Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blackfoot parade and the Fair

The infamous Eastern Idaho State Fair started this weekend. It always starts out with a parade and Travis's sisters were in it so we got ourselves front row seats to the show.
It is crazy how many people come to the parade, it is so packed. We got to see a lot friends that we haven't seen in a while.
It is so cute, the second we get to the spots that Monte and Kim were saving for us Monte picks up Kaydence and plays with her.

Kaydence had never been to a parade before so she was awestruck by the all the neat things that passed.
It was too loud for her at parts and she was trying to cover her ears. It was kind of sad but so cute at the same time.
Travis and his beautiful mom
Kaitlin was the first attendant for Junior Miss this last year and so she was in the parade for that. She looked so beautiful!!!

Kassidy was shakin her groove thing with her dance team (Downtown Dance Studio). They are such an amazing dance group. She looked like she was having so much fun, I still can't believe she's in high school!
This is Travis and Brandon Falter with Trav. THEY ARE ALL SUCH STUDS!!!
When we got home I had to get a "close up" with the gorgeous girls!!!

This past week Amanda has been so busy with clinicals that she hasn't been able to visit Kaydence. This is their reunion after the long week.
Amanda wanted to do Kaydence's night routine with her. She had a little too much fun with the bath time part. She was trying to do a mow hawk but it was too long.

These are just some funny pictures with Travis and Dane wrestling. Dane is the younger brother Travis never got to pick on.

This week we made the amazing Peterson Raspberry Peach Jam. Here we are peeling the peaches, they were so juicy! The end product was a success.

Eastern Idaho State Fair

Travis didn't want to go to the fair but I thought Kaydence would enjoy it so Amanda came with us and we had a fun time.

Kaydence is munching on her crackers here, she loves crackers.
Well the weather changed abruptly and it was pouring outside. We heard it might rain so we came prepared with our umbrella, warm jackets, and blankets.
I didn't want Kaydence to get cold so we didn't stay very long.
So we went to eat at Rupes, we didn't have time to get much to eat at the fair (which is half of the fun at the fair). I worked at Rupes through high school and it is such a great burger place, if you go to Blackfoot you have to try Rupes.
Kaydence had such a fun time at the parade and the fair. She loves seeing new things and it is always such a treat to see her experience things for the first time.
We all had such a fun labor day weekend together.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What we've been up to:

This last week Chan came down to visit. It was really great getting to see her again this summer. Kaydence got to see Parker, she loves playing with him. We got to see Tanner for a bit too!
We were out enjoying the evening weather and these little kitten came and were playing with us. Kaydence LOVED it!

Kaydence always crawls backwards. Parker came to play with her under the table. They are so cute!

A night out on the town!

Kaitlin has been really sick these past couple of weeks. She had already passed eight kidney stones before but this one was really bad. She got a kidney infection and they think about five stones passed during this time. She was in the hospital for a week and after that she was at home on bed rest and drugged up. We were over one night and she started feeling a lot better (partly from the medication I think) and she really wanted to get out of the house and do something. Travis was joking about stuff we could do like go toilet papering or go to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2! Kaitlin started jumping with joy when he said that, how could Travis say no and that he was totally kidding when he saw her so happy.

She was so excited on the drive to Pocatello, she could barely stand it!

We got out our big purses and stuffed them with popcorn and soda. I never knew you could sneak in popcorn but apparently it is possible! We are so bad!

Grandma watched Kaydence and put her to sleep. Kaydence wanted to help grandma with the laundry.

Amanda was in the middle of working out when we were trying to get a hold of her so she met us at the movie right after she finished.

Travis wanted to go to a different movie while we watched this chick flick but Kaitlin really wanted him to come.... so he did. We went to the ten o'clock show and the only other guys there were wearing tighter pants than I have ever worn in my entire life (three guys with one girl). They were actually checking Travis out, it was so funny. He wasn't very enthused but we got a crack out of it.

We had such a blast! It was so much fun watching the late show and laughing with each other. We are so spontaneous!!!

Tis the time to tie the knot.

Another one of Travis's friends got married this last week (Travis Ward) and another is getting married soon (Justin Taylor). It is so great to see them so happy and we wish them all the best.

There was the cutest little boy, AJ, that Travis was playing with. Kaydence was singing for us.

It was Travis's first day back to school on Monday. He has night classes every day so it will be a busy semester. He has also been busy getting his seminary classes ready, he is teaching out in American Falls and at Highland in Pocatello. He really loves teaching, I get so much more out of the scriptures with him. He will be up for hire this year but he will also be sending his resume to other companies for hire. Eight more months then he will be done with his bachelors, he is going to continue on to get his masters after that.

We just started this new routine to get Kaydence to sleep. My sister told me she did it with Camryn and it works. Kaydence has never slept through a whole night from the day she was born! She is almost ten months old and I was ready for a full nights rest. So we do this routine the same time every night. I feed her then give her a bath and let her play, then I get her dressed and ready for bed. Then we read a story or two (with her robe, which is her comfort item). Then I say "night, night, Kaydence" and turn on some soft music and she goes to sleep. At first she cried really hard for fifteen minutes now she doesn't cry at all (thank goodness I cried that first night too). I forgot what it was like to get a good nights rest. Now Kaydence sleeps longer and better too. THANKS KATHLEEN!
We decided to start this routine when she started to want to sleep in bed with mom and dad. She would cry until we let her in our bed. She is so crazy when she sleeps, the moment we put her on it she would hit her arm around until she found her dad right on the nose. Then she would grab my face and hold on until she fell asleep. She would continue to flip flop around moving in all directions and after three nights of this we decided it was time.
You can't really see it that well but there is duck tape on her crib. She is a crazy sleeper! She flip flops around the whole crib and gets her limbs stuck in the railings. So we put cardboard around one side of the crib so she couldn't get her little foot stuck.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Cabin

We went to the cabin this last week, its in Wolverine so not too far from home. It is so nice to be in the great outdoors, I love the fresh smell of pine and how it seems like life just slows down for a while. Well it didn't really slow down, we packed as much fun as we could into this little outing (had a few surprises too)!
We found out that Kaydence has allergies. Even so, it doesn't stop her from smiling and loving to be outside. She is reaching for her mom in this picture and it is too cute!

When we first got to the cabin the boys were busy at work. Jonathan is climbing this very unsteady ladder (to get or fix something I don't remember.

The onlookers (Troy, Travis, and Taylor). Sitting out on the deck

Travis mowed the lawn (its a pretty big lawn).
We had a lot of fun with everyone, we had seventeen people there!!! There was mom, dad, Kathleen, Camryn, Kendra, Taylor, Amanda, Travis, Nicole, Kaydence, Jonathan, Troy (our awesome cousin), Marley(Jonathan's friend), Dane, Jake(Dane's friend), Mickell, and Mariah(Mickell's friend).

Kaydence had so much fun playing with her cousins Camryn and Kendra. They love to play with Kaydence too. They are always asking about "baby Kaydence". Kendra even says Kaydence's name better than she does Nicole's.

I was having so much fun playing with Kendra. She is so fun to make laugh. She just loves being tickled, spun, and dipped down like she is in this picture. Such a happy girl!

Everyone outside eating

We sure ate good. My mom made some excellent meals, Amanda and I were in charge of one meal but other than that my mom took on the whole crowd!

Kendra is so good at posing for pictures (she always says "cheese").

The boys eating watermelon. The watermelons we got were so good and juicy!
(I don't know if I spelled it right)
This is a Viking game we learned at a Richardson family reunion.

Travis and I played against Troy and Kathleen. They "took us down to China town". I am not so good at this game but it was fun.


Mickell and Marley SOAKED Jonathan in the stream...

... isn't revenge nice!

Mickell is showing me how wet she got.
Gotta love the water fights!

Can't forget about sitting around the camp fire. We ate smores and played mofia all night.
Jonathan has a few tricks up his sleeve, he played me like a fool (hook line and sinker). He is a good mofia player, who would have guessed!!!

Travis and Camryn by the campfire. Camryn says the funniest things, so Travis just always asks her "why" to everything. She told him he was her uncle and he asked "why". Her reply was "because you wuv me". She is so cute!

We all got decked out in camo... and layers, the more layers the less it hurts! Travis was ready to take everyone out!

Travis and I before we went out to war. My family has all of the paintball equipment so I had been a few times but I was a little scared this time, I would surrender if I heard shots fly past me.

We were all excited to get out there and shoot each other. The boys went at it all day! There are a lot of different games you can play. Like you get in teams and try to shoot the other team. We played with assassins, guardians, and the VIP. Towards the end the boys just started shooting each other.
While the boys continued to play Amanda and I went on a walk. I held Kaydence the first half, then Amanda held her the second half. She was out by the time we got home. It is so funny how she can fall asleep with her neck like that.

Then we went up the mountain to go on the "swing". Travis was hiking with Kaydence. She was chewing on a carrot the way up, it felt good on her gums. She was teething and her first tooth broke through while we were there.

The swing is pretty high up there, you kind of swing down the mountain.

Jonathan is swinging and Troy is grabbing on and swinging underneath him. Dane is swinging in this next picture and you can kind of tell how high it is in this picture.

Marley went twice
Troy is "saddeling" up and was the first to take the plunge!

I love getting the butterflies in my stomach when I go on the swing. Travis grabbed on and swung underneath me too. He got some air but when he landed a stick jabbed into his foot! It went through his shoe and deep into his foot. I was freaking out because of all the blood but he is alright now. On this day we ended up taking two trips back into town to go to Urgent Care. Kathleen was SO sick the night before so my mom took her in (she might have a bad sinus infection thing that I cannot pronounce or it might be West Nile, hopefully it is the first). Then Taylor took Travis down when he got hurt. A pretty eventful day!

Here is Travis with his cool new shoe. He is such a stud.

Even though we had a couple of surprises, we had such a blast. It seems like trips like these really make our family closer. I love being able to spend so much time with everyone, they are all so amazing. I can think of nothing funner than spending time with each other!