Sunday, December 28, 2008


We have Christmas worked out to a "T", we get to celebrate two Christmas's every year! My family celebrates Christmas a day early because Taylor has to work on Christmas and that way all of the married folks could go to both families Christmas and don't need to alternate families. It's so perfect! So on my families "Christmas Eve" we had a big Christmas dinner and my mom over did herself once again, it was delicious!
Our family is getting so big we put up the tables downstairs so we can all eat by each other.
Then we had our Christmas program where we sing, my dad reads stories, then we open one present before bed. My dad always wears his Santa hat and the girls just love it, this has been a tradition in our family since I can remember.

We open one present on Christmas Eve night, so I had Travis open the down blanket I got him. It is really silly but I call Travis "Alohot" sometimes because one day he came home and I was about to say "Aloha", but I called him AloHOT because he is such a hottie ;)
He was really excited!!! Travis loves his sleep!

We always draw names every year and Kathleen made Jonathan a special DVD from his mission. It was so fun to watch!

The next morning everyone woke up at seven-thirty and started the party.

Kathleen got her girls this really detailed kitchen with everything you could think of in it, I could barely pull Kaydence away from it so she could open her presents.

She got a lot of great things, and she loved ripping all the wrapping paper off the presents (she would start unwrapping presents under the tree early, half of our presents were already half open).
Amanda was so excited about her gorgeous Michael Core's purse.

Taylor got some new shoes, he can never just make a normal pose for the camera!

Dane got stuff for snowboarding, he got a season pass at Pebble Creek.

Mickell is sporting one of her new outfits.

Travis got some clothes and games for the Wii.

I got just as excited about Kaydences presents as I did mine, holidays are so much more exciting with a little one (even though she doesn't really know what's going on).
Travis's family has always gone over to visit Aunt Evelyn's every Christmas eve. Monte always brings the guitar and sings Christmas songs, this year Travis played the guitar while Monte played his new Ukulele. The girls sang "Santa Baby", here is just a little clip of their performance. video

Then we all sang Christmas hymns to her. She is such a sweet heart and it is such a great Christmas tradition.

Kaydence was loving the toy car at Aunt Evelyn's house!

Then we broke out the Wii.... again. I know I have posted enough about the Wii but it is so entertaining to watch people play and to take pictures of people in action.
Travis and I played over and over again, I just wanted to beat him ONCE but I still haven't. Mark my words, someday I will be victorious ;)

This is Kassidy doing her victory dance
Kim was hilarious, she was playing with Kass and at one point she went running and hit Kass. She didn't know that she didn't have to run to get the ball.
Then we opened one present Christmas Eve, we each got some warm and fuzzy slippers.
We slept in Christmas morning then got spoiled with great gifts.

In the middle of everyone taking turns opening their presents Kaitlin tipped right over in her chair.
We are all so blessed to have each other. We just started the White Stocking tradition with Travis's family where we each give a gift to Christ (Travis and I have done it since we were married but it was so awesome to do with the Peterson family, it was Kaitlins idea to start it with the whole family).
Grandpa and Kaydence were so tired they took a nap in the middle of the chaos.

This has been such an amazing year and it is so neat to reflect on all the blessing we have been given this year. We are so grateful for the gospel and for our Savior and a loving Heavenly Father who sent his son to save all of us from our sins. I can't imagine sending my daughter to suffer as Christ suffered, God loves us so much more than I can fathom. I am grateful for His birth and all that he did for us. We hope to be prepared for Him when he comes again.
It was such an awesome Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tenney's Cabin

The vacation we thought would never happen!
So Spencer and Gary were trying to put together a little trip for all of us (Taylor & Amanda, Gary & Angela, Spencer Jamie & Grace, Seth Kristina & Simeon, and us of course).

We all wanted to go down to the Tenney's new cabin in Forest Lakes to play and we were getting everything all organized and ready... then we found out Taylor couldn't get work off so we told everyone we wouldn't be coming. Then Tay ended up getting someone to cover for him, so the trip was back on... then the weather report was horrible Thursday (the day we were suppose to head out). So we thought it was better to be safe than sorry and decided we shouldn't go... then the weather report changed a little that day so we hurried and got everything packed and ready and told them we were on our way! I can't believe it all finally worked out, we were so excited to see everyone!
This is the AWESOME Tenney family, seriously the most amazing people you will ever meet!
(Troy, Aunt Marilyn, Angela, Gary, and Uncle Ron)
We had clear roads the whole way to Arizona (a completely different story on the way back). We got there early Friday morning.

This is the Tenney's brand new cabin, it is so gorgeous and we had too much fun! THANK YOU UNCLE RON AND AUNT MARILYN! what a good looking couple :)

It was so awesome because it turned out that Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Ron, Troy, and Grandpa were also able to come and play with us.
My mom made my Aunt Marilyn (her twin as you can probably tell) a quilt for Christmas and she was so thrilled, my mom makes beautiful quilts.

This is grandpa opening his Christmas presents from my mom, he couldn't wait till Christmas ;) My grandpa is the most amazing man, he is the greatest example to all of us of love, patience, wisdom, and selflessness. We have been so blessed to part of his family :)
Kaydence had a good time playing with Grace and Simeon, they were so fun to watch interact.

This is Grace and Kaydence on the stairs. Kaydence just loved to climb the them, she never gets tired of it.

Grace and Kaydence took a bath together and Kaydence was loving it. Grace was pretty tired and didn't appreciate Kaydence splashing everywhere but they were so funny to watch.

Grace was drinking the bath water in this picture she is so funny!

Kaydence loved Grace's snow hat, she was putting it on and laughing. I got her one for Christmas that is really similiar.

We got a Wii for Christmas and decided to bring it with us and start Christmas off early. We were all laughing and having too much fun playing. We had a tennis tournament and Troy basically wasted everyone! I got so many hilarious pictures I had to do them on a slide show or else this would be an even longer post!

Can you believe how much snow there is in Arizona! I had no idea it snowed so much down there!

We went out for a walk and it was so nice because the sun was out and there wasn't any wind.

Then we went out and played in the snow. The boys had this project the whole weekend of trying to get the five foot packed snow off the roof. They were also throwing snow balls at each other and jumping off the deck doing some tricks.

Angela and I build a snowman, you gotta love the celery hair (we had to be resourceful)
What is a vacation with the Peterson's without having someone seriously injured?!?! This time you might be surprised to learn that it wasn't Travis who had the accident, it was poor little Amanda.

She was helping out in the kitchen chopping some onions and the tears skewed her view and she chopped the end of her finger off! We all felt so bad, she is such a trooper though she was pointing out all the different anatomical layers you could see in her sliced finger! Obviously I wasn't interested in looking, anatomy and blood are not my forte.

We had some problems on our way out. We were driving the Tenney's van and snowmobiles out and it got stuck, then the Montero got stuck. We were trying to get the Montero out of the rut then the van started sliding down the hill!!! We were in trouble, Gary and Troy came to help us and so did a couple awesome neighbors.

Eventually we got out, thanks to all the help, but the roads were so bad we didn't get home til a lot later than previously planned.
The trip was SOOOO worth it, we had so much fun talking, playing games, eating great meals, playing outside, and especially just spending time together and getting to see everyone. Thank you so much for the great weekend you guys we had such a blast!