Friday, April 4, 2008


She is four months old here and is showing more personality every day!

You can just see the cheeks weighing her down

Travis and Nicole

Travis & Nicole

The Little Peterson Family

Our little family started on May 6th 2006. A year and a half later we had a little addition come into the family and we could not have been more excited. Together we love to go camping, fishing, hiking, scuba diving, skiing, boating, and basically anything outdoors. We seem to have fun just as long as were together. Kaydence makes our lives so much richer, we didn't know how boring our lives were until she came into the world! Travis will be finishing up school in May of 2009 with his bachelors degree in Human Resources. Nicole will be finishing her degree online so she can be home with Kaydence and will be finishing around the same time as Travis. We stay really busy but couldn't be enjoying life more!