Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FHE Halloween Party

On Monday we had the funnest FHE Halloween Party! So I had to put the bumble bee costume on Kaydence. I made the costume, it was so much fun to make. The tutu was really cool to make, I think I'll make her more when she gets into the dress up stage.
I am so stinkin cheap though, I wanted to use the black turtle neck throughout the winter so I didn't want to sew the yellow stripes on. I just stiched them on and you can totally tell. Oh well, it was still cute.

I knew she wouldn't wear a hat or even a head band so I improvised and put the antennas on her bows. She actually kept in all on all night, except the shoes. We still don't know who set this whole thing up (they called themselves Wanda and Zelda Witch), and it's driving Travis crazy. They sent these cute invitations out inviting us and everything rhymed (way cute). So we were sent information and what teams we were put in and we were to start the "race" at seven. It was so much fun, we were driving all around town on this wild scavanger hunt solving the riddles we were given at the last site.

(In this picture we were digging at the Fish's home, we found everyone elses clue and eventually our's!)
We went to the cemetary (what would a Halloween party be with out the cemetary), a park, the theatre, different homes where we had to find the clues in the pumpkin guts or dig in the ground with shovels, then ended up at the Crozier's home for cookies and hot chocolate.

We were cruzing, I thought for sure we had won (and we had the internet on our side to figure out where the next site was), but we were actually like the fourth team that got there! Seriously some people were doing some serious speeding! It was so much fun, we have so many great friends in the ward.
This is our team, the red team. Number one in our hearts!

I didn't get pictures of all the teams just the ones that asked for a picture (I'm always prepared with the camera on me). You can just tell they are a FUN crowd!!!

Kaydence and Haddyn were loving playing on the tramp. Some of the other older kids (by older I mean two to four years old) were jumping and it was worrying Kelli and I but the girls loved it.

It was a fun party, thanks for setting it up whoever you are!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's all about Kaydence!

It is starting to get cold so I have to bundle Kaydence up in layers to keep warm (If only I could keep her shoes and socks on...). She is so cute with all those extra layers, especially when she is asleep in her car seat and the layers are providing her headrest.

We went on a double date with Monte and Kim this weekend. We went to the temple and out to eat at The Olive Garden. Kim and I got the soup and salad (which was delicious), but I have to say that Travis got the best dish. I highly recommend the Shrimp Carbonara.

It is so funny because Travis is totally his fathers son. The first thing Monte said when we got to the Olive Garden and the parking lot was full is "if there's a long wait were going somewhere else". Travis and I just look at each other and laugh because I know that is what Travis would be thinking. They are so much alike is cracks me up! We had such a fun time!
My mom was watching Kaydence while we were out on our date.

She had to much fun with grandma.

She gets so attached to my mom that she usually prefers my mom over me when I first get back...this is Kaydence crawling up the stairs to get her grandma

She has so much fun crawling around the whole house and getting into all this new stuff.

She loves to bounce on her bum on the tramp.

This is Kaydence playing "Patti-cake" and her favorite part is the "toss it way up".

She thinks it is just the funnest thing.
She had fun at her other Grandma and Grandpa's house too! Grandpa took her on the tractor a few times and she just loves it.

When she was acting grumpy and wouldn't go to sleep Grandpa took her out on the tractor and she was out. She is not one that lacks love or attention.

Kaydence is definitely her mothers daughter. For the longest time I wouldn't introduce her to fruits and sugars of any kind, I wanted her to learn to love her vegetables.

If she was anything like me she would LOVE SUGAR, no prodding necessary. Well it turns out all my efforts were in vain. From the moment she tasted sugar she was not going back to those vegetables (I still try everyday but to no avail).

So here she is, a sucker in one hand and an apple in the other. If I let her it would be all she ate.

Seriously, the girls got sass!
Kaydence has got so much personality, she lets you know how she feels. She is usually such a happy girl but she must be teething again because she has been a little sass this week! I mean look at that face!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Travis' Tag

So I've been tagged by Lindsay and Leah D. (Thanks you two) and I thought I've written about myself enough. I'm making a book of all our posts and I thought it would be fun to do this tag on Travis. So I combined the two "tags", chose the questions I liked and asked Travis them. This is what he said:
(anything in parenthesis is what I added)
Where were you ten years ago?

  • I wore glasses, I don't need them anymore because I'm superman (20/20 vision). Actually I embellished when I went to the eye doctors because I just wanted to wear glasses because I thought people who wore them looked stellar... true story

  • I liked the tallest girl in our grade she was 5 ft 8 I think, and I was 4ft 8... only a foot difference. I don't know why everyone gave me such a hard time. In eighth grade I broke my arm real good and both my Mom and the Doctor were giving me a hard time, saying that I fell off the latter while trying to give my girl a kiss :-) not so funny huh?

  • I weighed a whopping 90 POUNDS of pure muscle!

  • I played football and basketball in school

What is on today's to do list?

  • Go to the temple

  • take my woman out to eat

  • fix the dumb car (with the expertise of Monte and Chad)

  • Pick up the food for the church activity tomorrow (Linger Longer... don't forget if you signed up!)

  • Play and be lazy

Name 5 places you have lived:

  • Blackfoot, Idaho

  • All over Michigan (on the mission)

  • Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Pocatello, Idaho

Name 3 bad habits:

  • Bite my nails

  • Ahhhh.... I'm definitely too tough for my own good

  • Ummmm... and my wife would say my good looks

FYI: My husband is not totally conceded, he is totally kidding, he likes to joke about his muscles and his ridiculously good looks :p

What are your favorite snacks?

  • Popcorn

  • Schwanns vanilla ice cream

  • Orange Julius

  • basically anything unhealthy

5 Random things:

  • I am very accident prone (he could tell you some stories!!!)

  • I have always loved planes, I have flown model airplanes with my dad and brother since I was in diapers.

  • I've been scuba certified since I was twelve

  • Love to hunt and the great outdoors

  • Play guitar (he picked up a little on his mission and has been teaching himself ever since)

Favorite Restaurant:

  • Nicole's cooking (seriously I didn't make him say that he just doesn't like long waits at restaurants, or how crowded they are sometimes, and doesn't like spending the money)

Things I look forward to:

  • College graduation in May

  • coming home after work

  • "loves" from Kaydence

  • vacations
  • Spending time with my lil Family

Travis tags: Taylor Petersen, Spencer Pitts, Tanner Peterson, and Scott Waite

Monday, October 20, 2008

Balancing work and play

This last week was really busy for us. Travis had so much homework, it seems like when one big project is due so are all the others (like the professors conspire). Then he had longer days at work and meetings for student teaching. I don't get too busy staying at home but this week was frustrating because "Blackboard" was having problems (where I do all my homework).

I have been watching Miranda (16 months old) one or two times a week since the summer and it is so funny watching her and Kaydence play together. They just started playing "hide and seek" (or something like it).
This week I've started watching Adalynn (four months old) and she is such a sweet little girl. Kaydence just loves her! She gets so excited when she comes over, then cries and tries to go after her when her parents come to take her home. Kaydence just dotes on her and gives her "loves" all day long!

It's so funny because I can tell that Kaydence thinks that Adalynn is a little baby and that she is so much bigger (like a mommy). I'm hoping that continues so she can be our little babysitter when we have more kids!

We also get to watch Haddyn sometimes, she turns one today! She has already started walking like a pro, I'm hoping Kaydence catches on.
Whenever Travis plays Kaydence will climb up on him and reaches for the guitar. She always starts to dance to, its so cute.
Kaitlin has been learning to play the guitar so her and Travis will play together and sing together. Kaitlin has such a good voice, they are so fun to listen to.
Caught "red-handed"

I don't know what it is about laundry but Kaydence loves to climb into the hamper and throw clothes around.
It cracks me up when she is buried underneath it all.

These are just some cute pictures of our gorgeous little girl.

I just can't stop taking pictures of her, even though that look of hers is saying "Okay mom, I've had enough"!

Travis and I spoke in Stake Conference this week. We spoke on "Feasting on the Words of Christ". I like preparing talks and lessons, I always seem to get so much more out of it and I like being given a topic to study. Travis is such a pro, he did awesome and even helped me out with my talk too.
We got so spoiled this weekend! My mom took Kaydence overnight this weekend. It was the first night we've spent without her. We had so much fun going out to the movies (something that we can't do with Kaydence) and just relaxing. I was able to sleepin till after eight! Oh, I feel so refreshed!

We were out in the backyard at my families house feeding the horses.

Camryn fed them enought to hold them out for the rest of the year.

Kaydence was not sure of what to make out of the horses.

Kendra wasn't wanting to get too close to the horses either, she just loves her mama.
It was my mom's birthday on Sunday and we celebrated with the family.
These are the hands that prepared the meal.
My mom is so amazing, I bet you couldn't guess how old she is, and "no" she isn't still twenty-nine ;). I have been so blessed with such a selfless and loving mother. She has always been my best friend throughout my whole life. I love you mom!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Man's Birthday

It was Travis' birthday on Friday!!!

The big two-four! It was also the first day of open hunting. I don't think it was a coincidence that he was born on the day that hunting usually starts. So he and his dad went hunting up in Grace and Bear Lake. They got up early on Friday and also hunted a little Saturday morning. I can't believe it, they each shot themselves a buck! Travis got a great buck last year too, so the freezer is going to be stocked to the max! He had a lot of fun. So on Sunday we celebrated his birthday with his family (We are going to celebrate it together next weekend). I don't want to go off, but I am so grateful for Travis and he truly is my better half! Travis makes me and Kaydence so happy, he is such an amazing husband and father. Every day together is such a gift, I just can't get enough of him! Love ya babe!

For Travis' birthday he got an all expense paid hunting trip from his family, some mucho denero from my family, and I got him some camo gear, a binder of music for his guitar, a belt, and of course some "Bear Lake Cake".

Isn't Kassidy so grown up!
Kaitlin was so sick, my mom was really sick and Kim was getting
sick too. It's that time of year again.
Kaydence loves to play "peek-a-b00" with her dad. She laughs so hard she falls over, it is so funny to watch.

While the boys are away the girls will play! While Trav was hunting I went down to spend time with my mom, sister, and my best friend Jerdanna. Kaydence and I went to visit my mom at the school (she teaches second grade). I didn't want to interrupt but Kaydence had other plans. Now you have to know, Kaydence is the biggest momma's girl. She clings to me like white on rice. When my mom tried to give her back to me she grabbed my mom and wouldn't come to me, I was in shock! So my mom when through the last hour of school with Kaydence attached to her hip. Kaydence was putting on a show for all the kids and making them laugh. She was lovin it!

Then Jerdanna came over and we went shopping and later went out to eat. Jer's mom was also able to come and eat with us. We had a fun night out with the girls!
Kaydence seems to love Mexican food, she was going nuts on my burrito. She also loves to eat napkins (I know I'm horrible, but you have to pick your battles).

Jer and I have been friends for a long time but we don't get to see each other much, she is up in Rexburg. I was so glad that she made the trip down, we always have a blast together.

I was feeding Kaydence lunch and she was on stage again. She loves attention, as you can tell...

Kaydence has always been such a girl. Out of a huge box of toys she always picks out the baby doll and loves to play mommy. Whenever I say "where's your baby?" She will go looking around until she finds it and will cradle it in her arms giving it loves.
Family Home Evening with the co-workers
We just had a little cook out with the other seminary teachers from Highland and their families. They are all so awesome.

They were playing football and throwing the baseball around. Just hangin out and having a good time. Fun week!