Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scuba Trip to Catalina Island

Just got the pictures from the Scuba trip. This is what Travis was doing while we were on the beach.
Before Travis left for his trip we had a little fun in California together.

Travis was making the most of the time he had with his little girl. He was just holding her and snuggling with her and they both fell asleep in the process. They always seem to take naps together. Kaydence missed her daddy when he was gone!

Swimming in the Pool!

Travis and I were having so much fun playing around in the pool. We were both racing to get the torpedoes out of the water first... in one breath. Needless to say, I wasted Trav. j/k

Trav was tossing Parker to Chan in the water, he was loving it. Parker is an adventuresome little guy! He is not afraid of anything!

Catalina here we come!

This is everyone on the boat. They had unlimited scuba diving, a great crew, and enjoying everything with great friends.

Travis and Monte suiting up! Travis made the most of the time he was given. He went diving four times the first day, five times the next day, and two times the last morning. He went on ELEVEN dives!!! He got his fill for a while.

Muscle man Travis. These scuba suits are so hot!!!

Joe Mcbride took all of these awesome pictures on the boat, he is a pro. You have to check out his site at:
His shots really capture the action in a photo, I mean check out those guns!

This is Travis and Monte diving together. They have been doing this dive around Catalina Island since Travis was thirteen years old. A tradition that has been going on every summer with our friends from Blackfoot and some new friends.

Monte's taking the leap off the boat. It is a whole new world under water. These are men of adventure!!!

Everyone is watching the wildlife surroundings. They are also catching some rays. Trav got such a nice tan from this trip!
Travis had his first night dive!
It was about ten thirty at night and they got all their gear on and went out. Travis said it was so peaceful. They each had big flashlights and they had signals to communicate. Travis saw a halibut and an angel shark!
After the dive the crew had dessert waiting for them. It was this apple crisp dessert with ice cream. They ate it while in the hot tub warming up.

There was a splash in the water that Travis saw in the distance and everyone thought it was just a seal but Trav had them go take a closer
look.It was a riso dolphin, its a lot like a pilot whale, they can be up to 3,000 pounds and are really rare to see. The crew said they'd never seen one up so close before!

Everyone had too much fun, this is a tradition that will definitely continue.

Tagged ... (Thanks Chan)


1) Loosing anyone in my family
2) Not doing doing all that I should be doing to meet the Savior
3)Spiders, Sharks, and Poisonous Snakes

1) My husband Travis and our daughter Kaydence
2) When all of our family gets together
3) The restored gospel

1) Stephanie Meyer books (especially Twilight), I get so into them!
2) Spending time with Travis and Kaydence
3) Doing good in my classes at school

1) I love singing, I am a horrible singer but I love it. I love to sing while I work, while I clean, while I'm in the car. When you hear a good song you just have to sing along!
2) I am not into details. I am a little too easy going sometimes, as in I'm not a planner or very organized. Travis and I are opposites in this so I like to think we balance each other out.
3) I am very frugal, courtesy of the Richardson side of the family (its in the blood)

1) To be more like the Savior and follow the principles and ordinances of the gospel
2) To be a good mother and a good wife
3) Finish my bachelors degree next year

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Friday, July 25, 2008

California Fun

We went to California for a week and had such a blast! Travis went scuba diving on a boat for a few days and we stayed behind playing at the beach, swimming in the pools, shopping at the stores, and hanging out with Chan, Parker, Kassidy, and Kim came later on. It was so much fun, I will add the pictures from Travis' trip next. He had a blast too!Kaydence and I were playing in the waves, it was such perfect weather all week in California!

Parker is so FUNNY! He would just plant his face in the sand and run around looking for stuff to put in his mouth. He loved the waves and playing in the sand.

Before the end of our trip at the beach Kaydence was out! FUN AT THE BULLOCKS HOME!

Chan's family is so incredibly sweet. They let us stay with them the whole week and were spoiling us the whole time. We ate SOOO good and enjoyed their wonderful company. Kaydence loved playing with the dogs and of course her cousin Parker!


Parker was making Kaydence laugh the whole weekend, it was so cute. He has a little duck in his mouth and was making so many funny noises.
Beautiful little babies in the tub
We went walking around this beautiful part of the beach called the Montage. There was a beautiful walkway and there were a lot of painters across the path the were painting the view. It was so cool. This guy had a parrot down at the beach. The parrot really likes kids, he kept on walking closer to Kaydence and Parker.

Parker and Kaydence had so much fun playing together. It is so funny because Parker has never liked pacifiers but he kept trying to take hers. So Chan gave Parker some pacifiers and he was putting them in his mouth just because Kaydence had one. It was so funny!

Beautiful Kassidy was loving the sun and the "scenic view" along the coast. She is so much fun.

We took a lunch break from shopping at Wahoo's fish tacos. It was so good, I love seafood. I let Kaydence eat some of my bread and she was having too much fun. She got more in her shirt and on the floor than she did in her mouth.

We are all outside enjoying the weather and our food.
Since Travis was scuba diving I was able to go shopping and spent some $$$. We had so much fun shopping and seeing all the huge stores in California.

Kaydence loves the scenic view of the ocean, she would just stare at the waves.

Grandma was playing with both of her grand babies. Kaydence loves her grandma. Kim didn't come down until later in the week and we were all so excited when she came down to get in on all the fun!!!

The beautiful family playing in the waves and taking in the great weather.SUCH A FUN TRIP!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July


We went swimming at Lava with Taylor and Amanda

Travis and Taylor are applying sunscreen
getting ready to swim and soak up the sun
I actually forgot to pack Kaydence a swimsuit!!!
She was happy as can be in her little diaper and hat
We made sure to reapply sunscreen every hour
Kaydence LOVES playing in the water. She kept on trying to drink the water so we had to put her binky in her mouth to keep her from drinking the pool water.

Kaydence loved to play in her little floaty. Travis was having even more fun with his little Boo.

Kaydence's favorite food in the whole world is cherries! Amanda got some especially for her. She is lovin it!

We went out to eat at Red Loster that night. It was so good! I had never eaten there before or tried lobster (we try not to go out to eat to often). I found out I really like lobster!

Sitting back and watching the show!

We found a great spot on the side of the road and the fireworks were right infront of us. It was Kaydence's first time seeing fireworks, she loved them she got so excited she would was kicking her legs and just staring at the pretty colors that filled the sky.

Independence Day!!!

It was so fun watching the fireworks and hearing the songs that remind us of how blessed we are to live in this country and how much people sacrificed for us to have such freedoms.