Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My mom was able to have the opportunity of going to Israel over Christmas break. She went with a bunch of our family (extended) and they had some amazing experiences. My mom wanted to share all of those experiences with all of us so she put on "Israel Night".
She started out by giving us souvenirs she got for each of us. The girls got these beautiful shawls that the women over there wear. We were having fun trying them out... but not as much fun as the boys had.
(I hope this is not offending anyone they were just messing around not disrespecting the yamikas)
They boys got yamikas and were goofing around for the picture. My sister's friend Kent was there and didn't receive a yamika so he was sporting one of the shawls. I know, those boys are crazy... never a dull moment.

My favorite thing we got were these beautiful wood sculptures (carved out of an olive tree) of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus on a donkey. The wood is so gorgeous and the curves in all the features are so smooth. I'm so excited to place it up in our home, thank you mom but the best gift was getting you home safely (with all the violence that was happening on the Gaza strip)!
Then my mom gave a presentation of her trip and all the places she saw and the history behind each of the sites. It was so neat to see the garden of Gethsemane and Christ's tomb, what an amazing experience.
Then my mom made an Israeli dinner. We had pure pomegranate juice, humus on our pitas (unleavened bread), and coleslaw. I really like hummus (at least my moms), Trav and I have never tried it before. Then we had dessert, not Israeli but awesome none the least. Kathleen made these cream puff eclair things that were too delicious, I could have eaten fifty of them! Fun night, thanks for putting it all on mom, we love you so much!
Kaydence adores her grandpa and you can see why. Whenever she goes to grandma and grandpas house grandpa plays with her the whole time. Grandpa is like the best amusement park ever!
I actually captured Kaydence walking! This night she was walking a ton but she was getting tired when I got there. She is walking more and more the last couple days and I'm excited. At first I didn't mind that she crawled everywhere, she would walk when she wanted to, but she gets her clothes so much dirtier when she crawls (especially in public, I usually don't let her in public but she just wants to get out and move sometimes.... I wash her hands when she's done crawling around though). Anyway I'm ready for her to walk!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Week with the Fullmer Boys!

This last week we were down in Inkom watching Tyler and Chance while their parents (Billy and Jodi) were in Mexico. Jodi is Travis' cousin. We got to stay in their gorgeous home and were able to be fully entertained with these two boys. It is so funny how different boys and girls are, these two are 100% BOY! They loved following Travis around, especially Tyler, and they would just horse around.

Travis was trying to take a little nap and Tyler was sprawling out on him. Travis was usually at work or school so they had to put up with me for most of the time. Tyler wanted to show me how he could basically beat me at anything (we had competitions who could do more jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, and other moves I didn't know existed). I have to claim the championship on paper-rock-scissors though, and I won't let Ty forget it ;)

Tyler was so cute with Kaydence. He would pick her up and hold her (when she would let him) and would just cuddle her. He would say the cutest things like: she is so cute, or she has such soft skin, or how he thought Hunter was lucky because he has a sister. Seriously cutest comments coming from a six year old. Tyler cracks me up, he is only in Kindergarten and he will turn on the television to Football.... FOOTBALL! He just sits there and watches the Bears play, I can tell he wants to be just like his daddy.
Chance (he's turning two this month) and Kaydence were so entertaining to watch play. Kaydence loved to make Chance laugh, and when he did she would get so excited and they would both just start laughing. Chance is such a little cuddle bug, he would have you hold him all day if you could (he is a big boy though and I'm convinced Jodi must have huge muscles). Chance also gives great kisses, he would kiss me and Kaydence on the cheek all the time.

Chance and Kaydence had a hard time learning to share but sometimes they were the best at sharing.... everything. They would feed each other all the time, and Chance would put Kaydence's binky in her mouth for her all the time. He is such a ball of energy, he will jump up and down all the time just for fun, he kept Kaydence laughing.

One night Travis made french toast, because that is what Tyler requested. Tyler was helping flip the pieces of french toast.

Chance and Kaydence always wanted me to hold them at the same time.

Kaydence is one going on sixteen, she loves to pretend like she is driving. You cannot pry her off of the steering wheel once she is there!
We had such a great time with Chance and Tyler, you can't help loving them and their fun personalities!

So if any of you read the posting on our "love story", I published it for our book and didn't think anyone would read it(it's not there anymore). Anyway I just wanted to mention, to the five of you who read it, that Travis never pressured me in any way to not go on my mission. When I would ask him what he thought I should do he would tell me he wanted me to decide for myself and that he wouldn't push me one way or the other. Travis was worried that if I stayed home he would be pressured to get married and he didn't want that. Well when I decided to stay home I knew that was what I wanted and he decided he couldn't live another day without me either :p I know I am a dork for posting on this but I just wanted to. Okay.... enough of this randomness.
It is so funny, Kaydence will take steps all the time but I can't catch it on camera. She is not walking she just takes steps towards things sometimes. Taylor was tossing Kaydence up and then she would walk to him and make the "more" sign for him to do it again. They did it so many times, but sure enough the second I got the camera out she stopped. She will always dance on demand, whenever you say "dance" she starts dancing. I barely caught some of her moves, for a second. It is so funny, the first time she danced I was putting her in her carseat and there was a song on with a really good beat and she just started shaking her shoulders. Ever since then she has started dancing when she hears music or when you tell her to. She is always coming up with cute new moves.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Toast to the New Year

We spent New Years Eve night playing games, eating, internet dating ; ) and reminiscing. My dad and Kathleen were there too, Kathleen is not a night owl so she hit the sack before the ball fell. We all talked about the most momentous events that happened over the year of 2008. It was such a great year filled with so many laughs and tender moments.
We are so excited to celebrate yet another year, this year should be a fairly eventful one for us. The biggest of which will be Travis graduating and getting a job (which will determine where we will be in the years to follow).
(I like to get these things in our book it's kind of like my journal, if I didn't use this as a journal I wouldn't put this on our blog so you probably don't want to read it! It's very mushy, but come on I HAVE to record all this great lovey dovey stuff , it's my favorite!)
I had to write about some of Travis's successes. This last semester was probably Travis's hardest semester at school and he got straight "A"s!!!! Kaydence and I are so proud of him and all his hard work! Travis has also started listening to Twilight on his ipod (the first book he listened to on the drive home from Arizona). The second book he listened to while deep cleaning the house. Travis says he doesn't like to sit down and read because he's lazy but I would argue the opposite. When he listens to the books he is cleaning and organizing everything in the house. He is so into detail that our house sparkles when he cleans (which he does ALL the time). I am so lucky! I like hearing what Travis thinks of the books, he doesn't love them because they are too slow for him and he's always asking me when the action is going to happen. Its funny because Travis does not like Jacob and thinks Bella is dumb. I totally agree (especially in the third book, which he is listening to). Okay I'm not obsessed with Twilight, like I'm sure it seems, it is just really entertaining to read, discuss, and watch. I am just as entertained by Pride and Prejudice.
I knew Travis wouldn't like Jacob because, in my opinion, Travis is a lot like Edward, Jacobs opposite. Travis shares a lot of Edwards traits like: being really protective of those he loves (he worries about me and my safety all the time and I don't have crazed vampires after me), I would describe his love as intense... that makes me laugh just writing it but it is so true, he is so loyal in every way, he is very conservative (not rebellious in the least like Jacob) and is the one that keeps me on the strait and narrow, he is really into detail and is a planner, he thinks things 0ut too much sometimes he says he just likes to be prepared, he can be so hard on himself but I can do nothing wrong in his eyes he always tells me I'm perfect (awhhh), and he is always such a gentleman (he still opens doors for me and gives me his jacket all the time). The best part is Travis is real and he is mine!
Warning More Mush...

I got the best surprise over the break. Kaitlin and Kassidy came over to watch Kaydence while we went out to the movies. Travis supposedly went to a different show with his parents while Amanda and I went to "our" movie. I called him as soon as our movie got out and he said he went straight home to relieve the girls because they had to get back home. So when I got home I came home to our apartment which was FILLED with candles everywhere, music, and a romantic dinner with a gift on the table! Seriously, I was SHOCKED! He has done sweet things similar to this but I usually always have an idea they were coming, this time NONE AT ALL! He left earlier in the day to "run errands" and was preparing things for the dinner. Amanda helped him make my new favorite meal, shrimp scampi. I'm not just saying this because it was from my husband but it was the most flavorful and delicious shrimp in the WORLD! Travis didn't know what half of the ingredients were that were in it so Amanda's expertise in the kitchen was more than helpful! He then had all this stuff to make banana splits for dessert (with the best Bluebunny frozen yogart Homemade vanilla, seriously try it)
Travis knows how much I love this romantic stuff and I love how he puts so much effort into doing these types of things. The more thought or preparations something takes the more romantic it is in my opinion.

I feel kind of weird bragging about my husband on our blog but I am so grateful for my husband who is truly my best friend and my own little prince charming!