying to make it but it is finally DONE! I love it, these are a few pages. Now I know some things I want to do differently for next years book. I love it because I have never kept up on scrapbooking and I don't have the time so this is such a good way for me to keep our memories.

We had yet another fun filled weekend. We got to spend the morning with Trav's family and recieved such fun Valentine treats (a tradition Kim has always done for all the little holidays and a tradition I want to pass on to our kids). Kim got Kaydence this adorable pink jacket that is really soft inside and now I can't get her to take it off. Kaydence loves soft things and so she rubs the inside of the jacket against her cheek all the time. She loves it!
Then we went to Idaho Falls to play with Taylor and Amanda. My sweet sister, Mickell, watched Kaydence while we were gone (If we end up moving away I am going to miss being so close to family soooo much). We had a blast hanging out in Idaho Falls, then we came home and got some amazing news.

So on this special Valentines Day I got a phone call that night from my sister Kathleen. She told me her and Kent were going to stop by and see us and we could see the ring.... I thought I heard her wrong at first. I was like "Come again... did you say RING!!!" KENT PROPOSED TO KATHLEEN!!!! I could feel Kathleen beaming through the phone while she told me how he proposed! You will have to check out her blog for details, but I have to say that this man held NOTHING back when he proposed, he went ALL OUT! You know just your typical THREE HOURS AT THE SPA, A HUNDRED ROSES, TWO CARAT DIAMOND RING, the works!!! Yah... Kent is so crazy about Kathleen!

I have never seen Kathleen so happy in her WHOLE LIFE as I have seen her in these past couple months. Kathleen has had a really rough road and it has been so hard seeing her go through everything. Through everything she has been so amazingly strong but the load she has been carrying has seemed too much for her at times.
Well the Lord works in mysterious ways he has answered our prayers in a way we couldn't have anticipated. When Kent came into the picture we all thought he seemed to good to be true but I truly have a testimony that the Lord wants to give us everything and so much more that we never even thought to ask for. I love my sister so much and it doesn't take anyone long to see what an amazing person she is. She is the most giving, self sacrificing, loving person and I am so grateful that she has found someone that treats her as she should be treated (like a queen). We all love Kent and are so excited to have him in the family, and I am so grateful for how happy he makes Kathleen. I am so happy I don't know what else to say!
Onto a lighter topic.

Taylor's birthday is this Tuesday (exactly two weeks after mine) so we celebrated it on Sunday, he is an old man ;) My mom made Asphalt pie (like the one at Wingers its Tay's favorite) and it was amazing. Taylor has always been the awesome older brother that I loved hanging out with and has always had the best sense of humor (he could always make me laugh even when I was mad at him). He has always watched out for me and I have always liked when he got protective over me, his little sister. Love you Tay!

The birthday boy was all partied out ;)

While we were celebrated these two momentous occasions I found my old afro (I needed to get it for this activity we are going to have in the ward later this month).

I put it on Kaydence and she was walking around the house with this wig that was as big as she is (notice she is wearing her Valentine Jacket that never comes off).
Then the boys were going to go out and shoot. Travis didn't bring good shoes or a jacket so he borrowed Danes. It made us all laugh because he totally looked like a little teenager in his skater shoes and bright jacket. Then he added the gorgeous wig to his ensemble and his look was complete!

He is smokin HOT!

Travis is showing everyone this sweet way to tie your shoes and the boys are riveted.

I told them I wanted more pictures to make a fun post so they just started being dorks. I love how they put up with me making them pose all the time, but come on pictures make posts so much fun!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME

I am so spoiled I can't believe it! I have the greatest friends and family, thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday today (either on facebook, phone calls, or in person). I am so blessed to have all of you in my life, I love you all!
I was able to celebrate my birthday with my family this last Sunday, Superbowl Sunday. Thank you so much for the awesome birthday everyone! My mom made the most delicious cake, double chocolate fudge mint ice cream cake..... ohhhh yahhhh, right up my alley! I ate six huge pieces of this cake in two days, no remorse! It is always the best gift having my family gathered together and just being together. I have the greatest family EVER!

This morning Travis woke up with Kaydence and when I woke up he had all of my favorite goodies and the sweetest letter in the world on the table (I actually don't prefer flowers so Trav has to get creative and I am never disappointed and I treasure the cards and letters more than I do anything else). Travis also had a big breakfast made for me before he had to leave for work. Then he came home early and we have spent the whole day together just playing. He has a surprise for me some time this week when we will have more time, I LOVE surprises! My "love language" is quality time so the best things are just things that we do together. My sister made me this plaque that states, "Together is our favorite place to be" perfectly stated!

This next Sunday I get to celebrate with my amazing in-laws (the term "in-law" is not strong enough terminology for the way I feel about them, I seriously couldn't love them more than I do or be more close to them than I am).
Anyway I had such a great birthday today and I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. THANK YOU!!!
Pretty pictures
These are just some cute pictures I took of Kaydence.
This is Kaydence at Grandpa Greens 90th birthday. Kaydence is biting into one of the sword shaped balloons.
Kaydence before getting her dressed for church. I love this picture because it captures all of the cute little features on her face.

Kaydence Climbing stairs in her cute dress Jody and Billy got her from Mexico. She just can't climb them enough! She will go up and down all day if you let her.