Sunday, September 28, 2008

Your not hard core...

... unless you live hard core
We had another paintballing trip this weekend, it was SOOO much fun! My sister, Kathleen, has never been paintballing before so we had to take her out and let her see what she has been missing out on.
We are getting all our gear and getting ready to go.

Johnny and Travis are so funny, we all talk a lot of smack before we go out.
There were eight of us that went. There was Mickell, Kathleen, Travis, Dane, Nicole, Jonathan, and two of Dane's friends (Connor and Chris).
Kathleen was so AWESOME for her first time. She wasn't afraid to move around and I never even caught sight of her. I was so SCARED my first time but she was playing like a pro, no fear!

So the first game we played it was four on four. Trav and I were on the same team and our strategy was to stay somewhat close so we could communicate through signals. The other team was surrounding us and Trav and Johnny were in a shooting freenzie. Jonathan was on one side of me and Mickell was on the other. I turned my head from Jonathan because I had a straight shot for Mickell and I took it (I got her good). Anyways, while I was distracted Jonathan took advantage of the situation and took out his amo on me.... OUCHHHHH!! That boy can shoot!
These are my battle wounds from those shots he got me with.

Travis saw the whole thing and he took off after Jonathan (he didn't see Trav following him). He let loose on both them and got them both out. I WAS AVENGED!

The last time we played I put my hands up in surrender if I even heard shot whizzing past me, I don't delight in pain! I got more brave this time, I like the area we were playing in and I actually was taking some people DOWN! Jonathan and Travis were the most hard core, they are GOOD! Those two really wanted to be on the same team so we made two teams: Travis, Jonathan, and Me on one team then the other five on the second team. That was a really fun round. You can get a good workout from playing!
Travis's mom and dad were watching Kaydence while we were playing. When we were coming up the drive we see Monte on the riding lawn mower and I thought Kaydence might be on his lap but it looked too bumpy for her. Then I see her head bobbing from behind.

Kaydence was strapped to her grandpa! She was bouncing around and having so much fun, it was the cutest thing ever. She has so much fun at grandma and grandpa's house.
It was both Kendra's and Kathleen's birthday this weekend so we had a celebration.

We had these delicious shrimp kabobs, "Too much chocolate cake" (best cake ever), apple and peach cobbler (my dad is a pro at dutch oven), and had fun watching Kendra open presents and spending time together.

Travis taught her to give loves this last week. She will give her daddy "loves" when he gets home. Giving loves is when she rests her head on your chest and hugs you. At church today she crawled up to another little boy and gave him "loves". Then she gave loves to the sweetest little baby girl.

Kaydence has her baby doll in this picture, from grandma's house. She was holding it all day and patting it and giving it "loves".
This is grandma giving Kaydence loves.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Park, Corn, and Pictures

My sister Kathleen has been so busy but she had a few days off this week so she came down with her girls to play for the day. I love when I get to spend time with her. We got the girls all buckled up in their stollers and got them jello for the ride.

We went for a walk around Ross Park and the girls got to see some of the animals through the gate (it was closed). We got a good workout pushing them through the grass up an incline though.

Then we went to the park and the girls had a lot of fun playing on the jungle gym while we took pictures of them.

I tried taking Kaydence down the slide but she wasn't too into that.

Kendra is so sweet with kaydence, she will always hug her and put her arm around her. They are so sweet!

Kaydence is waving at Kathleen. She loves to wave, she kind of waves backwards though (to herself)... so cute!

We had sandwiches for lunch and Kendra and Camryn are so funny when they eat. Camryn eats like a bird, she only ate the meat in the sandwich and Kendra... well she demolished the sandwich. She is such a funny girl, she knows how to pose for the camera!
These three girls are such little models. It is so fun seeing these girls grow and learn so fast. I'm glad that I've been able to see them more lately.
On Thursday night Kathleen, Amanda, and I went out for our "girls night". It was actually Travis's idea, he told me I should go out and get away once every week or two and he would watch Kaydence. He is always so busy with school and work is so sweet that he does that! It is so much fun having girl talk over dinner then walking in uncomfortable shoes that gave us blisters. Love my sisters!

I call these socks Kaydence's "happy socks". Grandma Kimmi Kae made these for her and they are so cute. When Kaydence was being grumpy I was trying to get her ready for the day, I put these socks on her and she was preoccupied with them. She would shake her feet and laugh. It was so cute, hence the name "happy socks".
Crazy for Corn
This weekend we helped Travis's family shuck, cook, cut, and bag 53 DOZEN EARS OF CORN!!! Let me tell you what, that is a lot of corn!

When everything was said and done we bagged about one hundred and ten bags of corn! That is some serious corn!

Kaydence didn't mind eating the fruits of our labor though, she was going crazy on the corn. Travis's hands were literally shaking after he was done (using the vibrating knife) but it was fun hanging out with the family and eating some of the best corn on the cob.
We didn't have any real family pictures with the three of us (besides the one's taken the day of her blessing by Tanner) and I wanted more recent ones. So I asked my sister if she wouldn't mind taking some pictures of us (she is good at taking pictures and has a really nice new camera). They turned out so good! Thanks Kathleen! I couldn't decide which picture to put as our header these are some of the other options I was considering.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Picture Post

We haven't been up to much so I have just been taking pictures (since I've really gotten into blogging it is like the camera is attached to me).
Travis is such a busy guy, he is working full time and going to school full time. So he had night classes every night until nine or ten at night. His Wednesday night teacher decided to change the class to an online class so now he has Wednesday nights off (he still has to do some homework but then we get to play). So of course we want to relax with a big bowl of popcorn and an orange julius.
Well we are not the only two who love eating popcorn, Kaydence will do whatever it takes to get to that bowl.
Travis was trying to keep it from her but how can you resist this little girl. It was so funny I had to get out the camera.
She is a very persistent little girl.
We are such suckers, we did give her some while we were watching the movie. We made sure to not have any of the hard part of the kernel in the pieces we gave her.
We celebrated Amanda's Birthday this weekend. We went to Salt Lake and had some fun and on Sunday my mom had us over for this huge turkey dinner and some cake (my mom totally outdid herself on the meal!). This is Amanda with the jewelry my mom got her.
Amanda was making Kaydence smile on the drive down. It was so cute, she was smiling and laughing whenever Amanda would look at her.

So on the drive there was this huge group of bikers driving past us. There was this biker that made us laugh because from behind he looked so little, like he could barely reach the handle bars. I don't think that there is any blood circulation in his arms.

We went out to eat at the Market Street Grill. It had great seafood, everything was so fresh. I shared my clam chowder with Kaydence and she couldn't get enough of it.

Then we went shopping at the Gateway mall.
We are trying to save money so we didn't really look for anything. So Travis was just playing with Kaydence the whole time.

Just some cute pictures with the two of them.

We also went to IKEA, I fell in love with the place. I have never been there before but I've heard so much about it. We are still in our apartment but we got a lot of idea for what we want when we get a house. I absolutely love the closet ideas (how to store all your stuff in such a cute and organized way) and the kitchens. We could spend some major cash there! I can't wait until we get a house!
Thanks to Claire I got this thirty day trial photo editing program. I have no idea what I am doing but I wanted to experiment with a few photos.

So I had Taylor take a few pictures of me and Kaydence out on the rusty tractor. I thought it would be a good place to take photos to try out this new program. I can't figure out how to do the whole color thing (where everything is black and white but one color or one figure in the picture).