Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

I love Thanksgiving, what could be better than being surrounded by the people you love and gorging yourself with the most delicious food?!?!
We started the festivities off this year by going to the Forgotten Christmas Carols the night before. I have always wanted to go and it was so great! Music is such a powerful way to feel the spirit, a lot of the songs gave me the chills they were AWESOME! It was great to start the season off this way and to remind us of the reasons why we celebrate this time of year in the first place.

It was such a neat experience. I was sitting by Kassidy during the show and I noticed she kept on glancing at me throughout the show because every song made me cry. Everyone knew I would cry but for the record... Kim cried too! I like to internalize the message and the music was very powerful.

Thank you so much for getting that all set up and for that awesome experience!!!

The next morning we went to Bear Lake with Travis' family to celebrate Thanksgiving. We had the dinner at Mark and Chris' home and I could not believe how much food there was! Chris already had most of the work done but when we arrived that morning the ladies went straight to work. It is so much fun helping out in the kitchen and having all that fun girl talk!
We ate like kings! There was so much left over it seemed like we barely made a dent, this is us around the table fully satisfied and trying to fit more in our stomachs!
(notice Monte giving the "whats up" sign)

The "Idaho Petersons" (Trevor, Trevin, Chris, and Trent), we helped Chris set up a blog for their family.

Grandma and Grandpa Peterson. It was so good to see them, they are so sweet!

There is nothing like a good long nap after a big turkey dinner, Kaitlin slept for more than two hours. While she slept the rest of the girls went on a walk (Kassidy and I kept on walking for another hour or two). While we were walking the boys, meaning Travis and the Twins Trent and Trevin, had their own "Turkey Bowl". I wish I would have seen it because everyone said it was so cute. Travis was throwing the ball and the twins would run as fast as their little legs would take them to get to the ball first. Sometimes when Travis threw the ball the boys would look up to see where the ball went and would fall backwards because they were looking back so far, soooo cute! Then when the boys came inside they had a special football cheer Travis taught them. Travis said he had so much fun and that they were both really competitive and tough and so much fun to play around with.

Monte brought his guitar and the guys were sitting around and playing for awhile.

Kaydence was playing with "grandma great" and with these cool boy toys. We may have to get her a truck for Christmas, she loved them!
She loved the fresh Christmas tree even more, I could not get that girl to leave the tree and the ornaments alone.

The next morning we shopped for almost eleven hours!!! I have never really gotten up early on "Black Friday" to shop, I've heard people are so rude but I had too much fun! I love the chaos, actually the stores I went to weren't too bad compared to others. I actually have all of our Christmas shopping done (except for the names we just drew).
This is my little "shopper in training". By the time we came home she was so hungry and tired that she fell asleep in the middle of me feeding her lunch, she was officially pooped! Oh and I didn't take her with me until eight, I didn't think she would like leaving the house at six in the morning.

When we got home, Saturday night, we had so much fun decorating the house for Christmas! Oh, I love Christmas!!! Travis is putting the lights on our little miniature tree, and we got out all the boxes of decorations and all the presents to wrap. Christmas music is a MUST! There is nothing like good Christmas music to get you in the spirit. My favorite Christmas CD will always be the Amy Grant CD, I grew up loving it and it is still my favorite!
I know it is the smallest tree ever but I love it so much, especially when it is all lit up and gives that Christmas glow. I am so grateful for my wonderful family and the many blessing we have, I hope our focus can be on the greatest gift we received and the reason we celebrate this holiday. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who sent his son Jesus Christ to live and die for each of us. I hope everyone else enjoys this special time of year and the special spirit that goes along with it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Premier

If you were wondering before, you know now... I'M A NERD!!!

I was so excited to go to the Twilight premiere, I made a shirt (Its sweet... and actually Travis made it for me you can see the book on my sleeve), brought my camera and was taking pictures of us in the theater (documenting this special occasion), and pulled out the boots Travis is getting me for Christmas to wear to this event!

As soon as Kaitlin got off work she and her friend drove down here to get in line for the show. This is us waiting outside in the cold windy weather (and yes Kaitlin has a Jamba juice that is keeping her hands cold).

Can you tell we are EXCITED! (This picture was making my mom and I laugh so hard when saw it we were crying, that might have been because it was so late)!
My mom is the one who told me about the books and we have had many discussions on them. When I was reading them I would call her when she was in the middle of work but she would drop everything to talk about what I was reading at the time. We had a lot of fun speculating and guessing what would happen in the last book.
I totally look possessed in this picture (my nostrils are flaring), needless to say I was a little too into this whole thing! I could totally pull off being a vampire, don't you think?
(I don't give anything away about the movie, I am just giving my review on the characters and overall movie)
I didn't want to have to high of expectations going in to see the movie. I absolutely loved the book and I knew a movie could only come so close and I didn't want to be disappointed. I was not disappointed! I knew I would love anything Twilight related! They followed the book as much as possible, it was so much fun seeing all the characters come to life in a movie. I knew every character before their names were said and it was so much fun seeing it with Twilight "die hards". The first time you see the Cullens, and of course Edward, the audience went nuts and the excitement was contagious. Travis was more entertained just watching us and our reactions! Of course there are some characters that you picture looking completely different but that was to be expected. I was surprised how much the guy that played Edward grew on me. At first I didn't think he was that good looking, but who could be immortally gorgeous and someone even an Abercrombie model would kill to look like! He did very well looking conflicted, you understand why he is struggling so much if you've read the books. I liked who they had play Bella also. Now this sounds so dumb but I kind of pictured Bella more like me in some ways (not looks but reactions and mannerisms) but I think everyone pictures her more like themselves to a degree. That is the thing with Bella's character she is so relate able. I think she looks at herself like a lot of women do, ordinary and a little self conscious. Whither it be her attributes of: clumsiness, innocence, maturity, feelings of mediocrity (not being exceptional in any area), putting others before yourself, or just your love of Edward ;) you can relate to Bella.
Before the show I was just thinking how hard it would be to show Bella and Edwards relationship, there was just so much to it that you couldn't fit it in two hours (and how would you display that kind of emotion). I really loved the movie, but I would still suggest reading the book before seeing the movie. It makes the movie that much better! Those two hours FLEW by way to fast leaving me wanting more! TWO ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS UP!

Me and my Edward

Kaydence isn't feeling well and we needed someone to stay with her while she slept and I was thinking Travis might as well stay at home and sleep and we could give his ticket away. When I told him this he told me he wanted to go. I was surprised and asked "why?" because I thought the only reason he was coming is because I wanted him to come. He said he loves to see me get all excited and he knew how excited I was to see the movie and wanted to be there. Ohhh, I thought that was sweet. But truth be told, I think another motive for him wanting to go was curiosity, to see why in the world I love these books about vampires when I am such a scardy cat (seriously I can't sleep when I see commercials for horror films)! It was so much fun and totally worth loosing all the sleep.
We took the test to see which Twilight character we both are. You know Travis and I were meant for each other after this quiz!
I'm a Carlisle! I found out through Which Twilight Male Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Three Amigo's

This week my sister got to go to Arizona to visit some friends from Pharmacy school and had a blast. So I got to watch her two beautiful girls, Camryn (4), and Kendra (2). At first I wasn't sure how this was going to work with three busy little girls in our little two bedroom apartment. I mean Kaydence can sure get into trouble fast (last week she broke the glass part of the blender), but Camryn and Kendra are skilled artisans compared to Kaydence when it comes to trouble ;) You'll have to check out my sisters blog, its hilarious! I figured since my parents weren't occupying their house (being on a European cruise and all) and there is so much room to run around and get out all that little girl energy out there... we might as well stay there. Besides... better their house than ours to be designated as the destruction zone. I am totally kidding, we had so much fun together.
We had a girls day together the first day.

We painted our finger nails and our toe nails (which I just did to Kaydence last week, I have way to much fun with little girls). The girls wanted to dress up as princesses and their dress up clothes were at their home in Twin Falls so we had to improvise.
Bubby, my grandma, made me these night gowns for me when I was younger and I kept them at my parents house. They were to big for the girls so I just pinned them in the back and whala! The final step in our princess transformation was makeup. It was hilarious watching them put it on themselves but I had to intervene and wash off the lipstick that was in their eyebrows and on their cheeks.

I didn't get a picture with Kendra because she went down for a nap.

Camryn fell asleep too, it's apparently a tiring job being a princess. Kaydence loves to touch eyelashes as you can tell, it was time for Camryn to get up and Kaydence wanted to help.

Kaydence was trying to share her apple with the sleeping Camryn.
I went to take out Kaydences binky and found this
My little trouble maker got into the plants and shoved a bunch of dirt in her mouth before I could catch her. She is such a stinker

The first night I had the girls Dane, Mickell, and Grandma Petersen were at the house. It was great having the extra help and extra company. Kendra is such a cuddle bug, she just fell asleep on Dane.
So I kept up the night time routine with the girls (dinner, bath, stories, bed). This is all of us reading stories just before bed.
We also invaded Trav's parents home. The girls wanted to watch the dance video's they had (from Kaitlin and Kassidy's performances with Downtown). They were dancing and singing to the songs, I should have gotten some video!

They also played out on the swing set and watched a movie.
Travis came to join the chaos when he was finished with his classes Friday night. He was the girls "play horse" the whole time. He took them out on the tractor and played with them outside until they were all worn out. They came inside and fell right asleep. It was fun getting to spend time with our cute nieces, I don't know if I'm just ready for three little ones of my own yet. We had a lot of fun with Camryn and Kendra, they are such sweet girls. It was so cute how excited they both were to see their cousin Kaydence before they got here. Kendra was calling Kaydence: "Boo", "cousin", and "my Kaydence" all weekend. If Kaydence started to cry both girls would run to her rescue to comfort her. Kaydence is so lucky to have such great cousins! Thanks for letting us have them for a few days Kathleen!

Downside to our Week
So there was a downside to this weekend (other than Camryn swallowing a penny). I got sick late Friday night and was throwing up but I felt better the next morning (thanks to Travis for taking care of the girls and me while I re cooperated). I don't get sick very often, I never took a sick day from school, Travis say's I have the "Cadillac of immune systems". But now Travis and Kassidy are sick, I feel so horrible! I hope theirs don't last more than twelve hours either, I'm so sorry you two! I think Kaydence got it somehow this last week, because in the middle of the night she woke up screaming and covered in throw up. She didn't really eat anything that day either, she seemed to get over it withing the day too. I thought we were being extra careful so that Camryn and Kendra wouldn't get it but right as Kathleen came to pick them up Kendra threw up! Being sick is not fun :(
I guess I have posted some pretty bad pictures of Kassidy (I don't think she could take a bad picture if she tried) so we took a couple quick pictures of Kass and me just before she left to babysit that night for seven kids (I thought three was a handful).

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our little girls first birthday!

Sunday our little baby turned one! I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. Kaydence is our greatest treasure, we are so blessed to have her. The moment Travis and I set eyes on her, she had us wrapped around her little finger. It was such an emotional experience when we first saw her and got to hold her in our arms. You could never doubt the existence of our Father in Heaven when you are given a precious little spirit and are able to hold them in your arms.

I love how she is winking at the camera! Kaydence was 6 pounds and 10 ounces when she was born. It is funny because before Travis and I even knew we were pregnant he told me he felt like we were pregnant and that it was a girl. He wanted a little girl so bad, most guys seem to want a boy first but Travis couldn't be more happy when he found out we were having a girl (he seemed to know it the whole time though).
(This is the shortest video ever). She is so sweet with her eyes wide open. She was so awake for the longest time right when she was born. Oh, I forgot how little she was!

She chunked right up though (it's the milk)!
Kaydence has been such a joy to watch grow. She has shown so much personality from the day she was born.

One Year Mark
She can say a few words (mom, dada, bug, hi, no,) she can do a few signs in sign language like "all done" and "more" (she always does these signs, it makes it nice so I can tell when she is still hungry and when she is all done). She blows kisses, waves, does patt-a-cake, dances ALL THE TIME (when she hears music she starts bouncing), does her funny fake laugh when she hears anyone laugh, gives hugs and kisses, tries to push down gates in her path (she is a strong little thing!), wants to be independent (she won't let me help her try to walk, she wants to do it herself), and is just the sweetest little girl we could have ever asked for!
Kaydence got to celebrate her birthday on two different days. My parents left for Europe on Saturday so Kaydence got some presents two days early!

At first Kaydence wasn't sure what she was suppose to do with the gifts. Once we started helping her she got so excited! She got some cute new winter boots, the cutest book, and a pack of sing-a-long songs with a book and a DVD, ...oh and yummy wrapping paper!

She was hamming it up, she put her hands to her face in shock like "Ohhh, is this for me!" She was having so much fun, clapping, laughing, and making grandma laugh!

Then we celebrated her birthday with her other grandparents. Seriously she couldn't be more happy than when she is at either of her grandparents house!

She wasn't sure how to go about opening the presents again, but she got the hang of it this time.

We got her a soft little elmo baby that would sing and kick its legs and hands.

She got the cutest little dress with a hat from her grandparents and a walker that she pushes and it also turns into a little car she can ride.
Testing out her new wheels! It is her little "hot rod".

I got a little carried away with the frosting

The first taste!

The Cake was a SUCCESS!

Kaydence was in need of a bath after her birthday cake.

She wasn't ready for bed yet. She went around the whole house pushing her toy and wearing her cute little hat. She would get mad if anyone tried to take her away from her "hot rod". She usually doesn't like hats but she loves the hat she got from grandma and grandpa! Thank you for making her special day so special!

Happy Birthday sweet girl, we love you so much!